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Chapter 1: Reunite

"I simply cannot wait to go to bed
tonight and worry about shit I can't control. "

Angry no Livid. That was one word he would use. He'd been to hell and back, just to find himself stuck once again... in hell. The once all-consuming love of his life erased all good memories of him. Taking the easy way out once again. One of the few friends he has Liz Forbes dead. To top that shit off his little witch still stuck in the Prison World first with that psycho Kai and now all alone. All he wanted was some blood bourbon and boobs. In no particular order. The irrate vampire walked into the boarding house, but quickly realized he wasn't alone. The definition of FML. Whoever that is picked the wrong time.

He sensed the intruder in the kitchen so moved immediately. His mouth soon ajar. Shocked at what stood before him.

"Bonnie?" He bearly breathed out.

"The one and only," She grinned. He held out both his hands and smiled a genuine smile spamming across as his face ear to ear. Bonnie jumped into his embrace. Her legs wrapping around his waist and arms around his neck clinging for dear life. Damon held onto her, his hands on her back as he laughed. He didn't know why he was laughing. It was pure joy. Despite all the bad that happened, it was just them. Damon and Bonnie.

They finally broke the hug after what seemed like forever. Damon set Bonnie down and looked at her. Still amazed she was really here.

"Well someone missed me," Bonnie said with a smile.

"Please I wasn't the one jumping for joy literally," Damon shot back.

Bonnie snorted in response to their usual banter.

"Mabey I missed you a little bit," He said teasingly.

"Just a little bit," She nodded.

"Who else can I annoy," He said.

"I can't believe I'm back," Bonnie said.

"Believe it witchy. Who do wanna tell first so we can celebrate?" Damon said reachining his phone out of his pocket. When a small hand was on his.

"I don't want them to know yet," Bonnie said quicky.

"What?" Damon was truly confused.

"I don't- I can't. They'll have all these questions... and I just got back and I can't not now not yet." She rambled.

"Okay," Damon said. "You can hide out here," He suggests since her shared dorm was out of the question.

"Here?" Bonnie raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah, why not?" Damon says.

"What about-" Bonnie began.

"Stefan's... busy he's probably not gonna be here the next couple days," Damon cut her off knowing what she was going to say.

"Elena?" Bonnie said continuing her original inquiry.

"We're um... " He searched for the right words. "We're taking a break at the moment," Damon. explains trying not to think about his confusing relationship with the doppelganger at the moment.

"I'm sorry," Bonnie said giving his shoulder a rub.

"It's fine." He said. Damon placed his hands on her shoulders. "You can stay. No one would come by it'll be like old times am I right." He said with a smirk as he dropped his hands.

"Yeah, I guess," Bonnie sighed. "I made pancakes." She said suddenly.

"I see," Damon said with gritted teeth.

"What?!" Bonnie asked.

"It's just that the last time you made pancakes..." He trailed off.

"They weren't that bad!" Bonnie squealed. That comment earned him an elbow nudge.

"Yeah, they were." Damon chuckled.

"Whatever, they are..." She began as she took a fork full of pancakes and stuffed it in her mouth. "Delicious."

Damon narrowed his eyes then reached over and took a bite of his own. He pretended to carefully calculate the taste. "Hmph. Impressive," he nodded.

"Thank you," Bonnie said.

"Well you did learn from the best," Damon said with his signature smirk.

Bonnie rolled her eyes.

The pair grabbed their pancakes after Damon added some whipped cream there weren't any blueberries so he used strawberries to make his signature vampcakes. There wasn't usually an array of fruit since it would probably spoil in a house full of vamps who don't depend on human food.

The pair carried their full plates to the dining room and ate. Light chatter occurred between the two. Damon was explaining how he tried to get her back and Bonnie was explaining to Damon how she actually got back.

"Why are you wearing a suit?" Bonnie asked.

"No reason in particular," Damon said nonchalantly. No reason to inform her off anything negative her first day back.

"Okay," Bonnie said use to his weirdly vague answers.

"How long have I been gone?" She asked. "I stopped keeping track," She added when she observed Damon's puzzled look. She was one who insisted on making a calendar to record the time they were in 1994.

"Since I've gotten back, a month two weeks three days give or take a few."

Bonnie's eyes widened. Not only on the fact she's been gone for nearly half a year but the fact Damon kept track down to the tea.

"How long was I... alone?" She asked in a voice that was almost a whisper.

"a little under a month," Damon said. He didn't want to get specific on that. The sat in silence as the finished up the rest of their meals.

"I'm gonna get ready for bed," Bonnie says with a yawn.

"You can take the same room." He said referring to the bedroom across the hall and a door down from his that Bonnie occupied back in the prison world. "There are towels and stuff in the bathroom already. I'll try to find you something to wear," Damon let Bonnie know.

"Thanks," She said with a genuine smile as she carried her dishes to the kitchen.

"But I doubt I have anything BonBon sized," Damon said with a loud sigh. He followed Bonnie to the kitchen dishes in hand.

"Bonbon sized?" Bonnie repeated with a quirked eyebrow. She placed her dishes in the sink

Damon followed suit "Yeah your really tiny." He said with a motion of his hand.

"I am not!" Bonnie argued.

"Yeah you are," Damon shot back.

"No, I'm not,"

"Yes, you are,"

"No, I'm not,"

"Most definitely are,"

"Your just tall!"

"You're just short!"

"I don't have enough energy for this," Bonnie said as she made her way out the kitchen.

"Ha, I won," Damon said wearing a grin.


What do you guys think of the story so far? The reason I'm writing this is, first when Bonnie came back from the prison world her character was just angry and vengeful. But the girl had PTSD and they never really touched on how a person would feel after being isolated so long. I'm not even gonna get into how the show overlooks many serious issues throughout the seasons *eye roll*. Second I want a badass Bonnie. So I'm writing one. I believe Damon deserves better than Elena erasing her memories. Anyways its gonna be emotional and full of drama. But I have great plans. So stick along for the ride... if you dear.