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Extended Summary: David Dante, the emotionless and psychopathic Spider-Man is back and life has never been good for him. However, he is still considered a serial murderer by the police, who are growing constantly frustrated with being unable to catch him, and they even the odds when an FBI agent undergoes an experiment.

David Dante/Spider-Man: A psychopathic boy who develops spider powers and kills his enemies.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat: A cat burglar who is the love interest of both David Dante and Spider-Man.

Eddie Brock: The best friend of David Dante.

Otto Octavius/Det. Octopus: An FBI agent with a strong sense of justice.

Recap of the Previous Story

David Dante is a psychopathic boy who gets bitten by a super-spider at high school.

His love interest is Felicia Hardy, his best friend is Eddie Brock, his psychiatrist is Barton Hamilton, and his parents are Jim and Misa Dante.

The day after getting bit, he discovers his powers.

He puts his powers to the test by challenging three professional fighters.

He becomes involved in an office robbery and although he intervenes, he spares the robber from death.

His father, Jim Dante, became a casualty of David's choice in sparing the criminal.

David Dante becomes Spider-Man with the motive to kill violent criminals as a way to satisfy his homicidal urges.

His reputation quickly spreads around New York City. He saves innocent people and kills violent criminals. Some people call him a hero while others call him a murderer.

Spider-Man meets Black Cat and enters a romantic relationship with her.

His psychiatrist, Barton Hamilton, becomes the Green Goblin.

Spider-Man and Green Goblin play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

The Green Goblin is defeated.

David Dante embraces his life as Spider-Man.

Chapter 1-1

Humans beings are such fascinating creatures. The minute a human infant starts walking, the parents start teaching them to pick up stuff. Then they started teaching them to talk and after that, how to properly use the bathroom. When that human infant grows into an eleven-year-old, they expect him or her to behave like a big boy or girl and not cry in front of other people. Humans also have this thing where they celebrate the day they were born. I never understood it; What is the point of celebrating a day that reminds you that you are close to death? I don't believe predestination but what I do know is that the older I grow, the more my life expectancy decreases. However, what I do love about birthdays, especially today since it is my sixteenth birthday, is the birthday cake, food, and presents.

David Dante, a regular, ordinary kid to the world, a psychopathic boy who exhibits no feelings for his friends or family alike by evening, a killer of violent criminals and savior of innocent people by night.

He woke up at seven o'clock on the dot. It was Friday, time for school. He completed his habitual ritual of getting dressed and eating a plate of breakfast his single mother, Misa Dante, had cooked up for him. He grabs a plate and piles bacon and scrambled eggs.

"Happy birthday, David," Misa said cheerfully as she hugged him.

Humans are such fascinating creatures for making a big deal out of the day you were born. Even the woman who gave birth to me, the one called 'Mom'.

David hugged her back with reluctance as if he hadn't hugged a human before.

"Thanks, Mom," David said, "Did you make this breakfast for me?"

"I know how you like to eat a lot of food so I cooked you so much bacon and eggs."

"Thanks, Mom."

He sat down with his mother and had his birthday breakfast with his mother.

"You know, Mom, you didn't have to go out of your way to make me breakfast. I'm happy that you did but you didn't have to waste your time; I'm not worth it."

"Davey, you're my only son, of course, I would go out of my way for you."

"Even if…" he looked over his shoulder before leaning forward, "If I'm a little messed up in the brain?"

"I would love you, regardless."

That's what she keeps saying but does she really mean it? I'm an emotionless, manipulative, lying human-less monster who is incapable of feeling remorse and/or guilt.

"I got a lot of work to do. I have school in the morning and then my part-time job, better get a headstart on."

As David stands up, Misa stands up and kisses him on the temple. "No matter what kind of person you turn out to be, I will always love you. Just remember that."

You're the only person who would give a rat's ass what would happen to me.

"I'll remember."

He left the apartment building.

He went jogging down the street as he always has to catch up with the bus to take him to school. He waited at the bus stop with his backpack over his back and hands in his pockets.

New York City is a fascinating place. Ever since Spider-Man's first appearance one year ago, there's been a statewide debate on whether Spider-Man should be put in prison or given a pardon to continue his reign as a vigilante. I wonder what the public would think if they found out that I was Spider-Man. Me. David Dante. The kid who gets straight Bs and Cs (on purpose) in high school. They'd probably be even more grateful. I'm sixteen and I'm risking my life to save innocent people and sending bad guys to hell. Deep down, there's a little bit of David Dante in everyone and that's a fact. But, I hate the idea of my identity being revealed. If Spider-Man's identity were to be revealed then David Dante would be arrested for sure and get The Needle or Old Sparky. If I'm lucky, I'll get off due to insanity and be sent to a psych ward where I'll be in a cushioned room until they deem me sane. But since I was born a monster, that's not going to happen. If they catch me, as if they ever could, then they'll send me to the clink where I will have to wear chains around my feet and metal bracelets around my wrists for the rest of my life.

His ears perk up as they pick up on a familiar sound. He turns to his left and sees a lady setting up a bar selling Spider-Man souvenirs. Souvenirs included Spider-Man balloons, lollipops with Spidey's color scheme, and Spider-Man t-shirts.

What is this, a girl selling merchandise of my alter-ego?

He walks over to the stand and he studies the merchandise. His hands drift off to a shirt with a spider symbol printed on the front.

Black Cat wearing a red Spider-Man shirt with a black spider symbol in the front, sounds kinda enticing.

"This is for my girlfriend," David said offhandedly as he pays for the shirt, "She loves Spider-Man."

And by love, I mean she loves it when I ravish her.

"I hope your girlfriend loves it," the girl said, "Have a nice day, and hope you'll catch a glimpse of Spider-Man."

David takes his backpack off his arms and sets it down. He kneels to open his backpack and pauses when he catches a glimpse of his real suit.

Don't want to be caught with a Spider-Man suit in my backpack. It would be… awkward... to say the least.

He zipped up his backpack after stuffing the shirt inside. When he looks up, he sees a yellow school bus with the side-door open for a split second before it closes, indicating that the bus made it stops and that it was driving off.

"Wait," David calls, "Wait for me!"

David ran after the school bus but by the time he got to the cub, it was already a block away and traffic was blocking his path. He still decided to leap for it and ran out into open traffic.

Then came a tingling feeling in the back of his skull.

Uh-oh, the danger radar is going off. A city bus with Gwyneth Paltrow's face on the side is about to hit me? I guess the only rational thing for me to do is…

He backflips onto the cub seconds before the city bus makes contact.

Once the city bus cleared his path of vision, he looked in the direction where the school bus went. His eyes roamed over the tsunami of cars and incoming roars of honks but he could not spot his target.

And the school bus is going. I mean, I could sprint to the next bus stop but I don't feel like doing that. Today is my birthday and I want to do only one thing.

He sprints into an alleyway.

He emerges as Spider-Man, swinging from a web with his backpack on his back and cheering in excitement.

The girl running the Spider-Man stand saw Spidey swinging off into the distance on a web. "Whoah," she exclaimed, "Hey Spidey, you're looking hot!"

Spidey swung across New York City, racing the school bus to get to Midtown High before eight o'clock.

Swinging on webs through New York City is enjoyable. I feel like I am the king of the world with this power. I'm two hundred feet above the police officers' head so they can't catch me and people cheer for me like I'm the boss.

His danger radar went off in his head.

My danger radar is always looking out for things around me. I mean, what it is telling me is not a threat to me directly, however.

Below him, standing outside a repair shop, was a toddler around the age of three or four. The toddler's mother's back was turned and didn't notice a car that had plowing through the streets with one convict inside the stolen car.

Where do these clowns get their license? Nimrod University?

Spidey decides to take the detour and swings downward.

The car was getting closer and closer to the toddler, accelerating with every passing second. Either way, the child's small body would not be able to endure the impact of a car about to roll over them at sixty miles per hour.

