This is Seto's memories of Serenity, if she were to die. I seriously doubt she will, but I'm writing this anyway. This is a one shot, so review! I don't know how it's going to go, but just to be safe; I'm going to issue a kleenex warning. Hope it turns out the way I want it to.


There was always something different about you.

It was almost your outlook on life. The effect that you had on so few.

In fact, even in your death you still impact all of our lives.

I've never been one to cry before, but as I stand here now, tears run down my cheeks as your memory thrives.

I've never been one to laugh either, but you could always put a smile on my face.

I've never been one to love even, but things were different in your case.

If I didn't cry, laugh, or love, you ask what I ever felt.

Nothing. I just shifted the cards that life to me dealt.

I always loved you, since the day I saw you. Your tears have been my tears, and your laughter I shared.

Did you ever return that love, though? Have you ever cared?

I may never know.

I've been too afraid to tell you so.

You've never seemed like the type to reject, but that didn't ease my mind in the least.

I've had my heart broken before. It hurts like nothing else. It was like my will to go on had ceased.

I ask myself if anything could be worse than living this way.

I guess I could never know that either, at least not today.

Is this uncertainty as painful as a broken heart?

The uncertainty is worse, when we are apart.

Things wouldn't be like this if I had the courage even to ask.

I'll never love again. After loving someone like you, it would be more than a task.

Also, it would be the gravest insult to your perfect memory.

I'll always adore you, my lovely Serenity.

- Memories of Seto Kaiba