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Kagome looked out of the carragie window, she was watching the land scape fly by. She let her mind wonder in and out of memeories as if on wings. Kagome watched a snake youkai scoot past the carraige. The odd thing was that she was in a carrriage driven by a youkai slave trader. He was running the stupid thing with youkai horses and they both smelled like rotten meat.

Kagome watched they cloads and wondered what was to happen to her. She remembered her last moments with her family only a week ago.

~*~Flash Back~*~

"MOM!! Where are you?!"

"Honey! GET OUT!!"

The fire was burning the shrine, her brother, mother, and grandfather were all trapped in their rooms. Kagome had just managed to get out of the house out of her window when she noticed that she was alone.

"MOM! Please! I will get help!! Hold on!"

Kagome started to run to her neighbors when something made of fire and darkness loomed ahead of her.


Kaogme screamed and fainted with shock, lack of oxygen, and plain horror.

~*~End Flash Back~*~

Kagome had been terrified of fire since. She had found her self in a metal cage when she came back to the counciess world. In the time since, she found she was to be sold to a youkai as a slave, servant, play thing, or what ever else her master, or mistress was to be.


Kagome found her self sleeping when she was brought quickly back to life when the carriage stopped. Her stomach ached in pain, she had not eaten in two days. She had begun to get dizzy when she was grabbed roughly by the upper arm.

Kagome didn't make a sound for she had been mute ever since the disaster with the fire. The youkai carriage driver was a duck youkai, he had a pair of silky wings coming out of his back and had a bill on his face. He was slick and greasy and smelled like fish.

The youkai forced her out of the carriage and into a building, she there was lead to an area where all the soon-to-be-slaves where stripped and given bickini like things. Her's was black and covered her like a capital I on her front and back.

Kagome knew she was to be sold but tears kept leaking down her grimy face. She quickly wipped them away and stared strait ahead.


There where pins of slaves. There were pins like for cattle. There were pins for a certain amount of money for certain slaves. If a slave was sick, they were put in a pin that was for less money. There were pins for mentally challenged which was also cheap, skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, and so on, and so forth. She was put in pin that was a moderate amount. It was for people that have a problem or another like deafness, muteness, blindness, and/or paralyzation.

Kagome wondered what would happen to her if she was not sold. Would they kill her, would they send her back, what would happen. Kagome began to cry again, she silently sobbed in her own misery. She wondered what would happen to her until she began to notice the action was about to start.

Another youkai this time a tree youkai pulled her out of her pin and pulled her onto the podium. She watched as other youkai that obviasly worked there pull more people up and start to line them up.

A girl with a large boomarang was pulled up next to her.

"Hi, my name's Sango. What's yours?"

Kagome looked sadly at Sango and pointed to her throut.

"Oh, your a mute?"

Kagome shook her head 'no.'

"Oh, something happen?"

Kagome started to cry softley and Sango pulled her into a gentle hug.

"Don't worry. Most youkai masters, and mistress are usually moderatly nice as long as you act all right. You will be just fine."

Sango felt very sorry for this poor girl. Something so horriable happened in her life to make it so that she can't and dosen't want to speak. ~*~

The auction started and Kagome watched as men, women, and children were sold to youkais. Some looked nice, most looked evil and mean.

A woman caught Kagome's eye and she turned towards her. She seemed human but a large, old Inu Youkai was hugging her and planting light teasing kisses on her cheek.

They were whispering to one another when they beckoned someone beside them to the woman's side. Two white haired demons walked up to them. One had dog ears and a red suit of baggy material and a scoul on his face. The other looked human but had a fluffy tail wrapped around him. The older inu youkai had a reagal tail wrapped around his midsection instead of the shoulder like the younger. The tailed inu youkais had armor and they shoulder one had a bored expression on his face.

Kagome watched with intrest as the red inu youkai blushed at something the woman had said.

The auction started and Kagome lost sight of the four youkais. Kagome watched as people were being sold and she was scared for the first time since her accident.

Kagome watched the girl with the boomarang get sold to a monk that was obviously human, but he was dressed in a black and purple monk attire, with a brass staff, and a small ponytail. He took her and walked to the back of the room and waited for some one. Kagome watched more people get sold when she noticed the shoulder inu youkai buy a small girl about Kagome's age and walk over to the monk. They both stood there and waited again.

Kagome was watching them when her number (slave number) was called to come forth.

"And this little buet is from the human settlement. Family died in a fire but she is still pretty cute. She don't talk 'cause of one reason or another but she can for their aint nothin wrong with her throat. She is slave 333-777-333."

