Special Note

Dear readers,

I have an announcement to make. I'm at a critical point in my life where I have to make some significant changes to my current lifestyle if I have to achieve what I want to in my career. 1 aspect of those changes involves me curbing my passion for writing fanfictions. I won't be active on this platform any more until September 2022.

I know I'm not the best fanfiction author out there. Not even in the top 20% if I'm being honest. But throughout my three year journey on FFN, I've seen and experienced a lot. I've improved a lot. I've learnt a lot. But more importantly, I've truly enjoyed my time here a lot. It was all possible thanks to YOU guys. Every favorite and follow encouraged me to keep writing more and more and fueled my progress as a writer. Every review you people left on all my stories have brought a smile to my face. Even the flames I received on occasions cracked me up. This entire experience was possible because of you people. I'm eternally grateful for that.

I won't be presumptuous enough to think you're all waiting just for me to update my stories to get your fill of fanfictions. But I thought I'd leave with a few parting words.

It is not with an easy heart that I'm making this announcement of ending my journey on FFN. This is not a goodbye forever. But I don't know when or IF I will return to writing again. C'est la vie. On that note, goodbye my fellow fanfiction enthusiasts. I hope we reunite soon.

Yours truly,



Update: (20/4/2022)

I'm back and Chapter 4 is up in the next part. Appreciate your continued support.