Disclaimer: I do not own Inu-yasha and company (but I wish I would)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu-yasha and company (but I wish I would). However, I do own Kiken, Koishi, Gin, Aliz, Chaz and Mike that may show up in this fic (I use them in most of my fanfics).

Symbols are: "talking", 'thoughts', ¤¤¤new place or time¤¤¤


Chapter 1 New life

Inu-yasha sat on the roof of his home - or at least it used to be his home. The removal men walked between a big truck and his home carrying furniture and boxes full of stuff. They were moving out. His parents had bought a new house (actually it was an estate) far away in some small village. In other words, he was leaving Tokyo and his friends behind today.

"Get down from the roof and carry this" Sesshomaru shout from the doorway of the house pointing at a huge box that was full of his things. That was something Inu-yasha could tell when looking down from the roof and seeing all the freaky books he knew to be his older brother's.

"Why not carry it yourself!" he shouted looking up to the sky. His long white hair flew around him in the cold autumn wind. They promised on the TV that there would be some more cold days, but some warm days were still coming before the winter would come. Even thought it was cold now, Inu-yasha was sitting on the roof just wanting to enjoy the last moment here where he had been born and grown up.

"Inu-yasha!" he heard a call from the road that passed the house. A dark-haired boy about his age was running past the removal men toward the house.

"Koishi!" Inu-yasha exclaimed surprised by this guy's visit when jumping down from the roof.

"Why didn't you tell me you were moving" Koishi asked huffing cause of the fact that he had run here some kilometers with full speed.

Inu-yasha was silent and looked elsewhere. Koishi looked up at him. "Hey, come on" Koishi stepped closer. "We have been friends since the schools started. No! Before it! And you didn't even tell me that you were moving." When Inu-yasha stayed silent he sighed shaking his head. He knew Inu-yasha well enough to expect silence.

"Oh" Inu-yasha's mother noticed Koishi in their yard standing beside Inu-yasha. "Did you come and say bye, Koishi?" she asked. She was beautiful with long black hair and a gentle smile.

"Yes" Koishi simply answered to her when suddenly he heard growling from beside his feet and before he realized what it was a small brown dog was biting his trouser leg. "Not again" he sighed and started to pull his leg free from the dog's jaw.

"Sesshomaru!" Inu-yasha shouted to his brother when grabbing the dog. "Get your damn dog into the box already!" It was a wicked dog. Not to wonder when Sesshomaru was the one to train it.

"Inu-yasha!" his mother scowled when lifting a vase into her arms. "We would never treat little Jaken like that! He's coming into the car with us."

Inu-yasha stared at the dog for a while. The dog growled and Inu-yasha could swear that somewhere there was a smile. "You don't seem to like dogs, huh" Koishi asked folding his arms.

Inu-yasha threw Jaken into Sesshomaru's arms when he walked toward them. "I thought you knew me better, Koishi" he said shaking his finger. "I love dogs. Just not that one." He pointed at Jaken who was now in Sesshomaru's arms going into the car.

Koishi looked after Sesshomaru for a while and then looked at Inu-yasha again. "Will you write?" he asked. "All I know, you are moving quite far and it's not easy to get to Tokyo from there."

"Come on Inu-yasha" his father called from the car when his mother walked there with the vase.

"I'm coming" Inu-yasha shouted shaking his head.

"So?" Koishi asked trying to meet his eyes.

"I'll write" Inu-yasha smiled offering his hand.

Koishi took the hand and smiled. "I'm waiting!"

Then Inu-yasha run into the car leaving Koishi to stand in their yard - their old yard.

¤¤¤Piece of Inu-yasha's diary (in this story he writes one)¤¤¤

It was a silent ride. I was sitting behind Mom in the car when Dad was driving. Sesshomaru used the ride to teach Jaken (that horrible dog) new wicked tricks. The radio was on and it told about the upcoming weather. It promised some colder days and then new warm days before the winter. How much I trust them is another matter.

It was definitely a boring ride and sad cause I had left everything I knew back in Tokyo - my friends and the house where I grew up. Everything was there. I knew no one in this new place. What was its name again? Well. . . It doesn't matter. I'll still be real bored there.

I'm also going into a new school. I know no one there so I must crawl my way again from zero that I never needed to do in Tokyo. They knew me already so there was no need to prove that I was stronger. What fun could these people do anyway? They lived too far from the city!

