Warning: I have never written a sexual scene for people to read before and don't go into much detail. Also, I'm not quite sure what considers "mature" or "NC17". I think mine are fine but if one does know what is looking for NC17 let me know before they find out. I want to apologize for how corny my sex scenes are. Thank you.

Second: I know that his name is supposed to be Marik but I like Malik better. Also, "Malik" is being referred to the Hikari side.

Red Petals

Chapter 10

The throne room of the castle was quiet. There was no wind, no sound of bugs, or the sound of the few servants who worked within the palace. They were now collapsed corpses, already shriveled and half eaten by insects, strewn upon the floor.

There was a slow, loud sip before a glass was set upon the arm rest of the throne.

One had remained alive.

Reikoku stared upon the floor with half closed eyes, stirring his drink absently with the tip of his finger. The battle of the Angels and Demons was close at hand. It was the day that he had been waiting for a long, long time.

With a smirk, he stood up and took in a deep breath filling his chest to its capacity before letting it out slowly. A dark white mist slipped from his lips and started snaking through out the room, greedily searching for hosts. Each snake like strand slipped through any opening it could find; an ear, a mouth, or nose, anything to slip into the still warm corpses. Those strands that didn't find a body quickly slithered out of the throne room where they would find plenty of bodies to possess.

Sitting back down, Reikoku took a slow sip of his drink and laughed as the corpses started to rise. With no brain or soul, the corpses were jerky with their movements and they let out low groans. However, they did not hesitate in where to turn to and know that it was the man upon the throne who now owned them.

"Now the games will begin," he cackled before raising his goblet to his decayed army. "Cheers."


He could hear them marching. How could he not when such loud footsteps echoed all the way down to one of Hell's deepest rooms?

It was both a comfort and an ugly sound that he couldn't help listening too. However, no matter how hard he tried he could not hear those specific footsteps that had always lifted his spirit. That was because his love was dead and would never march with the army. Closing his eyes, he leaned against the wall holding a long sword within his hands that was cradled upon his lap. The leather was rough and cracked with age as it had been used by his lover before he became a demon but he had chosen a good piece of material. It was still smooth and soft.

Settling his cheek against it, he stroked the long scabbard and traced the engraving he knew was on one side of the blade. It held his name. Each letter had been scratched within the thick steel with an expert hand and it was etched deep enough so that no blood or flesh would ever dull the letters. But it didn't matter now.

There was a heavy knock upon his door but he didn't move.


"Go away."

The door opened and Seito filled the doorway; his ice cold blue eyes staring down at him. Such a cocky demon and still wore strange outfits. Malik vaguely remembered Seito, favorite nephew of Satan, and was re-introduced to the handsome features upon him. He was tall, much taller than Malik and had brown chest nut hair that he kept short. The high cheek bones and small mouth looked exquisite with his unusual white skin that contrasted with his tight black outfit. An interesting looking white, sleeveless coat flowed down to the demon's black boots and a golden eye, the eye of Ra, dangled upon his chest to complete his clothing choice. It was much more elaborate then Malik's plain, loose t-shirt with blue leather pants. His feet were bare as was his upper body of jewlry. The gold that would have adorned his neck and arms were gone.

A smirk appeared upon the demon's mouth, a smirk that clearly said that Seito was mocking him. The door closed behind the young demon.

"I know what you want," Malik whispered. "I want no part of it."

"My request is much different than my Uncle's."

Malik opened his eyes slowly; the hue of violet was pale and misted. Seito came towards him and leaned forward to caress his ear and play with a long golden earring.

"I have a deal for you," Seito said. "I think you might find it promising."

The mist cleared up immediately and his usually large eyes narrowed dangerously before jerking his head away from Seito's fingers. The filthy liar. Different from his Uncle's? Pah, he wanted the exact same thing. Satan had kept badgering him to join his army to fight Heaven but Malik continuously refused him. It was only because he had been a favorite Captain and was in retirement that his request had been respected. If he had been anyone else, he would have lost his head. Why did people make him fight when he had no heart for it anymore? Why couldn't they just leave him alone?

Seito removed himself from Malik's bed and settled into a chair across from him. His long legs folded and hands clasped together like they always were when the demon wanted to make a deal. It irritated him and he put all his hate in his eyes to tell the bastard that.

"Shall I continue or shall I wait until you show interest?" Seito drawled.

"I am not fighting."

"So you told everyone when your lover died," the demon snorted.

"Don't speak about him with such disrespect," Malik hissed as he leaned forward, the blade coming out of its sheaf.

"I meant no offense," Seito said, placing his hands up. "Put that thing away, there will be no need for weapons in this conversation."

