WARNING: Explicit content below, it's a lemon/smut with a fan character x official character. You have been told so. (This is the first lemon I have ever written, so it's probably hella clumsy in terms of writing.). This was just written as a spur of the moment idea to give my baby boy some love from his crush. I don't own the Sega cast, I only have Rach.


Everyone was starting to notice the odd change in behavior too. It had been about five months since Sonic's birthday, and ever since then, Amy Rose had been acting a little too strange around him and Rach, and it was starting to make the eldest hedgehog worry.

Firstly, the chases slowly stopped. Now, that fact wouldn't been noticed if Sonic was sixteen, but he was twenty. He was immediately on her tail. Within two weeks, the blue blur was sneaking around, trying to find out why the pink heroine had, almost suddenly, lost interest in him. It caught Tails' attention, who told him to quit being so stalkerish and just ask her. But the hedgehog refused profusely, thinking it wasn't anything too pressing at the moment. Maybe she was just feeling funny?

Shortly afterwards, whenever they hung out, the pink girl kept her distance from him in group activities. This little change confused Cream, who then joined the hero in his investigation of just way she was acting so oddly.

Two more weeks passed and the other group members hadn't really noticed anything too out of the ordinary, but no one really had the guts to ask the pink hedgehog herself. No one was in danger, so it was probably nothing to worry about...

And then she was starting to hang out around Rach more often... Like dangerously more often.

They've been friends ever since she was four, so they already had some history together. The two shared a common interest in flowering, so her inviting him to garden with her and Cream wasn't weird.

However, things started to get weird starting around month two. She started to involve the mouse more in her other daily activities like shopping and cooking. Sonic was even told that Rach was appearing more around the rose's house than at their own shared house. Sometimes, the mouse was even invited to sleep overs with Cream and Amy. Those sleepovers usually didn't reveal any new information aside from reinforcing the idea to the peach rabbit just how awkward he was in these situations.

he had chosen this path, and it wasn't usually a problem since he would hang out with Sonic; someone who was able to counter act his lack of emotional expression. But when it came to hanging out with them, Rach's problem was...

was oddly not addressed? Or perhaps she just didn't care...

Whenever she would go on about something, he would just look at her all dazed and confused. But, she seemed satisfied by his lack of words and would always thank him for listening. She would then hug him as thanks, but as Cream had observed, she would accidently push him into her chest. It made him very flustered, and he would refuse to speak about and opt to go to bed instead.

A mini investigation started by Sonic thanks to the bunny's tip is where the story starts.

"What's going on?" Hands firmly planted the wall behind the poor mouse, who had dropped his snack from the sudden impact. His tail attempted to grab it before it fell, but it failed.

"...huh?" The mouse had finally been cornered by the blue hedgehog. As this happened, the rabbit was trying to distract her pink sister, but that still didn't leave the two investigators a lot of time. Amy had plans on fixing up the garden that day, and when she returned to get him, the two were going to be unavailable the rest of the day.

"Has Amy told you why she's actin' so weird?"

"She's what?"

"Have you really not noticed?"

"I've been thinking about... other things..." His eyes darted off to the side, looking for an opening to get away from the hedgehog, but the the blue blur was not easily swayed. Even if the position was awkward and was gaining looks from onlookers, Sonic was too stubborn to let such oddities slid.

"She's been acting weird for five months now!"

"Why don't you ask her then?"

"She's not gonna tell us, she hasn't even told Cream!"

"...well I haven't noticed anything."

"Chaos Rach... Where are you when you hang out with her?"

"...emotionally inept." Great, both of them were acting funny.

It took a lot for the mouse's defense to go down due to his past, but he seemed too relax for the environment they were in. It concerned the hero, and it was starting to make him worry that something was going on behind close doors.

"That sounds like B.S."

"If you're gonna swear, then swear."

"I'm better than that."

"Why are you even doing this?" The boy was suddenly flustered, confirming more of Sonic's suspensions.