Kagome watched as people started to bid for her. A toad youkai bid 100 Dran (money). Another handsome hawk youkai bid 250 Dran. A huge, sloby snail youkai bid 500 dran. Then the youkai with the red clothing she had seen earlier bid 750 Dran. She was sold to the inu youkai that had captured her attention earlier.


Inu Yasha stood looking at all the slaves. He watched most of them get sold off but only one caught his eye. He was getting a birthday present from his parents by getting a slave. He really didn't need one but his parents said that he could make her, or him into a concubine. Inu Yasha blushed at that and said he wasn't gay.

His parents laughed at him and told him to start looking. Inu Yasha watched the strange girl, he couldn't pick up her scent because of all the other humans.

Inu Yasha is a hanyou, half human, half demon. Inu to be exact. His mother USED to be a slave until her master, (his father) fell in love with her. They were now mates. His mother was his father's second wife. The first had also been an inu youkai and Sesshomaru had been their sun. When Inutaishio, Inu Yasha's father found out that she was planning to kill him she was immediatly executed.

Inu Yasha kept watching the slave girl, she had lushious, black raven hair, a warm blue pair of eyes, and a pale skin tone saying she was scared, and hadn't been in the sun for a while.

Inu Yasha watched as her number was called. A couple of youkai bid on her but she got whiter with each one. Inu Yasha felt his hear tug and he found himself bidding on her. He won her and she just about fainted as it looked.


Kagome watched the young youkai come forth and pay for her. He beckoned to her and he walked of. The two other youkais were walking and talking with him. Kagome stayed silent as the youkai was talking. She watched him laugh and then blush.

Kagome felt her heart tug when he smiled. Kagome grimiced as her stomach reminded her how she hadn't eaten for so long.

The young man turned around suddenly and started to speak to her.

"My name in Inu Yasha. You are now my slave. You will do what I ask, when I ask it or you will be punished. I know you are mute so I don't know your name. I will call you Kikyo until you can speak or your headstone will also be called Kikyo. Is that clear?"

Kagome nodded. This Inu Yasha fellow was quite rude she thought. Kikyo? What an ugly name. Oh well. She was a slave after all.

Kagome walked behind the group while they talked ahead, the other slaves, and people joined the party and they kept walking. The other slaves introduced themselves as Sango, and Rin. Kagome smiled slightly and listened to them chatter away at something.

Kagome watched the back of her new master. 'I wonder if I will be beaten.' thought Kagome. She hoped not, she didn't care to be hurt after her family died.

Inu Yasha suddenly turned to her to ask her to stop staring at him when she flinched and her hands to her face as if to block from being slapped. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she looked as if in pain.

Inu Yasha felt his heart wrench when 'Kikyo' did that. 'Mabye she was abused by her last master, or mistress.' he thought.

He looked worried, but kept walking with his family.


Later that night when the group was back home. If that was what you called it. It was the castle of the western lands and the lord of the house was the lord of the Western Lands.

Kagome watched the family head off in different directions upon entering the house but she stayed in the same spot. Inu Yasha noticed this and beckoned her towards him. He started to talk about the work she was to do and when to get up.

He was still explaining the rules when Kagome said something.


"So you must get up at 6:30 AM to serve me breakfast and...what did you SAY?" Said Inu Yasha stressing say.


"Well KAGOME, I am surprised that you talk. Now lets go to your quarters."

Kagome was startled, Inu Yasha had just led her to a room. She was a slave, not a person. Rooms were for family, not for slaves. She looked around and fell into her bed. She was instansly asleep.

Inu Yasha looked at his newest slave and began to wonder why she talked to him. He put it aside and watched Kagome walk up to her new bed looking surprised. He watched her fall asleep right then and there.

Inu Yasha watched Kagome sleep and decided that she was cute. 'Cute? Inu Yasha, she is a SLAVE, not cute.' Inu Yasha walked quietly out the door and walked away before he could talk to himself any more.


Kagome woke up quickly and she started to panic when she didn't recongnized the room. She remembered where she was and settled back down. She lay on her bed a minute and then she sensed something.

Kagome watched as the door silently creaked open then shut as a shadow made its way to her bed side. She saw Inu Yasha's face in a moon beam from the window.

She watched him and realized that his eyes were closed. She watched fearfully at what he was doing when she noticed that he seemed to be smelling something. 'Or someone!!' she felt painicky again. 'What if he is going to try and bed me!' Kagome watched Inu Yasha lean down.