Malik leaned back against the wall, but the blade remained partially pulled out of its sheaf and he made sure the demon could see it.

"What is it?"

"It is more of a favor that I need and I will give you anything if you can accomplish it."

This sounded tempting. New possibilities and many options opened up if it was Seito who would give him "anything". In fact, his real wish could be granted with Seito's power and influence on his Uncle. Sitting up straighter, Malik nodded for Seito to continue.

"You will have to be placed into battle but I want to put you in a particular "General's" army. I need tabs on him and make sure he won't pull something that will displease my Uncle."

"Who is the General?"

"My Uncle's distasteful human spy."

"What?" Malik hissed. "How did a human take over the same position as Bakura in such a short amount of time? Not even you were made General in just a couple of years. What disgraceful thing has Satan done to make this so? No, I will not serve under such a pitiful thing."

"Quiet," Seito growled. "Pegasus has bribed his way to Bakura's position and has requested an army that would personally swear eternal loyalty to him. Yes, it is betrayal to Satan's part but we demons do know how to get around promises, don't we?"

"You want me to become a traitor's man?"

"Temporarily," Seito assured him. "All Pegasus's men are going to be chosen from those who have been in hell for less then five years, which means that he would have more influence over them than Satan."

"The brand?"

"The human doesn't know about it."

"No brand on his army than?"

"No," Seito answered with a smirk. "He hopes to charm them."

"I see. So he hopes that with new demons he will have a stronger control over his army because of the time circumstance. Demons don't join the army after at least one hundred years of training and then swearing their loyalty to Satan. In fact, they don't even see Satan until that time and with those who have been in hell for less then five years are fair game to anyone. An army is smaller then a kingdom so they will interact with Pegasus a lot more than their King," Malik murmured to himself. "And I'm assuming the King has no idea about this."

"Nobody knows except for you, me, and the human."

"You agreed to help him."

It wasn't a question.

"Yes," Seito said with his chin lifted slightly. "I was forced to make a deal with him."

Malik snorted, with the shake of his head.

"What does the human have over you that you would give him such power and betray your Uncle?"

"That is not necessary for this deal," Seito said darkly. "I can not trust that Pegasus won't put some plan into action that is unknown to both me and my Uncle and so I will plant a spy. You are a perfect candidate. Since you went into hiding after your lover was slain, nobody new would know who you are and, even though Pegasus may be informed about Bakura's situation, he does not know he had been married."

The room became quiet and Malik stood up slowly, his eyes glittering from the faint light as he placed a hand upon the hilt of Bakura's sword. Nobody knew that information. Nobody. Yes, some few close confidents knew that they were both sleeping together but nobody knew that they had sealed a bond together.

"How do you know that?" Malik asked quietly, "More importantly how many know besides you?"

"One other," Seito said with a shrug, not bothered at all by the threatening air that was staring to surround Malik. "You both should be more careful in where you make your kiss."

"Who is the other?"

"If I tell you, you have to do something else for me."

"Hn, so for the exchange of doing anything for me I have to pretend to be a traitor in the human's army and now you want me to do something else in exchange for a name?"


"That "anything" better be pretty big if it covers posing as a traitor."

"It is what ever you desire," Seito said, and from the light in his blue eyes Malik could see that the demon knew what he was thinking.

"Alright, what is it you want for exchange of a name?"

"Pegasus will send one of his men into Heaven, once the gates are neutralized, to fetch the Prince Amet. I want that demon to be you."

"You want me to find the Prince in Heaven to bring him back?"


"Why? That Prince is probably better off in Heaven if he's still alive."

Seito's face twisted into an ugly snarl and looked as if he was going lunge at him. However, he stayed in the chair. Malik had only been speaking the truth; not of malice but of kindness. He'd seen more then once how his highness treated his youngest son and would have thought that the Prince would find it a change of pace to be away from his father. Heaven didn't kill demons. They were too "pure" for that, instead they made them into slaves and, although it would wound the Prince's pride, he would stay safe.

"You will get him out of that place even if it costs you your life," Seito growled. "You hear me?"

Malik raised an eyebrow before shaking his head. Now it was so obvious and Seito's reasons started to self explain themselves.

"You're in love with Amet."

Seito stiffened which confirmed Malik's answer. Sighing, he sat down on the edge of the bed and shook his head sadly.

"Let him go, Seito. It will do more harm then good trying to get him back."

"You know-."

"I know everything!" Malik snapped and held out the sword. "This is proof enough of what I've been through because of that bastard! Don't mess with angels when it has to do with love Seito, you'll just end up loosing everything."

"This is different," Seito protested.