Emotional ineptness his butt, the mouse was a terrible liar when his stance on his emotions were questioned. Of course, he was usually preoccupied by something to prevent this from happening, but since they've spent most of their lives together, the South Island native knew his brother like the back of his hand.

Now, the hero needed the conversation to advance.

"Why so flustered?"

"No...No reason!"

"You're hidin' something from me~"

"You're stupid."

"So mean!" Trying to coax the boy into spilling the beans was a challenging task, but the hedgehog wasn't backing down. A simple point A to point B conversation wasn't getting the hero anywhere at this moment...

Let's try a different technique.


"What now?" The annoyance in his little shadow's eyes made Sonic's ego flare, getting his cogs turning.

"Have you been feelin'... fuzzy, lately?"

"W..what, NO!?" Checkmate. Normally, the mouse just let those kind of statements fly by; being too occupied with whatever thing his mind had decided to do that day. Sonic knew mouse more than anyone else, he usually had no interest in relationships ever since moving to the big city life. No one had ever been the apple of the mouse's eye since those days.

"I didn't remember till now, but haven't you always had a crush on a certain someone?"

"I..I have no idea what you...you're talking about!"

"A certain rose would always make you fuzzy and you would be obsessed with her smell."

"No I wasn't!"

"Makin' your face go all red..."

"Leave me ALONE!"

"You're crushin' on Amy."

"Why. Would. You. CARE?" The boy finally gained distance between him and the hero, who was little stunned by the outburst. The mouse said nothing in response to the blue's shocked face, but crossed his arms in frustration. The pink across his cheeks were turning red. The tsundere attitude confirmed one thing, but it made Sonic even more worried.

"You're actin' funny."

"So what!?"

"She's also been actin' funny around me and you."

"Why does that matter?"

"Shouldn't it matter to you of all people?"

"..." The hero didn't want to give the mouse the idea of that. It was one of the rare times the mouse had ever liked so at peace, but the hero wasn't willing to let anything happen to his two closest friends. As the big brother and leader of the group, it was his job to make sure no one was going to be harmed.

"We're hanging out more cuz we're friends." Sonic could see the hope fading from the mouse's eyes as the head turned away, and it made him immediately regret bringing this kind of idea to the surface.

"I know the both of you are friends," The hedgehog sighed, "but her odd behavior is starting to be more... suspicious... " The blue hero may be a stranger about some things, but desperation was a feeling he knew too well of.

"She wouldn't do anything like that."

"But you can't ignore that y'all are both adults now. Even if I'm stupid to it, she's probably not."



"you just had to remind me of the idea, damnit..." Now the blue hedgehog felt like he had committed a crime. The mouse was clearly trying to avoid that negative conclusion, but the hero just had to bring it up. Rach was avoiding eye contact now, more nervous and looking a bit more sad; his hopes dashed to pieces.

"Hey, I'm so-"

"No, it's fine. I've been careless, again..." The mouse was always one to get too attached to a possibility that when a different outcome reared its ugly head into the fight, it threw the mouse off his game and messed him up for the rest of the day. The face the mouse was now making Sonic feel worse.

"Rach, she might-"

"That outcome is even more unlikely" Rach was annoyed at himself now, "It's more likely that she might be planning to use me as a rebound since Sally and you are engaged now..."

The catalyst to this problem; the engagement. It was certainly the best present the blue hero had ever received, but it was probably his pink friend's worst nightmare. Despite her helping the princess with the proposal (and embarrassing the ego out of Sonic), she was probably in tears afterwards. Her admitting that to anyone would make everything worse, and she didn't want to be seen as selfish. She may have matured since those days of her preteen youth, but even with that, she was still emotional from what the hedgehog was shown. Ignoring every possibility was what lead Sonic into problems, a criticism brought up by the very same mouse who fell into the same trap.


"RACHY!" The two spun to see Amy carrying a basket of sorts with Cream tailing behind her. Rach's poker face now sported a smile, but cracked thanks to the hero's reality check. The rabbit noticed immediately, but she had no time to ask what happened before the pink hedgehog had the mouse's arm wrapped around hers. The poor boy looked uncomfortable...

