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Chapter 27

Wild first hours of January

The fuzz at the hill was getting out of hand. The young man who was shot was bleeding fast and his sight was already getting fuzzy. His girlfriend was no help when some of the more sober ones tried to calm the situation. One had called for ambulance and some were trying to figure out what happened when most were still screaming.

No one noticed Inu-yasha. Not even Koishi and Kouga who were almost laughing hysterically on the situation when Kikyo had changed from laughing to crying.

Inu-yasha was still staring at Gin in distance. Her grin chilled his spine and he knew she was after him; he knew the bullet was meant for him. To kill or to wound he didn't know but it was definitely meant for him.

In distance you could hear the emergency vehicles, but Inu-yasha didn't notice them when all his thoughts were on the striped woman.

Having her grin on her face Gin walked up the hill slowly not fearing that the others would notice her. The man she had left behind her in the forest collected the rifle. He gave one last glance at Gin and then abandoning her he run to the very opposite direction in the woods.

The man who had called for the ambulance informed every one of the sounds he heard in the distance. Most of the people calmed, but some just couldn't stop their crying or laughing or even screaming.

Suddenly everyone snapped out from any thought they had. They turned to look down the hill on other side than the forest. There they saw two bright lights to come at them from darkness roaring like a beast and rattling like an old tractor.

Most of the people started to scream when they weren't sure of what it was. Those two lights like eyes and that thunder-like sound made many if not scream then back up and almost leave the wounded behind. The sound of the ambulance that had grown stronger had now completely disappeared under the noise of what ever was coming toward them.

Inu-yasha was staring at the lights instead of staring of Gin. Somewhere in back of her mind he knew that Gin could be many times more dangerous than the one which was coming straight at them.

However, when he heard his name to be called he noticed Aliz looking out from a car's window. Aliz stopped the car in front of the crowd. She took her sword from the seat beside the driver having her eyes fixed on Gin.

Inu-yasha looked back at Gin and then run past Aliz. He went to Koishi and Kouga who were laughing hysterically and pointing on the car. "Get in there now!" Inu-yasha ordered the two of them helping them up on their feet.

Gin stared at Aliz from the distance. Her stance changed from a self-confident one to a careful one when she heard with her sharp ears the sound of the ambulance. It was now stronger than the terrible noise of Aliz's car.

When Gin then turned around and started to run like a cat out from Aliz's sight, she snapped out from it hearing the ambulance as well. She noticed Inu-yasha helping Koishi into the car after Kouga.

She glanced at the shocked people and then run to the car, not knowing which one of the youths were Inu-yasha's friends. However it was important to take them out from this place now and it was relief that Inu-yasha realized it.

Aliz sat into the car placing her sword between her and the door when Inu-yasha brought Kikyo on the back bench. She was now almost half asleep. Koishi's warm shoulder was also tempting so she fell asleep very quickly.

"Was that all of your friends?" Aliz asked Inu-yasha when she looked over her shoulder and saw the ambulance bark beside the road and two or three white-dressed people to run up the hill whit their instruments.

"Two is still missing!" Inu-yasha shout over all the noises that wasn't now made only by the car but also by the youths who were jumping up and down and screaming.

"Well we don't have time" Aliz shout when looking behind the car and saw one of the doctors of the ambulance to come toward them. "Hop in!"

She pushed the accelerator down to full speed and Inu-yasha barely managed to get in into the car. Aliz drove down the hill not stopping even when some youths were jumping away from her way.

Down on the road she turned the car sharply just when she saw two police cars to come toward the hill. She stopped the car and noticed how Inu-yasha was getting nervous beside her.

Narrowing her eyes and taking a better hold of the wheel she pushed the car to full speed and straight at the police cars.

Inu-yasha was certain that one of the police cars would turn around and come after them. However, when he looked out from the back window he saw the police stepping out from the car clueless.

"That's the problem of the police here" Aliz said turning sharply in one corner on the road. "There is no one to lead them and no one to make the right decisions and I doubt they know what they are doing anyway."