Save, save.

The mother turns and lunges for the toddler before she could get run over.

Spidey swoops in and catches the toddler with his free hand. He swung the toddler over to the safety of the cub where he set the toddler down in front of her mother.

"My baby," the mother cried as he hugged her now crying toddler. "Thank you, Spider-Man."

"No thanks needed," Spidey responded.

Time to take out the trash.

He jumps into the air and pursues the car thief.

He swung after the car as it plowed through oncoming traffic, causing taxis and trucks alike to honk their horns and get out of the way before the car thief drove into them.

The car thief drove through a red light.

Shame on you for not looking both ways before going on red.

Spidey lands on the hood before crawling to the hood, where he perches. He turns and faces the car thief. He punches his hand through the window and grabs the car thief by the hair. He punches his other hand through and uses it to grab the thief by the throat.

He yanks the car thief out by his hair and throws, smashing his head through the windshield before leaping into the air.

The car was still in motion and because it lacked a driver, it steered off course and nearly crashed into a group of bystanders outside a drug store. Just as the car was about to collide with a pedestrian, the car came to an abrupt stop.

With webs pulling at the trunk of the car.

Spidey sat on top of the edge of a building, smiling under his mask as he saw the pedestrians come out unscathed from the car he stopped with his webs.

"Please don't kill me."

Spidey turned to the man he was holding by the neck with his left hand over the edge.

"It's a long way down," Spidey said, "It's not going to be me that kills you; It's the sudden stop."

Die, die.

He opened his hand and let the criminal fall six stories into an alleyway. The sound of the criminal screaming as he fell to his death lasted only for a few seconds before they became silenced.

And down you go, motherfucker. As much as I would like to stay, I, as David the human, have school to attend.

He leaps up and continues his swing across the city to get to school.

After six or seven minutes of swinging, he arrives at Midtown High. He knew that he couldn't just web-swing to the front entrance of the school and then discard his clothing because that would be weird and awkward.

And obvious David Dante is Spider-Man.

Spidey swung behind a tree and changed back into his David Dante clothing.

He walked right into class and took his seat.

He spent the last thirty minutes listening to a lecture on ethics.

Why do I have to even learn about ethics? It's so boring, the concept of right and wrong, it's all so boring, predictable, and unamusing. I don't even care about ethics in the first place yet I'm still forced to suffer through this class for one hour.


The young boy turned to the source of the voice.

Ahh, Eddie Brock. He's what humans call a 'friend'. Truth is, the only thing he is good for is keeping me entertained during this boring lecture.

"Happy birthday," Eddie whispered.

"Thanks," David whispered back, "You remembered my birthday?"

"Of course," Eddie said, "You're my friend."

"I'm happy to be your friend," David said awkwardly. His gaze suddenly shifted from Eddie to the girl sitting in front of him. He knew that platinum blonde hair from anywhere.

That's the most silver-blonde hair I've ever seen and I'm addicted to staring at it.

The girl with the platinum blonde hair looked over her shoulder and looked at David. "Why are you staring at me?" she asked. "You being a creep again?"

David feigned offense. "What… me, a creep? You must have me confused for someone else, Felica Hardy."

Felica scowled before looking away.

Felica Hardy, my future wife.

"By the way," Felica said, "Happy Birthday."

Proof that we're destined to be together.

"Excuse me," the teacher called out, her voice booming across the classroom, "Do you have something you want to share with us, Mr. Dante?"

"Yes," he answered quickly, "I want to share with you my disappointment; Today is my birthday and no one wished me a happy birthday."

"No one cares about your birthday," a boy in class said.

"Ryan," the teacher scolded before turning back to David, "Happy birthday."

"Thank you," David said with a smile. A fake smile he had mastered through practice in front of a mirror.

Normally, I don't enjoy the attention but today is the day I'm the king. I already got to kill someone as Spider-Man so that's that.

His eyes roamed around the classroom.

If only they knew that I was Spider-Man.

Lunch came halfway through the day. David ordered a new regular meal (A steak sandwich with a baked potato) and savored every bite. Since today was his birthday, the lunch ladies gave him a free Airheads for him to snack on for dessert.

The cafeteria was crowded, kids chatting with each other and minding their own business. David sat at a table in the middle of the cafeteria, paying no attention to the kids.

The only thing that birthdays are good for is the perks. Most humans celebrate birthdays because it's the day their age increases but the only thing I care about is the food. I get a free cake handed to me, practically on a silver platter, and it's all for me and nobody else. To me, free cake is what makes it the birthday. I like presents but honestly, I could care less about the presents. I would say I don't want anything but Mom, and even Eddie, get me things regardless. Eddie doesn't know that I'm a psychopath but mother does and yet she still gives me presents. I don't understand her way of thinking.

As he finishes the last of his food and unwraps his Airhead candy, a tray is placed down on the table beside him and someone with a familiar aura sits next to David.

"Well, well," David said, turning on the charm he had perfected after years of practice, "Look who decided to join me."

"You're different today," Felica suddenly said, "You did something, I can see it in your eyes."

David's eyes went wide for a split second before he closed.

Damn it, I forgot how perspective Felicia can be. Out of everyone in this entire school, she is the only one who suspects that I am hiding something but she also said that she likes mysterious boys. But still, if she knew what I was actually hiding, things could get problematic for me.

"Yeah, I turned sixteen today."

"It's not that, it's the attention. I've known you long enough to know that you hate attention. You prefer to say in the shadows and just watch people like the creeper you are. So the fact that you wanted the teacher to announce your birthday strikes me as an anomaly."

She doesn't miss anything, not even the slightest irregularity. I was overzealous from my kill before school that I let my guard down. Not so much that anybody could see but just enough that a perceptive girl like Felica could see something different. It's a-okay, she is only suspicious of me and knows nothing. Nothing to worry about.

"Well, you wouldn't want the same old predictable me, would you?"

"I think it's a good thing that you're predictable. Whenever you do something out of the ordinary, I'll spot it immediately."

David's hands started sweating. He kept his composure so the perceptive girl wouldn't notice anything odd.

"So you admit to watching me?" David said as he flashed a smile. It was a forced smile, not a fake one he perfected.

Felica smirked at him. "You wish."

"You know, we have set up an official date. I thought you and I were boyfriend and girlfriend."

"That's right, we were supposed to go on an official date some time ago and forgot it."

"Yeah, your family was kidnapped by the Green Goblin and Spidey saved them." David flashed a genuine smile this time, albeit a cheesy one.

I mean me.

"And then you kissed me at your uncle's funeral," she recalled, "This is the oddest thing you've ever done in all my time knowing you."

If you only knew.

He looked at his watch. "We only have five minutes left of lunch before we head to the fourth hour. Anything you want to say to the birthday boy?"

"Yeah, stop staring at the back of my head in class."

"How could I resist looking at such beautiful features to a very pretty girl?"

She grabbed her lunch tray and got out of her seat. She threw her tray in the trash before walking away.

That was a close one.

The rest of the school day went by like that. Despite Felicia noticing something off about him in the cafeteria, he refused to let her get away so easily.

When the bell rang and released students for the weekend, David pursued after Felica, catching up to her as she walked out of the school.

"Hey, Felicia," he said, "You can't escape me that easily."

She stopped and turned towards him with an annoyed look on her face. "I think you made that pretty clear. What do you want this time, I have to get back home ASAP."

"Why's that?"

"Dad is having a friend come over and it's been a long time since I've seen him."

"Really? Is he better than me?"

Felicia arches an eyebrow. "He's in his forties, no need to get jealous."

"Speaking of which, what I wanted to talk to you about is that I wanted to get to know your parents. I mean, you did say that I can meet your parents when you meet my parents. By default, you met all my parents since my father died and Mom is raising me on her own."

I already met your father, mother, and brother as Spider-Man.

