A sequel chapter for anyone who wanted to see the happy married couple :D

The bells sung for the celebration as the populace gathered into the castle. The head of the guards, the miss Amy Rose, was there to keep the security in check as the guests were checked for any illegal items. Tails Prower was groom's best man with Knuckles being the second best. Shadow was helping security, and Rouge had to be kept an eye on by Cream and Vanilla, the head cooks of the party; The wedding and coronation of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn was of high importance so of course they were appointed in such positions! This wedding had been in the works for almost a year now, no one else could wait any longer!

As the guests danced and mingled, Sonic was being attended by his two brothers, Rach and Tails, in the groom's dressing room.

"Lookin' good!" The hedgehog snapped his fingers as the mouse gripped one of his quills with god like strength.

"If you move one more time while I put this gel in your hair, I'll glue your eyelids open."

"Harsh, Rach." The three of them shared a laugh as the blue prince kept full focus on the mirror in front of him. Those once sky-blue spines had been turning a midnight blue lately, but his eyes remained just as bright as the day they appeared!

Glancing behind him, he saw his two helpers arranging his crown, cape and, of course, quills. The two of them have become close friends thanks to their similar interests, and it brought a smile to the hedgehog's face.

Tails had gone from that bright yellow to a tame orange, which made him easier to spot when the boy had decided to fly across the city. Those bangs were styled for the occasion, but they were in desperate need of a trim soon.

Then there was the odd brother, Rach. The teen's fur refused to change over the years, and he was only up to his girlfriend's chest, but his lack of growth was made up for by him putting all those points into being the most fashionable and creative of the three, making him the perfect candidate of official Wedding Coordinator.

"Your spines are way too long, get them trimmed."

"You gonna do it?"

"Pay me your majesty, and maybe I'll think about it."

"Why charge the future King of Acorn for a haircut?"

"Do you want me to be a prostitute instead?" The mouse flicked the comb, "Papa's gotta pay the car bills."

"Where did you learn to speak like that?"

"Hang out in Empire or Station Square slums for, like a, month, you'll understand." With a final tug, the white mobian stepped back and allowed Sonic to get a full look at himself. The suit was perfectly made, even had a spot made for his spines and tail! His hair was only a bit more tamed, but the gel was done to keep the damn thing in place instead of it fuzzing due to humidity.

"You guys are the best!"

"Hell yeah we are!"

"I'm so excited!" Tails exclaimed as the three of them walked out of the room. Rach carried the crown with the cape and went towards the alter where Nigel Acorn, the current king, stood. The stress was starting to take a toll on his appearance, and his legs since was already confined to that wheelchair rolled by...

Elias Acron.


"Jackass." The two glared as the blue blur jabbed the mouse in the side.

"Sorry sir." It was a mutter, but the king could still hear the teen.

"It's quite alright," The king turned to his son, "Now, Elias."

"Sorry." The two still huffed at each other as the hedgehog shrugged.

"Chaos boys..." The king sighed as the hero shrugged, the two brothers still glaring at each other.

"The groom is ready sire!" Deciding not to further drag the mood into the toilet, Rach pulled the topic towards the wedding plans.

"Perfect, things are going smoothly, mostly." Nigel jabbing his son in the side earned a chuckle from the mouse and hedgehog.

"They sure are..." He trailed off as he handed the crown and cape to the king. Turning away, he was blinded by a pair of hands. Despite her sneakiness, the white mobian could never forget the scent his lover gave off thanks to her shampoo.

"Guess who?"

"Rouge." The rose started to tickle Rach's sides, but the mouse was too quick for her as he quickly moved out of the way.

"Silly!" The girl flicked him as they both laughed, the mouse leaning a bit into her.

"What are you doing away from your post?"

"Checkin' on you." The teens couldn't help but smirked as they shared a bunny kiss before they were interrupted by Tails.

"Get a room you two."

"Plannin on it."

"I was expecting Rach to say that," The fox looked away, holding back some laughter, "not pure, little Amy."

"Anything but pure."

"Rach!" The poor hedgehog was now red in the face as the fox laughed. The three of them made some small chat about the upcoming ceremony as they moved to the ball room. The floor was enormous, housing almost the entire city of Mobotroplis inside. Rach couldn't miss the fact that Sonic was quick to speed off somewhere, probably trying to meet with the bride before the event.

"Hey sugar cubes!" From their left, the trio spotted the D'Coolette couple and their little two-year-old, Bella D'Coolette. The two had been married for about two years now, and their little child was the living proof of the union.

"Hey Bonnie and Antonie!"

"How's little Bella behaving today?" Amy cooed at the young bunny, who giggled and hugged her in response. The married couple laughed as their little girl kept giving the pink hero kisses on her cheeks. Once the little girl made eye contact was the mouse, she gave him a raspberry, making the mobian chuckle and blowing back a raspberry in response.

"She's been an absolute darlin' so far."

"Hopefully she'll ztay zat way." Antonie's accent never will leave due his pride, forcing Rach to do at least two takes to figure out what he said as the conversation went on without him. Seeing as he was left behind, the mouse decided to focus on the red echidna, grabbing him and his batty girlfriend a drink of the punch.

"Hey Knuckie!"

"Just because Rouge technically adopted you," The guardian sighed, "doesn't mean you get to use that nicknames of all nicknames." The two laughed as the teen poured himself a cup of the fruit punch.