Inu-yasha looked at Aliz placing his seatbelt on him fearing the ride Aliz was giving him. He had realized that something was wrong with this town and now he got one proof of that.

"That is simply why many here take justice into their own hands" Aliz continued while driving like in Formula. "I and Chaz took the justice into our own hands. We did that even thought we might not always choose the right way. However, it's more than the police can do here."

The two of them were silent. The only sound were those of Kikyo sleeping and Kouga muttering when he got on him the weight of both Kikyo and Koishi, who was daydreaming on the moment.

Suddenly Inu-yasha snapped from his silent thought turning for Aliz. "What about Sango and Miroku?" he asked concerned of them.

Aliz glanced at Inu-yasha. "Pray that the enemy won't find them" was all she said when turning in the next curve on the road.

¤¤¤somewhere else¤¤¤

Sango snapped out from her sleep when she heard a gunshot in distance. It wasn't too loud, but cause it came from the direction of the hill she was worried.

She looked down on her lap at Miroku's peaceful face. They had gone into the woods to have some private time. However, sometime ago sleep had taken control of them.

Miroku was still fast asleep when Sango stood up feeling how heavy her head was. She leaned on a tree not bothering to put Miroku's head nicely on the ground, but let it drop from her lap.

That made Miroku wake up. He held his head when he slowly looked up at Sango. "What was that for!?" he demanded. "That hurt!"

"Oh, be quiet!" Sango snapped walking forward toward the hill. She stopped beside the next tree just to hold her balance. She didn't even want to know how she would feel on the next morning. "I heard a gun shot. . . I think. . . "

Miroku looked up at her with a puzzled expression. "Gun shot?" he asked disbelieving. "You must have dreamed." He somewhat got up on his knees by leaning on the tree beside them, but stopped when he heard the distance sound of an ambulance.

"If not a gun shot, then it's something else, but we must get back" Sango said glancing Miroku behind him with a worried expression.

That worry made Miroku sigh and get up. "Alright" he said. "If that makes you feel better." He walked toward her and she gave her hand to him with a smile.

They walked hand in hand for a moment when suddenly Sango felt Miroku's other hand to climb up from her belly to her breasts. "Pervert!" she screamed slapping him right at his face.

"What!?" Miroku exclaimed. "You let me do that before."

"Well. . . Now is just not the time to do that" she explained hastily walking forward by him as well as she could in her current not too sober state.

"Well, well, well. . ." said a voice on their right. "What do we have here, eh?"

Sango quickly turned to look to that direction seeing a woman – or was it actually a man – to step out into their sight from behind a tree.

"Who are you?" Sango managed to ask when Miroku came beside her on his knees. He grabbed her hand and looked from behind her at the person in front of them.

"Me? I'm Jakotsu" the man said bowing low to them. "Very nice to meet you." He grinned widely.

Sango blinked many times when staring at the guy. He had his hair up and he had marks under his both eyes. He also had lipstick on his lips as well he was dressed into a feminine kimono.

Miroku's eyes fixed on something and then he pointed with one finger at the rifle Jakotsu had in his hand. "You have a. . . a. . ."

Jakotsu lifted his other brow at Miroku and then looked down at the rifle. "Oh this!" he said like it was nothing. He lifted the rifle up and loaded it quickly. Then before any of them could blink an eye he was aiming at the two of them.

"You come two come with me" he said quickly suddenly seriously. "Or you won't see the next sunrise and believe me I wouldn't mind it."

Sango backed a step almost stepping on Miroku's hand he had let fall on the ground. Miroku just stared at him like this couldn't be real and he was dreaming.

¤¤¤in one of the forests again¤¤¤

"This little fox-demon here tries to make me believe him that there is no ancient jewellery in your house" Naraku said pointing on Shippo in the hand of one of his minions. "But I know that what I'm looking for is there." He turned to look at Chaz and Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes when hearing that. It seemed that Shippo was somehow in the game with these people, but that wasn't what made him worry. This jewellery. . . What if it was the one needed to release Kagome?

