"I'm fucked up. I'm black and blue. I'm built for it. I'll be abused."-Kehlani

After they made it back to the house Bonnie went straight to her room locking the door behind herself. Damon left her alone until around noon when he made her a sandwich for lunch. Which she insisted he leave by the door.

When Damon began dinner around six Bonnie finally left her domain. She offered to help in the kitchen pretending as though the incident on the road never happened. Damon assumed she wished for no mention of it for the rest of the evening and he obliged.

Their dinner was mostly silent aside from some light convo. Damon noticed Bonnie didn't pick her food that much this time. After they finished dinner and cleaned up and Damon decided he'd give Bonnie some space and spend the rest of the evening in his room.

"Damon?" Bonnie stopped him in his tracks. He turned around.

"Wanna watch a movie?" She asked.

"Sure," Damon agreed. "I'll pick the movie you get the drinks and popcorn,"

"Why do you get to pick the movie?" She challenged.

"Because you always pick the same ones," He replied walking to the living room.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and began scouring the kitchen for some snacks. When she entered the living room she put the snacks on the coffee table. Then sat on the sofa next to Damon. They started off with Jurrasic Park then two more movies of Damon choice. It was around 10:30 in the middle of the third movie and Bonnie's head was on Damon's shoulder and the little witch was dosing off.

Damon gave her a gentle nudge. "I think its time for bed,"

Bonnie nods and stands up with a yawn and stretch. The pair heads up the carpeted stairs of the boarding house.

"Where are you going?" Damon asked when he saw Bonnie heading to her room.

"To bed," She retorted.

"No cuddling and vampire dreams?" Damon asked with a fake pout.

"No, I'll be fine tonight," Bonnie said in a tired voice.

"Really? You're not just saying that?" Damon further questioned. He didn't want a repeat of last night and with what happened this morning a repeat is more than likely.

"Good night Damon," She said going into her bedroom.

"Night," Damon calls going into his own room.

She tossed and turn under her sheets, but the sleep would not take her. Half of her body hungry for rest the other half desperate to stay awake in order to avoid any possible nightmares. She flipped to lay on her back to stared at the ceiling and began to count the long panels of wood. After doing that a few times she figured maybe some water would help, so decided to venture to the kitchen.

She pulled out a water bottle from the fridge and began to take a few sips.

"Whatcha doing," Bonnie jumped from the sudden intrusion and the water went down the wrong pipe. She coughed a few times then chastised "Oh god! Damon, don't do that,"

"Why are you still up?" He asked from the doorway of the kitchen.

"Why are you up?" Bonnie countered.

"I asked you first," Damon challenged.

"I asked you second," Bonnie said wearily as she drank her water. Damon raised his eyebrows in an expression that read 'that's the best you could do?'

She sighed. "I was getting a snack. You?"

"I didn't hear your heartbeat in your room," Damon explains.

"Oh that's not creepy at all," Bonnie quipped.

"I'm a vampire it's not like need sleep. You on the other hand," He said.

"Wants a snack," She lied.

"No you don't," Damon said.

"Fine I don't," Bonnie put the remainder of the water back in the fridge."I'm going to bed,"

Damon watched as she pushed past him out of the kitchen. "But not because you said so," She added.

"Mhm nighty night don't let the vampires bite," Damon called towards her.

When Bonnie returned to bed she realized she was back at square one. So she got out of bed deciding to bite the bullet. Leaving her room and going to the left (the opposite way to the staircase) this time and slowly pushed in the door to Damon's room.

"Couldn't resist me?" Damon asked apon her entry.

"Shut up, your... mattress... is more comfortable," She said closing the door behind herself.



Bonnie climbs on the left side. Damon was above the covers so he lifted up the sheets so Bonnie could get under them.

She laid on her side facing him and Damon did the same. He held out his hand and Bonnie placed hers on top of his. She closed her eyes and opened her mind ready to be transported to a peaceful dreamland.

Two days passed since the accident and Bonnie and Damon stayed in the Boarding house. Damon assumed the nightmares were getting better because the previous night he didn't have to go into Bonnie's head and according to her steady heartbeat she seemed at peace. However, the raven-haired vampire was still A trying to convince Bonnie to tell the others of her return. And B trying to figure out a way to ask what happened in the Prison world, without it leading to sudden breakdowns.

"Vampcakes," Damon said as he placed Bonnie's plate of vampire-face pancakes in front of her.

"Thanks," She said. "So what's the plan for the day?" She inquired.

