'Even the softest and sweetest heart was made by design for extreme battle'

Bryant McGill

Chapter 1

Where is Love?

Willow Crawford was an observant and funny girl. Everyone in Forks High School knew of her even if they did not know her. Always there to help someone if they needed it, Willow kept otherwise to herself and her tiny trio of friends. She tried to never get in trouble, avoided fights at all costs and was known to ramble when it came to awkward silence – like Literature but that was because Ms Daniels paused for what felt like a decade and made you question everything you'd ever done in your life. She wasn't the smartest or the most popular, she didn't have people falling over themselves to ask her out but those that had dated her – and whilst not many, they were there – they could all say that it had been a nice experience overall. They thought that Willow Crawford, with her ways with art, would go places. Even if she, herself, did not.

Humming under her breath, the brunette navigated the halls of Forks High with ease. Waving hellos to those who sent them towards her in return, Willow made her way to her locker. Her fingers did her combination and swung the door open as her bag was set on the ground, where she stripped off her jacket and hung it up. Taking her booties that she kept in there, Willow tugged her yellow gumboots off and pulled them on. She tucked the boot socks back in and rested them on the metal to do the laces. Switching the colour coded files for the ones she needed for the morning block, she sent Scott Forester, one of her friends, a smile as he opened the one next to her.

'Georgie's running late again.' He sighed, shaking his wet hair out. Georgie was his twin sister and another one of her friends.

She shrugged. 'That's cool. She always comes in on time for the role. You get caught again?'

'Nah,' he denied, flicking his fringe away, 'I did get some backsplash though.'

'Nasty.' She sneered, cleaning her golden frames on her cloth, the rain had started to spit as she'd walked in. 'How was the group project thingy that you had for Spanish? It a dictatorship yet?'

Scott laughed and sent a grin her way. 'It's getting there.' He slipped a file into his bag and shut the locker door, leaning on it. 'We're getting the new kids today, right?'

Thinking back to the conversation that she had had with her dad – Richard Crawford, who was head of Fast track at Fork Hospital – Willow found herself nodding in agreement. 'Yeah, Dad said that their adopted Dad – Carlisle – said that they'd be starting in the new week.'

'Cool,' he planted a hand on the metal, eyes scanning the hall, 'Well, it has been a pleasure as always, I am, however, going to go and find my girlfriend. Let me know when Gi shows up.'

'Been a pleasure as always, Captain.' She grinned back up at him and he headed off to find Zoe Taylor, his girlfriend of half a year. Shaking her head, Willow grabbed her sketchpad – she'd been asked to help Mr Ruth in designing the set for the spring musical which was Wizard of Oz – and made her way to homeroom.

Slipping into the classroom, she waved to Mr Marcus – a snarky man of his late 50s, early 60s, that had been teaching her History for the past two years and she'd lucked out in getting him for AP World History that year too. 'No yellow boots today?'

Willow shook her head. 'Nah, they're in my locker though and Georgie might be late.'

'Nothing unusual then.'

'Nope.' She smiled and slid into her seat, rummaged for her file, and coloured pencils and flicked open to the agreed-upon set designs.

'Those for the musical?' Mr Marcus asked as he swung in his chair.

Nodding, Willow curled a knee up and rested her chin on it as she began to colour in the Emerald City backdrop loosely. Enough so she would have a colour palette to go off.

Homeroom passed with Georgie slipping in five minutes late as per the usual and landing in the spare seat beside her. 'Morning sleepy.'

'Shush, Derek and I were up talking last night.' She nudged and Willow suggestively raised her eyebrows. 'Shut up, not like that.'

'Sure, Jan.' Willow rolled her green eyes. 'Here, did you get the go-ahead to grab one of Sophie's toys for Toto?'

'Nope.' Georgie popped the 'p'. Sophie was her and Scott's little sister, 'But the girl has like a bajillion, she'll not miss one. Besides, even if she does, it'll be famous.'

Willow snorted. 'Ah yes, the notoriety would be ground-breaking. Best hold back the paps.'

Georgie's own blue eyes rolled. 'I'll get right on that. Hey, what did you get for number 8 for Micro?'

