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Kakashi was surprised when he stepped into the academy to pick up his fresh genins. He was dreading the meeting for days, berating himself for his inability to take care of little children and cursing the Hokage for giving him the job. From the first moment he received the assignment, he knew he would fail. His students would be killed, he would fail, he would be left alone again…

It was windy the day he left for the academy. He hadn't stepped foot in the area for over 25 years, last time there being his genin graduation at age 4. His attention faltered and he found his feet leading to the memorial stone. Kakashi knew he only had a less than half-an-hour to be at the academy, but he subconsciously moved towards the memorial stone. He slid down the stone, heart pounding with fears of losing his genin and his mind turning over with insecurities. "Minato," he gasped out, stumbling a little. He traced his index finger over the names of his only mentor, Obito, and Rin. A leaf from the tall oak tree overhead drifted onto his head, and Kakashi was suddenly pulled into the harsh reality. Sneaking a peek at his watch, he realized he was two hours late. He shushined to the academy.

Again, Kakashi was surprised when he walked into the classroom. A spare chalkboard eraser fell from above the door. He would've dodged, but he was tired and wanted to just get this all over with. Hearing a snicker, he directed his attention back at his three students. A blond boy with bright hair (god Kakashi's heart flipped when he realized the similarity to Minato), a pink-haired girl nervously picking at her hairband, and a boy who was sitting there with his hands supporting his chin, looking utterly bored. Swallowing thickly and unable to stand the blond boy's hair for another moment, Kakashi choked out, "My f-first impression of you… I hate you guys. M-meet me up on the roof."

It took 5 minutes for the three kids to race up onto the roof. Just enough time for Kakashi to calm himself down. He started off with a basic request. "So… how 'bout you guys introduce yourselves?"

The pink-haired girl went, "Sensei, how about you introduce yourself first? As an example, you know?"

Grudgingly, Kakashi thought, huh, a smart one. He answered, "Okay, so I'm Kakashi Hatake, call me Kakashi-sensei. I expect you to tell us your likes, dislikes, and dreams for the future. So, let me go first. I like some things, but you're not old enough to know them, I dislike many things out there, and my dreams for the future… well you don't need to know them."

Pinkie face-palmed and said, "But you only told us your name… okay I'll go next then. I'm Sakura Haruno. My likes… piano and art. I also like to study. My dislikes… evil people and Naruto!"

Kakashi saw Naruto visibly pale at that before his grin grew even wider.

"And my dreams for the future, I want to be a strong Kunoichi to protect people!"

"So, blondie, you go next," said Kakashi. Naruto immediately jumped up and began talking.


Naruto looked down real quick after he finished his speech.

Kakashi then asked the black-haired boy to introduce himself.

"Mm… I'm Sasuke Uchiha. I don't really like anything but training, I dislike many things… and I wouldn't call it a dream… but I have the ambition to kill a certain someone… it's not a dream but a reality."

Ah, the only survivor of the Uchiha Massacre. Kakashi sympathized with him. Thinking of Itachi made him shiver, but Kakashi ignored it and addressed his genins again.

"So, we're gonna have a survival exercise tomorrow. Don't eat anything or you will throw up. Team 7, meet me at 5:45 in the morning at training ground 7."

Naruto woke up at 4 AM from a nightmare. Rubbing his eyes and sitting up, he thought back to what had happened. A visual of a man cracking his ribs with a bottle flashed through his mind. Being kicked, stabbed with a kunai… all the flashbacks ran through him as he shuddered, tears slowly streaming down.

He looked at the clock: 4:20 AM. Well, no use getting back to sleep now. Sighing, Naruto grabbed his kunai pouch and took out a sharp blade.

Trigger Warning ∆

Naruto lifted up the blade and brought it on his lower forearm. Sniffling, he thought back to what Sakura had said yesterday. No matter how nice he acted towards her, she always hated him. She hated him. His classmates laughed at him. They hated him. The teachers always yelled at him. They hated him. The villagers beat him and told him he was worthless every day. They hated him. She hated him, they hated him, everyone hated him! "And I hate myself too…" Naruto said out loud.

Naruto brought the blade across his arm. It caught a little so he pushed a little harder. Beads of blood gathered on the peeling edges of the cut. The small beads gathered and became drops, which joined together and dripped down his arm. Not enough. Naruto pushed down harder, moving his kunai to his other arm, and he watched, sickly satisfied, as a vein pulsed before releasing red liquid down his arm. Before his vision could darken, threads of red chakra pulled the edges of both cuts together and sealed them, tight. In a few more moments, only a white scar was left.

Pulling his bright and happy orange jacket over him, making sure to cover his scarred arms, Naruto walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Trigger Warning Over ∆

Naruto quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth. He removed all traces of tears from his cheeks. Finishing his morning shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and looked in the mirror. He could see his pelvis and ribs protruding from his skin, but he didn't have enough money to pay for food. His stomach was a small bump showing through a flat belly. He only ate once a day, dinner at Ichiraku ramen. Unhealthy lifestyle, but it was all he could afford. 5:20 AM. Naruto began heading to training ground 7.

Sasuke woke up in a cold sweat. His brother, OH GOD, his brother ran his hand through his mother and grabbed her heart. He remembered it pulsing before stopping forever, and his mother's stone-cold eyes peeked at him as the word "RUN!" sat, unspoken, on her frozen lips. A sword running through his father, who's frightened eyes jumped before closing. His best friend's head blasted off by a fire jutsu, the smell of burnt flesh permeating the air. His cousin burned by Amaterasu flames, licking up the sides of his body, gouging into his flesh, burning him alive. He remembered the feral screams from his cousin as the black flames devoured his entire body, leaving only smoldering bones. Finally, he remembered his brother whispering, "I would kill you, but you're just too weak and it's not worth it."

He couldn't take it. Just no. Sasuke punched the wall, not caring when his knuckles bled. His arms were sore, but the pain helped him focus. He was too weak to help his parents, his friends, his clan. He only survived because he was weak. F**king weak. Sasuke realized that his knuckles were bleeding onto the floor, so he lightly washed them and covered them with gauze. He pulled on ninja gloves in order to cover the obvious bruising and the scratches and cuts on them. Sighing, he tied his ninja headband on and put on his blue-black ninja clothing that he wore for training and for fights.

Sasuke should've probably eaten, but he wasn't hungry. Besides, he was too FAT anyway. If he had fat flobbing everywhere, how could he defeat his brother?! He couldn't allow himself to eat, it had only been 2 short days since he last had a meal! Looking at his flat and concave thick and floppy stomach, Sasuke grimaced and drank a cup of water.

At 5:25 AM, Sasuke headed off to training ground 7.

Sakura wanted to kill Kakashi for making the time so early. She couldn't go outside without putting on a pound of makeup. Just thinking about someone seeing a blemish on her face made her grimace. All because of Kakashi, she had to wake up at 4:10 to wash, put on body lotion, shave her legs, do makeup, straighten her hair, pick out a perfect outfit, choose a new hairband, and practice smiling. There was no way she was going outside without finishing her routine.

Why? Well, she just could not stand looking bad in front of other people. Sakura couldn't walk a step outside knowing that she didn't look absolutely perfect. Nervously picking at the skin on her hands, she finished her routine and checked the clock. 5:20 AM. Time to go.

Man, she was hungry. She was on a diet and didn't eat dinner or lunch the day before. Now she wasn't able to eat breakfast, either. Whatever, if it makes her look skinny and perfect, then this is a great excuse to not eat! Walking outside on the streets of Konoha, Sakura had her head down, feeling nervous and anxious that people would see her and think that she was ugly. Hurrying her step, she reached training ground 7.

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