"What do you mean?" Damon asked taking a seat in front of his own plate of 'vampcakes'

"You're always planning something. Since there's always some new big bad in Mystic Falls that needs be taken care of." Bonnie continued.

"Nope, it's been weirdly quite. So I'll probably do some reading, watch movies and play board games with my judgey little witch and plan to take over the world. You know the usual Pinky," He explains.

"No, you would be Pinky. I would be Brain," Bonnie states.

"You're joking. I'm definitely Brain," Damon said.

"No, I'm very strategic so I'd be Brain," She argues.

"So am I. Plus I have more experience," Damon defends himself.

"Once again because your an old man," Bonnie said.

"Exactly Isn't brain older than Pinky?" He asked.

"Their cartoon rats Damon. Age doesn't apply. Plus your like the definition of comedic relief so you would be Pinky." She replied.

"I knew you loved my sarcasm and inappropriate jokes," Damon said with a smirk.

She rolls her eyes.

They were finishing up their breakfast when Damon says "I'm stepping out for a moment, you'll be okay?"

"Yes, I don't need a baby sitter," Bonnie stated.

"Just asking," Damon said with false surrender.

"I'll probably work on some spells and stuff," She said. She had brought a few Grimores from her dorm to practice. She's only got her magic back over a month of ago and could definitely do some brushing up.

"Ok, have fun Bonica Magica," He teases.

"No," Bonnie said trying to hold in her laughter. "You've surpassed nickname capacity,"

"We'll see about that," He said making his way out the boarding house. As soon as he was in his car he received a phone call.

"Hello," Stefan said

"Yep, what's up," Damon spoke into the phone.

"How far are you?" he asked.

"I just left home,"

"Ok meet us at the Whitmore Library,"

"Us?" Damon questioned.

"Yes Elena and I," Stefan replied. He could hear Damon's eye roll through the phone.

"Alright I'll be there," Damon said hanging up the phone. This day was already looking down.

"I understand things are difficult for both of you-"

"-It's not like she remembers anything to be upset about," Damon cut in with a passive-aggressive tone.

Elena just sighed.

"But we need to work together to help Caroline." Stefan continued.

The trio was at the top level of the Whitmore library in a semi-secluded area. They were discussing the plan to turn on Caroline's humanity switch.

"Elena and I agreed we should vervain Caroline and keep her in the cellar until she turns her emotions back on," Stefan said and Elena nodded.

Yeah, that's gonna be a problem Damon thinks to himself. "Is all of that really necessary?" He shrugged.

"Caroline almost killed someone," Elena stressed.

"Well, you did say almost so..." Damon chimed in.

"She made it pretty clear she won't hesitate to kill if we tried to get her to flip the switch. Which we have, so it's only a matter of time before she actually kills." Stefan explained.

"Ok so let's just wait until she makes a move, but don't bring her to the boarding house," Damon tries to say in the least suspicious way possible.

"And why not?" Elena challenged.

"When has anyone managed to stay trapped in that cell? We need something full proof." He explained.

"Ok, I'll try to figure something out," Stefan offered "But we're still keeping that as a backup," He said referring to the original plan.

"So have you guys figured out an emotional trigger yet?" Damon inquired

"No." Elena began, "I tried and I think I broke down some barrier but then I suggested Stefan try and..."She trailed off.

"I think I only brought out some sort of anger," Stefan said recapping the previous events.

The group continued to discuss their plan to help Caroline. They decided that Elena will try to coax her into turning her emotions on. But, by the end of the week if that fails they will lock Caroline in the boarding house cellar. Nearing the end of their group meeting, Elena left first because she had to get to class. Then Stefan and Damon walked to the parking lot.

"How's everything going on your end? "Stefan asked.

Damon furrowed his brows for a second then realized he was referring to his (now nonexistent) plan to get Bonnie out of the Prison World. "Great," Damon said.

"So you've found a way to get Bonnie back?" Stefan asked. He and Bonnie were never super close but he cared about her and her death wasn't something he took lightly.

"We will all be seeing Bonnie really soon," Damn said. He didn't want to lie to his brother but that doesn't mean he can't withhold information.

"That's great to hear, let me know if I can do anything to help," Stefan offers.

"Thanks, but everything's handled already," Damon replied.

"You seem content," Stefan said.

"Content?" Damon repeated.