'I think so?' she grimaced, 'Honestly, Micro can die.'

'Slow down there, Vlad. It was elasticity, not mass genocide.'

'I don't care. I hate it and I want it to die. I can't even say that it's useless when it's not.'

'As riveting as this topic is—' Mr Marcus cut in, eyebrow rising, '—can I get on with the role please, ladies?'

Willow felt her face inflame. 'Sorry, sir.'

She kind of wished for the ground to eat her whole then and sank into her seat, focusing on the design in front of her. She knew he didn't mean it callously but fuck, she hated being the centre of attention. As she was having this crisis, the door opened, and the attention shifted from her to the two new people that stood in the doorway.

I'm sorry, did they get confused with Olympus?

The two blonds that stood there – a guy and a girl – had similar shades of honey and golden strands as they came in with Mr Marcus's permission. 'The Hales I presume?'

Willow grunted as Georgie nearly winded her with a pointy elbow to the gut. 'Dude!'

'Yes.' She hissed, glaring as she rubbed her side. 'I see that.'

They turned back to Mr Marcus as he handed back the signed slips to the twins. 'I won't have you do the 'tell me about yourselves' thing because I may be your now Beloved Leader, but I am not a masochist. Right, you lot, this is Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Josh, that maw is the reason your girlfriend is non-existent, shut it, please. I don't want to see a puddle of drool on my nice desks, thank you.'

'Mister Marcus strikes again.' Georgie grinned and the two shared a look as the blondes slipped into the seats at the back of the room. Willow wanted to colour both of their hair. She wanted to figure out how many shades it took to get the honey tones of Jasper's chin-length waves – oh, she could hear Mother's scoffing at the length 'hoodlum'. 'Did you have to elbow me?'

'Shit, sorry, girl.'

'Yeah, yeah.'

'Here, when's your Dad back tonight?'

'Nine.' She offered back, 'And before you ask, no, I won't either invite you over or go over to yours because we won't get anything done and I need to stay on top of things before Hell Week.'

'Curse your need to be over-prepared for things.'

'Ah yes, because the alternative of me curled up in a ball of anxiety and tears is ever so appealing.'


As homeroom passed on, the two girls quietly checked each other's answers before Georgie bolted off for her first class of the day and Willow tucked her book away, shifting to the other knee. She took out her homework sheet and put it on the spare desk beside her and flipped open her composition book to where the notes for the reading was. Fuck she loved World History. Resisting the urge to wiggle in her seat like an absolute dumb ass, Willow settled for spinning her pen around her fingers and shoving her glasses up her nose.

Over the 45 minutes, she'd found of that Jasper and Rosalie Hale were confident people. Jasper had a nice voice that Willow could find herself happily listening to for the rest of her life and Rosalie, Willow mused, seemed so unimpressed with the boys' Neanderthal-esque display that she already liked her. Pushing her maroon cardigan sleeves up, Willow waved to Mr Marcus and made her way to Drama where Ms Parker waved her over immediately.

Ms Parker was of the teacher variety that believed that her subject was the most important out of everything Forks offered. She was an intense lady – rounded and topped with a dyed dark red bob and glasses – like a sour raspberry at times. Willow had always tried to get along with her but the fact that the woman didn't believe in mental health illnesses caused the relationship to sour just slightly. On Willow's end, that was.


Handing over the designs, Willow went to tuck her bag away and noticed a small, new girl with black hair that looked as though she'd stuck her finger in a socket fluttering around. 'Willow, these are lovely.'

'Anything you want me to add?' she asked even though she knew they'd been approved.

'Maybe make the green a little darker on the proper set,' Ms Parker handed them back and Willow nodded with a smile.


'You can head to Mr Ruth's.' she waved her away and Willow resisted the urge to wring her neck. 'We've only got a few weeks left. That reminds me, Alice!'

The new girl bounced up and Willow noticed the same varying shade of gold in her eyes and the matching crest that she shared with Rosalie and Jasper. Must be a family thing. 'How do you feel about being in our spring musical? It's The Wizard of Oz. Think about it and come back to me tomorrow. If you have any questions, ask either myself or Willow here.'