"Me and Rach are going to tend to the flowers now!" The pink hedgehog was far too excited to see the ruined poker face as she dragged him away from the other two. The rabbit immediately went to the hero, who had this void looking expression on his face.

"What happened?"

"..." The hero gulped, "I think I've fucked something up."

"Mister Sonic!?"



"We really should've just asked Amy instead..."

"What did you say?" The hero's guilt was radiating from his eyes.

"Something that could ruin their friendship..." He wasn't going to be able to stop worrying until the mouse came home.

"How are the lilies doing?"

"Ah," The mouse was not even paying attention to the white flowers, "They're doing fine..." Amy seemed satisfied enough as she didn't press any further, but Rach was no longer in the mood for flower gardening. The day had been ruined, and it ticked him off. The sun was burning his fur and the gloves were making his hands itch...

Was this day ruined because of the hero's interference?

...No, it wasn't his fault.

Of course Sonic was concerned, the mouse hadn't even considered the fact that Amy might know about that way of getting over someone. His close minded judgement of the city life had made him blind to those outside the city. Of course, the mouse didn't want to think she would just drop him like a piece of gum after chewing it, but it was a more likely scenario than her actually liking him... like a romantic partner.

The idea of her liking him like how he's done for years felt almost comedic to him, there was no way she would. The pink hedgehog had a crush on the hero for almost a decade, and now her crush had been officially won over by the princess of Acorn. Such an event would certainly deal a blow to someone's ego and self-confidence. There's no way she would just get over that so easily, of course she would be desperate for some affection from someone, preferably someone close to the hero.

Was it bad that he felt glad that she chose him over Tails? Maybe she wanted to mold him into the hero's copy...

That was something he could never do. Copying his brother was something he had thought about doing, but with his corrupted mind and wavering morality, he just wouldn't fit the description.

"Rach?" Her face was suddenly in his. The boy nearly shirked as he fell on his butt. He had avoided the flowers, but that was the least of his concerns right now.


"Are you okay? You look sad..." Her genuine concern for his well being made him feel some bit of hope, but he knew better now. However, confronting her on a flimsy possibility was going to lead to conflict.

"I'm fine Ames-" Oh fuck he slipped up.

"Shit, sorry-"

"No, it's fine..." Great, now everything was awkward. The two just kind of stood next to each other, not knowing what to say. He should probably call it quits now. The day had been ruined for him. Staying here would just-

"How about we take a break?" He should leave, he should leave, he should leave-

"Good idea..." Why was he like this?

The two walked into the house, and the awkwardness sat in fast for Rach.

About twenty minutes passed, and despite Amy's humming keeping the silence from being overbearing, the mouse was still left in a state of confusion. He kept thinking back to just why all of this was happening and when she was going to ask, crushing his heart to bits like she did robots with that giant hammer of hers.

As some more time passed, he had stopped counting by now, something else was starting to creep in his mind. Maybe it was the smell of the batter, or maybe it was her little sways that she did when mixing the icing. Maybe it was the imagery of the hammer...

His mind had been corrupted by the city life; adult, scandalous ideas were nothing new to him. However, those were supposed to have been crushed by now. He was for sure that he had dumped those thoughts into a ditch some time ago, but as it stands, that didn't seem to be the case.

Just what was he thinking and how bad could it actually be? Surely it was something stupid, right?

Well, premarital sex with someone that wasn't your lover and was probably using you as a rebound was not exactly the purest idea he's ever had.

It was a dangerous idea, one that he had no one to tell about his woes.

He toned out her humming to dip into his subconscious, only to find it had gone on vacation for the day. Damn, something had to distract him from those ideas. The more he thought about it, the worse the pictures (and now sounds?) were going to get. These thoughts didn't feel like they belonged to him, like it was some alter ego's thoughts inside his brain. Maybe it had something to do with the goop and the chaos fevers? Those fevers were always tied to his emotions, so perhaps they were never destined to leave. If so, they were makin-

"Cake's ready!" Her cheer pulled him back from some of the dive as she had slice ready for him to munch on. He could smell his two favorite flavors: chocolate and strawberries, inside of the cake. It made his mouth water a bit and loosen the strains on his brain a bit. She sat across from him, making that new dress of hers show some of those legs he was maybe obsessed with. At least she wore shorts underneath them, but it didn't stop those thoughts invade the front of his mind more.

