Blue eyes, golden eyes

Warnings/notes : Seto + Joey, twisted Pegasus + Seto, slightly dark, AU, weirdness, Mokuba

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written at 6th november 2003, by Misura

[!!!!!!] This is the teaser/prologue for a *prequel* to 'Blue eyes, brown eyes' ; it takes place *before* events in BEBE. I posted this here, because I thought people who read BEBE might be interested in reading this fic as well, even if there aren't that many Seto/Joey moments in it. ^^;


"I wish you wouldn't go." Mokuba stated. Again. It was only the fourth time this morning.

You'd think someone like Pegasus, a game-designer with a child-like fondness for cartoons would be adored by kids.

He's always been nice to Mokuba too. Perhaps a bit paternizing at times, not really treating him his age, but ... nice.

Cute gifts that end up stuffed away in a corner of a closet ...

Pegasus is the only person who can offer Mokuba candy or cookies without getting pounced.

I don't understand.

"It's only for a week, Mokuba." Seto smiled, ruffling his brother's dark hair. "I'll miss you lots, but it's just not possible you come along with me. School - "

" -is boooooring." Mokuba sighed, already knowing he wasn't going to win this argument. "But I'll go anyway. You'll be proud of me when you get back, big brother."

"I already am." Seto assured him.

"Really?" Mokuba beamed happily.

"Yes, really." Seto sighed. "Now, I have some more packing to do, if you don't mind ... ?"

"Oh very well." Mokuba pouted. "But the day after you return, we'll go eating ice-cream in the park. You *promised*."

Seto nodded solemnly. "So I did."

Whatever makes you happy, little brother, whatever makes you happy.

"And I'll help you get into contact with Joey without immediately getting into an argument." Mokuba continued, too lost in his visions of the future to notice Seto's expression at *that* particular announcement. "The two of you would be a such a cute couple."

I wish I'd never told him I sometimes don't quite hate that blond mutt.

He's getting all kinds of weird ideas about us now.

Like I'd ever *want* to get together with Joey Wheeler.

Like *he*'d ever want to have something to do with me.

Ah well, no use in popping his bubble. Mokuba'll find out soon enough.

Or maybe he'll have forgotten all about it by the time I get back.

"We could move to Domino, get to know new people. Joey's only living with his father because he doesn't have any other place to live, but when the two of you get together - " Mokuba rambled on.

Seto shook his head. "Don't count on it too much, Mokuba. We're not even friends, let alone - "

... lovers.

He couldn't quite get the word past his lips. "And anyway, I don't have time for this."

"Sorry." Mokuba grinned, surprising him by jumping forwards for a firm hug. "Take care, Seto. Return to me safely, please, I wouldn't know what to do without you."

Seto stared down at his brother, blinking, before returning the hug. "You worry too much, Mokuba. I'm going to be just fine ; you'll see. It's just a prolonged business-meeting after all."

"On *his* island, in that creepy castle of his." Mokuba shivered.

Seto watched seconds tick by on the clock.

Never mind. I don't have *that* much to pack anymore.


Flattering magazines had called Pegasus 'a genius', 'a living legend in the gameworld', 'the brilliant creator of Duel Monsters', as well as 'one of the best players at any game worth playing'.

Magazines pretending to be objective had described him cautiously as 'slightly eccentric', 'withdrawn from the world' and 'gifted with an extraordinary imagination'.

Gossip magazines pointed at his comatose wife and spoke of him as 'a nutcase', 'a lunatic living in his own fantasyworld' or 'an obsessed and possessed man'.

Seto knew they were all right. And, at the same time, all wrong. Pegasus had always had an air of mystery about him, a sense of not quite belonging in the world of cold economics and microchips. After the accident that almost cost him his wife's life, Pegasus had grown stranger, more inbalanced.

There were times when he simply rose and left in the middle of a meeting. Yet he was also shrewd enough to keep Industrial Illusions one of the leading corporations in the gaming world, in spite of the ruthless competition and the pressure from certain other people in his company to step down as its CEO.

Looking down on the castle that seemed to come straight out of a faerietale, Seto wondered why Mokuba had called it 'creepy'. 'Extravagant' or 'fancy' were words that came to mind, yes, though he was diplomatic enough not to use them in front of Pegasus, but 'creepy'?

Mokuba's probably read too many ghost-stories about haunted castles and such.

He should know better than to read that kind of stuff, really.

He may act like he's grown-up already, but in his heart, he's still an innocent, vulnerable boy.

Seto grimaced.

Not to mention a little pest who constantly sticks his nose where it doesn't belong and who considers it his holy task to get me a boyfriend.

Still wouldn't want to miss him for the world though.


"Your tea is getting cold, Kaiba-boy." Pegasus remarked, sipping his own. "Unless your stomach's too upset from the flight to drink anything, I suggest you consume it now."

"I'm fine." Seto grumbled.

I wonder why he calls me that. After all, Mokuba is a Kaiba as well.

The tea tasted bitter and for a moment he regretted not having put sugar in it.

No. I've seen what sugar does to Mokuba. Considering we share the same genes ...

Pegasus snorted, as if amused. Seto wondered why, but wasn't curious enough to ask. Quite likely it was something only Pegasus could understand or conceive as being funny.

"Tell me, Seto-dear. - "

I hate it when he calls me that.

What would he have called his wife, if he refers to a simple business associate as 'dear'?

"Have you ever seen the episode in which Funny Bunny escapes from getting poisoned?"

Toons. Are they all that fill his head nowadays?

Pegasus chuckled, probably remembering another 'hilarious' Funny Bunny trick.

"No." Seto answered curtly.

"A pity." Pegasus replied. "It might have taught you something useful."

Seto narrowed his eyes.

What's *that* supposed to mean?!? I'm fine without any of that toon-nonsense.

"I highly doubt that."

Pegasus smiled, a sight that Seto found unsettling somehow.

Perhaps I *am* a little affected by the flight after all. My head hurts and -

-the room is kind of vague, misty-

"Are you all right?" A voice -whose?- drifted out of the mists.

-Pegasus. Has he-

-my stomach hurts too-


-The rest of the fic will be posted and written under the title 'Blue eyes, golden eyes', should you be interested-

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