She gave an awkward wave as she took the excuse slip. 'Hi.'

'Don't worry Willow, I'll have the notes and whatnot left to the side for you later.'

'Thanks, Miss.'

Honestly, she mused, shaking her head, that woman.

Mr Ruth welcomed her into the woodworking room with a good-natured smile, directing her to where the plywood was left for her to start drawing the pieces for his minions to cut out. He left her to it, letting her slip her earphones and music in as she expanded the designs large enough that they'd fit in the gym and not look weird.

Amy Winehouse's Rehab played through her earphones as the pencil scratched across the wood. She could still hear the woodworking class around her as she worked, could hear compliments on the design she had coming to life, and ignored the flush of her cheeks and slickness of her palm. If they could stop looking at her, that would be great.

'Hey, Willow,' Mr Ruth's voice came from overhead and she sat back, the yellow brick road in front of her. 'You got a colour scheme here?'

'Oh yeah,' she handed him the list, 'Miss said that the green needed to be darker but that's only because I did a light layer on the idea so I wouldn't waste them.'

'Cool, alright. I'll get a couple of swatches and see what she says.'

Nodding, Willow went back to get the outline of the road done before the bell went for the third period. Her nemesis, Microeconomics. Tucking everything away out of the road, she bumped into a stone wall as she tucked her iPod into her bag. 'Oof.'

'Oh shit, sorry.' A deep voice came from above her and Willow looked up to see a behemoth of a figure. He was huge, built like a shit-brick house with arms the size of her head. He looked down at her with slightly worried golden eyes. 'You good?'

'Uh,' Willow glanced down at herself, 'yeah I'm good. It's fine. Sorry.'

He grinned a bit, revealing a dimple. 'I walk into you and you're the one apologising?'

'I wasn't looking where I was going.'

'I'm Emmett Cullen.' Emmett thrust out a hand and Willow was taken aback by the forthrightness and shook it. It was very cold. But then, this was Forks and it was always mild.

'Willow Crawford.' She smiled, before pointing over her shoulder. 'Listen I have to get to class. Welcome to Forks though.'

'Where you headed?'

'Micro with Mr Cunningham.' She grimaced and the grin turned into a beam.

'Great. We can go together.'

She nodded, a little awkward. She usually was just adopted by people eventually – the whole making friends thing was a bit difficult when you were an introvert. The two moved to the classroom and Emmett struck up a conversation. 'So, you said Crawford, right?'

She nudged the frames up her nose again and nodded. 'Yep. My dad near cried with joy when he came home after your's first shift.'

His laugh was like a cannon erupting through the hallway and Willow ducked her head as attention was drawn to her. She pointed to the left. 'They don't get a lot of new, experienced people in the hospital – only those who are green so he was happy to get someone who, after learning their way around, could be left to not blow the place up.'

'I'm telling him that,' Emmett snickered and Willow felt her heart lodge in her throat.

'I didn't mean it in a bad way, by the way, it's just a majority of recruits in think that because that just because they've been watching Scrubs and ER since they've come out, they know everything. And they don't.' she babbled, hands flexing up by her head and Emmett was staring at her with amusement, golden eyes bright.

'Carlisle'll just be glad that he's been welcomed so well. Don't worry, room 132, right?'

'Oh, right, yes.' Willow shook her head and pushed open the door. 'Morning Mr Cunningham.'

'Willow.' The blond man nodded, 'How did the homework go last night?'

She grimaced. 'It got done, sir.'

It just took her most of the evening and maybe have her cry but that may also have been a contributing factor after the phone call with Mother. The jury was still out.

Leaving Emmett to talk to him and get a textbook, Willow waved to Georgie on the other side of the room and slid into her seat. The two had tried to sit together at the beginning of the year but unfortunately, when one of them couldn't get something, it was a train wreck for the other. So, it was separate seats.

Her file was blue – it matched the absolute despair she felt in this class – as she dumped it on her desk and rummaged for her calculator. She just needed to pass this class – didn't need to get top marks, just needed to pass so she didn't have to do in college. Didn't mean she'd rather public speak than being there which, for as big of an introvert as she was, was saying something.