"I don't have one for you though..."

"Ask Tails for some." As the mouse took a sip, he paused for a moment.

"... You realize that this punch got spiked already, right?"

"... That's why it smells like rum."

"The strawberry kind!"

"Of course, your acholic ass would know what's in here." The red mobian chuckled as he snatched the bat's drink. She looked a bit disappointed, but she started smirking as soon as she saw the teen's shocked expression.

"Wait..." The teen wasn't going to ignore that kind of hint, "Is she…?"

"Three weeks along." A gasp escaped Rach, making him a bit embarrassed, but still he was still excited, nonetheless.


"Thanks Snow!" The white bat hugged her little boy, making sure to avoid her stomach.

The mouse was excited to be an... Uncle? Or would he be considered an older brother? Either way he, couldn't wait to tell Amy after the party!

"Got any names planned?"

"Not yet sugar, still trying to figure out the arrangements."

"She's not too fond of living on a remote island." Knuckles sighed as his partner huffed.

"I want our baby to have a city type of life."

"I still have to protect the Master Emerald."

"Oh dear..." The mouse sighed as the two quietly bickered back and forth as they tried to decide the living arrangements, once again, having Rach be shut out of the conversation. Walking away, the teen spotted two other friends of his! Well, it doesn't hurt to talk to Mister Edgy and Cream over there!

"Hey Shades, Cream!" The mouse called for them as they both waved.

"Hello Rach."

"Mister Rach, hi!" Cheese even joined in at the end with that only word he spoke.

"How is the party so far?"

"It's still not my style," The burdy hedgehog took a sip of the spiked punch, "but it's still a good and organized party."

"Hopefully it'll stay somewhat tamed," the mouse sighed, "someone already got to the punch."

"It was Rotor."

"Mister Rotor did it!?"

"Why him of all people?"

"Just to cause some chaos, he was bored." The three chuckled as the bow tied chao circled the mouse and dropped something on his head. Upon touching it a bit, it was a paper crown!

"Awe, is this for me Cheese?" With some happy chao noises, the mouse gave him a small hug, "Thanks buddy!" The rabbit giggled and went to get her mother, leaving the two alone.

"What are we going to do about the punch, head organizer?"

"Keep Sonic and Sally away from it, watch the madness unfold."

"Why not get the couple drunk?"

"I still need to do some... revenge, on the groom."

"Oh, that." It had been about four months since the incident that made Amy and Rach start dating after some accidental bad advice from the hero. It did lead to a good ending in the end, but the mouse wasn't just let the blue blur off without any kind of punishment.

"How are you gonna do that?"

"Ruining the rest of his innocence."

"... what?"

"Haven't you realized it yet," The smirk was smudged across his face, "the idiot doesn't actually understand what the hell to do during sex." The mouse had never seen the edge lord himself surprised, but the face was amusing.


"He's never once touched anything remotely close to that kind of stuff aside from seeing what Rouge does," the mouse shuddered at the thought of the bat teaching his brother about the birds and the bees, "So all he knows is the bare minimum."

"How does he think kids are made?"


"You're kidding?"

"Asked him the other day, the hero is about to get his purity drenched in ink." Rach knew the blur better, if it wasn't shown to him, the hedgehog wasn't going to get it.




"Don't you dare quote me on that."

"You really need to read a dictionary."

"Shush." Speaking of the devil, the blue blur has made his appearance... With his quills a bit out of place. Seeing this, the teen nearly threw his drink.

"Chaos damnit Sonic..."


"It took us three hours to get that damn gel in those quills! You just had to wait fifteen minutes for it to dry!" The teen went to quickly fixing the mess as the eldest hedgehog chuckled.

"Did you get to see the bride?" Shadow noticed a different color on the faker's chest.

"For a second, and then Nichole kicked me out."

"Long enough to leave a hickey a guess."

"What's a hickey?"



"...Fucking chaos." The mouse couldn't contain the giggles as he had to lean on a pillar for support. As he did, Shadow had to look away from Sonic's dumbfounded face to contain his own laughter for his pride.


"Say it one more time, Rach didn't hear you." That edgy son of a-.

"What, 'What's a hickey?'." Suddenly, the teen was having a fit. The black and red hedgehog joined in, leaving the poor blue blur very confused. He shrugged it off though, it was stupid anyways.

The hedgehog didn't really have to time pay attention to these things; he was too busy kicking Eggman's butt. Even a year after his surrender, Sonic still found the idea of it just too odd for him to need, or even want, to understand it properly. But he was sure that this didn't need to come up anytime soon, they weren't planning to have any kids yet!

Amid his brother's fit, the white mouse checked his clock... only to realize the time.

"IT'S TEN MINUTES BEFORE SEVEN!" Rach cried out as he grabbed the blue hedgehog, hoisted him up, and made a dash for the alter. While this happened, the fox was constantly checking the time to see when the mouse would announce for the close guests to enter the alter room. As soon as the twin quills zoomed passed him, the yellow fox sent out an alert to everyone that the wedding was ready to start.

"All close guests of the bride and groom may enter the alter room, everyone else will remain here until the ceremony ends." A robo chao spoke as everyone began to take certain positions across the room, allowing access for the Freedom Fighters and their comrades in.

