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Chapter One:

Another swish of the blade echoed through out the chamber as the blade imbedded into flesh. Silence filled the room as the body fell in it's own puddle of blood, it's head rolling across the floor, blood trailing it's movements. It's black glossy hair lay limp as it soaked it's very blood. The executer kicked the body and it landed in a pile of already maimed ones. The next to appraoch was a boy. He was small and petite with an innocent air around him. His golden hair shone in the blood lusting chamber and his blue eyes sparkled with an ominous emotion. He was shoved down and the blade was raised.

"The Angel's are watching," the boy whispered.

The blade paused and the boy looked up at the ceiling.

"The Angel's are watching. The Angel's will come."

The blade was swung down and disconnected his head from his slender neck and the blood smeared the skin and the blue eyes gazed blankly up. His beautiful white wings were now stained red and feather's lay limp.

"The Angel's will come," came a whisper out of the thin air.

A young man sat on his throne of golden leafed bricks, unfazed by the threat and with the bloodshed.

He only gazed upon the fallen angels that had been executed to a horrible death.

His features were emotionless and expressionless, that appeared to be a mask.

He owned searing cold red eyes with ruddy locks that framed his face.

He attired in a loose robe sleeveless robe of black with delicate gray stitches that bordered the rim of the cloth.

His bare arms were decked with golden tight fitting bracelets with only two on his left ankle.

On his brow was a tiara of ruby to match his eyes and hair.

He gazed upon the angel boy and spat, as he rose and turned his back on the gruesome seen.

The patter of his feet echoed through the red glowing halls from the torches of the fire that lined the gray stone.

He came upon a spiraling stair case and made his way up.

As he stood upon the stairs at the end, a corridor of doors lined the hall, seemingly endless.

He only, calmly, went to the first door on the right and went up the hidden staircase and slowly descended up.

Upon reaching the top, there was another corridor, but only shorter with only two doors.

He strolled to the one on the right and went right in.

His room claimed to be a master piece as gold covered the room and designs of ruby reached from the dome shaped ceiling to the emerald green floor.

A bed of dark shaded sheets covered a huge bed that could fit at least five people.

A desk of the finest wood stood on the opposite side, where all his paper's were cluttered and very disorganized.

He strode past them and stood upon the balcony that protruded out in a half circle. He gazed upon the dieing land of the earth.

The sky had lost it's beautiful blue centuries ago and now held the color of blood.

Black dust scattered with the winds, as it rolled around the dried out the earth and rotting trees.

'If this is earth, what is hell?' he though bitterly.

A click of the door made him spin around and his eyes flashed at the one shyly standing in the doorway. It was a young boy. He grimaced at his face and turned away.

"You dare come and taint my eyes with that horror?" he growled.

He heard a slight sob and gazed at the boy with the corner of his eyes. Crystals slid down the boy's face and splashed on the tiles. The boys eyes closed and the horror was covered.

"Forgive me Reikoku. I...forgot about..." he paused as he covered his left eye and shuffled through his pocket to find the cloth.

Reikoku only watched coldly. Once the cloth was tied in place he looked back up.

"You sicken me Yugi. You are a monster in my eyes," he whispered fiercely.

Yugi looked away as he hid his right hand behind his back and his left hand tried pulling his shortened leggins down to cover his exposed shin.

"I...I'm sorry Reikoku. I'll remember to cover my monstrosity," he said sadly.

Reikoku only snorted and turned away sharply.

"What is it you want?"

Yugi's amethyst eye looked up at Reikoku's back and bit his lip as he chose his words.

"I was wondering...if you...wanted to go down to the river with me. It's the only place without the bloody sky and black wind. Please?" Yugi asked, though doubt clouded his mind.

"No," he said bluntly. "I'd rather embrace death then be seen with you. Now get out of my sight."