"Rach..." She sounded sad and her eyes looked concerned. The mouse was mindless stabbing at the cake, not even eating the thing.

Truth be told, he's been fascinated by her for years. That hammer of hers was the first one, and then her legs, and then her eyes, and it just kept getting worse. He, of course, would never tell her any of that.

"Rach!" Her shout pulled the mouse out of his bad thoughts as she fumed. Her puffy cheeks made him chuckle, but his laughter was quick spoiled as he remembered just why he was refusing to smile at her in the first place.

"I was talking to you," she toke a bite of her cake, "you've been acting funny today."

"Says the hypocrite." Rach thought as he finally bit into the cake. The flavors were just as entrancing as he thought and the-

Was that coconut in the batter?

"I see you finally noticed now you got a piece in your mouth," she giggled as she had another bite, "I decided to surprise you with a special cake!" Her cute smile was bringing him back into those bad thoughts again. She had gone out of her way to make him something so special? Something that not even Sonic had... The pink hedgehog kept adding more fuel to the dumpster fire that was his mental state.

"It's delicious..." The boy couldn't form a cohesive sentence anymore as he tried to stay focus on anything but the damn legs and how he wanted her to-

Dear Chaos, he losing it. The chaos pumping in his veins were going to send him into an episode if his blood pressure kept raising. He could make out Amy just minding her business and it made him feel guilty for thinking about her the way he was. For years he had pushed back these thoughts and beaten them to a bloody corpse. The mouse did it all for his morality and her safety. He was only thirteen, there was no way he could've expressed that to her in a healthy manner. But now, four year later, it was like nothing was able to hold back those ideas anymore. Not even the the moral issue of them being barely legal by law was enough to bring him out of his shitty brain.

Chaos what was wrong with him?

"Okay, you're clearly too distracted by something," he barely heard her, but wasn't actually aware of what she was doing, "maybe I should..." She was being toned out as he kept trying to refocus from the legs that were inching closer to his face until-

Was... Was he being kissed by Amy Rose? Was his brain lagging that he missed the point where she was bending down to kiss him? The cake was sat next to him as he instinctively leaned back into the couch. It only lasted a moment, but it was just enough to put everything in motion. The strawberry lipstick she wore lingered, driving his already clouded mind into crazy territories.

"There, now will you answer me?" His body was reaching that danger point. He wasn't going to be able to give her a straight answer... Something, anything before he loses his control like a wild animal!

...Of course the alternative he thought he had was what Sonic had brought up early that day. That fever was making his brain turn into mashed potatoes and close out his logic. Before the rose had even noticed it, the tension was thicker than butter.

"I haven't been acting different," He was frustrated, "You're the one acting funny and worrying everyone!" He didn't mean that, but it was too late. The argument had started. Though he was still shorter than her, he still glared into her eyes... not realizing that he was peering off to the side every time he blinked...

"Huh?" She looked confused, "What does that mean!?" She was annoyed now, being accused of something she... maybe didn't do. The mouse had thrown any kind of logic out the window, and she was too late to realize it.

"It's been five months since the party, and you've haven't made one attempt to win back Sonic or even cry about him!" The teen had gotten up now to try and stand toe to toe with her.

"Rach, what does that have to-" The mouse was getting closer, moving a bit too much in her personal space.

"You've loved him for so long, there's no way you would just get over him like that!"

"What?" Her hands were on her hips and her eyes were sparking from some fiery anger. The mouse tired to bite his tongue, but his conscious came back a little too late to save him. Poor Amy looked like she was wanting to say something, but his dumbass kept butting in.

"You're looking for a replacement!"

"What are you even talking about Rach?" She looked hurt by his accusations, and she was she clutching her fists. The idea of her being alluring while angry were starting to mix with his anger.