Suddenly he felt those cool hands on his shoulders but he couldn't see them. He knew it was the ghost. He felt her cool breath against his ear when she whispered. "Don't let them get it" was all she said and disappeared again.

Sesshomaru had a quick change in his expression which wasn't left unnoticed by Naraku. "You know what I want, don't you?" he asked from Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru looked at the man he would rather make disappear. "What if I do?" he asked with a calm voice.

Chaz glanced at him wondering did he really know. He stepped in front of Sesshomaru when Naraku stepped nearer.

"That's foolish of you Charles to do" Naraku said almost laughing. "You'll die in instance if you draw that sword of yours."

Chaz looked around at the man and woman on his both sides and then at Naraku. He let go of his sword and straightened his back, but didn't let his gaze leave Naraku.

"Now I need that diamond ring!" Naraku shout at Sesshomaru and Chaz from a safe distance luckily.

"In your dreams!!"

Chaz heard a shout of a young girl but saw nothing when Naraku was pushed down in front of him. However used with some action he quickly took his gun out from his leather jacket and shot at the man with zanbato on the shoulder.

The man was stopped by that for a moment cause he couldn't wing his weapon his shoulder wounded and he had dropped Shippo a moment ago.

The woman was no slower than the man and she managed to open his fan and send daggers made of wind at them.

Most of them hit on Chaz, but not deadly. Two hit Sesshomaru slightly. He saw Kagome got straight at the woman pushing her on the ground.

Sesshomaru quickly glanced at Naraku who lifted his head to give a death glare to him, but his face was burned by foxfire right after. The one with the long sword came at him again and Sesshomaru run from under but got a hit on his ankle.

Chaz shot at the man again this time on the belly and then grabbed Sesshomaru from under his shoulder. He was in pain but he had to ignore it this time. They had to get out from here.

He glanced behind him to see Shippo follow them and in the middle of the three enemies she saw a transparent girl like a guardian angel. He blinked his eyes and the girl disappeared, but he did notice a grin on Sesshomaru's face when he glanced back.

¤¤¤on the road¤¤¤

Aliz drove her car forward and she knew where she was going. Inu-yasha realized this when he looked at the surrounding. "Why to my home?" he asked from her.

Aliz was silent. "They know to look us from there" she answered.

Inu-yasha didn't get it, but when he looked out from the front window he saw something. "Stop!" he shout and Aliz shot down the brakes and made the three in the back fly from the bench painfully.

Inu-yasha run out from the car and saw Shippo shocked in front of the car. "Shippo?" he asked waiving his hand in front of the demon's face.

"Inu-yasha!" he heard the sweetest voice on Earth. He turned around to just fall on the road when Kagome embraced him with all her might.

Aliz didn't notice it thought cause she was trying to get the three in the back, back on the bench.

"Sesshomaru and his friend need help" Kagome finally told Inu-yasha when he was sitting again.

"Why would Sesshomaru need help?" he asked almost uncaring, but slight worry in his eyes which Kagome saw.

She smiled slightly at it, but hid it when noticing him to lift his brow in question. "They are wounded" she explained. "In there." She pointed at the forest from where Inu-yasha could hear someone coming slowly toward them.

Aliz got out from the car when Inu-yasha stood up. They saw something white and green from behind the trees, but before Inu-yasha could actually realize who was coming Aliz was already running into the woods.

Kagome looked after her and then sighing disappeared out from the sight.

"Chaz!" Aliz shout arriving to her brother. "What's happened?" she looked at the wounds on him and also the wounds on Sesshomaru.

"Naraku" Chaz explained and that was enough for Aliz to change her expression from worried to a serious one. She took Sesshomaru who had hard time to walk with his wounded ankle so her brother could move better.