As everyone made their way in, Tails spotted Rach talking to the purple walrus who spiked the punch as he was busying setting up the cameras for the ceremony to be broadcast across the entire planet. Near the ceiling, chao were hard at work doing final touches as the guests made their way to their seats. He saw the traditional arrangement of seats, Team Sonic on the groom's side, Team Freedom Fighters on the bride's side. As the final few made it in, Amy was the one to lock the door.

"I haven't seen a royal wedding in such a long time." The fox could make out the princess of the Sol dimension, Blaze, commenting to her best friend, Silver.

"It looks so fancy."

"Weddings are usually fancy, aren't they?"

"I hate how scruffy this dress is!" Poor Marine was not enjoying the strict dress code, making the fox chuckle.

"Is there gonna be food and candy later?"

"Just be patient Charmy," Espio was the excellent peacemaker, "just for about thirty minutes."

"It'll be fine kid," Vector held his wife close, "Vanilla's got everything covered!"

"Thank you, dear." The rabbit mother blushed as her daughter peaked over the chairs to catch her crush's eye.

"It's so beautiful, you guys did amazing!"

"Ah!" The fox was not expecting a compliment, "T..t..thanks Cream!" As soon as she hoped back, the young teen tried to use his tails to cover his face. The echidna nudged him, chuckling at his embarrassment.

"They even got this airing for Eggman down in the cells," Rouge smirked as she leaned on her boyfriend, "I think it was done to rub it in his face."

"That's what I told them to do," Rach had finally made his way back, pulling Tails and Knuckles off the chairs to join him and the excited rabbit next to him, "Now get off your lazy butts and join the groom's side!"

"Why have Amy and Cream on the groom's side? I thought it was dudes only?"

"Because Antonie and Rotor are on Sally's side."

"No walking down the alley as couples, ya know, the traditional stuff?" The mouse chuckled. It was fun throwing off the Echinda with the idea of not having the traditional wedding he thought off.

"Amy and I are gonna walk the bride down the walkway, hand her to Nicole since Nigel can't move too much/" The mouse explained as he put the three in their positions and headed back to the door. As he made it, the bells signaled the hour.




Once the positions were set, the mouse snapped to start the ceremony. The piano player began her magic, and the orchestra set the mood. Chao went to the sides of the chairs, scattering petals as one of them dropped some on the groom. Rach raced down the carpet to stand parallel to his girlfriend.

After a moment, the couple opened the door to reveal the stunning bride. Her hair not altered for the occasion, but her face had a bit of makeup curtsey of the bat. Her dress was stunning, being a refurbished version of her late mother's gown. The tailors had done an excellent job repairing the lace and whitening the fabric. They even had a couple of sparkles to shine as the stain glass allowed the evening sun to shine through.

The groom was on his first tissue courtesy of Cream.

As the princess walked down the carpet, she waved to everyone around her. There was no angry eyes asides from her brother glaring at the mouse next to her. However, no one could ever ruin this moment for her. Her adorable in laws next to her, her maids of honor (and gentlemen of honor) tearing up and her soon to be husband just letting out his emotions. The two made it the virtual Lynx, who took the bride's arm as continued down the ally. The princess smiled and held the Lynx close, reminiscing on their lives together at this point as the world around her slowed down.

She hadn't expected her to be marrying the hero of the planet, but here she was! The universe had aligned perfectly for this occasion. The kingdom was at peace, the brothers weren't fighting for dominance, and Robotnik was locked away for good. The universe was so magical.

For a while, Sally thought she wasn't into boys until the blue blur showed up and took her for a ride of emotional awakening. With help from the groom's friends, the princess felt her world snap into place with the hero around, who had a crush on her from the day they met. He had helped her save her father, gain control of the kingdom and even bring Nichole into a living being, even if she was still virtual. Just how could she not at least like the blue hedgehog? Surprisingly, everyone else agreed and pushed for the two to date and then the engagement. She couldn't lie it felt oddly cathartic to work with Amy of all people on the plan, but it all worked out in the end.

As time unfroze, finally making her way to the alter, the Holo Lynx went to the end of the bride's line as Nigel went under the arch. The almost newlyweds brought their hands together as the fox passed down the tissues across the room. Amy and Rach quickly ran back to the line behind the groom, but the mouse suddenly stopped at stayed at the chairs.

"Hello friends and family," the older chipmunk placed his speech on the podium so that he could read them without missing the beat, "we are gathered here today for the joyous union of the hero of Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the princess of the Acorn Kingdom, Sally Alicia Acorn!" A round of applause was heard the two in question waved to their respective parties. As the groom looked back, his closest friends giving him thumbs ups and smiles as he noticed that one person had gone missing. When he turned back around, he noticed that someone else was missing from Sally's line.

"I'm beyond overjoyed to have all of you as witness to such a glorious union," The king wiped a tear before continuing, "Before we continue, we have a special request from the brothers of the groom and wife." The couple looked to the alley to see Rach and Elise standing awkwardly next to each other as Silver passed the mic to the mouse first.

"Originally this was meant to be one of those readings that you see at normal weddings," the teen cringed at the thought, "but me and the prince have come to an agreement on just saying some personal words to our favorite people in our lives." The two glanced at each other as the both relaxed.