"Ugh, If you want me to be a chaos damn rebound," He pushed her a back a bit until she fell onto the couch and he towered her for once, "THEN DON'T FUCKING DANCE AROUND IT AND PRETEND IT'S NOTHING!" Shit had hit the fan, but now he was just pissed that she wasn't going to acknowledge just how odd she was acting and how she was going to was him as a rebound toy.

Her anger was radiating as her eyes widened with shock.



"REBOUND!?" Her eyes had that fire he adored, but why was she about to cry, "IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT I WAS DOING?" The two were gripping at each other's collars (or Rach's torso since he was wearing a tank top). Her being taller than him, she had lifted him up to give a death stare, with the mouse giving one back.

The rose was enraged, how dare he think of her like that!? She had matured past that kind of desperate mind set, why now was he doubting their relationship like this!? Her hands were hurting from clutching his top, but her heart was hurting from his words a lot more.

"IT HAS TO BE!" His shouting wasn't as loud as her, but it still crushed her, "YOU WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY WANT TO MOVE ON FROM SONIC OR EVEN LIKE SOMEONE LIKE ME!" She knew not saying anything would lead to something dumb, but she didn't think it would've escalated this quickly. The rose thought she would have more time to sort out the problem.



"YOU DUNCE!" The mouse was an absolute dumbass when it came to analyzing emotions, she knew that going in. But, she wasn't expecting him to be this difficult. She really hated to do this, but their friendship was now at stake. Amy had to calm Rach down before the fever peaked in the wrong direction.


"OH CHAOS RACH!" She needed him to shut up for a minute so that she could explain-


"FOR CHAOS SAKE RACH JUST SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE!" In the heat of the moment, her lips were slammed against his. The mouse tried to pull away, but she overpowered him and threw the both of them on the couch, positioning him on the bottom and her on top. She had one hand pinning his chest to the couch and one hand under his muzzle. She could feel the tail, wrapping itself around her waist and trying to pull her closer, completely ignoring it's host's irritation. The two were slowly settling down, the kiss going from aggressive to calm and soothing. As their breath evened out, the white mouse had finally stopped struggling against her, and she pulled away to speak. The two of them just stared at each other, not really sure how to process what had just happened.

"...what?" Dear Chaos, the mouse's brain really was terrible at emotional things.

"This all started during the planning stage," she gulped as she started to place butterfly kisses on Rach's neck and torso, making him shiver and his tail wrap tighter around her in confusion, "I had realized that I wasn't going to have Sonic. But, I would never, EVER, intended to use you as a rebound to get over him." She leaned closer into him, calming him a bit more.

"Then what does anything of this weird behavior mean then?" Her hands had let his go and were now wrapped around his torso. His own arms were wrapped around her waist as the tail was starting to sink lower below her waist to her thigh. She chuckled, deciding to give him some mercy since his mind was clearly mush from the sudden attention and fighting.

"I started crushing on you a month after the proposal."

"You did what?" Did she really have to explain this?

"I was thinking about how we grew up together, and I just kept getting those butterflies like how I did with Sonic. For a month, I thought it was just nostalgia. But, once month two hit, those feelings were growing when I decided to invite you to help me garden." Those butterflies were coming back as she pulled him up to sit on her lap.

"Amy..." That tail was loosely wrapped around her waist now, slowly drawing little circle as she teared up again. One of his held her cheek, rubbing it as she thought about what to say. The pink hedgehog looked at him with earnest.

"They may have been there all along considering how long we've known each other. Seriously, for the last three months, I was starting to crush on you, and I just trying to process it so I could tell you before we did something stupid and then regret it." She looked at him with that passion she used to give to the hero's way, "but I wasn't expecting things to suddenly escalate like that." She chuckled a bit, wiping her tear away. She had really matured since those days sporting more mature quirks that outweighed her childish temper, "I thought we would at least go on a date first before I gave you my first kiss."

"So, you aren't using me as a rebound?" She swore under her breath, daring him to ask again. Suddenly, the event from earlier this morning made sense to her.

