Warnings/notes : Yohji/Ken, slight fluff, slight humor, letter-fic (for now anyway)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 14th april 2003, by Misura



you asked me, not so very long ago, why, if I truely loved Ken, I still dated women.

Why I still went home with women, only coming back to the flowersop the next morning.

Why I found it so hard to ask Ken on a date, while I could pick up girls so easily. So smoothly.

The answer may not be what you expected to hear from me. I haven't told this to anyone else, which makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn't be telling you this either.

But you asked and as Ken's friend, I think you have a right to know.

So here it goes.

Imagine, if you please the following scene :

two people, me and some girl, meet up in a bar.

I ask her her name and tell her mine.

Perhaps she has heard of me, making her blush a little more while I hold her hand.

We talk some more, we drink some more .... evening turns into night.

I offer to bring her home (if she's the right kind of girl and if I think she'll say 'yes' of course).

She agrees, only protesting she doesn't want to bother me to which I reply it's no bother at all really.

When we leave, probably some of her friends look jealous.

My smile tells her to ignore them for now.

I bring her home, she asks me in. I kindly accept.

If you think this is the part where you don't want to read anymore, you're sadly mistaken, Omi.

Once we are inside, I do not kiss her. I don't even touch her.

She offers to make us a drink, I accept and while she walks to the kitchen, she tells me to take a seat.

I sit down, idly flipping through a TV-guide that lies around.

Don't ask me why my dates always have TV-guides lying around ; I have an eye for picking girls who do. It's a gift.

As she returns I remark there's a wonderful movie on tonight. One I think she'd love to see.

She replies she hasn't seen it (if she has, I come up with another movie, one I'm sure no one has heard of this time).

I tell her she has missed out on something.

She asks if I would like to see the movie with her. Because she can't very well say she didn't allow me to bring her home for another reason, can she?

Some girls can and will say that, but I take care not to pick one of those.

So we watch the movie.

I make her a drink, claiming I want to return the favor. Most of the times I make something warm, with alcohol.

Something that makes her sleepy. (Don't look at me like that, Omi, it's not like I'm drugging her or something.)

She dozes off.

Next morning, I'm gone.

Her friends call, to inform how her night with me has been.

She tells them it was fun. Interesting. Different.

She refuses to give any details. She refuses to say we just watched a movie.

That would be embarrassing, wouldn't it?

To have the one and only Yohji Kudoh at your house and only watch a movie with him?

Her friends are disappointed. They want to hear more.

She laughs and hangs up.

And that's all there has been to dating for me recently.

So, Omi, now that I have answered your question, can you answer one of my own?

Can you say why I find it so hard to walk up to Ken and confess I love him?

The answer to that would really help me.

Not yours, but with kind regards,