"Sonic, We may be related due to some odd circumstances," the mouse began as he tried his best not to mutter, "but if I was given the chance to fix the mistakes our idiotic father made all those years ago, I would refuse every time. And even if I did change those circumstances, I feel like you would always find me no matter what like the hero you are. Even with all that's happened to both of us throughout our life so far, we both kept each other close even if we knew subconsciously or not. I always look up to you, and I'm glad you can lean on me for emotional support when times are too much for you. We sill have some lost time to make up, so don't completely forget about me and the others once you get into those rooms!" Some cheers, a couple of giggles and an overwhelming positive response from the crowd as the teen handed off the microphone. The prince gave the mouse a polite smile before taking out a piece of paper.

"Sally, you're my baby sister," the brother chipmunk tried to keep his eyes from glancing around the room, "I know I have been overbearing for most of our lives due to the past events, but I had hope I hadn't overstepped my bounds when Sonic first came back into our lives. But now, I'll admit, his new reckless attitude and his brother made me take my overprotective nature go too far," The prince paused for a moment to glance at his brother-in-law, "but I've come to realize that wasn't needed for you. You're a strong girl Sally, I should've known that you had this all under control. I'm also beyond joyous to see you marry someone you love as much as dad did mom," he couldn't hold back a tear as he mentioned their late mother, "and as your brother, I want to do everything in my power to make sure your wedding and marriage lasts for as long as you two love each other."

After a moment of silence, the same amount of positivity roared as the princess was now in tears, barely keeping her composure. Bonnie kept the tissues close as Elise glanced over to Sonic.

"You better not break her heart." He let the mic float away back to the king as the hero gave his signature grin and turned back to his lovely fiancé. As everyone calmed down and wiped away their tears, the father sighed.

"Beautiful speeches boys," he smiled as both boys returned to their front row seats, "now, to address the couple." The two stepped a foot closer as they looked into each other's eyes, lost to the world around them.

"As a married couple and future rulers of the Acorn kingdom, I must inform you of your new responsibilities your marriage will bring." Nigel looked between both of the two, "Not only will you two carry the duty of carrying on the two bloodlines of tradition, you two will also be in charge of the kingdom once I officially hand over the crown to both of you. As the new rulers of this vase kingdom, you will oversee keeping the peace between humans and mobians, keeping the kingdom in harmony and to keep every citizen as happy and healthy as they can be. Does this sound okay to the both of you?"


"Excellent," Nigel closed the book and looked up at the hedgehog," do you, Sonic the Hedgehog, take Sally Alicia Acorn as your loving bride, to hold and love in sickness and death?"

"I do." The elder turned to his daughter.

"And do you, Sally Alicia Acorn, take Sonic the Hedgehog as your loving husband, to hold and love in sickness and death?"

"I do."

"You two may exchange the rings." Cream came by with the pillow, with Cheese underneath the pillow, and allowed the two to have their custom crafted rings. As they place the promise on their hands, the hero couldn't help but admire and look back on how he got here; how his ideas of freedom and loyalty have changed since he was young. Looking into his wife's eyes made assured him that this was where he was meant to be. His wife was in the same mind frame.

"As Chaos as my witness," Nigel raised his hands as a prayer, "I now pronounce you two husband and wife! The groom may now kiss the bride!" The hedgehog didn't waste a second before dipping the princess as the crowd cheered. The brothers swung open the doors as the ball room roared for the newlyweds. The couple in question walked out, arm in arm as now a giant set of tables decorated the floor.

"Thank you Mobotropolis for your praise and encouragement!" The hero proclaimed as the crowd cheered and screamed in happiness.

"Let's get this celebration started!"

Three hours later and the party was finally starting to die. Most of the crew had become a bit intoxicated as the mouse kept the newlywed couple away from the punch. The rose was the lightest of them all, so here having a drinking contest with Shadow may have seemed funny at first, but her trying to get her lover to take her to their 'special place' in the bathroom much was not ideal for anyone involved.

After the fourth escape from her lewd hands, the teen finally found the hedgehog he was looking for.

"Chaos Finally," the mobian pulled the groom away from the crowd, "I need to talk to you before Amy forces herself on me in the hallways."

"Is the punch really spiked?"


"Is that why you kept us from the punch?" The mouse was dragging him away from the party, mainly trying to keep out of his lover's sight.

"Yeah..." the two male mobians made it to a quiet place, barely lit from dim lights, "now it's time for pay back you son of a bitch." The mouse suddenly pinned the hedgehog to the wall, using his leg to 'block' the future king's escape, but the confusion was enough to do the job.

"Huh?" The adult hedgehog was quickly on defense, but the mouse swapped away his hands.

"You don't know anything about sex." Not again. The hero shrugged.

"One, bold of you to assume I know nothing of that, and two, what does that have to do with anything?"

"You fool," the mischievous smugness was in the building, "don't you know about how a wedding night even works?" The mouse had this plan set for months with some clever input from Tails and Shadow.

"Not really..."

"My dear brother," the mouse pulled the hedgehog close to his side, "Sally wants a piece of your dick."

"EXCUSE ME!?" Ah yes, the plan had started with a bang.

"Ah this is gonna be so good," the teen clapped his hands together as he smirked, "The wife and husband have sex on the night of the wedding to signify their union." He chuckled, watching the adult blush harder as he could hear the record scratch.

"But that's only to have kids!" The mouse had to hold back his laughter as his poor brother's ego was crushed beneath his prideful taunting.

"Ah no, no, no Sonic," Rach couldn't contain the chuckles, "As this boy knows all too well, love makin' is NOT just for makin' kids."

"Love making?"