"Sess?" Inu-yasha asked this time not hiding his worry. He had come into the wood in the end and was now seeing his wounded brother. Sesshomaru only looked at him and growled slightly. Then he let his head fall and he slightly smiled, but it was quickly hidden behind his usual expression.

¤¤¤in the mansion¤¤¤

The mansion was empty and there was only two or three light in the house to make people think there was someone inside. Aliz helped Sesshomaru into the house after Inu-yasha opened the door.

He went back to get his friends when Chaz stepped out from the car. It might be better if they stay with us" Chaz told Inu-yasha.

"That's what I thought" Inu-yasha told his teacher when helping protesting Kikyo out.

Chaz was holding his badly wounded hand with his other one. He walked toward the house which he had last time visited when he brought Inu-yasha home after he fell sick.

When Chaz stepped into the house, Aliz almost run into him. She however managed to go around him back to the car to help Kouga out from there.

Chaz walked into the living room where Sesshomaru was sitting a chair. He was silent and sat down on a sofa not asking any permission.

Inu-yasha brought Kikyo in helping her up the first stairs and placed her down on his parents' bed. He came back down the stairs reaching for the phone when Aliz came in.

"Where?" she asked helping Kouga. Inu-yasha pointed up the stairs and Aliz believed he meant the room which's door was open. "Ok. I'll go get the other guy as well after him."

Inu-yasha only nodded when dialling the number. "Where are you calling?" Sesshomaru asked absent minded.

"Mom" was Inu-yasha's short answer before he heard his mother's voice in the other end of the phone.

"Hi, mom" he started. "It's me Inu-yasha. . ." He was about to continue, but her mother didn't give him the chance. She was talking everything she could about how glad she was that he called and was Shippo okay and did Jaken get enough food.

Talking about Jaken. . . He had been unusually silent when he walked to his master. He sat down beside Sesshomaru's wounded leg, but his master only glanced down at him.

Aliz had already bought Koishi into the house and started to treat the wounded when Inu-yasha finally got the possibility to interrupt his mother. "Everything is okay!" Inu-yasha said too hastily that quieted his mother for a moment.

"Yes I'm sure we are fine!" he answered his following questions. Then he gave a disgusted expression which Sesshomaru noticed, when Aliz looked at his ankle. "No, we are not arranging any sex-party with Sess!"

"We aren't doing anything illegal" Inu-yasha tried to calm his hysterical mother and he was sure she was drunk by now. Other wise she would take it calmer.

Suddenly the call was cut. "Damn!" he cursed and laid the phone down. He walked into the living room.

"What were you going to tell her?" Sesshomaru asked. "Not to mention that some illegal stuff we are going to do if we haven't yet done." He glanced at Aliz who finished up with his ankle.

"I hoped to ask them to stay away for few more days" Inu-yasha told his brother leaning on the sofa's backrest. He sighed.

There was a heavy silence. The only sound was Aliz working on the first-aid kit to help the wounded.

The silence was broken by the phone. Inu-yasha turned around and looked at the ringing phone. He walked to it almost fearing for something bad to happen. He lifted the receiver to his ear answering simply "hello?"

He sighed of relief when it was only his father's low voice. He was apologizing about Inu-yasha's mother's acting. It seemed that he was more sober at least.

"I just wondered. . ." Inu-yasha started not too sure about how his father would react. "That if you would still stay some more days away. . ." He stopped when his father opened his mouth again. "Why? Well. . . Sesshomaru and I. . . We are. . ."

Inu-yasha turned for Sesshomaru to get some help but his brother only shrugged his shoulders. "Umm. . . We'll have a surprise for you two and we need more time to get it ready" he explained his father quickly. His father was first silent and then accepted the explanation.

Shortly Inu-yasha finished the call and hung up the phone. Then he turned for the living room. "Just what did I tell him?" he suddenly exclaimed.

"Just great!" Sesshomaru exclaimed wanting to hide into the chair he was sitting on and leave Inu-yasha alone with his promise.


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