"Is that what you two dinguses were talking about? Chaos Rach..." She went back to giving him butterfly kisses as the boy sighed, all his anger evaporated as the blinking of his rings fell on deaf ears... mostly his own ears.

"You like me..." Amy could practically feel the hearts floating from the boy, but she wasn't going to let it end here. While she still cherished the idea of marriage, she was becoming a bit... hungry for some love.

She knew full well that the mouse was no innocent mind. She was too curious, so out went those old ideas of premarital sex the minute she asked Rouge about the world of adults. Suddenly, those dazed glances Rach gave her made more sense. It made her feel warm thinking just how many times she had caught him looking at her like that. His little charms made her feel loved, and she wanted to give him back the some love he's been hiding for years. She knew how frustrating it was to not express love to someone you love.

Suddenly, an idea. She wasn't ready to just let be only a confession and then leave it at that. She glanced at the blinking lights, and instead of heeding their warnings and putting the mouse to bed, she decided to test out a theory she had.

"Do you like me?" She knew the answer, but it was only fuel for the new fire they were about to start.

"...Rosy, you know me better than that." That nickname made her melt and it made her heart beat faster.

"Prove it to me than." Smugness was a personality trait she knew he would love until the end of time. Sonic had gotten him used to it, the mouse had adapted to it, and Amy was going to make him addicted to it.

The two quit all chatter and began kissing again, hands a bit touchier than before. That signature red headband was flung onto the floor and his quills were freed from the ribbons he kept them in. As the ribbons were discarded, the mouse held his hands in her quills. He ruffled them a bit, making her blush a bit. Then, her mind came up with an idea she's never gotten to try until now.

"I've always wondered how those quills work with them being made of chaos and all," Her hands went to caress the twin quills, giving the mouse little sparks down his spine, "Just as soft as an actually quill." The blue part of his hair was the most sensitive, earning the girl a gasp from Rach. For a moment, he looked content with being dominated by the heroine, but he suddenly pushed himself up from the couch.

"They're just as sharp you know," He leaned into her chest, just breathing and giving her chills, "So I know how to handle any little flairs." Flirting was not a thing Rach did, but that damn blue hedgehog, being the damn moron who started all of this, had taught the boy a thing or two on how to butter up a woman. Though, it still made the mouse feel weird...

Then again, this was Amy.

"I already love the thought of that." His vision was started to blur again, and he was praying to Chaos that he hadn't succumbed to the fever already. He already had a hard time doing this without losing focus, he was a little scared at the idea of losing control if she didn't want-

"A chaos fever now..." At first, she sounded disappointed, but her eyes were suddenly mischievous, and it shook the boy's core; might've have created a new kink for him, "If you get these fevers from peak emotions like love or lust, I wonder what will happen if I push you more." She's always been a risk taker; it was nothing new to anyone. But the idea of her being into THIS kind of risk...

Was honestly super fucking hot to him.

"Keep pushing and you'll find out." Throwing cation to the wind, the boy unbuckled the medical rings from his wrists.

The two resumed kissing, and as they did, Rach found the zipper to the dress he loved so much and nearly tore it off. Despite the mouse's attachment to the dress, being the first thing he bought her, he wanted that cloth off of her. The two broke away for her to take it off completely, but once it reached past her chest, he suddenly stopped her and kissed her, a lot more intense than what they were doing before. The two decided to be more intimate, bringing the kiss into a French kiss. His hands went on autopilot, pulling off his gloves and groping her through the bra. His claws were a bit sharp, but it didn't stop Amy from moaning, so what did he have to worry about? Her gold wrist rings were now next to be thrown next to his rings as the two kept drowning in the idea of just festering in the lust growing.

"Rach..." The raw emotion was overwhelming, and the fever was getting to that peak. The mouse was becoming inpatient and irrational; using those nails of his, he snapped the damn fabric hiding her chest in half. Her first instinct was to cover herself, but the mouse was quick enough to push her onto the couch and to use his tail to pin her wrists. He hovered over her, taking in her body in a way that he had only dreamed of doing before, letting her stare into those purple swirls taking over his usually green pupils. She didn't notice one of sneaky hands slipping under her dress to mess with those shorts.