The spare seat next to her whined in protest as Emmett swung down beside her. She looked down at it. Oh, that poor chair. 'We've been designated seat buddies and I've been offered as a tribute to help you.'

'Oh God help you.' She muttered under her breath and flicked open to the latest page, ruling a new bit in the gridded paper.

'Challenge accepted.'

Microeconomics passed with relative ease – Emmett could dumb down the process of supply and demand so well that it clicked the first time around and she may have vibrated in her seat with glee when Mr Cunningham had come over to find her answers correct.

'You,' she spoke at the end of class, a hand on his arm to get her point across, 'are a god. Like, honestly, my grade hopefully won't be just a pass, Emmett. Thank you.'

Maybe she would be able to get away from visiting Mother for the week she spent in New Hampshire after Christmas without snide remarks from Genevieve.

'It's no bother.' He grinned and she waved at him as Georgie introduced herself quickly and she headed quickly to grab her Literature stuff.

Huffing a breath, Willow sank in her seat next to Georgie and the strawberry blonde raised an eyebrow. 'What did he do that made you look at him like he was John Napier and you'd just seen Les Misérables for the first time?'

'I understand supply and demand.' She grinned and Georgie gawked at her.

'No, you do not.'

'I do. And I'll fax you a copy of my notes too.'

'See.' Georgie nodded, 'This is why we're friends.'

Willow honestly thought it was because she hovered around her in kindergarten so much that Georgie had just accepted that they were to stick together. But alright then. 'I'll get you some cuttings from work.'

'Oh,' Georgie cooed, 'Mum likes the stream violets so maybe more of those.'

'I'll see what I can do.'

Ms Daniels wobbled in – honestly, she couldn't walk in those five inches, why could she not see that? – in one of her usual combos of fuchsia and salmon with spider-leg lashes around her light eyes and Willow bit back a groan. She'd picked this AP class because she liked reading and thought it would be fun – apparently not. All Ms Daniels wanted in every freaking essay was a feminist reading. Even if there were no females in the story they were reading. And now they were reading – or in Willow's case, re-reading not because it was good but because she wanted to know if the plot up. Spoiler alert, it doesn't – The Handmaid's Tale, and she glanced out the window.

'If you jump, I'll kill you.' Georgie hissed.

Willow huffed and slid down in her seat, homework questions out. Well, it was a slow round of torture on the agenda today then. Glancing around the room, she noticed Rosalie behind her, sneering at the book. 'Have you read it?' she asked, curious.

'In Alaska.' Rosalie sniffed.

'She's very much a feminist.' Georgie said in a whisper. 'Just as a head's up.'

Rosalie looked at them both and Willow briefly wondered if this was how gazelles felt when they were being watched by a lioness. Which wasn't an entirely comforting thought. The blonde nodded. 'Nice to know, thank you.'

Her and Georgie turned back around as Ms Daniels cleared her throat. A paper nudged her elbow and Willow looked down. Slytherin.


But then again, not all Slytherins were racists bigots who were obsessive with being better than their peers, so maybe Rosalie wouldn't try and have them killed? Maybe.

Surprisingly enough, Literature passed with only the bare minimum urge to jab her pen into her carotid, so all was well. They were handed out the top sheet to the next essay I want my view on this in your words, thanks – did the questions from homework, read and did more questions. Nothing special. Still fucking annoying though.

'Honestly,' Georgie sighed, shoving her book into her bag as they made their way to their lockers to change things out for the last two periods. 'Please tell me that it picks up. We're halfway there and Offred is irritating me.'

'How do you know if I've finished it?' Willow asked, grabbing her AP French and AP Art stuff.

Georgie gave her a look as she shut her locker. 'Because I know you have because you came in with the face you have when a story doesn't end the way you wanted it to. For example, Order of the Phoenix.'

'There's this thing; communication.' She waved, 'Harry was given a mirror that allows him to talk to Sirius any time. Did he use it? No.'

