Screen Title: #ThunderPsycho: #Nora #Phoebe #Max #Billy #Nora T

Nora is digging a hole in prison

Nora: I will get my revenge on you Samantha Puckett.

Nora finishes digging

Nora: Time to break out of this joint.

Nora goes through the well and escapes prison

Nora: Time to go to Los Angeles. For my revenge.

At Hiddenville, Florida, Phoebe is watching the news about Nora Dershlit breaking out of jail

Phoebe: Oh geez. That crazy girl broke out of jail. I got to go to LA.

Max: I'm coming with you.

Billy: So are we.

Phoebe: Why?

Nora T: We watch iCarly a lot. We know who that girl is.

Phoebe: Well I guess I do need a little help.

Max: She agreed. We're going to Hollywood.

Billy: I've always dreamed of going to LA.

Nora T: Who hasn't.

Phoebe: Let's get Chloe to teleport us.

We now cut to Apartment #22

Sam: Cat Nora broke out again.

Cat: For real?

Sam: Yeah so don't fall for any of her tricks.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Dong ding.

Sam: Other way.

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: Better.

Cat opens the door and it's the Thunder Kids

Phoebe: Hi is it cool if we stay with you?

Cat: OMG you're Thunder Man's kids.

Max: You know our dad?

Sam: Of course we do.

Billy: It's Sam from iCarly.

Nora T: No way.

Cat: What are you guys doing here?

Phoebe: We heard that psycho girl broke out of jail.

Sam: Nora?

Nora T: What.

Max: Not you. The one that kidnapped the iCarlies.

Nora T: She stole my name.

Billy: You can't claim a name.

Nora zaps Billy

Cat: Cool. I wish I had superpowers.

Phoebe: So is it cool if we stay here to help out?

Sam: Sure why not. Just don't fall for her tricks. She's a real psycho.

Cat: Sam I'm going out for a walk.

Sam: Have fun.

Cat: Thanks.

Cat leaves

Nora T: So what was it like doing iCarly?

Sam: It was fun.

Billy: Are you ever going to continue the show again?

Sam: That depends if Carly ever comes back from Italy.

Nora is trying to find a way to get her revenge

Nora: I can't get Sam since she's too smart for me. I could get Freddie and Gibby but they're out of my league. And Carly's in Italy. Oh I can kidnap Cat. She's way dumber than Gibby.

Nora hears Cat singing

Nora: Good that red head is coming.

When Cat gets closer, Nora jumps out

Nora: Hello Cat.

Cat: Nora?!

Nora: Did you miss me?

Cat: No! Sam!

Nora knocks Cat out

Nora: Sorry but Sam can't help you. I'm taking you hostage.

Nora drags an unconscious Cat to her car and drives off

Back at the apartment

Max: Your friend's been gone for awhile.

Sam: Yeah I'm getting a little worried.

Billy: You don't think she got kidnapped do you?

Sam's phone rings

Sam: Hello?

Nora: Hello Samantha!

Sam: Nora!

Nora: That's me.

Sam: Where's Cat?

Nora: There are no Cats here.

Sam: Cut the baloney. I know you have her! Now give her back!

Nora: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Sam: And why not?

Nora: Because I'm a psycho!

Call ends

Phoebe: Was that psycho Nora?

Sam: Yes.

Nora T: She kidnapped Cat?

Sam: Well it looks like it.

Billy: We got to go save her.

Max: We don't even know where they are.

Sam: I have a chip on Cat. I can find where she is.

Nora T: Good thinking.

Sam finds the location

Sam: She's about 10 miles away.

The Thunder Kids suddenly have their suits on

Phoebe: Let's roll.

Sam: Uh how did you get those on so fast?

Billy: I have super speed powers.

Nora T: Focus.

Billy: Sorry.

Sam: Hang in there Cat. We're coming to save you.

Cat wakes up and she is trapped in a room that is similar to the one Nora trapped the iCarlies in

Cat: Where am I? Why did I go nonconscious?

Nora: Good morning Cat.

Cat: What do you want from me Nora?

Nora: Payback.

Cat: You were the one that kidnapped Dice.

Nora: Yeah well you're a witness.

Cat: So?

Nora: And you're friends with Samantha. So I'm taking you hostage.

Cat: You're a real psycho.

Nora: Aw thank you.

Cat: That wasn't a compliment.

Nora: I know stupid.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Nora: Oh I'm going to keep you hostage for a long time.

Cat: I have to pee.

Nora: Well that's just too bad.

Nora heads upstairs

Cat: Sam where ever you are, please come save me.

Sam, Phoebe, Max, Billy, and Nora T are in a getaway car heading down to save Cat

Phoebe: What's the plan?

Sam: We bust Nora's door down. Save Cat. Beat up Nora. You freeze her which kills her.

Max: I like that.

Nora T: She's a real lunatic.

Billy: What if she kidnaps up too?

Max: Relax, buddy. We have powers.

Phoebe: Yeah. There is no way she can kidnap us.

Billy: Oh yeah.

Nora T: So how close are we to Cat's location?

Sam: 3 more miles.

Phoebe: Good. I'm ready to kick some bad guy butt.

Sam: Me too. I'm going to do something to her that I should have done a long time ago.

Max: What's that?

Sam: Ripping her head off of her fucking body.

Sam's phone beeps

Sam: We're here.

Nora T: Time to roll.


Nora: So we having fun down there?

Cat: Let me out.

Nora: Never.

Max kicks down the door

Sam: What up Nora.

Nora: Sam Puckett?! And 4 people I don't know.

Cat: Sam.

Sam: Let her go.

Nora: No. Fight me bitch.

Sam: Okay let's fight.

Sam takes out her butter sock and starts swinging at Nora

Sam: This is for kidnapping us! This is for force making out with Freddie! This is for kidnapping Dice and Cat! And this is for calling me a bitch!

Nora goes down out cold as Phoebe freezes her.

Nora T uses her laser eyes to blast Cat out

Sam: Cat you okay?

Cat: Yeah.

Max: Billy super speed this girl, me, and Nora to the South Pole and bring our Nora with so she can use her laser eyes to unfreeze the water and so I can freeze it back up when I throw her in and super speed us back.

Billy: Kay Kay.

After Billy does that, everyone is back at apartment #22

Cat: Thanks for saving me you guys.

Nora T: No problem.

Sam: I'm just glad that Nora Dershlit is finally gone for good.

Phoebe: Mom and Dad would be proud of us.

Max: I bet so.

The End

If any of The Thundermans are out of character, my apologies. This officially marks the final appearance of Nora Dershlit for she is now frozen at the bottom of the South Pole lake. Dice, Chloe, Hank, and Barb do not appear but Chloe and Dice were mentioned. The reason why there's a T at the end of the title is so nobody gets confused that there's 2 Nora's appearing