"Don't even try. I may not look it but I'm much older than you Seito and more experienced in life," Malik interrupted and gestured angrily with his hand. "I may have isolated myself down here, Seito, but I do hear things. You took Amet into battle because your heart couldn't stand seeing him upset with his father and in the result he'd been taken as prisoner. With Pegasus, you let him bribe you into betrayal in exchange for Amet and now you look to me to fix it. What good came-."

Something heavy slammed into his body and he found himself sprawled on the floor with an angry general looking down upon him. Seito's face was twisted into pure rage, his body glowing faintly as pale bat like wings spread from his back. Clawed hands pinned him down and he could feel a tale whipping his feet as it twitched with agitation. But Malik didn't react. He had seen young people loose their cool before and he knew that he was more powerful than this youngling. Looking up at Seito calmly, he turned his head to expose his tanned neck to those sharp claws.

"Go ahead, kill me. You know I don't fear death, Seito."

"I could rape you."

"Your threat is empty, young general. You already proved that when you attacked me," Malik barked with laughter. "The reason why you wouldn't dare is because you worry if Amet would ever take you back if he knew that you slept with others."

"Shut up!" Seito shouted.

Closing his eyes, Malik felt his heart ache. Seito reminded him too much of himself. Although he didn't suspect that Amet was anyway like Bakura, who liked fucking almost everyone before they married, he knew what it was like to have given your heart and soul to one person.

"Get off of me," Malik said, opening his eyes and staring into Seito's. "And tell me this deal you have proposed."

Seito smirked as he slowly rose, his demon features melting into his "human" appearance. The arrogant fool had thought he had won but Malik had only submitted briefly. When the time came, he would show the twerp why he shouldn't mess with those older then him.

"You are correct in your assumption. Pegasus had offered to retrieve Amet from Heaven in order for me to promote him to General and provide him with an army. However, I do not trust he will give me Amet once he obtains the Prince and so I leave it to you."

"Is that all?" Malik asked.


"In return for these "favors", I want you to bring Bakura back from the grave. It is not only for me but for the sake of Hell as well. This battle will not be the final one and Bakura will be needed if we want to finally bring the Sky people to their places. Now, give me my name."

"What do you plan to do with it?"

"First to determine whether this demon needs his tongue cut out or not."

"It was Amet."

Malik's eyes widened slightly then closed them briefly before nodding. Amet was trustworthy enough if he had only told one person since knowing the secret of Bakura and himself. However, it was peculiar that the Prince would tell Seito instead of his elder brother. From what he could remember, Amet had been a quiet demon who didn't react with anybody. It was odd such a child would suddenly tell his cousin…or was it?

He looked up at Seito with a smirk.

"What?" Seito snapped.

"So, you have more reason to be in love with Amet. I thought it was just infatuation but instead you already slept with him."

Seito looked like he was going to attack him again.

"I will not tell anyone and I will not cut his tongue out. It is understandable why he told you and if he hasn't told anyone else since Bakura's death than there is no reason that I shouldn't expect him to keep holding it secret. Shall we mark our deal now?"

The deal was made swiftly and Seito did not hesitate to leave once it was done. The door was loud as it slammed shut and Malik covered the mark he had made on his chest. Letting out a soft sigh, he lifted up Bakura's sword and stared at it.

When he had received news that is mate had passed away in battle, he had found no purpose to fight. However, it seemed fate worked in weird ways. Looking down fondly at the worn weapon, he kissed the scabbard before preparing himself for battle.


It was easy, easier than what Malik thought as he now stood in the line up of hundreds of demons that he had never seen before. All he had to do was submit a resume to the "head Captain" of the pitifully small army before he was let in. He had been given his supplies; steel plate armor, a long shield with an unusual crest that clearly wasn't Satan's, and a long spear. The spear felt good in his hands but this kind of weapon was not his style. He preferred swords.

'Once we get out there I'm dropping the damn thing,' he vowed silently and frowned as he saw more demons were checking in with the Head Captain.

Either the human was very stupid or very ignorant if he didn't inspect every man who came to join his army.

He knew that for Satan you had a thorough background check before battling several demons in front of his majesty. If you had been accepted into the army a mark of loyalty would be burned upon the demon's back, which would incinerate any soldier who even had a traitorous thought towards the King or Hell. However, Malik did go into hiding for a long time and the system may have changed…for the worse.

He could hear the other Generals moving their army towards the opening into Earth and felt his fingers start to itch. A feeling he hadn't had in a long time. Stroking Bakura's sword to calm himself, he returned his eyes to the front where this Pegasus still failed to show himself.

