Blue eyes, brown eyes

Warnings/notes : Kaiba/Joey, not many other characters except for Mukabo, AU

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 12th may 2003, by Misura

I am definitely not the most knowledgable person on Yu-Gi-Oh so feel free to point out mistakes to me (do keep in mind that this is an AU though).


"Hey, you're not from around here, are you?"

Joey turned around to see who was adressing him, coming face to face with a shy-looking black-haired boy, who smiled at him hesitantly.

"No, I'm here on a holiday. Sort of." He shrugged. "When I saw there was a meeting of players I thought I'd drop by and take a look."

"You play the game too. Cool!"

Joey grinned. It's kind of nice to find people sharing your interest all over the world. Like you can find friends in the most unexpected places.

"What's your favorite monster?" he asked. Most people had one, sometimes one fitting their character, like Tea, sometimes not. But it always seems to say something about them.

"This one!" The boy proudly held up a card, showing a picture of a white-blue dragon.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon ... a potential Seto Kaiba? He doesn't look like it.

Damn, I really could have done without remembering about that arrogant bastard.

"Oh. That's uhm nice." he replied weakly. The other boy looked disappointed.

"It's a very rare monster, but I managed to get one." He waved the card again, his face beaming.

"Congratulated." Joey mumbled.

"Here, just look at it. Isn't it the most beautiful creature you ever saw?" The card was stuck out in his direction, his hand reaching for it automatically. As the boy released the card however, it fell to the floor. "Oh!"

"Sorry. I'll - " What's wrong with me? It's just a card! And a very powerful one too.

Why would it bother me so much, merely because someone who's not exactly my friend uses it too? Normally I'm not that easily upset.

Before Joey could finish his apology, a soft voice interrupted him.

"Is this your card?"

I know that voice. I wish I didn't, wish I was wrong but ... Looking up his eyes confirmed what his ears had already told him.

What have I done to deserve having my vacation ruined like this?

Why did this have to be the place and time to encounter Kaiba again?

"Yes, it is. Thanks!" The boy snatched the card out of Kaiba's outstretched hand as if afraid it might drop again unless he held it and darted off, to his friends, Joey presumed. He returned his interest to the man standing in front of him, who wore an expression of disdain on his face that made Joey's blood boil.

Just who does he think he is? The world-champion?

Well, technically he is, of course, but ...

He's just so cocky about it ...

"What are *you* doing here?" He made it sound like the accusation it was.

A flicker of an emotion (amusement? anger?) lit up Kaiba's eyes, before they turned cold again.

"I could ask the same to you. And with more right. I *live* here, just outside the city."

Joey had to admit that was a pretty good reason.

So this is where his home's now, huh? If only I'd known ...

I'd never ever go voluntarily on a vacation to some place within a mile of Kaiba's home.

I mean, I'm not afraid of him or anything ; it's just that I don't want any trouble. I went on this trip to relax, not to duel.

"I'm on a holiday." he replied, in answer to the other man's unspoken question. "And I'm really not in the mood to have you spoil it for me."

"Who says I intend such a thing?" Kaiba raised one eyebrow in a gesture of surprise.

Yeah, right, like I'm going to buy *that*.

"Don't mess with me, Kaiba! I know you, remember? I don't want to see your face around here again." All right, so that was maybe a wee bit unreasonable to demand.

Kaiba's eyes hardened. "I don't see why I should care anything about what *you* want. Since I'm a reasonable person though - " he ignored Joey's snort " - I propose a duel. If you win, I will stay in my house for the remainder of your stay here."

Am I supposed to ask now what *I* have to do if *he* wins?

"Sounds good." He nodded.

Think you can beat me easily? Well, I think you're in for a surprise then.

I have learned a few extra tricks since the last time we met.

"If, on the other hand, I win, " Kaiba continued, "I get to ask you a favor."

Now hold on a minute ... a favor? Like ... anything?

Oh no, Kaiba, I really don't think so.

"What kind of favor?" he demanded.

Kaiba smiled - so he *can* do that - coldly. "Anything I want. What ... afraid to lose?"

"Of course not! Fine, we're agreed then."

Oh oh .... me and my big mouth.

Well, nothing else to it ; I just have to win this.

I intended to do so anyway so what's the big deal?


A/N : No, the favor isn't a date or something like that. Though it will involve Joey getting to know Kaiba a bit better, at this point neither of them really knows about their own feelings for the other one. (Or rather, neither of them is aware yet I made them a couple for this fic.^^;)