Yugi bit his lip to hold back his tears and nodded sadly as he closed the door behind him. Once Yugi was gone, Reikoku's features softened and the conversation replayed in his mind. Sorrow and guilt cracked through his mask, but then hardened once again.


Yugi wept as he ran down the stairs and burst through the door and down the spiral steps to reach the gate.

He jumped over it and continued to run.

His breaths quickened as his energy was starting to diminish, but he didn't want to stop.

As he fled, his spirit felt like it was running free, till he suddenly tripped.

He landed harshly and pounded the ground.

A growl escaped his throat as he glared at his left shin, and slowly rose back up, and limped towards the only untainted thing that still existed on earth.

The lake.

He collapsed on the bank and wept uncontrollabely as he pulled himself to his knees.

He gazed at his reflection and removed the cloth over his eye and flinched when his gaze fell upon the lake's glass clear surface.

There he saw a boy that golden bangs with spiky black hair edged with red, and a amethyst eye.

The other was an eye made of diamond.

It was a beautifully carved replica of a real eye, though the colors didn't match and he could not see with it.

He lifted a hand to touch his face and a slight sob escaped his throat as he relized it was his golden one.

He slowly drew his knee up and gazed at the reflection.

From his knee to his ankle was a replica of his shin, except made out of silver.

"Why? Why am I cursed with such monstrosity!" he shouted, as he swiped at his reflection, that obscured it so be couldn't make it out anymore.

He turned his back to the lake and rested his head on his knee.

"Why can't I ever make Reikoku like me? Why does he hate me?"

But he knew why.

Reikoku was ashamed of having a monster for a kinsman, though he wasn't always like this.

He used to have two beautiful amethyst eyes, and a useful hand and shin that always bruised.

It was that fatal day that stripped him of his humanity.

Know he was only a monster in Reikoku's eyes, to everybodies.

He felt so ashamed.

Everything was silent and the wind felt nice on his back.

The wind was pure and clean with no dust to taint it.

That's why he loved this place.

It was the only thing that stood out, pure in the tainted world.

He slowly laid himself down on the undisturbed grass and closed his eyes.

He felt safe, he felt calm and he felt belonged and loved.

His silence was interrupted as the earth shook and rocks from the dried out cliff started crumbling.

'What is happening?' he thought frantically as the shaking increased and he had to press himself onto the grass, trying to stay stable.

"Yugi! Yugi!" came a cry and he looked up.

Reikoku's advisor, Honda, struggled to reach him and grabbed his arm, ignoring the eye that stared blankly up at him.

"We must return to the palace. Reikoku's strict orders were to find you and bring you back to your room immediately."

Yugi didn't have time to ask why he would do that, when the advisor scooped him up and struggled to reach the palace quickly without falling. With many struggles they made it and he was placed on the floor.

"Hurry to your room, and don't leave till it's over," Honda ordered.

"They're coming aren't they?"

The advisor nodded sadly and pushed Yugi to get him going.

"Hurry, before it's to late!" he shouted and started running to attend something else.

Yugi started up the stairs, into the corridor, and up the hidden stairs. Waiting in the hall was Reikoku and he grabbed Yugi and pratically threw him in his room and slammed the door shut.

"Don't come out until I come for you," he said and Yugi heard the footsteps pattering down the stairs.

Yugi could only lay there, confused.

'Does he...no. He just doesn't want to lose his only kinsman to toy with later.'

Yugi stood and looked up at the sky through the balcony.

He could feel it.

The energy from far away but still very strong.

He hurried to the door and tried opening it, but it was locked.

He started ramming his body into the door, but it was no use, he was locked in.

Yugi rushed to the balcony again, and looked up into the sky.

It was it's usual blood red color, but in between the black clouds was lights that flashed.

Yugi was confused with this.

The only other time he saw something similar to this was lightening, but that was years ago, and not a drop of rain dared touch the tainted soil.

Yugi squinted his one eye and focused all his attention on the constant flashs.