"Nah," he groped her breasts, earning more sounds from her, "I ain't letting you hide from me, never again." He was tired of being subtle, but he was about ready to make her cum her brains out.

"You ripped my bra..."

"I'll just buy you another one later," casual talk was keeping him from going further, "but for now, I'm taking you in and you're gonna enjoy every second." She didn't understand him for a second, but then she saw the blue cubes.

With her left breast in his mouth, their vision of the world start to distort due to the fever. The rose hadn't expected it so early, but the scene was more romantic now thanks to it. The living room had become an endless void with them on a king-sized bed, candles floating around them and bringing more smells of coconuts and strawberries. To make sure, she pinched herself to see if the fantasy was actually real. Much to her excitement, it did hurt and meant one thing: The boy had full control of the world, making this pocket dimension a reality for him and her alone. Once they got settled, the shorts were finally off and thrown into the depths.

"It's only gonna get better from here," He used both hands to continued groping her breasts and they kissed again, both of them moaning now that the smells was fogging their senses, "I'm not gonna let you leave until you've came at least three times." Her legs wrapped lazily around his, pushing him into her.

"So, your fever is from the lust," Her observations were making her grin from the ego boost, "That's perfect for me than because you're gonna be goop when I'm done with you."

"Not sure how you're gonna do that," He crept closer to her lower end, rubbing it through the lace, "I have no dick for you to suck, nor any kind of hole for you to mess with, so you're not really doing much to me.." Vulgar was not new to the mouse, but he's never had the courage to talk like he was doing, but fevers were odd especially when such weird elements were involved. She was dripping from the tension, but he also knew that she wasn't going to be dominated that easily.

"But you have a tail and the power to control reality for short spans," she gripped his lazy tail, replacing his hand with the tail instead, "I'm sure you can figure out some way around that problem." She sat up for a better angle, giving him what felt like lighting down his back. The mouse suddenly gripped her arms, and gave her a mark on her neck.

"You're absolutely raw and naughty," He kept nipping her neck and breasts, leaving more love marks for her, "but that's just what I like to hear coming from that pretty little mouth of yours." The tail was moving the undergarment to the side as they kissed again, now in short spruces. The rose got tired of that stupid outfit the mouse wore and topped him once more. She nearly tore the top in half, throwing it into the void with her shorts, and swiftly made her eye towards his pants. But she was stopped by the sudden insertion of his tail in her opening. She gasped, and then moaned as Rach sat up and tried to top her again. Fighting for control was fun and all, but the mouse's hands fiddling with her button was making her lose control of the situation.


"I'm not a romantic," His body was completely taken over by the chaos and lust, "but that area of yours feels awfully aroused by all of this teasing." He started to kiss her chest again, teasing her even more.

"Ahh..." That finally act drove her off the edge, joining him down the rabbit hole. That tail was at her wall, and the two weren't paying too much attention, kissing and groping each other. Until suddenly, a sharp pain went through Amy has both of them looked down to see the tail further in than before, blood dripping on the tail now. At the same time, Rach felt his tail being squeezed to death. Both of them were now only slightly aware of the pain, but they were so far gone for it to even matter to them.

"Ah, you really..." she was gasping, clutching onto the mouse's arms, "you really did just take my virginity."

"If it makes you feel any better," he leaned in close and kissed her cheeks, "you gave me a great idea." She grinned and pulled him into a kiss again. As they did, that damn tail of his was acting without his knowledge. Wiggling and thrusting like actual genital, causing them to shiver and moan. They quickly faded back into the atmosphere, any kind of pain becoming pleasure.

"It reall..really does have a MIND of its own..." The sudden shriek spooked them as that appendage hit that one spot. The mouse immediately too notice and went for the advantage.

"I.. I tell you guys," He took control of the tail and hit that spot again, making her moan, "But you neeevvveerr believe me."