Inu Yasha's hands were on both sides of her and his face was in her hair. He inhaled deeply and smiled in his sleep.

Kagome looked at him with so much panic in her face she felt like she should scream. 'Servants are suppoused to go along with whatever there master wishes. This is just a slave duty.'

Kagome watched half amazed when he started to move again. He opened her bed covers and settled in beside her. She watched him get comfortable in HER bed and put his arm around her waist.

Kagome felt his clawed hand on her stomache and Inu Yasha's chin was on top of her head. The other hand was playing with her hair and he kept inhaling deeply with her scent and finally stopped moving.

Kagome realized that she felt...warm...and safe in his arms. She couldn't even dream why he was there in the first place. She started to doze off when she heard him whisper.


Kagome didn't give it a thought and fell off into a land of fluffiness, and happy memories.


Inu Yasha slowly came back to the concious world. He remembered the dream he had last night and smiled softly. He had smelled a wonderful, aluring scent that drove him insane.

He had followed it to a large bed. The scent came from the bed with a woman. He couldn't see the woman's face but he knew there was something about her that just was unresistable.

He had lain down beside her and she started to move away but he put his chin on top of her head, and his arms in her hair, and on her stomach. She settled down and then went to sleep.

Inu Yasha slowly opened his eyes and was greeted with a head full of black hair. Inhaling the scent he found the wonderful smell again from his dream, but realized that it was also Kagome. Inu Yasha widened his eyes realizing that sleep walking had gotten him into this. 'Damn! I am doing it again!! I hope she didn't notice me here! She does smell really nice though....STOP IT!!'

Inu Yasha slowly made his way out of bed and out the room. Kagome rolled over with knitted eyebrows and moaned at the lost warmth that had been there a second ago.

Inu Yasha was blushing deeply when he silently closed the door to her room.

"Inu Yasha?"

"AAAAHHH! Mom..uh...hi.."

"What were you doing in there son?"

"Ummm...I was....I was sleep walking again."

Admitted Inu Yasha sheepishly.

"Ohhhh, do you like this girl?"

"WHAAAA!! No! She is a slave!!"

"Do not forget that I was also ounce a slave..."

"Yeah but.."

"I don't want to hear it."


"Nope. I am going to take the new slaves out to buy some things later today so I want you to keep practicing your swordsmanship while I'm gone okay?"

"Yes mother."

Replied Inu Yasha with a cast down face.


Kagome, Rin, and Sango were following Kakori (Inu Yasha's mother) around the mall. They were all silent despite Kakori talking brightly with them....or more at them.

She insisted they buy clothing that they liked, and other things so that they could be happy.

She also informed them that They were still slaves but were allowed to speak there minds, and do what they want until there masters freed them, married them, or sold them.

Kakori was so absorbed by her chatting she didn't notice Kagome stop. She stopped because there was a wolf youkai in front of her.



"You are to come with me."


"You are a slave. Do as your told."

"I do not belong to you."

"You are still a slave. You will be my mate."


The wolf youkai grabbed her upper arm and raised a hand as if to slap her. Kagome squeezed her eyes shut and expected a slap but when none came and the hand had let go she timidly opened her eyes.

Inu Yasha had followed his mother and slaves to the mall just to see what they were doing.

Kouga the bastard came up to Kagome and told her to come with him and that she would be his mate.

At that point Inu Yasha felt a boiling inside of him. Inu Yasha lept at his rival and proceeded to hit the wimpy wolf silly.

Kagome had been standing there watching them and she was amazed. This Inu Yasha that had come to save her. She wached in amazment as her master beat up a would-be-raper.

Inu Yasha finished with Kouga and turned to Kagome. He inhaled deeply and almost cried out. 'OH SHIT!!!'

Inu Yasha reconginized that scent from any where and he was worried.

"Kagome, I will see you later. GottagoBY!"

Inu Yasha ran like the devil himself was at his heels.

"Kakori, what is Inu Yasha doing? He just came in here, and saved me from him, then smelled something and was gone like the wind." (I rymed, tee hee ^ ^')

"Well, I don't rightly know child. I guess it could be...oh never mind."

"No really...what is it?"

"Is it near your time-of-the-month?"


"Do you like Inu Yasha as more than a master?"

"WHA!? Slaves aren't allowed to."

Replied Kagome hastily.

"Well... If you were not a slave...would you?"

"Ummm...I guess. BUT DON'T TELL HIM THAT PLEASE!!" "No need to worry child. *laugh* no need to worry at all."

'This is going to be good.' thought Kakori.