Suddenly, the room shook violently and Yugi fell back, hitting the back of his head on the floor.

He groaned and sat up as he rubbed the bump forming on the back of his skull.

Out of nowhere something black flew in and hit the ceiling.

To his horror it cracked and it started breaking throughout the whole dome.

He rushed to the door and frantically turned the knob, then started pounding it.

"Someone! Anyone! Open the door! Please!" he shouted, but he knew no one was there.

Nobody was allowed up here, save Reikoku and himself. He turned and pressed his back to the door as he saw the ceiling about to cave in. In reflex, he covered his head by putting his arms up, but the crushing weight only broke his arms first, before piling up on him.


Reikoku was outside, searching the red sky.

He felt it; he knew they were close, but where?

His red eyes searched the blood sky, but found no trace of an angel.

He looked again, and something caught his eye.

A flash of white brought his eye towards the east and saw a glimpse of wings that were spread out as It glided across the sky.

Reikoku made eye contact with one of his men and pointed to the spot.

The man nodded and aimed ready.

With a swift motion, hot sizzling fire was fired at the angel above.

There was an agonizing scream as it hit its target and landed on the hardened earth.

It gasped in pain as It clutched It's singed arm and looked up with chocolate brown eyes at Reikoku.

They were filled with fear and confused on why a mortal would dare harm an Angel.

"Why?" he asked, as he struggled up.

The angel wore a tunic of white that fell to his knees with a wisp of cloud for his belt.

His white wings drew around himself for protection, but suddenly drew back as one of the guards grabbed one and twisted it.

He screamed again and once the guard let go, he panted as he collapsed onto the ground.

Reikoku's cold eyes stared upon the patheic creature and the Angel flinched at the hardened mask of a face.

"Why?" Reikoku repeated coldly. "Because you Angel's are a curse and I shall never forgive any of you for what you did. You are a tainted sect of demons!"

"But, please...have mercy. I'm only an angel in training and I was hunting down..."

"Enough!" he shouted that made the creature flinch.

"Take it to the execution room. Another body to join the collection."

"No!" he choked as the guards made an attempt to grab his arms. "Please! Have mercy!" he begged as he grasped his robe.

Reikoku only looked at him in disgust and turned his head away sharply.

"Remove this patheic creature out of my sight before it sickens me."

The Angel whimpered as he was dragged away and begged for mercy, but his pleas were ignored and soon he disappeared into the palace.

Reikoku had his back towards him, and scanned the sky for anymore.

It seemed the angel was alone.

His gaze swept upon the dead valley noticed singed places on the hard red earth.

One had a clean hole, while the others were black.

"A demon was It's prey," he murmured and called on his guards to search the area for any monster from hell.


Yugi groaned as he tried to soothe his aching ribs.

A cough welled up into his throat and vomited.

Dark blood spread across the floor and his head collapsed tiredly onto it.

He felt dizzy and he couldn't breath well.

Was he going to die like this?

He tried moving, but his limbs had become heavy and fire coursed down his spine.

He gasped as air refused to flow and coughed again.

~I can help you~

Yugi glanced up weakly. He dimly made out a person that was shining so brightly that he couldn't make out a thing, but a faint outline.

"Please..." he rasped from his bloody lips. "help..."

~I can end your suffering, for a price~

"Price..." he questioned, before coughing again.

~Give me your vessal and I shall end your suffering from pain~

Yugi groggily tried to think if this was such a good idea.

"But...then I'll...die...either way."

~No. You will live from my offer, but you will die slowly and painfully this way~

Yugi's eyes clouded as he tried thinking, but pain had taken his mind. He forced thoughts to come, and one did.

'You sicken me Yugi. You are a monster in my eyes.'

Yugi felt tears well up in his eyes and weakly looked up.

"Please...," he said and with all the strength he could muster, he lifted his hand.

The mysterious stranger grasped his reached out hand and light emitted even brighter. Yugi was lost in the light as he blanked out.


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