"Rach!" With one hand, he controlled the thrusting and with the other he touched her sensitive part again. The pink hedgehog propped herself up and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in further. The two of them were starting to get louder, more flustered with each new loop. Their bangs were defying gravity as their heads kept close, wanting to keep the other from moving too far away.

"I...I'm close!"

"Good," He groaned, fingering her faster and going harder, "I'm gonna make you scream."

"Ah!" Rach let the tail do its thing as he moved his hands away from them to her the behind of her neck. She gripped tighter as she left small marks on his arms as the mouse's nails dug into her shoulders. There wasn't supposed to be more blood, but at this point, Rach was pretty much considering BDSM as his new experiment to try later.

"P..please!" The begging had started, and the mouse knew she was near the finish line.

"What? Please what Rosy?" The nickname was throwing her over the edge, her head was thrown back and she was slightly drooling, and it just made everything way more loving. He could also feel his own drool coming from his smirk. Seeing the opening, he moved one hand to her right breast, another back down to her button to mess with it and his head into her shoulder to bite down.

"Even if it... ITS NOT REAL," She tightened her core, making the mouse put the closet hand over her lower stomach to help her, "PLEASE FINSIH WI-"

"AH!" The two of them screamed as everything slowed down. He had already toyed with the idea of finishing with her, so being able to control his own fluids was an absolute god send of a power in this dimension. Both mobians were panting, purple and clear liquid mixing together. It felt a little weird being filled with Rach's... chaos goo like substance, but she could honestly care less since it wasn't going to get her pregnant. She was lazily smiling at the thought as he pulled out the tail. Then, the mouse actually licked the mixture in front of her face, making Amy's heart just stop from shock... and lust? He grinned at her, smugly kissing her. The taste was mixed with her and...

"coconuts?" Her mind was finally coming back to her as Rach messaged her shoulders to keep her calm. The girl, still a bit tensed, easily gave into the shoulder rub; not holding back any moans as she relaxed.

"Better than the average Joe or blood." The two laughed as they collapsed onto each other, Rach turning over to lay next to her. Their hands were intertwined, and the breathing was finally evened. They looked eyes and kissed again. Their noses were once again invaded by the smells of burning wax and the loss of coconuts and strawberries, but it didn't matter to the two lovebirds. Once they were done, she smugly smirked at him, turning on her stomach.

"What happened to making me cum at least three times?"

"I was just letting you rest," He grinned, pushing his bangs out of his eyes, "and I needed a moment to think of something."

"And what is that?"

"Are we gonna be datin' after this?"

"No duh silly." The two smiled and kissed each other, falling into the lust trap again and relighting those candles with new smells; Chocolate and wildflowers.

"You should really stop worrying, I'm sure they're fine."

"But what if something bad happened!"

"He's seventeen now Sonic, He would have been home by now if something bad had actually gone do-"

"RACH!" The mouse tumbled into the hedgehog's arms as he close the door behind him. Tails sighed, glad to see that everything went okay, and that Sonic was overreacting once more. The smell did confirm another suspension though, making the fox chuckle and look for the closet bottle.

"I'm glad you're okay buddy!"

"Yeah... I'm gonna skip dinner and go to bed..." The boy was trembling as he pushed on to the couch to move to the staircase.

"Did you trip on something?" Sonic may have been observant, but his sense of smell was terrible during the winter season, "You're limping everywhere." The mouse turned around and leaned against the stair rail for a moment to keep himself upright.

"Nothing you need to worry about." Rach chuckled as he slowly made his way up the stairs, leaving a confused Sonic and a chuckling Tails. The fox finally found a can of air freshener, spraying the way the white mouse went. The blue hedgehog still had that confused look on his face, making the yellow fox laugh a bit harder. Tails checked the time; it was ten at night. The two were together for nine hours, an impressive feat considering what static average was...

"Have you figured it out yet?"


"You're the one that shipped them the most, were you not expecting them not to do anything?"

"I'm not gonna tell you, ask Amy or Rach about it tomorrow."

"What!? Why tomorrow?"

"It's not too important, so it's nothing to worry about."