Malik couldn't help but feel a little insulted as he inspected all the demons in their hard demon steel armor. If it had been like it was back than, everyone would be wearing the soft black clothes that were worn by beginners. It didn't look as if half of the demons could handle a simple knife and saw some were struggling to hold up the long spear.

'Dear Satan, we're going to die. You happy you love sick bastard?' he thought, rolling his eyes before he heard footsteps coming to the front.

A man, clearly human, came to the front of his army and raised his arms above his head. He wasn't quite what Malik expected. From the way Seito talked about the new General, he assumed the man to look fat and ugly. Instead the man was tall and well proportioned under his uniform but he did have the arrogant smile that Malik had pictured he would have. However, his taste in what clothing was to go over his armor was even more distasteful than Seito's.

Every demon suddenly roared as they butted their spears onto the ground and Malik forced himself to do the same.

'I feel like a complete imbecile.'

"My fellow demons," Pegasus shouted above the cheering. "Today we are to go into one of the greatest battles of your time. While you all dwindle here in Hell, the Angels are in Mother Earth's gift of warmth and luxury. They own what we could and flaunt it in our faces when we face them in battle."

There was a roar of anger.

"Now it is our turn to give ourselves some of that glory."

Roar of approval.

"And kill those god damn bastards!"

The roar grew louder. Malik didn't bother joining in.

The man was a horrible speech maker but had glorified it enough to get the new demons energized. Suddenly, the General raised a hand and all the demons fell silent.

"There is one more task I must ask of you," he said. "I have received orders that we are to retrieve the young Prince. However, the Prince is most likely in the servant courtiers, which could be anywhere in Heaven. So, which of you brave men wish to be responsible?"

"Are you saying one of us have to sacrifice ourselves for a whelp?" one demon asked bitterly, and everyone else roared in agreement.

"We want to kill angels not baby-sit!"

"The Prince got captured on his own; let him come back the same way!"

"Now, now," Pegasus said, but the small smile on his face proved that he agreed with is army. "We must humor the man who gave this order. Who will be willing to give up his life for this impossible cause?"

"I!" Malik shouted, raising his spear high into the air. "It will be an honor to sacrifice my life for my Prince."

Pegasus looked surprised as his eyes stared into Malik's. It seemed the human was hoping to get away from recruiting any volunteers to find Amet. Slowly, the man nodded.

"Very well, it will be your job to bring his highness back to Hell alive."

"Yes, sir."

Drawing his long sword, Pegasus pointed it towards the opening to Earth.

"Gentlemen, let us go to feast on Angel's blood."

The demons chanted as they pounded their spears onto the floor. Slowly, they followed their leader towards the portal and Malik could see why Seito had been desperate in placing a spy into the human's army. The human had deliberately discouraged his men into finding Amet and would most likely tell Seito the bad news that nobody would volunteer to find the Prince. Clever manipulator but he was still only human. Demons were much smarter and more cunning than they were.

Taking in a deep breath, he passed through the portal with everyone else and found himself on Earth once more.

It had not changed. The earth was still black and littered with dead scraps of what used to be plants. The sky was still as red as ever, the sun the only difference in color in the sky. The air was stale but demons were used to that kind of pressure down in Hell. Releasing his black wings from his back, he took flight with the others. He was a little amazed that his wings remembered how to fly, it had been hundreds of years since he had joined into battle and he felt a twinge of excitement.

Touching Bakura's sword as his hip, he made a silent vow that once he rescued the Prince he would be returning the sword to its rightful owner soon.

That much; he would make Seito promise.



"Shhh, trust me. I won't hurt you."

Yugi tried not to flinch when he felt Yami's hand continue to fondle his groin and gasped as he felt lips suckle his neck sharply.

The air started to grow warm and it seemed it had been a short amount of time before sweat was forming upon his face. A soft tongue trailed down from his neck to follow the lining of his collar bone and trailed down until it stopped at a nipple. The tip of it gave the nipple a quick lick, causing Yugi to flinch, before teasing it cruelly by tracing slow patterns over it.

Yugi tried his best not to squirm too much, but it tickled and it caused the area down below to feel hot and tight.

"Yami. Not…not there. It feels weird."

Yami looked up and chuckled softly as he licked a bead of sweat from the boy's cheek.

"You're so cute."

A small yelp was startled out of the boy as he was pulled further down the bed so he lay completely flat on his back. Yami gently laid himself between Yugi's legs and the boy sighed as the weight felt comforting upon him. He kissed the demon's cheek experimentally and in return the demon thrust his neck towards his mouth. Without hesitation, he kissed the side of it before sucking gently. It had felt good when Yami did it to him and wondered if the demon would enjoy it back. His answer came when a low sound came from the demon, almost like a purr. This caused a laugh and he moved to the demon's shoulder.