"I guess you have a point there, Davey," she said, "Just because I'll let you meet my parents doesn't mean we are in a relationship of any kind."

"And since our date to Texas Roadhouse was interrupted, we should set up for another date. I mean, we practically are boyfriend and girlfriend. If you keep saying no then I'm just going to pursue you."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You're quite persistent, even more so than before. If you want to meet my parents then I have no problem. But I'll be watching you."


"I know that you are hiding something and my father is a police captain. I can't wait to see your reactions and you know how perceptive I can be."

I know her father is a police captain, I'm trying to meet Captain Walter Hardy so I can see where the police are at in the Spider-Man investigation.

"I'll be on my best behavior," David said, "I think your father and I will hit it off, actually. I mean, he is a police captain and I want to work for the police when I grow up as a forensic profiler."

Felicia turned away suddenly. Her hands began fidgeting not out of annoyance but out of nervousness.

"No need to get nervous, just tell your father that I'm harmless and I don't intend on setting him up as Spider-Man's accomplice."

"I'll let you meet him tomorrow. When are you free from your afterschool job?"

"I don't work on the weekends."

"Then come over at three; You know where I live."

"I'll bring my A-game."

And my Oscar-worthy acting skills.

Felicia walked away.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Walter Hardy, captain of the police force, is leading the investigation against me as Spider-Man. I want to meet him so I can get a feel as to where he is in the investigation as well as who he suspects Spider-Man really is. Also, I might want to give him some false forensic profiling to lead him in the wrong direction.

He looked at his watch.

Got to be in Time Square by four-thirty. No problem.

His part-time job was an interesting one, to say the least. He worked in a pizza joint in Time Square called Sbarro.

I love Times Square. Reasons: Because I can disappear from my job slicing up pizzas and change into an alleyway. All it would take is for me to run into a crowd and become one with the herd.

He begins slicing pizzas to be served dressed in a black apron.

I'm pretty smooth with the pizza cutter. I can only imagine how good I am with a knife. But Spider-Man doesn't need a knife to kill. Besides, I'm doing this job so I can pay for rent in my mother and mine's apartment building.

After David finished cutting the pizza, he packed it up in a box and handed it to a customer who ordered a pizza to go.

"Have a good day," David waved the customer.

Now shoo.

"David," a voice called to him from behind.

It was the assistant manager, a girl the same age as him named Liza.

"Can I help you?" David asked rather bluntly.

She hesitated, nervously looking away.

Why does she always do that? Why does she always get shy and embarrassed whenever I look at her? It's kinda weird.

"I just wanted to let you know that you're going to have to stay late. We're short-handed on staff."

David groans. "Well, that sucks."

How delightful this turned out to be: Where was David when Spider-Man was absent? Working in a national pizza joint chain.

"It doesn't matter," David said, "I'll stay for as long as it takes."

She looked at him nervously and blushed. "Thank you, David. Oh, and happy birthday."

Yeah, why does she look at me like that? Why does she blush whenever I'm around her? I'm like a furnace to her ice pack.

David turned and continued with his work. Liza turned away but not before stealing one last side-glance at her crush.

And this is life for the emotionless, monstrous David Dante. Every morning, I wake up, go to school, then come to work for a pizza joint for about two to three hours Monday through Friday. A perfectly one hundred percent normal boy. And when it's time, the REAL David Dante makes his move. He puts on a cheap, homemade red and black costume and swings around New York City, saving innocent and killing the guilty. And not only that, but he's got a birthday that he'll be celebrating with his girlfriend, the dashing, the dazzling, the delicious Black Cat, Bringer of Bad Luck tonight.

He smirks.

Chapter 1-2

It was around eight o'clock when work was officially over for him. He bought a Sbarro cheese pizza for himself and left with several tips given to him by several customers. He arrived home by walking and when he made it up to his apartment building, he was not expecting birthday banners to be hanging over his head when he walked into the room.

"Surprise, Davey," Misa cheered.

His 'friend', Eddie Brock, was standing beside his mother and waving at David. "Welcome home, Davey."

His apartment hadn't been decorated excessively, just birthday banners that said 'Happy Birthday, Davey' or 'Happy 16' were hanging on the walls and ceiling and there was a red and black birthday cake presented to him on the table. He looked around the room and spotted only his mother and Eddie present.

Only two people, am I early for the party?

"Thanks, guys," David said, "You didn't have to go out of your way to do this."

You didn't have to go out of your way to buy something for a birthday party I don't care about. If you really loved me as you both say, then you would've gotten me sixteen birthday cakes.

Misa said, "I wanted to invite your friend, Felica, but she wasn't available."

Not surprised.

"I helped your mother pay for the cake," Eddie said.

"Oh, from those Spidey pics you take for the Daily Bugle?"

Eddie begrudgingly nodded.

"Why do you keep working there? I know that you are a supporter of Spider-Man but why do you continue to work there?"

"They're the only newspaper company that pays for my Spider-Man photos. The Daily Globe is an international newspaper company so they wouldn't accept my photos."

"I understand," David said, "Let's not fret over trivial things. I brought back a pizza for you, Mom. I got your favorite from Sbarro."

"Did you get me one?" Eddie asked.

"No," David said dryly, "I don't know what kind of pizza you like."

"We've been friends since eighth grade."

No, you've been my source of entertainment since eight grade.

"We've been to Peter Piper and Chuck E. Cheese dozens of times. You never noticed what kind of pizza I always asked for?"

David had a blank expression on his face. His mother went quiet and looked from David to Eddie.

This is awkward.

"Uh…" David stuttered, "Pepperoni?" Eddie didn't respond. "Mushroom? Cheese? Anchovies?"

"It doesn't matter man," Eddie laughed, "I'm just busting your chops."

"Well, my chops are busted."

I wonder what Eddie would say if he knew I was Spider-Man. Probably something like 'What, you're Spider-Man? I've been getting paid because of you, this paycheck is yours and if I'm promoted, you still get my salary'. One can dream.

"Let's just get down to business," David insisted.

"But it's Friday, we can party all night," Eddie said.

"You're right."

I want him to leave. If he stays then he'll be glued to me until midnight when I'm sixteen and one days old. I want to enjoy the company of Black Cat, not him.

David sat down at the table and they sang Happy Birthday to him before cutting the cake. He got the slice of cake that had 'David' written in red and black frosting. He savored each bite of the cake as he began contemplating his next course of action.

He looked at Eddie, who was eating his own slice of cake.

How can I get rid of Eddie? Of course, I could be blunt and tell him to mind his own business and leave but I'm supposed to be in a good mood on my birthday. More importantly, it'll look suspicious if I tell my 'best friend' to take a hike on my birthday.

He looks at his mother.

There's another problem: Mom; She knows that I'm a psychopath. If I tell Eddie to leave then she'll start to wonder what is going on with me. If Eddie leaves and I retire to my room, she'll get suspicious and probably check up on me. If she looks in my room and sees that I'm not there, then it would make things awkward for me.

"How's your girlfriend, Anne, been doing?" he asked.

Eddie paused and rubbed the back of his head subconsciously. "She's doing well. We've been spending time together, going to the movies, and we're not in a relationship."

"Did you ever make it to second base?"

Truth is, I have no idea what second base is; I only know it as a baseball term.

"I don't feel comfortable talking about that while we're eating," Eddie said nervously, "I'll tell you when you take things to the next level with your girlfriend. If you're going to pursue her, try a different tactic."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," David said slyly, "Felica likes me, she's just too proud to admit it. You'll see, by the end of the year, she'll belong to me."

"She's a woman, not a toy you can just claim."

If I can make Black Cat fall for me, then I can get Felica Hardy to fall for me. I've built a profile around Felicia so I should be able to tactically plan a date that'll make her fall head over heels down the stairs for me.

"She acts like she's not interested in me but that's all an act. She loves me and I'll prove it. In fact, I'll be meeting up with her parents."