"A more passionate way to say sex... or fucking," The mouse could hear the steam coming from the hedgehog, "Have you never thought about such thoughts?" This would be the most critical answer to Rach's plan.

"No of course not!" The adult was quick to object, but this made the mouse slightly suspicious, "I'm the hero of the planet, I'm too busy fighting Egghead to think about... that!" The voice crack nearly broke the white mobian. The plan was perfect, and this night was going to become the best piece of blackmail in all of the 31st century. But...

"Sally does thoguh."


"She's your wife, she wants your some of that dick." The teen now knew just why the hedgehog's ego would flair from teasing, seeing the eldest child's face like this was something he could get used to.

"Th...there's no way she wants to do THAT!" The voice cracks were too hilarious.

"Not once have you ever been taught how to even have sex, by anyone?" The hero's lifestyle did probably prevent him from learning about this stuff since in order to do that, you had to live first. However, had this hedgehog never really touched any kind of adult content?


"I see..." The original plan was to tease Sonic into learning some wrong things about sex and making their wedding night the most awkward night ever, but a new plan came to mind. Sure, he wanted revenge still, but maybe this wasn't going to be where he got that. Maybe he'll get his revenge in the morning...

"No one has ever taught you?"

"Nope." Time to start the mind trap; One.

"No one~?"

"No...?" Two.

"No one special to you?"

"No!" Three.

"Anyone can teach you, ya know?"

"Huh?" Four should be enough. The mouse could see the gears turning, and knew that his job was done. Now it was up the hedgehog's poor memory to handle the rest.

"I'mma leave you on that." Rach knew the teasing had to end or else the poor hedgehog was going to go brain dead from the blood rushing to his head, "Don't leave your girl dry!"

"Wh...WHAT!? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?" The hedgehog's cries fell on deaf ears as Sally passed by the mouse. She couldn't help but notice the teen's smirk and her husband's poor red face.

"What's happening here?"

"NOTHING!" The hedgehog tried to speed off, but the princess was quick to his usual antics.

This atmosphere was starting to stir something. The moon was slowly raising, people were leaving, and from the conversation she sort of overheard, the two were on the same page for their late-night activities.

So when her gaze fell on his, he became tight lipped.

"Sonic~" Oh no, he's never heard his name said like that before, "the party is over and I'm feeling rather... fuzzy from the idea of us being married and all. Let's go back to my room for a bit..." Using the same vocabulary he used threw him for a loop to the point of distraction. She tugging him down the hallway before the hedgehog registered what she just said. It happened too fast for him; the princess had locked the door and thrown the key onto something...

he wasn't paying attention because the moon behind them was making her gleam like a jewel. He was now beginning to understand the bat's obsession for them...

"And we're alone..." The hedgehog was nervous as his face got hotter from the tension. Noticing his stillness, the chipmunk quietly took his hands and guided him to her left side of the big bed they were to soon share. As he sat down, Sally leaned on his arm, just giving it a squeeze in between... her...

"Oh no..." Now the hedgehog was stuck in a bind. He really didn't have enough knowledge of how this worked, and he wasn't sure how much Sally knew. They weren't going to have a kid soon, so she only knew as much as him, right?

Just how did this all work at all? He tried to hide his confusion; he was in his early twenties after all! He couldn't look like a fool infro-

When had he been topped by her?

"S...S..Sal!?" His ego, wounded, and his mental state, shaken. Never in his life had the hedgehog ever been physically dominated by someone, especially not a woman. Sure, others like, say Amy, thought they always had the upper hand, but the hero's speed could get him out of anything!

...Almost anything...

"Sonic~" Not again, "Are you ready?" The light reflecting in her eyes almost made the hedgehog consider just biting his tongue and going along with whatever the hell was about to happen, but his big mouth was always in the way.

"Re...ready for what?"


"..." The silence was killing the hedgehog as his wife looked very confused.

"...huh?" The two stared at each other for a moment before the princess suddenly looked shocked and, with speeds that almost matched his, jumped off the poor hedgehog and covered her face in her hands. His ego was more wounded by the idea of him somehow hurting her!


"Oh, chaos Sonic!" she didn't sound mad at least, "When Rach had said you were oblivious to sex, I didn't think he meant you were completely unaware of the idea of it!" The princess sounded embarrassed, which made the blue blur upset. First was being accused, again, of not knowing anything about this kind of stuff, and secondly it was making his one of his best friends upset!


"We don't have to do that stuff right now if you don't want to..." she trailed off, but gave him a gentle smile and hug, not realizing that the mood was making the hug a bit weird for the hero, "I'm sure that once you learn about that stuff, you'll be less nervous, and I won't be hurting you by making you do things you don't have much knowledge in..."

Hurting him; him nervous? How would sex hurt him? The hedgehog was so confused, according to the mouse, this was supposed to happen. Was it bad to not know about this stuff?

The hedgehog looked up and immediately started to lose himself in her eyes again, but in her eyes; they were holding back some kind of desire... and she looked so sad. Sonic didn't like others being sad, especially if he was the cause of it directly or not. He especially didn't like people holding out on him.

Suddenly, a light bulb and a recollection of what Rach had said earlier.

The absolute bastard and his dirty mind tactics.

"Well if you know about that stuff," the hedgehog grabbed her hand, "why don't you teach me about it?" She looked taken aback at his suggestion. She was about to cry from her little speech, but she quickly wiped them away after hearing him.