It was surprising how patient Yami was as he had expected the demon to just take him by force. Maybe demons were just gentle when it came to sex. Maybe. He'd have to ask Amet about that later.

Hands groped his thighs roughly enough that he could feel the tips press into his skin but not hard enough to hurt.

"I'm going to prepare you, if that is alright," Yami panted.

"What is that?"

"I'll show you. Do you have oil?"


Yami cursed.

"Is it really that important?" Yugi asked, a little worried.

"No, but it would have been easier," Yami sighed, before smiling seductively. "But we shall find an alternative."

"Wha-?" Yugi was about to ask when Yami slid two fingers into his mouth.

"You don't need to talk."

Yugi didn't quite know what he was supposed to do and hesitantly touched them with his tongue. Yami didn't protest and continued to slather his tongue onto the fingers, coating it. Much too soon, Yami slipped his fingers out before nudging Yugi's legs open.

"Oh, wait!" he shouted in panic, before covering his mouth in horror.

"Don't worry. I said I would go slowly, and I will," Yami said and leaned over to kiss his forehead. "Will you trust me?"

Yugi didn't trust himself to speak and nodded. Closing his eyes, he let his head lean back and listened to the pounding of his heart. Amet had said it would hurt, but how much could it hurt?


He flinched as an uncomfortable sensation came and tried not to squirm as he could feel it move in and out. Something else slid into him and this time he felt a twinge of pain. His hands automatically grasped the sheets and a moan escaped him as the fingers moved inside of him.

"How does it feel?"

"I don't know," he cried softly and covered his eyes with his arms.

"Do you want me to stop?"



The fingers slid out of him slowly and felt something much bigger press against him. Shuddering, he squeezed his eyes as his fists clenched tightly. Hands gently moved his arms from his face and he dared to open his eyes. Yami looked down at him with the alien emotion of love and kissed his forehead again, his hands sliding into Yugi's.

"If I hurt you, tell me to stop. Understand?"

Yugi gulped but nodded.

He didn't know whether to feel excited or scared out of his mind. There was a grunt and Yugi jerked, his hands squeezing Yami's hard. It hurt, just like Amet said.

"Ow, ow," he whimpered, feeling himself start to tense. "Ah! Yami…"

"Sh," Yami whispered in his ear. "Relax. If you tense up it will hurt more."

Taking in a deep breath, Yugi forced himself to try to relax his body as best he could. But despite the pulses that stung horribly, Yugi's heart swelled and tears pricked his eyes. They were joined.

"I'm going to keep going."

"Will it…always hurt?"

"It will get better."

Yugi nodded.

The rhythmic thrusts were gentle but still sent sharp, uncomfortable sensations through the lower part of his body and each one forced a soft cry. To his relief, the pain did end up blending into a sensation that his body started to ache for and he forced words from his panting lips.


"Harder?" Yami grunted.


His legs were lifted higher and this time he was blessed with deep pleasure. Each thrust of movement sent an unexplainably good sensation and his once cries of pain turned into ecstasy. He never had thought he would feel anything like this before.

"Yami!" he suddenly cried out and Yami smirked.

"Something you…want to…say?" he panted.

"I…I…," Yugi searched blindly for words.

There were too many distractions and his mind had completely shut down as it only concentrated on the feeling that he was getting down below. Squeezing his eyes shut, he felt Yami hit somewhere inside of him that triggered such pleasure that he came. At the same time, he felt something hot burst inside of him and panted hard. Tears fell as he felt Yami pull out of him and tried to take comfort in the sticky substance he felt between his thighs. Yami laid himself on top of Yugi and hugged him tightly.

"You were saying?" he whispered, pressing his forehead against his.

"I love you."

"Ha. And I expected something a bit more romantic," Yami teased and kissed his forehead again. "Did I hurt you?"

Yugi shook his head.

"Good," Yami whispered, his soft tongue lapping up his tears. "You were brave. Braver then I expected."

A hiccup escaped Yugi, and tried to cover his eyes. It was embarrassing to suddenly cry.

"What's wrong?"

"Will we be able to do this again?"

A hand stroked his hair gently and Yami rolled over, taking Yugi with him. Now he lay on top of the demon, with his head nestled within the hollow of his neck and a strong arm wrapped around his waist.


It was obvious that Yami was trying to avoid talking about the future. It was disappointing but Yugi didn't have the energy to pursue it further. Closing his eyes, he sighed as he wrapped his arms around Yami's chest. The smell of sex was still in the air and a slight blush brushed his cheeks as the throb that still pulsed between his legs remained a reminder of how much he enjoyed the activity. Smiling, he kissed Yami's neck before letting himself fall into a deep sleep.