"Really?" Eddie said in a disbelief tone, "Is that really happening."

"It is. She said that I can meet her parents if she meets mine. She already met Mom so I can meet her parents."

"We've met," Misa said, "I remember Felica, she's a sweet girl."

And if you remember correctly, Mom, she's a woman and you told me that women are perceptive.

"You remember how I taught you to act around a girl?" she asked, "Manners, everything."

Mother was the one who taught me how a gentleman should behave around ladies. I'm a charming person thanks to her.

"I'm like a book, Mom, you write something in me, it's permanent."

I just don't want to be read like an open book.

This dinner conversation lasted for maybe one more hour before Eddie checked his watch and set his utensils aside.

"I'm afraid I must be going now," Eddie said, "If I'm not home in the next hour then my Mom's going to kill me."

"You gotta love your mothers they say," David said, "I mean, they love you." The tone in which he said it was dry and sounded almost robotic. He changed his tone when he said, "That's what my Mom always said."

David gets up from his chair and he walks Eddie to the door. "Take care, Eddie," he said, opening the door for him, "You're going to need it."

Eddie looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "Why would I need luck?"

"New York is a rough place, especially at night. Who knows, you might come across a gang and get saved by Spider-Man."

David inwardly smirks.

"I hope that does happen," Eddie said, "So I can meet my hero once more." He looks over his shoulder at Misa, who was still sitting at the table with her back turned to him, "Thanks for inviting me, Mrs. Dante." He turns to his friend. "Happy birthday."

David pats him on the back before his friend departs. David shuts the door softly before locking up both locks. He turns and sighs as he presses his back to the door, rubbing his palms over his forehead and wiping away sweat.

"That's Eddie," David chuckled, "A real Spider-Man fanboy. Still, he's a good friend for coming over."

Misa said nothing. She slowly turned her head over her shoulder and spotted David at the door. "Can you come to sit down so we can talk?"

Notice: She said it as a question so I have the right to refuse.

"I'm kinda tired-"

"Right now!"

David's eyes widened.

I've definitely never seen her raise her voice. This type of behavior is unpredictable for my Mom. One of the benefits of my mother was that she was a predictable, scheduled woman with the same tone and speech patterns. I can even predict the most likely words she'll say spending on her emotional state but I've never seen this before.

David slowly walks over to the table and he sits down in the same chair he sat previously. He put his elbows on the table and looked at his mother, whose eyes were gazing downward at the table as if he was reading from a will and testament.

What could this be about? Does she know my secret? Does she know that I am Spider-Man?

"I've…" she started, her eyes rising to gaze into his, "Been noticing some unusual patterns. In you, of course."

Patterns? I've stuck to the same schedule every day since I became Spider-Man. There's no way she could've figured me out. What could she mean?

"David, I know your secret and that you are 'different' from most people. But that doesn't change the fact that I love you. It is because I love you that I watch out for you and I can sense something different."

What could this be?

"Ever since our psychiatrist, Dr. Hamilton died…"

Do you mean the Green Goblin?

"I haven't been able to pay for another psychiatrist because of the shifts I have to work. I am aware that you have 'urges' that cause you to commit unspeakable acts. Like torture or even a strong desire to kill. We always said that if you ever felt these urges that you would come to us and we would solve them together."

David's breathing became shallow. He tapped his foot against the carpeted floor and his right index finger was slightly twitching.

What is this…?

"What have you been taking your urges out on?"


"With Dr. Hamilton dead, you can't receive therapy and in the last year, you've not come to me to tell me about your urges. It's like your urges have completely vanished out of thin air and you haven't done anything outwardly to indicate that you need a psychiatrist."

There's no way she knows I'm Spider-Man, there's no possible way. She doesn't know that I'm Spider-Man. Even if she does, she'll love me regardless. I mean, parents love their children regardless but would she love her son if he was a serial killer?

"I can only come to one conclusion: You have been taking your urges out on something. Before, when you had urges, Dr. Hamilton made arrangements for you to go to the pound to put down animals. You haven't been to the pound in over a year."

David's eyes widened for a brief second before he forced them shut.

Is this really happening?

"David, I ask you, as your mother, what have you been taking your urges out on?"

The air in the room suddenly became cold. It felt like there was a lump in David's throat that was blocking off his breathing. A furnace lit inside his head that caused him to sweat like a pig.

I don't know what to say. I should've known something like this would happen; I've not been to a therapy session since I killed the Green Goblin and Mom has been working multiple shifts to pay the bills. She was probably getting worried that I might've taken my urges out on something but the fact that I haven't mentioned an urge in a year is cause for greater suspicion then having an urge. If I'm not careful with what I say, it would be my downfall. I have to think of the answers carefully, otherwise, she'll see through my lies and imagine the worst. The tricky thing is that she is my mother and has known me ever since I escaped from her umbilical prison.

He took a deep breath.

What if I told her I was Spider-Man?

David looked at his mother and rubbed the back of his neck in a similar fashion to Eddie. "I take it out on criminals. I'm Spider-Man."

Misa gasps and falls over.

"Are you dead?"

David looked at his mother and rubbed the back of his neck in a similar fashion to Eddie. "I take it out on criminals. I'm Spider-Man."

Misa pulls out a whistle and blows it. "He's Spider-Man!"

Police invade the house and arrest him.

David looked at his mother and rubbed the back of his neck in a similar fashion to Eddie. "I take it out on criminals. I'm Spider-Man."

"No," she cried and sobbed.

David looked at his mother and rubbed the back of his neck in a similar fashion to Eddie. "I take it out on criminals. I'm Spider-Man."

She took out a gun and shot David square in the head.

David's eyes widened.

These are only four out of eight possible scenarios. I won't tell her I'm Spider-Man. Having a son as a killer is one thing but a son who is the serial killing Spider-Man is another.

"I…" he started before holding back and sucking in a deep breath, "I take my urges out on…"

Criminals, drugs?


She stared at him with a confused brow.

"I take my urges out on Felica."

She stares at him, eyes widen, fearing the worst.

"I sleep with Felica," he sighed, "I release my urges by sleeping with Felica."

I did not think this one through… but I already 'spun a web', I just have to complete it.

"A few weeks after Dr. Hamilton passed away, Felica kept checking on me to make sure that nothing was wrong with me. She was very concerned about me. I thought, 'Why is she still bothering with her time in checking on me?' I'm psychically fine. Then, a month or two, the urges were starting to come back and I had no therapist to tell but Felica was there. I thought I was going to kill her but… I don't know how but… it just happened. I blacked out and I woke up in Felica's bed, naked with her beside me. It was pretty obvious that we had done the deed but when I woke up, that feeling of a balloon about to burst in my head, the urges, they were gone, as if they never existed."

"What are you saying?"

"Sex. Sex is how I get rid of these urges. I have sex with Felica to rid myself of the urges."

I can only hope that she buys it. If I start using statistics like psychos have strong sex drives then it'll be obvious that I'm trying to logic to back up my statement and no rational reason.

"That's the story you want to go with?" Misa asked.

"If you don't trust me then put a wire on me."

She studied him. "Is that the story you want to stick to?"


She regarded him carefully before picking herself up and putting the dishes in the dishwater. "Are you having any urges right now?"

Oh yes and I'm craving a Black Cat.

"Would you believe me if I said yes?"

She eyed him suspiciously.


It was late at night by the time both David and Misa turned in. David had climbed into his bed and kept his eyes shut for at least an hour before he opened one eye up and studied his darkroom. His apartment was quiet, too quiet for anyone to be awake and when he looked at his alarm clock, it read ten at night and his mother was always asleep by ten.

Time for David to play.

He hops out of bed and reaches for his backpack.

He leaps out of his bedroom window in his Spider-Man costume.

He fell several stories from his bedroom window before he shot a web out and swung from it. He flew through the city, swinging from web to web, performing risky moves such as swinging between a truck and the container on its back or even doing the loop-de-loop on his favorite crane.