"Mabey it's because you found a way to get Bonnie back. I know you said you guys grew closer over those months together so it must be difficult for you for her to be there and you here. But you're not as moody and depressed" Stefan explained. Damon told him some of what went down in the prison world and he wasn't surprised. The vampire and which certainly butt heads but at the end of the day they cared for one another.

"I was never moody or depressed," Damon remarked.

Stefan shrugged, "I'm probably gonna be moving back into the boarding house soon," Before the magical barrier was lifted from Mystic Falls both Stefan and Damon had been staying in apartments near Whitmore. Damon jumped at the chance to return home but Stefan decided to take his time.

"Why?" Damon inquired.

"Because I live their too," Stefan replied. What was up with his brother today "If I didn't know better I'd say you wanted that house all for yourself," He added.

"Who says I don't? Or are you getting lonely?" Damon teased.

"I honestly just want my old bed," Stefan said.

"So when are you moving back?" Damon asked.

"Tomorrow or the day after. As soon as I can." He explains.

"Great I'll keep that in mind, " Damon said giving his brother a pat on the shoulder.

"Yes, so if you decided to turn our house into a brothel please deal with it," Stefan said.

Damon loudly gasped, "I would never!"

Stefan rolled his eyes. "It's not supposed to rain today," He said suddenly looking up at the sky. It went from a clear blue to gloomy grey in a matter of seconds.

"Probably a passing cloud," Damon said. It began to lightly drizzle.

"That's weird," Stefan said. Damon looked towards him. "The air feels..."

"Witchy," Damon filled in for him.

"Yeah, it's like there's magic in the air,"

"I'm gonna go," Damon said climbing into his car.

"Later," Stefan said hurrying to his own car not wanting to be caught in the rain. Call it brothers intuition but he felt as though Damon was hiding something.

"Honey I'm home, " Damon called out exaggeratedly upon entering the door.

He passed through the living room and entered the kitchen and didn't see Bonnie. "Hey Judgey where are you?"He calls into the empty house as he walks up the stairs. She wasn't in her room or his room. Matter of fact he couldn't even hear another heartbeat in the house.

Journeying back downstairs he looks around and sees the back doors to the garden unlocked. Venturing out her see her standing in the rain that gotten really heavy from the previous drizzle.

"What the hell are you doing in the rain?" He calls about from the doorway. "Hey, Judgey!" He shouts again.

He begins to walk toward her quickly getting soaked from the rain. "Please don't tell me you're responsible for this sudden hurricane. This jacket is dry clean only."

When she wouldn't turn around he walked in front of her to get her attention. "What the..." He trailed off.

Her eyes were glazed over and directed towards the sky and she was completely still.

"Bonnie," He said waving a hand in front of her face. When that failed he shook her shoulder. "Bonnie snap out of it, " lighting struck nearby, and Damon his head in that direction. The rain began to ease up but was still pretty heavy.

"Damon?" Bonnie said confused.

"What the hell was that!?" Damon snapped.

"What was what?!" Bonnie shot back.

"The rain? Thunder? Lightning? When you said you were working on spells, " he noticed she was shivering.

"I don't know, " Bonnie said.

He took over his jacket and placed it on her shoulders. "Let's get inside, " He said. Leading them back to the boarding house.

"I honestly have no idea what happened. One minute I was working on spells next thing I know. Rain." Bonnie said recaping the events.

"You just got your magic back it's prone to go haywire. But I didn't know you could control the weather." Damon adds.

"I didn't know either, " She said.

There was a beat until Damon spoke up "You should put on some dry clothes before you get sick,"

"Yeah," She said heading upstairs.

Later that evening Bonnie and Damon were in the Living room for movies once again. This time they started with The Bodyguard. Chosen by Bonnie despite, Damon's complaints due to the number of times they've watched that movie.

"Really," Damon said when Bonnie put her feet in his lap.

"What?" She shrugged.

"Who told you to use me as a footrest?" He deadpanned.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and used her toes to dig into his side and he squirms.

"Oh my god," She said with a smile.

"What?" He asked

"No," She said.

"What?" he repeated.

"It's not possible the big bad Damon Salvatore is ticklish," Bonnie

"Pft, No, I'm not,"

Bonnie digs her foot in the same spot and Damon squirms away. "No," Damon said when he saw her devious smile. Bonnie swiftly moved towards Damon and began attacking his sides.

"How'd you know... that's the... one... place... I'm ticklish," He said in between laughs.

"Knew it," She said.

"Time for payback," Damon said fliping Bonnie onto her back. She let out a squeal when he began tickling her." Damon," she laughs.

