So I've been re-watching the Pokemon anime once again and remembering how I loved XYZ, I wanted to try my hand again on a Pokemon story. I also fondly remember enjoying Ash-Betrayal stories and how they provide the spark Ash needs to truly become a Pokemon Master. So this story is result of the two and will move into the Sun & Moon with many changes of course. So enjoy Chapter 1 of A Master's Rise.

It was a beautiful day in Lumiose City and inside a huge building, the most anticipated event of the year, the Lumiose Conference was taking place. It was now the Finals and two trainers were left standing. They were Alain Storm, a trainer from Lumiose who wielded a Mega-Stone allowing him to achieve Mega-Evolution and Ash Ketchum, a trainer who came all the way from the Kanto Region to compete in his 6th league. It was a neck-to-neck battle between the two trainers which was only amplified by the fact that they were familiar with each other and saw each other as passionate rivals. But now it was at its peak with both of them down to their last Pokemon. Alain had his Charizard who was currently evolved as a Mega Charizard-X while Ash had a Greninja who managed to achieve a special transformation of his own called the Battle Bond which rivaled Mega and even Legendaries in power. Both Ash and Alain were grinning but knew it had to come to an end.

"Greninja! Put all you have into one final Water Shuriken!" Ash yelled.

"Charizard! You do the same with one last Blast Burn!" Alain shouted.

Both Pokemon nodded and Greninja launched a Shuriken made of water with such ferocity that it turned slightly orange which swirled in with the blue. Charizard charged up all his energy into one fist and smashed it into the ground which caused a major eruption of flames to appear with the normal orange being mixed ironically with blue. The two attacks landed on their targets causing an explosion of smoke to appear. For a moment the crowd was silent. Then as the smoke cleared, the result was unheard of. Both Charizard and Greninja were back in their normal forms on the ground knocked out completely. The Ref didn't know what to say until Sycamore intervened.

"Referee, if I may. The battle we saw was nothing like we, the people of Kalos have ever seen before, and clearly both Pokemon are knocked out. So I would like to propose to make both Alain and Ash the first ever co-winners of the Kalos League." After he said this, the crowd was stunned but quickly supported the idea as they all believed both trainers earned it.

Ash went up to Alain with a grin and asked, "So what do you think Alain? You want to share the trophy?"

Alain was briefly stunned still by the outcome but then he returned Ash's grin with one of his own, "Ash, you are by far my greatest rival and someone I'm proud to call a friend. I am honored to share it with you." As he said that, the two bumped fists signalling that their rivalry/friendship will stay strong for all eternity.

In the stands, Clemont, Serena and Bonnie were crying tears of joy. They knew how much it meant to Ash to finally win a league even if it was a draw. But for Serena, seeing the boy he fell in love with in so much joy, she wanted to now so badly confess her feelings to him.

A Few Hours Later

Ash was sitting in his room with his whole team out. All of them were in high spirits especially Pikachu who knew very well how much pain Ash had to go through to finally achieve one of his biggest dreams.

"Guys, it's been one heck of a ride but we've done it. Sure we didn't win technically but the fact that you all gave it your all is what makes you winners in my eyes." said Ash. Everyone teared up at Ash's little speech as hearing any praise from him was always 1000% more inspiring. As soon as Ash finished, he then heard a knock on his door. Puzzled he opened it and saw Serena there with a small blush. Seeing her also made him a blush a bit. He never admitted it out loud, but during their journey together, Ash slowly found himself actually falling for the honey-blonde haired companion and after that incident with Greninja back at Snowbelle City, he realized that he was legitimately in love with her. But he knew he couldn't let such feelings disrupt his focus at such a crucial time so he temporarily put his feelings on hold and worked on his main goal which was to defeat Wulfric and by extension, the Kalos League.

"Serena! What brings you here all of a sudden? Not that I mind of course." Ash asked.

"Oh! Sorry Ash! I just wanted to talk to you about something but I can see you and your Pokemon are having a moment. I can wait till tomorrow." Serena replied a bit upset that she would have to wait but she completely understood that something important was going on.

"No worries! Me and my team were just finishing up. Alright guys, you can all return." As he said this, everyone returned except for Pikachu of course who continued to lie on the bed. But when he saw Serena's blush, he knew immediately that this was a moment so he jumped off and ran out the door leaving the two teens alone in the room.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Ash asked.

"Well the truth is, this is something I wanted to tell you since the beginning of our journey. You've done so much for me, Clemont and Bonnie and if it weren't for you, none of us would have achieved our dreams. But what I want to really say is that I love you Ash Ketchum." she confessed.

Ash had two emotions raging inside his head. The first was shock, that his childhood friend did return his feelings and that led to the other emotion which was overbearing joy. Unable to hold himself any longer, he leaned in kissed his crush on the lips for the first time.

Serena's mind completely shut down as she realized the love of her life was kissing her. She felt nothing but pure happiness and bliss and returned the motion with equal fervor. As the two finally ended the kiss for air, they were blushing even more but now with smiles.

"I really like you too, Serena. You're the only girl I want to be with so will you be my girlfriend?" Ash asked.

Tears began welling up in her eyes as she could only nod. The two shared a kiss once again and the night ended with Pikachu returning to see Ash and Serena cuddling together on the bed. Happy to see that his trainer finally got the girl, he carefully climbed to bed so as not to awaken them and cuddled right between them like a child in between his parents. Subconsciously, the two trainers each wrapped an arm around the electric mouse and the sight could only be seen as absolutely heartwarming. All three of them went to sleep with dreams to continue their goals in life. Pikachu's was to help Ash win more future leagues, Serena's was to try contests and finally Ash's was of course to be a Pokemon Master.

So as you can already see, I changed the outcome of Ash's battle with Alain. While I didn't like the fact he lost and in the Finals no less, I was still fine that it was Alain he lost to since I grew fond of the guy. So I tweaked it in a twist y'all probably didn't see coming. Also Betrayal will be coming soon and you will see whose on Ash's side and whose not. Also I'm a huge fan of Amourshipping since I really do love Serena's personality and development so it shouldn't be a big surprise that she's going to play a big role. So with that I say to all of you, "Au revoir!"