In the dead of night, Spidey had never felt more peaceful. This is who he truly was: The web-swinging, wall-crawling, red-and-black costume-wearing serial killer of serial killers of New York City. Some people hated him and demanded he is brought to justice while others acclaimed him and demanded that he bring justice. But tonight wasn't about justice.

Tonight was about ravishing his girlfriend, the only other superpowered beings in the world aside from him.

He swung in one direction, leaping and swinging between buildings and followed the same pattern before he landed on the roof of a building that had a pool on top.

He landed on his feet inches away from the pool and stood straight.

He cranes his head and looks up into the night sky where hundreds, millions of stars filled the empty nothing above them. His look transferred from nothingness in outer space to the full moon.

What a fat moon that is. A fat, white, circular, ginormous moon that looks to be made of cheese. Oh man, if the moon was made of cheese, I would become an astronaut to take a bite out of it.

"Hey there, Spider."

Spidey's back stiffened. "There's only one person with that sexy, feline voice."

"I hope you weren't thinking of someone else."

He turned and was met face-to-face with the Bringer of Bad Luck herself, Black Cat.

She was sitting in a beach chair near the edge with her right leg over her left.

"Sight-seeing?" she asked.

"Oh, I most certainly am," Spidey responded, "Have you ever looked at the moon? It's big, fat, and does nothing but look at us like we're ants, every night for the rest of our lives."

"Can't handle the fact of something constantly watching you?" She climbs off the chair and approaches him. She drags a finger across his spider symbol.

"I could say the same to you, dashing, dazzling, delicious Black Cat."

"What a name," she purred, "You're not trying just saying that to get in my pants, are you?"

He shrugged.

"You better not," she said seductively before moving over to the edge and perches down on the rails. "You know what they say when you cross a black cat's path."

She shot her wrist out and a hook from her wrist launched out onto another building. She swings off in a similar manner to Spider-Man.

Swinging from something shot from her wrists, she is such a 'copycat'.

Spidey leaps over the railings and swings after her, following her wherever she swung throughout the city. He catches up to her and they swing together, side-by-side. When they shot their webs/hooks into buildings, they swung together at the same pace, matching each other's speed. However, because Spidey had the more superior form of swinging across New York City, he had to slow his roll and allow time for Black Cat's hooks to shoot out.

Spidey suddenly grabbed Black Cat by the waist with his left hand and wrapped his right arm around her chest.

"Let's fall together," he said, "Let me swing you this time."

She wraps her hands around his neck and shoulders tightly, her head subconsciously resting against his chest.

Without looking, he shot a web out and he swung over like a pendulum up and rocketing towards the top of a building with twenty-five stories. He carefully landed on the roof and carefully put Black Cat down.

"Thanks, Spider," she said, "For a second, I thought you were going to drop me."

"How could I drop my girlfriend?" he asked in mock offense, "You already love me so there's no reason to make you fall for me."

Would she still like me if she knew that Spider-Man was David Dante?

She chuckled. "I guess that's true in a way."

Before she could say anymore, Spidey pulled his mask up to expose his mouth, grabbed Black Cat by her cheeks, and pulled her in for a kiss.

Black Cat's eyes widen and her face reddened. After a few seconds, she became lost in the kiss and grabbed the back of Spidey's head and pulled him in to deepen the kiss.

Kisses are wet and sloppy. Sure, tasting someone's cherry lipgloss is nice but it's just unsanitary. Who knows what food is stained to their lips or how dry they may be? Who knows what diseases that person might be carrying. But, if kisses warm up a girl's heart then I'll just play the part.

"We're on a rooftop," Spidey said, "A rather tall one; No one is going to see us."

"It has been a while since we did the deed," she said, "I don't like making love on rooftops."

"We've done it before."

Before she could say anymore, she dove right in for another kiss.

Psychopaths have a strong sex drive.

Spidey unzipped her catsuit.

However, unlike regular humans, we use sex for power.

Spidey took off his suit.

We always have to play the dominant role in sex acts and I like playing the dominant one.

He laid Black Cat on the ground.

A synonym for sex is making love.

He kissed her.

But what I'm doing is not out of love.

He removed her underwear.

I can't feel love.

He licked her cheeks.

All of this is just for pleasure.

He held himself above her.

Pleasure purely for myself.

He sank into her.

Sure, it's fun to mess with Black Cat and whatnot but deep down, I hold no emotional feelings for her.

He sighs in pleasure.

She is just to relieve some stress. I know that people would say that I have a cruel way of thinking but it is the truth.

She moans.

I don't have any emotional attachments to anybody, not even my mother or Felica.

He built up a rhythm.

I protect and live with Mom out of family loyalty and I hang out with Black Cat purely for stress relief because living a triple life can be hard.

He opened his eyes and looked at Cat.

This is the price that comes with being born a psychopath.

His breaths heightened and his rhythm became erratic.

On one hand, if people know that I was a psychopath, then they would always be looking at me and possibly arrested.

His body stiffened.

On the other hand, if people knew that I was Spider-Man, they'll give me a choice between life in prison or death sentence.

He climaxed.

To me, there is no difference between a life sentence and a death sentence.

Spidey pulled himself out of Black Cat and collapsed beside her. He pulled his mask down over his face so she wouldn't see a glimpse of the real him.

He picks up his costume and reapplies it. Black Cat does the same.

"Where do you see yourself a few years from now?" Black Cat suddenly asked with her back turned to him.

Spidey was caught off-guard. "I see myself with the same profession: A serial killer of serial killers."

"Don't you want to do anything with your life? Don't you want to start a family of your own?"

"Marriage, children?"

"Yeah," Black Cat said.

"Are you asking if I want to start a family with you? The answer is no."

"So, you don't want to become a father?"

"Babies are made with love and since I can't feel love, I can't have children."

His back was turned to her but he felt the smack of a hand against the back of his head.

"Just because you can't feel love doesn't mean you can't have children," she scolded.

She slapped me… again.

"Why are you so interested in children all of a sudden?"

She looked away. "No reason. Just curious."

Okay then…. Weirdo.

"That's bad for cats."

Spidey readies his wrist to fire a web before she stops him by putting a hand on his shoulder.

"What do you want?"

"Can't we just stay here for the rest of the night, Spider?"

This is unusual behavior.


"I just want to be next to you."

Spidey smirks under his mask. "If that's what you want then I guess I can't complain."

He and Black Cat sat down against the edge of the roof and they cuddled, trying to keep the other warm from the cool breezy of the night's air.

If I didn't know any better than I would say that Black Cat is acting strange. It's almost as if something terrible happened to her in her personal life. First, she's asking me about children, then wanting to cling to me like I'm a boat in the middle of the ocean. This is one of the few times where I am completely lost. I have no empathy so therefore, I can only guess what she is thinking and even so, I have no idea how to react. I don't know if I should be happy, sad, or something else. I am completely in the dark on this one.

Spidey wraps his hands around Black Cat.

"What's going on?" Spidey asked, "You can tell me; I promise not to say anything." He holds up his hand. "Spider's honor."

She listened to the sound of his heart beating against her chest.

Maybe she's pregnant. I should ask but if I do, would the baby be mine?

"Are you…"

"No," she said sharply, "I'm not pregnant."

That's a relief. I would hate to be 'Demented Daddy David' or 'Super Spider Dad'.

"I'm worried about you," she said.

She's worried about me.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

She looked up at him. "There's a new enemy heading your way," she said in worry, "One even more dangerous than the Green Goblin."

"Again, what is that supposed to mean, and why are you warning me?"

"Because I don't think you'll be able to walk away from this one alive. How many people have you killed?"

"Over a hundred."

"When this new enemy catches you, he is going to sentence you to death." She wrapped her hands around him. "I like spending time with you, Spider, and I would hate for you to be taken away from me."

