7 years later, Super Adventure Land Los Angeles, Chad's POV

Today's the day! I gotta admit, I was pretty nervous at first. But seven years ago, after I did the unthinkable, Sonny and I got back together for good and things have been going well ever since. Even when Sonny decided to go to college and hopped back and forth from Wisconsin to California, we managed to keep in touch. When I attended her graduation, I saw that she still had on that promise ring I gave her years ago. After that, we moved in together. At that moment, I knew there really was no point in being nervous. Besides, CDC doesn't do nervous.

For our seventh anniversary of getting back together for good, I decided to surprise Sonny by taking her to one of her favorite places near Hollywood: Super Adventure Land Los Angeles (A/N: "Super Adventure Land" was originally mentioned in Good Luck Charlie, and "Super Adventure Land Los Angeles" is meant to parody Disneyland. I do not own Good Luck Charlie or Disneyland). I already called Super Adventure Land a week in advance to set up something special by the Ferris wheel so I can do my thing. I wait for Sonny to get ready and when my eyes collided with her, I became speechless. All I could mutter out was "wow!"

"You look great too Chad," Sonny smiled and took my hand.

Upon entering Super Adventure Land, we ran into the rest of the So Random! cast members. Actually, what Sonny doesn't know is that I invited them along so they can capture my special moment with m'lady. But my plan was for the Randoms to do their own things, then I'll give them their cue.

"Chad, what are they doing here? I thought we were on a date," Sonny asked. I insisted that it was just a coincidence her costars were at the same place we were.

"Good," said Sonny.




I find it cute how after all those years, Sonny and I still do our "good, good, fine, fine" exchanges.

We went on with our day, just like any other date, from going on rides to taking pictures of ice cream. Man, Sonny loves roller coasters! She went on ride after ride and didn't seem like she was about to throw up.

As dinner came around, I began to feel myself getting more nervous. Ugh, what are you so afraid of? She still has that ring on, so the chances of her saying no are basically zero. Thankfully, Sonny was too busy enjoying the sunset to notice I was shaking. Once we were done eating, Sonny excused herself to go to the bathroom. There's my chance! I pull out my phone and text the rest of the Randoms that it was time to meet up by the Ferris wheel. After they responded, as quick as a flash, I put my phone away, just before Sonny came back. Whew.

We paid for our food, left the restaurant, and went for a walk, just until we reached the somewhat private spot near the Ferris wheel. In hindsight, I probably should've gone somewhere less public, but this isn't about me; it's about m'lady, who makes me a very happy person and taught me that there is more to life when you're not so full of yourself.

"Thanks for the date, Chad," said Sonny. Even though it was getting dark outside, I could still see her blush. I couldn't help but blush as well. I saw we were nearing the spot by the Ferris wheel and stopped.

"Whoa! That's a lot of rose petals," Sonny chuckled. "I'm sure whoever this is for, that they are one lucky girl."

"Actually, it's for you," I told m'lady. Sonny's face went from happy to serious. I felt my palms getting sweatier by the minute, but I knew I had to do it sooner or later; I chose sooner.

"Sonny, from the moment we met, I've always known that you were the one. You are a lovely, wonderful, and talented girl. When we were broken up, I realized that if I can't be with you, what's the point of my future? I mean, before I met you, I was the Chad Dylan Cooper who was so full of himself. But you taught me that caring for others is what's important. Ever since we got back together seven years ago, for good, I knew at once that I was going to spend the rest of my life with you." Oh my gosh! Here it comes! I nervously pull out the box from my pocket and get down on one knee. Before I said another word, Sonny gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

"Allison Munroe, will you make me the happiest man alive, and marry me?"

"OH MY GOSH! YES! YES!" Sonny squealed without hesitation and pulled me into a tight hug. Aww, I think she was crying tears of joy. I have to admit, I was.

We stayed like this for a while until we broke apart and I put the ring on Sonny, then kissed her.

"Okay, enough of this, show us the ring!" Zora squealed after we kissed for about twenty seconds.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Nico. Geez, after all these years, he and Cloudy still don't trust me? Not even after Nico and I became closer while working on Starstruck together? (A/N: in this story, Christopher Wilde and Stubby are played by Chad Dylan Cooper and Nico Harris, rather than Sterling Knight and Brandon Mychal Smith. I do not own Starstruck).

"Yup, 100 percent sure," I respond with confidence. Just then, Tawni makes an announcement.


Tawni hands each of us a shopping bag. I opened mine and revealed a blue T-shirt with the words "I asked Sonny to marry me" printed on it.

"Oh my gosh Tawni! They're beautiful," Sonny gasped as she saw her shirt, which said "I said yes".

"Imagine if she said no," Nico laughed. Sonny ordered Rainy and Cloudy to be quiet.

We were all pretty emotional afterwards. I know deep down, Rainy and Cloudy are happy to know that their friend found the perfect man (that's me), but they just don't want to admit it. Now, we just had to think of the perfect way to announce the big news to So Random! and Mack Falls fans. But that's a problem for another day.

A/N: The sequel, "Forever Mine", is out now.