The Halls of the Blind


From Here on Out

Every beginning has an end,

and every end has a beginning.

It is time to say good night

to the end of the beginning.

The beginning of the end has arrived.

- Halliy-Jayde Marrie Zajicek

A/N: God, am I really finished? I can't believe how far this story has taken me, and how deep into this world I have become immersed. I don't want to leave it. But, I suppose one must not always live in a world that you create...

SEP: *snicker* because the old man is meddlesome...

Anna may: it is creepy... ain't it? But, he only watched till they started kissing... he gets some credit, right?

Cerulean sky: scared me too... I didn't even realize I had written that till after I posted the chapter up o.o;;

Harry walks down the stairs to the dungeons, dodging the other students.

Halliy-Jayde, Charlie, and Carolyn would be there tonight. They were dragging him, Hermione, and Draco out to muggle London for an end of term party.

"Hey, Potter."

"Hey, Malfoy."

"How did you do?"

"Passed all my N.E.W.T.s, I'm sure. You?"

"Think I failed Arithmancy."

Harry snickers. "Arithmancy? You're kidding. You have that class with Hermione."


Harry smiles. "That's right, you stare at her arse when you should be working."

"Oh, shut up, Potter."

"You asked for it, Malfoy."

"Hey, Harry!"

Harry stops and turns around to face the voice. "Hey, Ron. What's up?"

"Mum was wondering what you were doing for the summer. She says there's a place for you at The Burrow."

"I was actually going to stay here, this summer, get ready for next year."

"And screw Snape to death," adds Draco.

They continue moving down the hall. "So you got that DADA job," Ron asks.

"Yeah, Dumbledore says that the Echo Location and my instincts will be enough to avoid any curses that come my way in practicals."

"Good luck, then."

"You going to be an Auror still?"

"Yeah, just as long as I passed all my N.E.W.T.s."

Draco looks up to the ceiling and said, "Oh, Merlin help the world, the Weasel is going to be an auror. You're the first, right?"

"Yeah, the only one in the family. Ginny's going to be a medi-witch. She starts studying for it next year, actually. You might have her in one of your classes though, Harry."

"Never thought I'd teach any of this generation of Weasleys."

Ron quirks an eyebrow. "Don't tell me it's making you feel old."

Harry shakes his head. "Not really, it's just kind of surreal."

"Isn't it, though?"

"Ever think this day would actually come?"

Draco nods. "Yes."

"Yeah, just not this fast." Ron looks at Harry. "What about you? Did you think we'd make it?"

"Truthfully, I didn't think I would. Not with everything that was going on at the Dursley's and with Voldemort. Oh, stop it, Ron."

"Who knew that all you had to do to kill the bastard was to feed him poison," says Draco, slightly shaking his head.

"It helped that Severus was his potion's master and figured out what could get past his shields and shit. The man had been so bloody paranoid. Remember that 'Immortality Potion'? The thing only protected against spells and physical attacks, not another potion or poison. All rather anti-climatic when you think about it. Though the dark mark on Severus's arm stayed."

"'Severus'," Ron asks.

"Yep, last class is over, no more classes. I get to call him Severus all the time now."

"Until next school year," Ron points out.

"Yeah, then it's confined to the bedroom again, Potter."

"I'm well aware, Malfoy."

"You'll be back to 'Mister Potter'."

"Nah, it'll be 'Professor Potter'." Harry opens his door and Ron and Draco follow him in. "Hey, Ron, are you coming with us tonight?"

"To London? Yeah. Jay and Charlie told me about it yesterday." Ron turns to Draco. "You never did tell any of us what you were going to do now that school's over."

"'Mione and I were going to go to France over the summer, as a holiday, before she starts at the University next fall. She doesn't have a major set yet."

"And you?"


"So you're studying with Bill."

"Yes. Jay and Qraisi helped set it up."

"They helped all four of us, didn't they," Harry asks, setting down his bag. "Does anybody know what Q does anyway?"

Ron raises an eyebrow, "Yeah, she's a Spook."

"A what?"

"A Spook. They work for the Ministry, but the Ministry denies the things they do, especially if they're caught."

"Oh. Ok. I knew they had the Unspeakables, but I didn't know about the Spooks."

Ron shrugs. "Not many do. Bill is one as well, when he's not doing something for Gringotts anyway. They work as partners."

"Spooks are us," mutters Harry.

Draco rolled his eyes and Ron shakes his head. "Where do you get your sense of humor, mate?"

Harry smiles sweetly. "If you'd rather, I can sneer and make a sarcastic comment."

Draco smirks and Ron shudders. "Please don't. One Snape is bad enough."

Harry chuckles as he heads toward his room. "I'll be right back."

"Changing for tonight."

"Mm-hm. Keep Jay and Q from coming into my room."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me they just barge right in on a closed door."

"What? You didn't hear," asked Ron.

"I didn't hear what?"

"Jay and Q came to see Harry. They didn't see him in the living room. So they opened his bedroom door. He and Snape were um... occupied. Apparently, Harry's the vocal type."

Harry closed the door on Draco's laughter.