"You got to calm down, Cat. If I can defeat the Green Goblin, I can defeat anybody."

"It's complicated this time. You kill only violent criminals and the Green Goblin fit that criteria."

"You're saying that this person is not a violent criminal? What is he then, a police officer?"

She hesitated. "I can't say."

He shrugged nonchalantly. "And in time, when I do meet him and come out on top, I will ask you how you knew."

"And I'll make sure to have an answer that satisfies you."

Spidey smiled under his mask. "Thank you."

She wrapped her hands tighter around his chest and pressed her ear to his heart. "I would really hate it if you died, Spider."

First person to NOT wish death upon me.

Chapter 1-3

Time to meet the parents of my future wife and girlfriend.

David knocks on a solid wooden door. He waits patiently for about seven seconds. When he heard the locks clicking, he suddenly remembered the bouquet of flowers he was holding in his hand. He quickly put them behind his back just as the door opened to reveal Felicia.

"Für dich, mein Geliebter," David said as he displayed the bouquet of flowers.

Felicia took the bouquet of carnation flowers. She smells them.

I never saw the point of getting flowers for a girl. They're just plants that we step on day and night but if girls like flowers then so be it. David has to look like a human teenager in front of her police captain father. I'm sure flowers are a good impression.

"Come on," she said, "You didn't have to get me flowers."

"Don't act like you're ungrateful," he said slyly as he stepped into her house, "I mean, you don't have to act like you don't care."

"Thank you but-"

"Who is this?"

David turned to the new voice coming from the end of the hallway. There stood a tall man with platinum blonde hair and a mustache with his hands on his hips. He studied the boy with a fierce gaze.

This must be her father, Walter Hardy, captain of the police force trying to take my alter-ego down. First impressions are important. If I lay it on too thick then he'll be wondering what I'm hiding. On the other hand, if I let my guard down, he'll also get suspicious. Just be the regular, fake, David Dante that you are.

"Mr. Hardy," David said, approaching the man with his hand out, "I'm David Dante, it's nice to meet you, sir."

He refused to shake his hand. "You're the boy who has eyes for my daughter?"

Well, when you put it like that?

"I…" David started but lost track.

"Felicia's told me a lot about you."

"Only good stuff I hope," he said with a smile.

"She tells me that you want to work for the police when you grow up. Is that true?"

"Yes," he nodded, "I wanted to be a forensic profiler when I grew up."

Another person emerged from behind Walter Hardy. It was a tall man with raggedy brown hair.

Who is this?

"This must be David Dante," the man said, "Nice to meet you, Felica's told us all about you." He reaches out and shakes David's hand, which has been left hanging. "My name is Otto Octavius, I worked with Walter here for a long time."

"Nice to meet both of you for the first time," David said.

Things took a turn for the worst. Not only do I have the police chief to deal with, I've got his right-hand man.

"I apologize for my behavior," Walter said before finally shaking David's hand, "I'm not used to my daughter having a boyfriend."

"I understand."

I do not.

"Join us for lunch and we can get to know each other."

Food… served… to me. I like Mr. Hardy already.

"I would love to."

Felicia escorted David to the dinner table, where brunch was served by Lydia Hardy, Felicia's mother. Sitting at the table already was Felicia's younger brother.

The younger brother looked at David and waved, "Hi," he said enthusiastically.

"A lot of food," David said, "Is this what you do every day?"

"We normally have brunch on Sunday but decided to make an exception because you were visiting," Felicia answered.

"It's like I'm the first boyfriend you ever brought home."

She looked away awkwardly.

David sat down at the table and looked down at his brunch platter, which consisted of bacon, eggs, toast, and a side of orange juice. The others took their seat. Felicia sat next to David while Felicia's mother and younger brother sat across from the two. Walt sat at one end of the table while Octavius sat at the other end.

David was about to eat at the food before Felica stopped him by grabbing his shoulder.

She nods to her mother sitting across from her.

"Let us pray," she said before making a prayer sign. Everyone copied.

We're praying?

David made a prayer sign and bowed his head.

"Dear heavenly father…"

I remember most of these people. Felicia's family was kidnapped by the Green Goblin one year ago. I remember that she has a father, Walter Hardy, a mother, Lydia Hardy, and a younger brother named Scott Hardy. And apparently, her father has a friend named Otto Octavius.


David finally began digging into his food with a fork, deciding that it would be improper to eat with his hands. When he took in a mouthful of scrambled eggs, he suddenly looked up and saw Walter looking at him. He turned to his right and saw Octavus doing the same.

This brunch was made just for me which means they'll be wanting to hear from me.

He looked around and saw that Lydia and Scott were also looking at him.

I suddenly feel nervous.

He taps his foot against the floor. His right index finger twitches slightly.

"So," Octavius began, finally breaking the ice piercing the air like a knife, "Is it true that you really want to become a part of the police force?"

"Yes," David said, "I've already got some amateurish training going on with forensic profiling."

"Really, like what?"

"I'm using… Spider-Man as an example. I'm trying to build a profile around him based on evidence. Since I don't have access to forensic evidence, I can only go off of what I know based on the news."

"And what conclusions have you come to?"

Steer them in the wrong direction.

"He's a young man in his mid to late twenties, he's got a personal vendetta against criminals, and he has a strong sense of justice."

"Trust me," Walter suddenly said, "Spider-Man is not a man of justice."

"Why not? I mean, he saves people from getting hit by cars, robberies, fires…"

"That's true, but that doesn't make him a hero."

"And he's killing people," Octavius said, "Outside the law. He has no right to do that."

"I know that," David said, "I understand that killing people is a crime, one that is punishable by death, but let's also not forget that he saves peoples' lives."

"I'm not saying he doesn't save people's lives," Octavius said, "I'm saying that he is not a man of justice. A profiler working in my department that Spider-Man is not doing what he is doing out of justice, it's for personal gain."

"You can't exactly be sure of that," David said, "Have you caught him?"

"I've worked for the FBI for over twenty years, I've had more than enough experience to know when someone kills for the sake of justice and one who just kills for the pleasure of it."

David's eyes widened for a split second. "What, where did you used to work?"

"Oh," Octavius paused before pulling out his ID. "Special Agent Otto Ocatvaius, at your service."

FBI, Octavius works for the FBI? Is the FBI the threat that… no, it wouldn't make sense. Why would the fibees be any threat to me? If the police can't catch me then the FBI can't catch me.

"I didn't know you worked for the FBI," David said.

"Twenty years, solved every case I was assigned to. This Spider-Man case will be the golden achievement of my career. Spider-Man has proven himself to be a worthy challenge."

"Otto came up with a plan to capture Spider-Man," Scott suddenly said.

David looked at him.

Oh really, talk about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. I'm glad I have Felicia as my girlfriend. I can keep track of the police's investigation and I see first-hand what the FBI's plan is to capture Spider-Man.

Octavius leaned over the table, "Remember Scott, it's a secret. Top secret."

Looks like he won't be saying anything.

Scott said, "With this plan, Spider-Man will be put in jail."

Zip your lid, kindergartner.

"Well, you have nothing but my support for this plan to work," David said. He picked up his glass of orange juice and held it up as if he was toasting. "I know you guys cooked this brunch in honor of me but I think we should be toasting. I only just met Mr. Octavius-"

"Device Octavius," the FBI agent corrected.

"Detective Octavius, I only just met Det. Octavius and I trust him. He's a man with a plan and let's hope that he can bring Spider-Man to justice. Then, he can recommend some good forensic profiling internships."

The other chuckled. They held up their glasses and clinked in honor of Octavius.

I have no idea what this plan is and he made it very clear that he has no intention of revealing it to some high-schooler who is an amateur in profiling. I also should not underestimate Octavius. He may be a fibee agent but he's an experienced one and he claims to have solved every case in his past. He calls the Spider-Man case the ultimate challenge.

