Author Notes

My first fic is a Bonkai story surprise surprise! I'm Bamon ride or die, but I'm here for any Bonnie ship really (except Jeremy, you can't convince me, but stay true to your ministry). I wrote this as a one shot, but I may turn this into a two or three chapter fic. This takes place some time after S6E5, but I don't go into much detail about those events. They are *not* at the boarding house. I need to set up where they are, but I gotta decide where this is going first. Anyway, this is just a bedtime snack.

sweet dreams,


— - — - — - — -

"Truth or dare?"

Kai spoke as clearly as he had when they first started getting liberal with shot measurements about an hour ago, but now a grit began to overtake his usually playful tone of voice.

Bonnie unconsciously licked her lips.


"Show me your tits."

An ugly noise launched from the back of her throat before turning into a light cackle. "I fucking knew it." She continued to chuckle as she poured another round of drinks.

"Knew what?"

Kai tried on his most innocent smile. He was learning a lot from his time with Bonnie.

"It was only a matter of time before you asked."

She was on a roll after all. Kai pegged her for a "truths" girl, but she had been gunning for dares all night. On the first dare, she performed the choreography from MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." On the second dare, she spent the next two rounds as his pet cat (he really should've known she'd take the opportunity to bite his fingers after he tried to nuzzle her head, but he didn't complain). And on the third dare, she let Kai try the knife game on her (he was really good at the parlor trick — no shocker there). Bonnie saw Kai's attempts to get closer, pushing at her vulnerabilities as the game progressed.

She slid his glass over the dining room table to his waiting hand.

"You're stalling. Do you accept the dare or not?"

Bonnie held Kai's aggressive gaze as she took a generous sip of bourbon. Kai mimicked her. She broke eye contact to set the glass down and scoot away from the table.


A choking sound snapped her gaze back to Kai, who was laughing as he wiped the spilled drink from his mouth and shirt.


He grimaced internally at how utterly prepubescent he sounded. The dare was just to get a reaction out of Bonnie. See her big, pretty green eyes widen before closing into fiery slits. It was easily one of the top 3 "Bonnie's Reactions" he'd replay in his head while in the shower, before bed, first thing in the morning, bathroom breaks during research time, and occasionally in her room when she was busy in other parts of the boarding house.

Maybe all this quality time with another living human is messing with his head. But he knows Bonnie. He's studied her long enough, and he knows she's not nearly as drunk as she could be. He had watched Bonnie and Damon throw several drunken self-loathing parties back when they didn't understand their little predicament. The petite woman could hold her liquor.

Bonnie is still too sober to give in so easily.


She rises out her seat and stretches her hands above her head, eyes slipping shut as she leans from one side to the other. Kai can hear the muffled pops of her spine realigning and he suddenly has the urge to press his ear to her lower back and commit the sound to memory.

Bonnie exhales and brings her hands to her hips, eyes back to Kai.

"Go outside and meet me by the patio doors."

Kai snaps out of his reverie.


Bonnie finishes her drink and motions for Kai to do the same. He quickly throws it back, wondering where the fuck Bonnie is going with this.

"I said, go outside and meet me by the big glass doors to the patio."

She turns and makes her way to the back of the house. Kai moves to follow her, but Bonnie stops him with a hand to his chest.

"Go through the front door."

Kai is officially confused, and he'd be more pissed about it if she wasn't touching him, looking up at him beneath her curly lashes.


Internally, Kai is punching himself in the dick for losing this much face in a matter of minutes.

"Go now, before I change my mind."

Suddenly he remembers the dare and books it out the room. Bonnie waits until she hears the front door close before she moves again to the patio doors. She looks up at the moon just above the tree line.

Her hands are a little clammy. She's not sure why she's nervous all of a sudden. It's not like she hasn't done this before at countless parties, sleepovers, and that one time at cheer camp. She's a witch dammit. Her people were freeing the nipple before it was cool.

Bonnie snorted at where her thoughts had turned. At the end of the day, Kai was still a sheltered boy who got locked up by 22. She had nothing to be intimidated about.

From her periphery she saw a tall figure rounding the last of the flower beds bordering the stone pathway. Showtime.

As Kai approached the glass sliding doors, Bonnie reached behind her to unclasp her bra. In a routine motion, she slipped the straps down and pulled the bra from under her t-shirt. Kai's jaw loosened the second he saw it hit the ground.

He looked back up to Bonnie who was gazing at him like a science experiment. Survival instinct made him stop several feet from the door. His dare was simple. He's seen it in countless teen movies. Maybe there was some other step he missed due to his lack of proper adolescent socialization. Or maybe these 21st century teens were fucking weirdos.

Bonnie moved carefully to the door, playing with the hem of her shirt. Kai cursed himself for not staying present and focused his attention once again.