This place. A place where the music dances and weaves around you, cocooning you in sound. Where bodies move against and with one another. A place where

You get headaches. Harry rubs at his temple. All of the movement was giving him a headache, and he forgot to bring a headache draught. "Damn," he mutters, knowing no one would hear him over the music.

Draco leans toward him, his lips right next to his ear. "Are you ok?"

Even that close, Draco had to shout to be heard. Harry nods, and yells back. "Fine, I just have a headache."

Draco holds up a finger, signaling for him to wait a minute and he leans over to talk to Hermione. Hermione nods and opens her transfigured purse. She slips a vial to Draco and Draco leans back toward Harry.

"Here." Draco gives Harry the vial.

Harry smiles gratefully. He downs the contents.

Jay comes over to the table and starts pulling at Harry's hand.

He looks at her questioningly.

She leans in. "Come on. Dance. It's what we're here for." She pulls him up and taps Draco on the shoulder. Draco grabs Hermione's hand and they make their way to the dance floor. Charlie was waiting for Jay, Ron was dancing with some girl, but Qraisi was still over at the table.

Harry leans toward Jay. "What about Q?"

Jay just shakes her head and replies. "If you want to try, good luck. She doesn't dance."

Jay drops Harry's hand and heads over to Charlie. A person taps him on the shoulder, and he turns. The guy smiles and leans in. "Mind if I dance with you?"

Harry smiles and shakes his head and he quickly loses himself to the music.

What seems like a few minutes later, Jay comes back over. She smiles at the guy Harry's dancing with and leans into Harry. "We're all going someplace quieter. Are you coming?"

Harry nods. He turns and waves at the guy. He just shrugs and starts dancing with someone else.

Harry follows Jay out of the club. Once outside he lets out a sigh. "Finally, quiet."

Ron pulls a face and looks at Harry. "What?!" (1)

Harry catches Hermione's and Draco's eyes, and they start laughing.


"So, where are we going?"

"It's a small bar, but it's quiet. Just down there. See the sign?" Jay replies.

Harry nods.

They all shuffle inside and sit at a table, talking, drinking, and laughing.

"So, Harry, what about you and Snape," asks Charlie.

"Um, what about us?"

"How are you two doing? We don't hear much on your relationship."

Harry shrugs. "We tend to keep it to ourselves. But, we're doing good."

"How serious is it?"

Harry looks at his drink. "We're... We're thinking of bonding."

Everyone goes silent, and Harry blushes.

"Really," Ron squeaks out.

Hermione elbows Ron and Harry nods. "Yeah. We've been sort of talking about it."

"Sort of," asks Jay.

Harry shrugs. "In a round about way. We've never actually come out and said it." Harry smiles slightly. "I think we're both a bit scared."

Jay smiles. "Well, you'll let us know, if and when you do, right?"

Harry nods. "Of course." He smiles to himself as conversation starts back up.


Harry opens the door and Jay smiles when she sees Severus waiting for him. "We'll see you around, Harry."

"Yeah. See you."

"About time you get back, Mr. Potter."

"Good to see you too, Severus." Harry smiles. "Isn't it 'Professor Potter', now?"

Severus scowls. "Why the DA position?"

Harry smirks. "I'm good at it."

"Being good at it, and being able to teach it are two completely different things."

Harry sits on Severus's lap and shrugs. "It's not the first time I'll be teaching defense."

"And were any of the ones you taught before incompetent first years?"

"Well, no."

"I rest my case."

Harry rolls his eyes. "You're just jealous I got the position and you didn't."

Severus was silent.

"That's it, isn't it?"

"Of course not, Mr. Potter."

Harry rolls his eyes. "Whatever."

Severus's lips twitch. "Impertinent brat."

"Greasy git."

"Impossible imp."

"Insufferable bastard."

"Incompetent dunce."

Harry smiles. "I love you too, Severus."

Severus smirked. "I know."

Harry snuggles in against Severus as Severus's arms come up and wrap around him. "What do we do now," Harry asked quietly.

"Now? Now we just be." Severus kisses the top of Harry's head. "From here on out, we just be."

From here on out... Harry smiles contentedly. We have each other.


Harry James Potter went on to become the youngest DADA teacher ever at Hogwarts. He bonded with Severus Snape two years after he graduated. Harry taught DADA until Severus's death, when he then became the Potions Master in honor of the late potions master and his bonded. In 2062, he became the Headmaster of Hogwarts, where he currently enjoys Lemon drops and the companhy of the ghosts of Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore.

Severus Snape went on to perfect the Wolfbane Potion and won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on the Wolfbane and other potions. He died in 2051. He currently resides at Hogwarts.

Draco Malfoy became the best in his field and retired at the early age of 49. He spends the time with his wife, Hermione Granger, his son, Nathaniel, and his daughter, Rebecca. He still continues to do the odd job here and there.

Hermione Granger went on to major in Minority Rights. She's known for dissolving the restrictions against werewolves and other half-humans. She works from home where she can be with her husband and children.

Ronald Weasley went on to become a Senior Auror. He died in 2027 in the line of duty.


A/N: Um... kinda sucked didn't it? Anyway, it's done. No more. Finis. Well... except for the two side stories I promised... *shrug* but, those'll be awhile.

(1) How many people have gone to a concert and when it ended you couldn't hear anything less than a

raised voice? *raises hand*