"Tell us more about yourself, Dante," Walter said, getting back on topic as to why they were eating brunch on a Saturday, "How have you been treating my girl?"

Like a princess, with royalty, some other cliched formula?

"In the way that she deserves," David started before shifting in his seat to face the father, "Your daughter is a-"

"He treats me with respect," Felica interrupted, "He may look and sound confident and charming but under that disguise, he's actually a sweet boy."

I don't know if I would have described myself like that but she's saying all the words for me so I don't have to say them.

"Your boyfriend doesn't strike me as the shy type," Felica's mother said.

She called me her boyfriend. I'm sort of Felicia's boyfriend. Yes, my dream is a work in progress. Now I just got to get her to kiss me and then the deal has been sealed.

"He's not shy," she said, "That's what I like about David. He is not too good nor too bad. He's not like other boys and he treats me like a queen, even after all the times I was mean to him."

Man, she lies with such ease. Hmm, I wonder why...

"And, if you'll excuse us, David and I need to discuss something outside."

David looked dumbfounded. "We do?"

She grabbed him by the hand. "Let's go." He dragged him to his feet and they walked out the backdoor. They shut it closed tightly and moved away to sit on the patio chair. They got comfortable before Felica spoke up.

She buries her face into her palms. "I knew I shouldn't have invited you."

David tilted his head in confusion. "How come?"

"Your acting may fool everyone else but it won't fool Dad or his friend." She looked at him. "You know how I was able to see through your disguise? It's because my father taught me how to spot someone who is putting on a facade. Had it not been for my father's teachings, I would've fallen for you without any suspicion."

He smirked. "So you admit to falling for me, albeit with suspicion?"

"That's not the point. If you try and pull your acting skills on my Dad, he will see through them. He'll get suspicious of you and wonder what you are really hiding. That's why I saved you."

I guess I should be, what humans call, 'grateful'.

"I guess you do have a point there, Felica." He sank back into his chair. "You know, your mother and father called me your boyfriend. That means we have to act like boyfriend and girlfriend in front of your family."

"Shut up. Right now, I think it is best that you leave."

"So what if Daddy Dearest becomes suspicious of me?"

Pretty bold move, Davey.

"All that food they made for me will go to waste."

"I will admit, I like that you are mysterious but my father won't. He'll probably forbid me from seeing you. Or bug you on whatever suspicions pops into his head. I think it is best that you stay away from my father."

"It's nice that you care about me, shows that you really do love you."

"I don't love you."

Neither do I.

"I am fascinated by you, that's the word I would use best."

He chuckles. "Okay, for both of our sakes, I'll stay away from your father. I'll avoid him like the Bubonic plague. But, if we stop seeing each other after meeting then he will get suspicious. That is why you and I have to go on a date, so your father doesn't question why his daughter never went on any dates with her boyfriend just after meeting her police chief captain. Breaking up is just as suspicious."

She eyed him suspiciously. She studied him hard before her lips formed a smirk. "You're quite the opportunist."

David shrugs. "It comes with the package."

Felica chuckles before leaning back into her chair. "I have no idea what secret you're hiding, but Dad will look at it as a threat either way. And since I met your mother and you met my parents, I think we can go on an official date. But don't even think for a second that we are boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Still not giving up without a fight, that's what I like about you, Party-Hardy." David licks his lips. "Since I'm sixteen, I'll be getting my license soon. I'll borrow my Mom's car and take you on a date. To a romantic place with delicious food. Sky's the limit, as long as you pay for half of the tab."

She chuckles. "I'm hoping on our date that I'll get a glimpse of the real you." She leaned in.

She's going to kiss me… she's going to kiss me.

Her warm breath breathes against his ear, "You dropped your wallet again."

David's eyes widened and he looked down to see his wallet sitting in her hand. Felica pulled back with a mischievous smile on her face.

She pickpocketed me AGAIN!

He smirked.

Naughty, Naughty, Party-Hardy.


Four weeks later

It's been four weeks since my sixteenth birthday and two days since I passed my driving test.

David was in his room and he removed his shirt, showing off his muscles and six-pack in front of the mirror.

Since we're going to a fancy restaurant with me paying for half the bill, I guess I should dress nicely.

He opened the door to his closet and pulled out an assortment of clothes. He laid out a long-sleeved plaid shirt and a pair of black jeans.

I could have the best wardrobe in the world but there is one thing I'm missing.

He looked at his Spider-Man costume.

He dressed in his costume underneath his buttoned-up shirt and put his mask and gloves in his breast pockets.

Better safe than sorry when I get urges.

He looks at himself in the mirror, tidying up the waves in his dark brown hair, and practices facial expressions. When he was satisfied, he grabbed his wallet, phone, and keys before making haste.

His mother, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, yelled upon seeing David, "Be on your best behavior and be home by nine."

"I know." David exited his apartment.

David knew what his destination was, the one restaurant they were destined to go on a year ago but the risk of leading a triple life interrupted that destiny: Texas Roadhouse.

The reservation that David made was to the closest restaurant, which would be the Texas Roadhouse in Teterboro Landing, a shopping mall. He wasn't complaining.

If anything, I have a perfect alibi. I was nowhere near Manhattan when Spidey was last seen. Of course, since I'm only one person, I can't be in two places at once. If there is a crime, I wouldn't be able to intervene. Then again, the cops want me arrested so why not just let them do what they want and stay out of their way?

David took the elevator down and climbed into his Mom's car parked in the front parking lot. He made sure he had everything in his pockets.

Mask, gloves, web-shooters, everything seems to be in order.

He pulled the car out of the parking lot and began driving off.

The usual traffic jam in New York constantly kept David at a slow pace. He was used to driving like this in slow traffic, but it kept reminding him one thing.

This is why I like swinging on webs; I don't trust school buses.

He pulled to a red light and stopped.

He was tapping his fingers on the wheel to the beat of rock music blasting on the stereo. He bopped his head forward after donning a pair of sunglasses, the ones he wears at funerals when he can't fake sad emotions.

His eyes widened through the sunglasses as he felt something crawl up his skin, causing the hairs on his forearm to spike up. He scratched at his right forearm, checking for something but felt nothing but the cotton fibers of his plaid buttoned-up shirt.

He looked at himself in the mirror.

He watched himself lick his lips. This action caused his brows to arch.

The urges. They're starting to get to me. Whenever I lick my lips, I get an urge to kill; It's a tic, no different then nail-biting.

He inhales a breath and exhales it out deeply.

When I get the urges, I can't help but satisfy them. I thought I would be satisfied for a while after those last few kills but I guess I'm craving more.

He decides to dive out of traffic by making a right turn into a parking lot outside a drug store. He parks near the front of the store before pulling out his phones and dials a certain someone.

"Hey there, Party-Hardy," David chuckles, "I was wondering if you were waiting for me to pick you up."

She answers, "I never pegged you for the chivalrous type, which is why I asked my Mom to drop me off."

"Are you sure, I mean, wouldn't it look weird if the boyfriend of Walter Hardy's daughter didn't pick her up?"

"He doesn't know I'm going on a date; I told him I'm hanging out with my friends tonight."

"And in a way, you are."

He slightly gasps and his eyes roll to the back of his head.

The urges, the cravings to kill, they're getting stronger. I have to quench them as soon as possible.

"I'm stuck in traffic, I'm afraid I'll be a little late for our reservations."

"It's okay," she said, "The restaurant is near the mall so I'll go shopping around."

He suddenly realized.

That's another thing, my car. The place I'm going to is off this island and it's at least a forty-minute drive. This means, if I were to swing out as Spider-Man and come back, driving in my car, then I would be late to the reservation and our tables would be away. Not only that but what if she asks where my car is and expects me to drive her home?

He licks his lips, the urge getting stronger.

It doesn't matter; I'll improvise.

"Enjoy your shopping, I'll be there as soon as possible."