Amet stared at the door of the angel Prince.

"Fuck it, I can't do it!" he shouted and turned to leave when it opened. "Shit."

"Can I help you?' Gabriel asked.

Turning slowly, Amet tried not to look irritated or like he'd rather be in a lake of holy water than where he was at the moment. Running a hand through his hair, he met Gabriel's eyes.

"I need a favor."

"…What kind of favor?"

"Just a favor," he grunted. "…I'll…sleep with you if you want…for it."

Gabriel frowned before grasping Amet's arm gently and pulling him inside. Closing the door, he led the demon further into the room before turning back towards him. Amet didn't feel he quite liked the Prince's expression at the moment. Instead of an annoyed scowl, there was a concerned frown upon his face. It made him uncomfortable.

"What favor?"

"Uh…well…it's kind of a big one so I'd be willing to do…I guess…anything for it…"

'Fuck, why am I babbling? It's not so fucking hard! Just say, "I'll sleep with you if you open up the Gates of Heaven!" Such a simple request!'

"Anything?" Gabriel asked with raised eyebrows.

'Stop looking at me like that asshole! I can't think when you look at me like that!'

"I know I am a servant and that you don't owe me anything…and that you can ask for anything without me offering and shit…but…but," Amet babbled and to his frustration he was becoming embarrassed.

He grabbed his hair as he tried to calm himself down but found his heart sinking as realization finally hit him. What he was going to ask wouldn't make any sense. Even if he did sleep with Gabriel to get the Gates open he'd have to give a good reason in why he wanted them open in the first place. And he couldn't tell the angel about his brother. Oh no, Yami would kill him if he told the angel that.

'Damn it! Out of the thousands of years that you lived with your brother, he asks you for one simple favor in your life time and you can't do it. What a pathetic fuck you are!'

His eyes fell to the floor and he let his hands fall from his hair. He did it again. Without thinking, he jumped into something that he couldn't handle in his eagerness to please someone he desperately wanted to love him. So many times he'd jump into battle to please his father and, now, he took on a request that he should have known had more holes than could be counted. Tears touched his eyes at the thought of telling his brother that he had failed.

"Why am I such a fucking failure?"

Arms hugged him tightly. Startled, Amet immediately started to struggle or at least un-trap his hands to wipe away his tears. However, Gabriel kept his embrace firm until Amet gave up and sagged against the angel.

"It's okay to cry, Amet."

"No, its not!" Amet shouted angrily as he felt the traitors once again fall in front of the Prince. "They are a sign of weakness and I can't afford to be like that! Never!"

"And who told you that? Your brother?"

"My father. He told me that if I wanted to be strong, I must show no weakness to anybody. Not to those I love or to my enemy."

Gabriel pulled him away to look deep into his eyes. With his thumb, he stroked away his tears.

"It hurts to see you like this."

Amet tried not to flush as he pushed Gabriel's hand away.

"I'm just a slave, why should you give a shit?"

"How many times do I have to say that it is because I love you, idiot," Gabriel said.


"I adore you, Amet. I am in love with you."

"And how can that be? I have never seen you until that one battle and the only reason I can think of is because you want to fuck me."

"I've seen you before," Gabriel said quietly, as he sat down upon the edge of his bed and took Amet's hand in his. "I saw you before we became what we are now. The time we were known as Sky and Earth people. You were always tagging along with that really pale Earth kid. I admired your energy and talent, especially when you managed to wrestle a bear to the ground. That was amazing; I could never have done that at that time."

The smile slipped into a shy look as a slight blush brushed the angel's cheeks.

"In fact, the reason why I became what I am now is to impress you."

'You have got to be fucking kidding me,' Amet thought in wonder but refused to be convinced.

"Yeah, you really showed that when we first met."

"It didn't help that you were spitting insults at me either."

"You fucking stabbed me."

"It was needed for several purposes."

Amet frowned before he snorted in realization. Of course, why didn't he put the pieces together before?

'Damn, my father was right. I am slow and stupid.'

"To make the wound look fatal so my people would think I wouldn't survive. I was still breathing so you were able to take me hostage, yet, I was unconscious so I couldn't bite you when you touched me."

Gabriel smirked at the last comment.

"Pretty much."

"And you claimed me to be Yami-."

"So I had an excuse to want to take you hostage. No offense, but my people don't see you as a big threat."

"Wait until I slice their throats and we'll see what they fucking think than," Amet growled, before shaking his head. "You thought of everything to get me here, didn't you? Hells bells, you must have been jumping for fucking joy when you kissed me."

