Warnings/notes : Yohji/Ken, Omi/Nagi, ?/?, slight fluff, slight humor, a kiss

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 15th may 2003, by Misura


To : Prodigy

From : Bombay

Subject : How's life?

Hi, Nagi,

how's life with you? I must admit I have a great time watching Yohji and Ken discover what it is to love someone, with Aya practically fleeing the room whenever they're around. The poor guy's completely freaked out by their new behavior.

I suppose I should feel sorry for him, but it's way too funny.

I miss you. I miss you. I could say that a thousand times and it still wouldn't bring our next meeting closer, would it? Even if it's true ...

Enough with the sadness, I can hear you muttering already. It's nice to be able to talk to you this way ; I hope we can chat again one day soon too.

So, how's your match-making-project going? I know maybe I should have asked that before flaunting my own success, but I wanted to tell someone.

Please write me back soon,


PS Yes, of course I love you! Sorry I forgot to say that earlier! Don't be mad at me, please!


To : Bombay

From : Prodigy

Subject : Re. : How's life?

Hi, Omi,

thanks for writing me again and letting me know about your good luck in matching your team-members. My own plots in that direction have proven unsuccessful so far, but I haven't given up hope yet ...

I'm fine, or as fine as I can be without you here with me. (See? You're not the only one who can write hopelessly sappy lines! ;) ). Homework's taking more of my time than assignments for You-know-who so the others are leaving me pretty much alone.

No, stop frowning, Omi ; they do it because they know I appreciate my privacy. I know it's hard to imagine for you, but I feel much better when I know they won't be walking in on me. Especially F. and S. can be annoying in that way.

C. has told me you and me will meet again coming Sunday ; I'm already looking forward to it. I love you, Omi Tsukiyono, my very own Bombay-kitten,

with a thousand kisses,


PS You're cute when you're blushing.

PPS Are you still on-line? I'll be waiting on the usual channel for the next ten minutes.


Prodigy : Glad you could make it. :)

Bombay : Me too. :)

Prodigy : Busy with homework?

Bombay : Nah. It's easy.

Prodigy : Lucky you! *looks jealous*

Bombay : Want help?

Prodigy : I'll manage but thanks.

Bombay : BTW I wasn't blushing when I read your message.

Prodigy : Yes you were.

Bombay : No I wasn't! *pouts*

Prodigy : You're also cute when you pout.

Bombay : *smiles* (*and blushes*)

Prodigy : I knew it! *looks smug*

Bombay : *hits Prodigy over the head with a pillow*

Prodigy : ?!?!?

Prodigy : *starts tickling Bombay*

Bombay : Not fair!

Prodigy : C.'s calling me. Gotta go. :(

Bombay : See you Sunday. :(

Prodigy : xxxx

Bombay : Love you too.

Prodigy has logged off

Bombay has logged off