"A..Are you sure Sonic?" No wonder it was a shock, the hero was never one to ask for help for anything, especially not in the emotional department.

"Yeah, what could go wr-"

"Finish that sentence and I kick you out of this room." There was his girl; the one that got him all nervous and warm inside.

"Yes ma'am." With a giggle, the princess topped the hero once more, causing a blush to reappear on the groom's face. Looking up, he saw that he wasn't the only one with a red face.

"Do you have to do this like this?" It kind of slipped out due to his ego, but something else was telling him to shut his damn mouth.

"You can top me if you want to," she giggled again as she pulled him up and over her, "but don't put all your weight on me." The hedgehog was quick to adjust, placing both hands at the side of her head and knees outside her legs. He still looked tense thought, making her a bit muffed.

"Okay..." his eyes couldn't stop darting every direction, "how does this stuff-"

He was interrupted by his lover starting a kiss. Her hands cupped his face as the hero relaxed a bit. His chest began to burn a bit, and everything was starting to feel heated. His sight was getting blurry too, only now realizing that the room was smelling a lot more of that orange candle in the corner of the bed side drawer.

He wanted to interject, but the female chipmunk suddenly bit his lower lip, making him gasp and allowing her tongue in his mouth.

"Ah!" he pulled back almost immediately, but her eyes assured him. The blue hedgehog's heart was racing, and her hand on his chest could feel that. They've kissed like this before, but the lip bit was new. However, this was all for the princess to make sure her husband felt the most comfortable with this since it would truly be his first time. Thanks to the internet and Nichole supervision, she knew some ways to coax those anxieties and questions.

"It's okay," her voice sounded lower, and it made him nervous, "I'll help you." Right now, her number one priority was him, and making him comfortable about this.

The two were kissing again, but as they started, the hedgehog was struggling a bit with the angle. The princess decided that sitting was the best position for now. As she sat up and leaned in, the hero didn't have a clue where to put his hands now. Taking one hand, Sally guided the hedgehog's hands around her waist, almost giggling every time the poor hedgehog jolted from the doing something new. The princess was sneaky though, she had pulled off his gloves amid his distraction.

"Ready to learn?"

"Yes?" It was going to be a pain, but the sexy tone won't fall over his head in due time.

"You're so cute." Before he could protest, they were kissing again. The hedgehog went for her waist again, and she had her arm wrapped around his neck. The French kiss started again, still earning a shiver from the hero. He could hear his heart pounding at this point, but everything was starting to fuzz again in his vision.

His eyes were open...

Finally closing them and easing a bit more into the atmosphere, he leaned in a bit closer, making his wife to put a bit more passion into the kiss, making that blush spread a bit further. As he dwelled further, he couldn't hear anything but her and the bed creaks from the spring.

"Hey," she pulled him back from his, mostly, empty thoughts, "you feel anything, further down?"

"Huh?" The hedgehog was too dazed to think.

"Actually," the princess began another trick, "don't think about it. Let me show you just how this all works." Of course he wouldn't notice just yet, but that just made this more exciting.

"I thought you were alREADY-" The adult nearly whelped as the princess went straight for his lower area. Just why were her hands there, why did he feel lighting shooting down his back, what was-

"Relax." Her voice was soothing in his ears, "It's all natural." The blue blur decided to obey his wife, and tired pushing back those anxieties as she... she...

What was going on? He tired to look down just where her hands were, but her face and chest blocked his view.

"Do you feel good?"

"eh..." The hedgehog couldn't concentrate on forming sentences as his ego evaporated. His hands were wrapped around her waist again as she leaned in for another kiss... But instead of his lips, she went for his chest. The way everything shocked him was just... sexy in a way to her. The princess couldn't help but look into her lover's almost foggy eyes, clearly lost in his little daydream as she worked on turning him on for, possible, the first time in his life. She couldn't imagine what the blue blur was thinking, but she was ninety percent sure he wasn't really paying attention as he kept a lazy stare into her eyes.

It was turning her on.

"Sonic~" The groom was no longer responding in words, only in breaths as she felt him jerk a little bit. As much as she wanted to possible shock him more by dipping down to continue her teasing, she stopped, lightly patting his cheek to bring him back. She was kind of blurry to him, and he could see something coming from her hands, but he was far too laid back to really focus on anything asides from the electricity running down his spine.

"What?" Both of her hands were suddenly wrapped around his neck once more.

"If I continue," she gave him a small mark on his chest, "the fun will end too early."

"What?" She giggled, pushing herself against him, hiding his little friend. The brown chipmunk forced herself on his lap, causing some brushing and earning a yelp from her husband, making her giggle again as he kept just fading in and out of the lusty mood. He had absolutely no idea what he just felt, but it was wet, and it was driving him nuts now.

"You need to butter me up."

"...huh?" Did he even hear her with that look on his face?

"I'll show you, don't worry," she gave him a quick kiss before taking his bare hands into hers, "I know myself the best." Her grin was barely missed by the hero.

"When did your gloves-" He was stopped by another kiss, but this time he let himself get lose passion filled kiss. As he became distracted once more, she worked on her dress with his hands, having them pull down the zipper and leaving her chest exposed as the lingerie barely covering her. The hero was so distrcated, he didn't even realize that the dress had fallen off into her lap until it made the sound. Once he realized it, she giggled again at his red muzzle. It was a bit of a struggle, but they managed to get the dress off and throw it across the room. This made the princess excited, and she wanted to see just what made her husband tick. Perhaps this was a bit much for him take in all at once, but she was sure that he would appreciate it later down the line.