One of his hands moved underneath her shirt and accidentally applied pressure against her "Wait, ow," She said holding a hand to her stomach.

Damon moves off of her "You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," she said quickly standing up.

He looks at her for a moment. Then hand she still had pressed against her stomach. "Take off your shirt,"

"What? No!" Bonnie refused. The last thing she wanted was for him to see the damage Kai did to her.

"If I wanted to see your goodies I would ask. Now lift up your shirt," He repeated.

"No," She said.

Damon got up from the couch and began walking towards her. Bonnie kept taking steps back until she was trapped between him and a wall. He began to pull at the hem of her shirt. And she swatted his hand away. He narrowed his eyes at her and slowly pulled up the hem of her shirt. Bonnie took a sharp intake of breath as he gazed at the half-healed wounds on her body.

"Did Kai do this?" He asked.

"Damon," She said softly trying her best to move away from him, but he kept her in place.

"Did he?" He asked again.

"Yes," She whispered.

"He hurt you again," He said. She stayed quiet "This should be healed by now. I'll give you my blood,"

"No," Bonnie said pushing his hand away from her and moving away from him.

"What do you mean no?" He said catching her by the wrist and pulling her back towards him.

"No I don't need it," Bonnie stated. She began fighting back tears she didn't know were forming.

"The scaring won't be as bad. So stop arguing, were both too stubborn for that," Damon shot back.

He lifted his wrist to his mouth and bite it, then held it out towards her. Bonnie was reluctant for a moment but then took his wrist and brought it up to her mouth and drank the blood until the wounds on his wrists closed up. They stared at each other for a moment until Damon lifted her shirt again. He reached with his other hand but Bonnie caught his wrist. He gave her a look saying nothing but 'trust' She let go of his wrist and he ran his hand on the light scaring from the arrow.

"I know one is from the arrow. But the other?" He inquired.

"He stabbed me," She said. "H- he... did a lot of things that... I'm not ready to talk about," Bonnie explained her voice breaking. She began making her way out of the room.

"Bonnie," Damon called.

"Don't," She walked away.

Later that night Bonnie and Damon went to their respective rooms without a word. Bonnie tossed and turned in her sheets and Damon listened as she tossed and turned in her sheets. About two hours passed and he finally heard her heart rate slow down indicating she was asleep. Yet, the vampire stayed awake. He stayed awake thinking. What if he was able to get Bonnie back quicker? What if he was able to get her back before Kai hurt her? What if he was there to protect her from Kai? What if she never got out of the Prison World at all? All these 'what-ifs' These possible outcomes. Yet they were served the worst.

Bonnie didn't deserve anything she went through in the prison world. And oh how he wished he could take it back. He didn't believe he was worth her sacrifice. He didn't know she cared so much. But he cared too.

Quietly getting out of his bed he ventures to Bonnie's room to check on her. Gently pushing the door in he sees her still tossing and turning in her sleep. Probably a nightmare.

"Stubborn ass," he muttered folding his arms.

"No... no... no" She started whimpering in her sleep. Then she woke up with a gasp. "The hell are you doing?" She fumes throwing a pillow at Damon which he easily dodged. He chuckled.

"Ugh," Bonnie groans with a roll of her eyes and climbs out the bed. She pushed past Damon and kissed her teeth going to his room.

Damon followed behind her getting on one side of the bed. She angrily pulled the bed sheets from Damon's side to hog them for herself.

"It's not like I get cold," He quipped.

Bonnie turned her back to him.

"No vampire dreams?"

"No, I was fine last night,"

Damon stayed quiet while she drifted to sleep. But soon enough the nightmares started again. She began squirming and talking in her sleep again.

Damon sighed "I'm definitely getting an aneurism for this," he rolled over to his side and pulled Bonnie's body towards him wrapping his arms around her. She quickly began to relax in his arms.

Both oblivious to the fact that the witch been placed on the post-it-note sized list of people Damon Salvatore deeply cared about.


Wow. I actually winged it the majority of this chapter but it came out pretty decent. I thought I was writing Damon too soft then I really thought about it. We only ever see Damon in love with Elena so we don't really know how he treats other women he cares about besides Bonnie or maybe Rose and we dont get a lot of either. So I'm just sticking with my gut on this. Anway's recap: Somethings up with Bonnie's magic uh oh. With Stefan moving back into the boardinghouse and the plan to help a humanity-less Caroline how much longer can the pair keep Bonnie's return a secret? Thank you for reading and see you next time.

~ A