Gabriel pulled Amet to him and wrapped his arms loosely around his thin waist. He was still amazed at all the work Gabriel had gone through to lure him here. Although, Amet knew he should be pretty fucking pissed he couldn't help but feel flattered. Not even Seito worked that hard to get him to sleep with him.

No…Gabriel didn't want his body; he wanted something far more valuable from the demon.

"You said you needed a favor. What can I do for you?"

"Aren't you going to ask for something in return?"


The Prince was serious. Grasping the angel's sleeves, he turned his eyes away. Although it was obvious that Gabriel would refuse what he wanted, something deep inside told him that if he begged the angel enough that he would most likely relent. Or at least take advantage of the angel's love to help his brother. The idea was tempting and a new hope dawned that maybe he could succeed at something. But an unusual emotion gnawed on the edge of his good feeling. Guilt.

'But it wouldn't be that bad just buttering him up a little…right?' he thought, as he studied the angel's face.

Gabriel really wasn't that bad looking. The face was sculpted nicely with high cheek bones and a full pink mouth. Small blue eyes stared up at his face and golden curls fell to frame his face. Slowly, he brought his hand up to brush a curl back and let his fingers run over the strong features upon the angel's face. The skin was smooth like the man's lips.

Flushing at the memory, he snapped his hand back but Gabriel captured it. Bringing it back to his face; he kissed the inside of his palm.

"Don't stop, please."

Amet took in a shuddering breath.

"Would it really be alright?"

He felt himself being pulled closer until Gabriel gently kissed his stomach and looked up at him. Smiling, the angel pulled Amet down with him and brought his mouth to his. They toyed with each other with their tongues, almost wrestling; a battle to dominate.

Amet felt his heart start to pound as he realized that the "urge" was taking over him as he breathed in this angel and could feel a hand stroking his rear gently, sending a shudder down his spine. Bringing his knee up to press against Gabriel's waist, he thrust his hips into the angels. He felt a muffled cry and ripped his mouth away to slather rough bites upon the long white neck.

"Calm down your being too-."

Amet rolled the angel over and ripped open the angel's robe to expose that body that Amet ached for so badly. Feeling it with his fingers, he half wondered if this was what it would feel like under someone else's hands when he grew more.

Without hesitating, he kicked off the only scrap of clothing he wore and spread his legs. The "urge" was making him agitated and needy. He needed to feel skin upon his, he needed to feel a soft tongue run up his body; he needed to feel it inside of him!

"This is an interesting improvement," Gabriel said with a small smile.

"Shut up! Put it in!"

"Hold on a moment."

Reaching over to his night stand, he nudged open his drawer with his finger tips and managed to pull out a small phial. Opening it with his teeth, he held it to Amet's nose.


"Smell's like another piece of angel shit."

"Ha, ha," Gabriel said sarcastically and poured some oil onto his fingers.

In truth, the oil did smell nice and it kind of pleased him that it would be used on him. But the "urge" was making him impatient as Gabriel carefully applied the oil to himself. Seito didn't take this long and neither did he bother with oil.

"Should I…prepare you first?"

"Don't need it," Amet said through clenched teeth. "Just put it in and do it."

Gabriel shook his head in wonder.

He slid inside of Amet gently, too gently for the demon, and lifted his hips slightly, causing the angel to gasp.

"Stop being so nice."

"I don't want to hurt you," Gabriel panted and winced. "God, it's tight. I…I didn't hurt you did I?"

Amet smirked.

"I dare you to try. Give me all you got."

Gabriel pulled out than thrust back in hard, causing the demon to gasp and grab the sheets tightly.

"Was that hard enough?"

"Good…good," Amet gasped with a smile. "Come up closer. Yes, like that."

With a nudge, he was able to get Gabriel to slide his hand over his and gripped it tightly. A nod started the angel of again and Amet did not hesitate to throw his head back to cry out in his pleasure.

It had been a long time since someone had screwed him and he found the angel was a lot longer then his previous lover. It felt better and fuller inside of him.

Licking his lips, he bit Gabriel's shoulder hard and his hand escaped from the angel's to claw at his back. He must have pissed of the angel because the thrusts became harder. If the angel was trying to jar him off his shoulder; hell it worked. The intensity of pain and pleasure jerked him from the angel and he hissed. Gabriel shouted as nails scraped against his skin.

"Amet, I'm going to-."

"You don't need to tell me!"

Gabriel cried out as he came. The rush of hot seed within him forced his own to burst from him and he arched, helping slide Gabriel even deeper. His angel was panting hard, already tired out.

"Amet," he breathed.