His stare made her feel confident.

"What are you-" She placed a finger over his mouth, mouthing a shush.

"I love when you ask questions darling," she was beginning to look a bit annoyed at his constant interruptions, "but for you to learn, you gotta let me teach you." She gave him those puppy dog eyes that she knew the blue blur couldn't refuse. He nodded with a little pout, which lasted for about a second as he gasped as her making him fondle her breasts.


"Hush honey, just follow me." Before Sonic could ask another question, Sally silenced him with another brush up and a kiss. The red haired chipmunk continued to help him, noticing the fact that one of his hands had went on auto pilot, moving down to her thigh instead.

The chipmunk was beginning to think she had been lied to.

Looking into his eyes, she could see the gears turning. The stubborn hero was falling further down this rabbit hole and she was going down with him. She held his hand that had her thigh, and squeezed it a bit, relaxing the hedgehog a bit more.

She could hear his groans and his lust was beginning to shine through. Before the princess could react, she was pushed back by her husband. She was surprised, but it was certainly welcomed. The two stared into each other eyes and made one thing clear between them.

No more questions were needed, the hedgehog's mind (and maybe his lower region), had clicked those memories into place.

The hedgehog was quick in his moves, as for his name sake of course. But Sally was quicker to keep his wondering hands in certain places, until one of his hands finally brushed up against her lower region, making her the yelper now.

"SonIC!" Her voice cracked at the last constant as her husband gave her no time to react or process the situation. Underwear was gone, she didn't even notice him undo the belt! His hands were held against her sensitive spot, and she was loving ever second. Looking up, she saw the some confusion, and she simple gestured the number one with one finger. The hero glanced up, looked at her for a second, but then a lightbulb went off.

No words were needed, he had all the tools ready to dominate and show his wife just how much he knew.

One digit in her, and both were in ecstasy already. The princess could tell the hedgehog was running on lusty auto pilot, already figuring out how to use that finger and it felt so nice... Thankfully, this being their first time, there was a lot of lubricant for them to use. Suddenly, the blue blur had her mouth over his, already beginning the intense kiss. More than happy to indulge, she let him take the reins. The candle scent was almost gone from them, and the creaking sound was replaced with more wetter noises that made the hedgehog's ears burn. Within a second of the burning, the hedgehog had two digits in, her legs over his shoulders and one hand holding her wrists over her head.

She was in shock, he was perhaps the quickest learner she had ever seen.

And it knocked her socks right off.

The two kept breathing, moaning not being their favorite form of communication. But the princess did decide to stop him. To finally push him over the edge with her, she brought out that smugness and slightly demanding nature he signed up for.

"Huh, what's up?"

"You, inside me, now."

"but I don't knooow how to do that yet." His smugness was coming into the bedroom, and she didn't mind it a bit as long as he didn't mind hers. It also showed her that the blue hero was much more comfortable now, making her finally relax knowing that this was all in his hands now.

"I guess I can show you, for a price?"

"What would that be?"

"The best orgasm on this planet?"

"A tall order," she was already guiding him as he pulled her closer, giving her a quick kiss, "but an order I'll do my best to complete."

"Promise?" She pulled out a condom from the draw next to them, confusing him for a moment.

"Just what is-"

"Oh Sonic," she giggled, loving his naiveness, "If we don't use this, we run a risk of having kids too early. I do eventually want kids, but for now, I want it to adjust to our new lives." It made sense to him, but he still needed some guidance to put it on. After helping him with it, the two kissed again to set the mood back.

"Then, of course, it's a promise." The two kissed again as he made a move in. The two gasped once more, but hers sounded a bit too much like a whimper, making the hedgehog start to reconsider. But, the chipmunk was quick to assure him.

"It's fine! The...there's a w..wall..." The princess was moving her hand to her button, but the hedgehog was too quick and beat her to the area, making her yelp again, "be...be GENTLE!" The hedgehog couldn't comprehend just what happened, but he was going to do what she said. Figuring that spot he had just fingered would do something to help with her whimpering, he fiddled with it some more, making her jolt and squirm a bit. The hedgehog couldn't contain his grin, putting his speed aside and finally figuring out the phrase 'don't leave her dry' as more of 'her' came out.

Her breaths were getting quicker, and he finally made his way to a barrier.

"Rip it like a bandage," She held him closer, specifically gripping on his arms, "it'll hurt, but I'll be okay after a bit..."

"You sure Sal?"

"Of course, I love you after all." Those words made his heart flutter a bit...

"I love you too." The two shared a kiss as she used the distraction to force him to break down the wall in one swoop. It was a bit painful for him, felt like his organ was being squished, but by the way she was clawing at his arms and drawing blood, she was in worst pain. He stopped fiddling with her button for a moment, and put it on her cheek, letting her lay down on the bed. Her breathing was harsh for a moment, but it was already starting to even out as he massaged her chest. Her hands had let go of his neck to clasp his bare hands in hers.

"Does there have to be blood involved every time?"

"No, it'll be fine," She assured him, "I'm fine it's just a new experience." She knew the hedgehog was tense from the smell of blood, but after hearing her, he relaxed.

Seeing him relaxed made her less tense. She rubbed his cheek and pulled him for another kiss. They held each other's wedding hand, making their rings cling as they eased themselves back into the lustful mood.