'Another reason he isn't a Ravenclaw, we've established this.' Georgie herded her over to their table where Scott was sitting with their other friend, Lucy Kennedy. Lucy was a brunette with almond blue eyes and her hair brushing her collarbones in smooth waves. She was the tallest of the three girls and was cast as the Tin Man in the musical. She wanted to be cast as Dorothy, had auditioned for her, but Ms Parker had her trio of favourites and whilst the three others thought she deserved it, unfortunately, Jenny Goldwin got cast as her. Like she did with every main female lead. They weren't bitter. Scott and she both had made a pact to jam backstage when she sang 'If I had a heart' and they were sticking with it.

'Honestly,' Willow huffed, taking her lunch out of her bag. 'Nothing would've happened had they just remembered about the freaking mirror. Harry would have a family that loves him and not be stuck at the Dursleys 'for the greater good''

'How was Literature?' Scott grinned across from her, biting into an apple.

The two groaned in sync.

'This is why I didn't choose it.'

Georgie pegged a carrot stick at her twin. 'No, you chose the other one and got a better teacher than us so shut up.'

'In other news,' Lucy cut in, 'what do we think of the new kids?'

'We care about gossip?' Willow cocked her head, 'Since when?'

Lucy tutted. 'Since they all look like fucking models and should be in LA than in Forks.'

'Well, I for one,' Willow said, twirling her carrot stick, 'believe Emmett is a god-send.'

'He got her to understand supply and demand.' Georgie hissed and the other two gawped.

Scott got her to look at him, hand on her chin, brown eyes concerned. 'Are you ill? Are you Borg? Have you been assimilated?'

Willow batted his hand away and took a chunk of her carrot. 'I don't know. I think he just speaks Dumb Bitch so…maybe I'll pass this class and then pray to the gods that he is in Macro next year because I'm a masochist and signed up for both Economic and Stats classes.'

'No sweetie,' Lucy patted her hand, 'that's because of the Dragon Bitch that is your mother and her ever-increasing standards for you.'

Tipping her head, Willow sucked her teeth. 'Ya not wrong.'

'How was the Golden Duo?'

'Oh, you know,' her friends watched as her outgoingness wilted like a flower as she shrugged and dropped her gaze to the table, 'Jonny got a promotion at the firm and Eve is…Eve.'

'What number is she on now?'

Jonathon and Genevieve were her older twin brother and sister. Between her and them they had ten years difference and they lived in New Hampshire with Mother and her step-father, Matthew. They had both gotten into the Ivy League – Harvard and Princeton respectively – and graduated with honours with jobs straight out of the gate. She loved them, she did, and knew they probably didn't mean it but when she went to visit for the New Year, but by god, they were cruel sometimes.

'Em…twenty-six, I think. But she just hasn't found the right person yet.'

Georgie snorted. 'Are you sure there is someone for her?'

Willow glared at her. 'Yes, you may think that she's the Devil's daughter, but she deserves love as much as the next person, Georgiana. And she is my sister.'

'That was a bit harsh, Gi.' Scott murmured as Willow prodded her sandwich.

'Yeah…' Lucy whispered, and the two girls looked at each other.

'I just…' Georgie huffed, 'I hate the way they treat you, okay. But I'm sorry.'

Willow nodded slowly and heaved a weary sigh. 'You can't pick your family, but apology accepted.'

'Anyway,' Lucy changed the subject, 'Which one do we want?'

'Of what?'

Lucy looked at her with pity and Willow looked back. 'The Cullens and Hales, sweetie.'

Scott and she both groaned, heads falling back. Now they were never going to shut up. 'Oh god, please someone end me right now.'

'Now, these two aren't involved because they're taken and we don't condone cheating in this quartet thank you very much so which one?'


'Wrong answer.'

'Well fuck.'

'Emmett?' Lucy offered and Georgie made a negative buzzer noise.

'Can't. He's taken apparently.' The three turned to her. 'Rumour has it that he and Rosalie are together.'

Lucy scrunched her face up, confused. 'Is that not incest?'

