The Halls of the Blind

I can see what you see not Vision milky then eyes rot When you turn they will be gone Whispering their hidden song Then you see what cannot be Shadows move where light should be Out of darkness, out of mind Cast down into the halls of the blind

--Halls of the Blind-Diablo

He stumbles, his feet tripping over each other as he blindly moves forward. He cries out in pain as he trips, his head finding the wall in front of him to be made of stone. He pushes himself back to his feet and turns, finding the doorway with his hands.

The utter darkness was intimidating, forever pressing in on the psyche, paying no attention to the fragility of the person's mind. Never caring about the damage it causes. Never wondering about the insanity inside.

The darkness blinds him, but something darker still lingers in the air. Darker then the darkness surrounding him, darker than the hate and rage locked deep inside. Darker, thicker than the depression that rolls off him in waves.

In his mind, Azmodan (Lord of Sins) and Belial (Lord of Lies) walk hand in hand with him. Guiding him through everyday life. Or they did, but today . . . Today they abandoned him to the darkness, allowing it to swallow him whole.

The slightest of touches on his shoulder sends him skittering backwards. His back slams against the stone wall and he whimpers, sliding down to sit on the floor hands clasped around his knees. "Please, don't, please." He kept repeating it, kept muttering it as his vision begins to clear but shows him someplace other than where he really was. He sees Vernon, face purple, angry once again at something he's done. The hand was back on his shoulder, and he screams, fighting against the person who held him.

He fought, but the hands didn't tighten their hold, they didn't pull away to hit him, they stayed the gentlest of touches, calming him ever so slightly. Calming him until he's still in the others arms.

"Harry? Harry, look at me."

He turns to face the owner of the voice and his eyes were open, but he couldn't see anything.

There was a sharp inhalation of breath. "What happened, Harry?"

What happened? What did happen? Why can't I see? My eyes are open, why can't I see? "I . . . I don't know. I don't remember . . ." His brow furrowed. That voice is familiar . . . "Who are you?"

The answer never came, though he was still being held.

There were footsteps nearby . . . Maybe that was why . . .

"Severus, what's happened?"

Harry tensed. Severus? Severus Snape?! There's no way . . . Unconsciously, Harry starts struggling against the arms the hold him. He needed to get away, he needed to run and hide. To hide far, far away. The arms tighten, but only to the point of slight restraint. It still permitted movement, though it was harder. His body started to calm and the grasp eased, just holding him. There was still space between them though, he was no longer pressed against Snape's body.

A hand lands on his shoulder, and it wasn't one of Snape's, his was still around his waist. He cringes back against Snape, not knowing who the other person was.

"Dear Merlin, what has happened to you Harry?"

He recognizes the voice as Albus Dumbledore's, so he answers softly. "You sent me back. I even asked, but you sent me away. You sent me back . . ."

"I sent you back where, Harry?"

"Back to the Dursley's . . ."

A/N: Dear God, I'm starting an actual series! I know, I know, I gotta get the sequel for 'Saved the Best for Last' out, and I will, I promise, I just needed to start this b/c it's been bugging me like nobody's business. What did you think of this beginning? Anything I need to change? Oh, I should probably warn you, I do my own editing, but I know I miss things. I seem to have a problem with tense, but I never catch it, so yeah, sorry. Ack, um, this might turn out Snape and Potter... that or Malfoy and Potter... well, which one? Info people, what would you like to see in this story?