"You're good to go."

"For Sure?"

"Fuck my brains out." Ah, she was indeed good to go.

"I'll take that as a yes." The hedgehog was back to work as he went back to fiddling that button again. She was breathing heavily again, and the blue blur couldn't stop the groans. As his mind became cloudy again, he had a brilliant idea.

"SONIC!" She moaned out as his mouth took one of her breasts in, positioning the two at a better angle and him hitting that special spot for her. Giving this new idea a try, he suckled a bit, making her moan more and her to try and follow his rhythm. Seeing such good results, Sonic finally gave up his pride, thrusting harder and faster. He hadn't a clue why these ideas were coming to him now, but it certainly wasn't the time to question such luck.

"AH!" His girl was gone too, and the two were in an odd pattern, not at all synched, but they couldn't give a single fuck about it. One hand on her upper thigh, one hand holding her wrists, and they couldn't see anything but each other. He couldn't help the drool as he watched her get closer and closer to her first orgasm. She tightened her legs around him, making him more excited.

"I...I'M GONNA!" She couldn't complete her sentence, but the hedgehog subconsciously knew. The blue blur pulled her into another kiss and went to fiddling with her button again until she suddenly jolted and pushed him further her, making him suck in his breath and making him join her in an orgasm.



Their voices mixed as the climax whooshed over them, easing the mood out until it was nothing but peaceful. As he pulled out, their eyes were dazed, and their ears were hearing static. As he looked down, and the hedgehog came up with a devilish idea. All she saw was a grin, and he was gone from her sights. Before she could question him, she felt something wet inside of her lower area.

"CHAOS!" Oh the things he does for her

"I think my senses are a bit numbed," Him suddenly licking her almost threw her into another orgasm, "this stuff got no taste." How in Chaos' name had he gotten that idea from nothing, she'll never know. But it was something to consider for next time.

"Silly," Sally pulled her husband to her so that she didn't have another orgasm, "that's normal, you probably have no taste either."

"How would you know?" His confident shit eating grin gave her an idea.

"Fine then," she pulled off the condom, stuck her finger inside, and taste some of it on her finger, "..actually yours is sweet?"

"..." The hedgehog was stunned as she threw away the rest of the condom into a nearby trashcan. The princess couldn't help but laugh at his shocked expression. Sally pulled him into a quick kiss and brought back her husband from his empty head. The two leaned their heads together, their smiles almost permanently implanted on their faces.

"Wanna take a shower?"

"As long as it doesn't turn into a bath."

"Of course!" The two shared a bunny kiss as the hedgehog lifted his wife like... a bride! The two of them shared a laugh and entered the bathroom to clean up and ready themselves for the night.

"YOU TWO ARE FUCKING LOUD!" His, strangely accented, shout and slamming of the door startled the married couple half to death. As Sonic opened his eyes, he was smacked by a paper fan by his younger brother with dark bags under his eyes.

"What do you mean!?"

"I MEAN Y'ALL'S FUCKING KEPT ME UP YOU BASTARDS!" Sally was suddenly laughing as the mouse whacked the hedgehog again. From behind the mouse, Amy peered over and suddenly yelped.

"Oh chaos Rach do you realize what they're sleeping under!" Huh?

"Huh? Oh... I didn't even realize that damn thing was nearly seen through." The accent was gone, but now the hero was confused.

"Huh?" The hedgehog looked down to realize that they're weren't sleeping in a quilt like they were after their shower.. they were in a thin sheet and poor Amy had seen something she was never meant to see. His wife was too busy laughing as she looked away from her poor future sister-in-law's face. Both hedgehogs were red in the face as the mouse just kept staring!

"Haven't you always wanted to see-"

"RACH!" Both hedgehogs quickly shut the teen up as the rose hedgehog apologized profusely and rushed them out of the room. Meanwhile, through all of this, the princess was nearly heaving from dry laughing.

"What's so funny to you?"

"Are you two always like that?"


"You two are so hilarious!" She laughed again as she kissed him and got up to get dress. She heard him huff, but she could also see his grin from the corner of her eye.

"Thanks for teachin' me honey." Sonic gave her a peck on her cheek before putting on his outfit. He chuckled at her red face, the memories of last night coming back to her. As she did, the blue hedgehog hugged her from behind.

"Of...Of course darlin'." He smiled and tightly hugged her, tickling her sides. As she giggled, he gave her another kiss, took the sheets, and went to the laundry room.

Once down the hallway, the mouse had beaten him to the laundry room, sitting on the washing machine. The future king had to stare at the teen, who was reading a book on the vibrating electronic. The mouse glanced up, and laughed.

"See, nothing for you to have worried about." That shit eating grin the hedgehog once held was now his shadow's face.

"You evil, sinful child."

"Why yes I am, anything else you wanna tell me."

"You two aren't even married like me and Sal are now."

"Technically, we're not."


"Remember that bow I gave Rosy all those years ago?"


"That's actually an engagement item passed down through my side of the family." The mouse went back to his book to think nothing of it, but suddenly the blue blur was in his face, and throwing the book to the side. After a moment, that grin was now on Sonic's face, making Rach realize his mistake.


"...Sonic No."

"Sonic Yes! AMY!"

"YOU ABSOLUTE SON OF A BITCH!" Disregarding the clothes, the two chased each other down the hall, ignoring those maids and butlers confused by the chaos.