The look was foreign to the demon. Usually demons either both fell asleep or put on their clothes to get on with their lives. They didn't linger much like Gabriel was doing. It felt embarrassing yet…nice. With a joyous smile on his lips, Gabriel slowly bent down and kissed him deeply before pressing his forehead against his.

"Thank you."

Amet blinked. He was expecting him to say something else.

Gabriel propped up his head with one hand and toyed with a piece of Amet's black hair while looking down upon him with loving eyes. Amet felt his disappointment, which he could not believe was there, wash away. Gabriel didn't need to say the words; he could clearly see it upon his face.

"Sorry, you said you wanted a favor?"

"Yes," Amet said, and decided to give it a shot. "I need you to open the Gates of Heaven."

This caused the angel to frown deeply.

"So, you still want to leave."

"No, not anymore," Amet admitted. "There is no place for me outside and…I kind of like the changed situation. Do I still have to be your slave?"

"It's called a Helper."

"Slave is a slave," Amet snorted, rolling his eyes. "There is no such thing as a "Helper"."

"Why do you need the Gates of Heaven open?"

'…Shit, I guess his mind's still clear enough to ask.'

"Only briefly at a certain time," he said casually, twirling a stray hair around his finger.

Gabriel rolled so he had Amet trapped in between his arms and looked down at him seriously.

"Who are you helping? Who are you trying to make me help that will betray my people?"

Amet flushed a little at the accusation, but didn't drop his gaze.


"Amet," Gabriel said sharply.

"If I tell you, you will want to kill him!"

Gabriel's eyes went wide and to Amet's stunned surprise, his blue eyes turned vibrant green! He thought he had seen green eyes on the battle field.

"Yami's here. Isn't he?"


'…Fuck. I'm dead. I'm really, really dead.'

"The human. I knew there wasn't something right about him. I've never seen him before but I was sure my older brother would know him when he saw-I must inform him at once."

"No!" Amet shouted, grabbing Gabriel's arm. "No."

"You want me to betray my people and my brother to let our greatest enemy slip through our fingers?" Gabriel demanded.


Both fell quiet. Amet took in a deep breath to calm himself. He needed to use some of his mental strategy; not to trick Gabriel but to make him understand the situation.

"Please, hear me out before you go."

To his relief the angel didn't move.

"I know there is a lot of history between your brother…the fucking prick-."


"Fine, Delios. There is a lot of history between my brother and that retard but Yami is not here to cause trouble. He was just too big headed not to think before jumping into things to save this kid who died on Earth. My brother wants to leave Heaven with him to find a home within Earth."

"It sounds more like a trap so Heaven will lower its defenses."

"What would be the fucking point?" Amet asked in exasperation. "Yami is already considered a traitor. He can't go back to Hell and I can't or I'll be killed immediately. We have no home with them anymore."

"…I can't do it, Amet."

"Hells bells. It's one quick open. It won't kill anybody."

"I'd be helping my greatest enemy."

Amet closed his eyes for a moment before sitting up.

"Gabriel, I love my brother. I never was able to do anything for him since we first met and he as done almost everything for me. This is my only chance to prove my worth to him. This is the only thing I ask of you Gabriel. Please?"

"…You are…truly not going with your brother? You're not just saying that? You will really stay here even though your brother walks out of Heaven?"

For once, Amet let a small, kind smile grace his lips and threaded his hand through Gabriel's blonde hair.

"No. I'm going to stay here with…my mate."

"But you don't love me do you?"

'Where did the hell did that come from all of a sudden?'

"Who does know what that is?" Amet scoffed, but gentled his voice at the distress in Gabriel's eyes. "I never knew what love is. So, it's up to you to teach me."

Gabriel nodded before sliding away from Amet and slipped into the bathroom. Moments later, he emerged with two soaked towels. Both wiped themselves as best they could before dressing back within their clothing. Holding out his hand, he helped Amet up from the bed and squeezed it gently.

"I'll take you to the Gate Keeper and then you tell your brother the time to appear with his lover."

"You'll really do it?" Amet asked in astonishment. "And you'll…not tell your brothers?"


"…Okay, I have to ask. Why?"

"Would it sound pathetic if I said it was because you told me, in your own words, that you wanted to stay with me and that you were willing to let me teach you how to love?"

Amet scoffed but shook his head slowly.


"Then we should go now while my brothers are distracted at a meeting."

"Is it wise to bring a demon down there?" Amet asked with an amused smirk.

"No," Gabriel admitted. "But I don't want to part with you just yet."

"You're just afraid of the dark, you puss. Admit it," Amet wanted to tease but instead nodded and let Gabriel lead him out of the room.



"Thank you."