The story starts off with Drake and Josh breaking the 4th wall by talking to the viewers like they do in every Drake & Josh episode

Drake: Hey I'm Drake.

Josh: Josh here.

Drake: As you all know, a dangerous virus has been spreading though out the United States.

Josh: Everyone has to stay quarantined for who knows how long.

Drake & Josh: And the best part, no school.

After they get done talking to us, the camera pans outside and back inside

Megan: Who's the dumb boob that made this stupid virus?

Audrey: Megan that's not a nice word to say.

Walter: Yeah.

Drake: The only thing I like about the pandemic is that we have no school. I can sleep all day long.

Josh: You do realize that we have to do it online now, right?

Megan: Yeah, you boob.

Drake: Son of a...

Audrey: Drake Parker it isn't polite to cuss.

Drake: Oh but it's okay for Megan to call me and Josh boobs?

Walter: She's just a little kid.

Audrey: She doesn't know what she's saying.

Megan: Ha ha.

Josh: Well it's only for 2 weeks. How bad could it get?

8 months have passed, and the Parker/Nichols family are starting to go insane for being inside for too long

Drake: Okay how long does it take to make a stupid cure?

Megan: It's literally been 8 months! How much longer do we have to stay quarantined?

Josh: I'm starting to lose it.

Audrey: You know you can go outside.

Walter: You have to wear a mask.

Megan: I ain't wearing a mask.

Drake: How will the ladies know it's me when my face is covered.

Josh: I think everyone knows who you are.

Drake: I'm surprised Helen hasn't forced you to work during all this.

Megan: Who would go to the Premiere Theater during a pandemic?

Walter: Crazy Steve.

Josh: Crazy Steve doesn't count.

Drake: He freaks me out sometimes.

Megan: Well duh. He has the word Crazy in his name.

Audrey: Those scientists better make a cure soon. It's almost been a year.

Drake: Well why would they even make a stupid virus in the first place?

Megan: Because they're dumb boobs who don't care about anything.

Walter: We all want this to end fast but I don't think it will.

Audrey: I know it's tough, but we're going to get through this together.

Josh: Yeah, you're right.

Drake: When is she wrong?

Josh (whispers to Drake): They're always wrong about Megan.

Drake (whispers to Josh): Oh yeah.

Megan: Are you talking about me under your breathe?

Drake & Josh: No.

Megan: Good because if you do, you'll regret it.

Audrey: Megan be nice.

Megan: Fine.

Drake: This is going to be a long wait.

Josh: You said it brotha.

The End

A/N Sorry that this seems a little short. It just easier to make this as a mini episode. I really hope this virus goes away soon so that things can go back to normal. 2020 has NOT been a good year at all. And I have a strange feeling that 2021 will get even worse.

Hey Endurance obilo, I'm not sure if I will do a Victorious/Sam & Cat Halloween party crossover. I did made one last year. Also I don't think I will do a story about Goomer and Rita from Sam & Cat getting married. On Henry Danger, they made Goomer a bad guy now so it'll be a little weird now.