She grabbed the ends of her cotton top and pulled it over her head. Her curls tumbled down and out, a frizzy mess. She placed her hands on the door and braced herself as she pressed her breasts to the cool glass.

Kai inhaled sharply. They were much bigger than he had assumed. She was such a tiny thing he figured she'd have the tits to match, something out of a fashion magazine not a Playboy centerfold. Her nipples were large and a deep brown, slowing shrinking to harden points against the cold glass.

Kai swallowed and moved closer to the door. He mimicked her stance, bracing his hands on the door frame as his gaze burned on her naked form from the other side of the glass. He could see Bonnie's even breathing with the gentle rise and fall of her breasts, her breath fogging the glass briefly before melting away with the summer heat.

Bonnie stepped even closer, fully pressing her body into the door. Kai could see everything in detail now. The goosebumps starting to breakout over her mahogany skin, the stretch marks on the side of her breasts near her armpits. She always did bear much more than anyone thought she could handle. His tongue rolled in his mouth once he realized he was starting to salivate. What he'd do to lick every single stretch mark before sucking on those dusky, taut—

"My turn!"

Kai blinked and Bonnie was putting her bra back on, leaning over slightly to jiggle her full bosom to fit more comfortably in the underwire cups. She grabbed her shirt from the floor and grinned at Kai before making her way back to the dining room.

— - — - — - — -

Kai was dumbfounded. He spent weeks spying on Bonnie and that douchebag vampire. He knew everything about her. At least he thought he did. Drunken "Truth or Dare" was just supposed to be an immature activity to get Bonnie all riled up, cussing him out, and threatening him with all sorts of bodily harm. Maybe they'd even fight, and he'd have an excuse to put his hands all over her body. A slap, a caress, same thing. Just different intensities.

"Truth or dare?"

Bonnie was all smiles as she loaded up their glasses once more. This time when she slid the glass to his end of the table, he let it fall over the edge.

"Hey! I know we're stuck in an infinite loop but it don't mean you waste the liquor. That's just disrespectful."

She drained her glass before reaching behind her to grab another off the bar cart.

"You done being a brat?"

Bonnie asked before sliding a second glass his way. Kai caught it and stared at its contents before returning her gaze. The corner of her mouth barely rose, but the smirk was in full effect in those gotdamn eyes of hers.

So that's how she wants to play.

He calmly took a drink.


"Show me your dick."

Thankfully, this time, he succeeded in getting the liquid down the correct pipe, but the glass slipped through his fingers as he tried to bring it back to the table. The glass clattered but stayed in tact. That didn't stop Bonnie from snickering from her perch at the head of the table.


Bonnie laughed a little harder.

"I mean, you don't have to, if you don't want to."

Kai's nostrils flared. He rose from his chair and made his way around the table. Bonnie refilled her glass as he came to stand beside her.

"You wanna see my dick, huh?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes before taking a sip.

"The dare," she set her glass down and gave him her full attention, "is to show me your dick."

Kai wasn't superficial by any means, but he was a calculating son of a bitch, which meant he understood where his strengths and weaknesses lied. He was never very athletic besides his brief stent as a cross country runner in middle school. Even if he did make it out of the prison world — if his father was any indication — he'd be tall and skinny for the rest of his fucking life.

But he always knew he had a big dick. Whether or not that was another gift from his father was an unwelcome thought.

"You're stalling," Bonnie said in a sing-song voice.

There it was. That fucking smirk again. Coupled with the tumbler in her hand, he was suddenly reminded of Damon. That weak vampire's influence on her made him want to destroy something. A quick fantasy of cutting into Bonnie and bleeding anything that still carried traces of Damon out of her body flashed across his mind. The thought of Bonnie bleeding was all he needed to get a little hard.


Kai didn't need any dramatics or fucking patio doors. He undid the fly to his shorts, reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out.


Bonnie said softly as her face melted into that endearing look she always got when she found something really interesting in her research. Her tongue peeked out, wetting her bottom lip before she pulled it back between her teeth. There it was. Reaction number one.

He gave his dick a stroke and watched, enamored, as Bonnie's eyes tracked the precum leaking down the head.

Bonnie's bottom lip slowly slipped from her teeth's hold. She inhaled slightly and Kai shifted his stance, ready to give her a full show. His hands moved to his waistband, but before his boxers could join his shorts on the floor, he was interrupted by Bonnie's loud voice.

"Alright. Your turn!"

Kai looked lost as Bonnie rummaged around the bar cart.

"I think we're out of bourbon. All I see is vodka…dammit!"

Kai slowly adjusted himself and pulled his shorts back up.

"I'll drink it if I have to, but I rather keep with the brown liquor tonight."

Without another glance his way, Bonnie headed towards the kitchen in search of more booze.