He hung up the phone.

I have a small window, I must take advantage of it.

He rips open his shirt to reveal his spider-symbol.


"All available units, high-speed pursuit in progress, 7th Avenue in Garment District. Proceed with extreme cautions."

Walter Hardy started up his police car before looking over at Otto Ocatvaius, "This is how we do it at the NYPD."


Dispatch reports in: "Suspects are four male Caucasians. Be advised, they are armed and should be considered extremely dangerous. The car they were seen in was a blue Honda."

Walter turns on the police siren before driving off.

With the police sirens on, civilian cars moved out of the way to make a clear path for the police car. The car makes a left, cutting into Garment District and spots the blue Honda speeding through with two gunmen armed with pistols shooting.

They chased after the blue vehicle, where the gunmen shot at the police officers, hitting the grille.

Walter and Octavius duck when a bullet hits and breaks the windshield.

Octavius pulls out a gun. "I'm going to try and shoot out their tires."

"Wait until we're in a place where there are no pedestrians."

The sounds of the gunshots coming from the car were enough to cause pedestrians to scatter in fear, running away, driving off, or hiding in nearby buildings.

One gunman shot out the back window to get a better view angle on the police car. He held up his pistol and shot at the grille and the front left tire.

The police car lost its balance and the car swerved from left to right. Walter jerks the wheel trying to regain control before starts to ascend off the ground and flies forward and lands on its top after crashing into a building.

The grille had caught fire and gasoline was linking from the tank and spreading towards the fire like a magnet.

Walter and Octavius received minimal damage when the car crashed and still had their senses, which is why they were nearly panicking when they saw the trail of gas about to collide with the fire.

The rapid pressing of the seatbelts is what caused them not to unlatch. The gasoline had reached the fire.

There was a tap on Walter's window.

"Excuse me," a new voice said.

The car suddenly budged. It shook like a rollercoaster before it went flying into the air like a baseball thrown upwards. After several seconds in the air, it slowly began its descent downwards.

Walter and Octavius's screams were interrupted when the car suddenly jerked to stop mid-air.

"What the...?" Walter exclaimed.

Spidey had created a web for the police car to fall in after throwing it into the air and away from the fire. It was suspended at least seven feet off the ground whilst still upside-down.

Spidey walked under the web and he looked up and waved at them.

"No need to thank me," Spidey said with a mocking voice, "Just doing what any superhero would do."

He said no more as he walked off, leaving nothing but the sounds of thwip behind.

It was four minutes before the next police car came by and helped the two men down.

When they were down, they were asked by fellow officers if they were injured (or if Spider-Man injured them).

"Where is Spider-Man?" Walter asked.

The closest officer pointed to a scene behind Walter and Octavius.

"Spider-Man sure took pleasure in his work," the officer said.

The blue Honda was webbed to the wall of a building two stories high with the four gunmen lying dead on the ground under it.


Felicia had finished her window shopping at the nearby mall. She was waiting patiently at the front of the restaurant, tapping her feet against the concrete impatiently.

She feels the phone in her pocket vibrate. Just as she reaches to check her notification, David materializes out of nowhere beside her in a plaid buttoned-up shirt and jeans.

"Hello, Party-Hardy," David said with enthusiasm.

She paused from grabbing the phone and eyed him suspiciously. "What are you so enthusiastic about?"

"Our date," he answered.

"I guess it makes sense. You've been begging for this for a long time."

"I have." He nods towards the door. "Let's go inside, shall we."

If she only knew I saved her father from death tonight.

He was about to escort Felicia inside before he stopped when he spotted an old man with white hair and black sunglasses (Stan Lee) sitting in the corner wearing ragged clothes, indicating that he was homeless. He held up an empty coffee cup.

"Can you spare any change, young man?" he asked politely.

"Get lost, old man," David scoffed. He pulled out his wallet and dropped some change into the coffee cup.

The old man counts the change in the coffee cup. "Counting the two pennies the young man gave me, I now have two pennies."

They approach the waitress at the front desk. The waitress was a young girl in her late teen years with heavy mascara on.

"Table for two, under Dante I presume," David said.

The waitress looked down at the screen. "I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Dante," the waitress said in a thick Brooklyn accent, "I'm afraid we gave away your table. Better luck next time."

What, how could we have lost our reservations? Does that mean no food?

"Excuse me," Felica began. David stopped her by raising his hand.

"I got this," he said, "I'll need a moment alone with this waitress if you will."

Felica sneered before turning away.

David leaned over the counter. "Hey," he said slyly, "We've planned this date for weeks, isn't there anything you can do?"

"Nope, sorry," she said.

David leaned in closer to where he was leaning over the counter. He gestures for her to come towards him. She obliges and turns her ear towards his mouth to listen to his whispers.

This is risky but I think I can pull it off.

"Listen, do you know why I was late?" he whispered, "We were on our way here when we got into a car crash. We were going to die before Spider-Man pulled us from the car. He saved our lives and because of that, we had to walk the rest of the way here with no car so the least you can do is give us a table that's empty."

She pulls away from David before looking at him, studying him. "You're quite handsome, young man. Are you eighteen?"

"I can be if you show me a booth." He slips a dollar bill into her pocket.

The waitress looks at David with wide-eyes. She backs away and grabs a menu. "Your table is this way, please."

"Thank you," he spoke in a Brooklyn accent.

He turned to Felicia, who was glaring at him. "Don't hate me because I used my charm."

"I'm just surprised," she said, "It's something else seeing you use your charm on someone else."

Sounds like someone is jealous.

He grabs her by the arm and escorts her in the direction that the waitress points. She leads them to the back where they got settled with menus and glasses of water.

David picked up the menu.

"You're paying for half the bill, Party-Hardy," David said.

"We'll see about that, Davey."

They both read from the menu, taking in what they want.

The problem with right now is that I have to come up with an excuse as to why I don't have my car. If she wants me to drive her home then I'm in trouble. But I will adapt.

He lowered the menu to look at Felicia. He noticed what she was wearing: Tight blue jeans with a black leather jacket unzipped down to her chest to reveal a plain white T-shirt. David looks under the table to see that she is wearing heels.

He looks up at her and smirks.

Felica Hardy, you are such a beautiful girl. Everything about you is perfect, everything about you is exquisite. I mean, you could put up less of a fight when I'm asking you out but I guess that would make things too easy. And you could lower your guard when I'm around you; It's kinda insulting that you constantly see me as a threat. But, Hakuna Matata. Besides…

I know you are Black Cat, Felicia Hardy.

AN: Hey everyone, The Alpha Gray Wolf is back with the sequel to Sado-Masochism. I had a good time writing the first story and I'm already 1/5ths down with this story but I do know how this all pans out. There are some things that I just wanted to clarify from the previous story.

David's Psychopathy: David was born a psychopath, meaning that he can't be cured no matter how much therapy he goes through and is unable to develop emotions later in his life. If he thinks he's feeling emotions, then this should not be taken to heart as he doesn't know what emotions feel like and only has a general idea.

David's justice: David does have a sense of justice (as we all do as justice is subjective), but does not care about justice.

David's motive: David's true motive for becoming Spider-Man is not to save people and fight injustice, but to kill violent criminals. He views saving people as a chore rather than a responsibility.

David's relationships: David views his 'friend', Eddie, only as a source of entertainment and has no feelings for him. Felicia, he is attracted to her but he doesn't love her. As for his parents, he holds no emotional attachment towards them but he does understand family loyalty, which is why he went after his father's killer and protected his mother.

Black Cat: Spider-Man does not love Black Cat. The only reason he spends time with her (or has sex with her) is because he sees her as a source of stress relief. Because she does not judge him, he is allowed to be his true self around her which is something that he cherishes because he has to be a different person completely whenever around other people.

Name: David's real name is David Dylan Dante, not David Dexter Dante (he was just comparing himself to the Dexter character).