I turned to look at the others when I was getting all the time bored. Mom was telling about her plans for the new house. Mom and Dad were actually the only ones who had seen it. Sesshomaru had never seen it, but he told it to be some kind of haunted house from 17th century.

One thing makes me think. Mom told it was a western-like house, not Japanese. What the hell did it do here!

Dad then told that it was last inhabited during 19th century. Since then no one had dared to live there more than two or four nights.

Sesshomaru tells all the time of those damn ghosts living there. Like there would be any ghost. Get real, Sess!

¤¤¤Late on the evening¤¤¤

Late on the evening they arrived to the huge estate. It had a huge yard and you couldn't see the mansion from the road. There were black gates that were opened for them by some removal men when they drove in.

The removal men were carrying boxes and furniture into the mansion when the new owners stepped out of the car. Inu-yasha looked at the huge mansion. It had four floors above the ground and there was one more under the ground which you could tell since you saw small windows on the wall right above ground. When his mother had told it to be western-like, he thought it would be perfectly western-like, but this house. . . It had also Japanese features.

The yard wasn't taken care of and he knew that his mother would use all her time just to get flowers here when spring came again. There could be however some roses maybe, but it was autumn so how could you know.

He sighed and followed Sesshomaru in. The older one seemed to be real exited of this haunted house. Like there would be something! Inu-yasha grinned to the thought that even ghosts would have died in this boring place.

There were huge and old spider webs in every corner and the last owners seemed to have left almost all of their furniture in here. Inu-yasha walked past the removal men who carried their stuff. He walked before a chest of drawers that had Japanese symbols all over it. He blew the dust away. It was definitely a dark and beautiful furniture. On it was a candlestick for five and on the wall seemed to be some kind of picture. He blew on it, but it didn't help. He covered his hand with his sleeve and rubbed the picture. To his surprise there revealed to be a mirror. He rubbed some more until he saw his own face in it.

"Inu-yasha" Sesshomaru called almost scaring Inu-yasha. He was standing on stairs going up. "Are you letting me choose freely which one will be my room?"

Inu-yasha looked at him cleverly. "No way!" he shouted and run after his faster brother. This was a challenge!

They raced up to the top floor Sesshomaru first. Jaken tried to keep after them, but he was too tired when they arrived on the third floor so he only looked after his master when they raced to the top floor.

When on the fourth floor they together opened the doors to make sure if the room inside was a good one to take as your own. The rooms were quite small thought – at least to their image of the place. They were still bigger than their old rooms.

They didn't think about what they were going to do with all these rooms when checking out every room in the fourth floor. They raced down to the third floor opening the doors and looking until Sesshomaru stood at the middle of the floor announcing "This floor is mine. You take the upper floor, brother."

"What!" Inu-yasha shouted. "That's not fair. The rooms here are much bigger and one of the rooms upstairs is locked."

On the same moment their father came up. "That's a good choice" he said looking around. "We were about to take the second floor with Mom so why not you Inu-yasha take the upper and Sesshomaru the third one so you have splendid of room."

He smiled gently having the same white hair as his sons. Inu-yasha grumbled when Sesshomaru grinned at him triumphantly. "In the first floor are the kitchen and bathroom and all like that and into the lowest floor. . . Don't go! The floor there is rotten." After telling that, he left and Sesshomaru followed.

Inu-yasha, however, walked to the top floor that now was his. Well, he was happy of the way it ended. He got plenty of room and why would he need five more and bigger rooms than he already got. It was just for acting proud that he didn't agree immediately. He looked around the corridor where were all the doors leading to the rooms.

There were many furniture and many pictures on the walls. What might have been the reason for the former owners to leave with out their things? He walked to the other end of the corridor where the locked door was. He tried to open it like it would have opened while him being down stairs. It was locked. He sighed wondering what was behind there.

"Inu-yasha!" he heard Sesshomaru to call. It wasn't a very strong call for the fact that his brother was in the lowest floor. "Come and get your things!"

Inu-yasha turned around and walked to the stairs. When he stepped on the first stair he heard something. Someone crying. . . He looked behind him to see what it was. There was nothing and he heard nothing again.

"Inu-yasha!!" he heard a stronger call and wondering what it had been he walked down.


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