Seeing the three sets of eyes turned towards her, Willow rolled her eyes with a heaving sigh. 'Why yes, let me just put out the thirty plus years of medical knowledge that you all think I have and tell you, no, it is not. Dad said that Dr Cullen and his wife, Esme, adopted Edward, I think his name is, Alice and Emmett separately and Esme took custody of her niece and nephew, Rosalie and Jasper. So biologically, they are not related and therefore, it is not considered incest. Legally, well, I'm not a lawyer so don't ask me.'

The four of them turned to look at the Cullens and Hales who were clustered together by the windows, talking between each other. Willow cocked her head a bit, taking in the new information as she watched Rosalie and Emmett interact. A smile lingered at the edges of her mouth. Good for them. Her eyes surveyed the rest of them, tagging names on to each of them and realised that the redhead must have been Edward. He seemed younger than both Jasper and Emmett with a lankier frame under his deep blue sweater, and he looked a bit too much like Jonathon for her to see any appeal to him. Jasper, however, she mused, taking in the different shades under the stark lighting of the cafeteria, she could appreciate that aesthetic face. The knitted, steel-grey pullover looked so soft her hand itched to touch it and she smiled at what looked to be a hint of flannel at the collar.

'Thank you, Dr Crawford.' Scott drawled.

'You're welcome.' She turned to her sandwich. 'Can I eat now?'

Lucy leant over the table and yanked it away. 'No. Which one?'

'None of them. You can't just shotgun someone, it's rude.'

'It could also be considered manslaughter too.' Scott pointed out. 'If you did shotgun someone.'

He received three blank stares.

'Just saying.'


'Don't be such a Hufflepuff.' Lucy batted away.

Willow leant back in her seat, the mustard yellow shirt on display with the little badger pin as her arms crossed. 'I'm not doing this, Lucy. They're probably going to get a helluva lot of suggestions and my dad works with theirs so I'm not gonna risk at making work difficult for either of them. Now, if you are done, I need to eat at some point and it's not gonna be in rehearsals tonight.'

Lucy huffed and shoved it across. 'You may have a fair point.'

'Thank you.'

'Besides, I want to relish in watching others falter at the last hurdle.' Her eyes lit up as she gasped, 'Maybe Goldwin will ask one of them out.'

With a shake of her head, Willow finished eating. She doubted Ms Parker would let her have a break that night at rehearsals.

After forty-five minutes, Willow sighed as she settled into her other favourite class. Art. Specifically, AP Studio Art 3D Drawing. Waving to Mr Kost, she grabbed her favourite seat with the best lighting and grabbed out her latest breadth piece. This wasn't her first-time doing AP Studio Art, she'd been given the ability in freshman year to do AP Studio Drawing and had jumped at the chance. She still had to figure out what she was going to do for Concentration. Maybe something to do with drama?

'Just continue working on what you were doing.' Mr Kost called to her and she nodded. 'Yes, you can listen to your music, just keep it down.'

Willow began to work on her latest piece – a lifelike skeleton dressing in their human persona for the day and bopped her head to The Wizard of Oz playing in her headphones. Like with a lot of her classes, with Hell Week with the musical coming up within the next few weeks, Willow was trying to get ahead so she wouldn't slip behind. She was on her tenth piece and already had two more ideas in mind for the others she needed to do.

'This seat taken?' came a deep voice and Willow's head snapped up.

Jasper stood there and she shook her head, sending him a small smile. 'No, go ahead.'

Wiping her hand on her jeans, Willow tried to ignore his staring but could feel her cheeks flushing. She swallowed and for some reason, thrust out her hand, 'Willow Crawford.'

'Jasper Hale.' His grip was cold like Emmett's had been, but his smile was nice.

'A-are you enjoying your first day?'

He cocked his head a little at his piece as they settled at the table and Willow couldn't help but let her eyes take in his shaded features. The shadows on his jaw made it seem like glass or marble with his skin tone. 'It's been…welcoming.'

She had to force a snort back. 'Just give it till the new bit of gossip and maybe they'll let you go about without seemingly being under a microscope.'

His puff of laughter made her want to hear more and Willow turned her gaze back to her piece, taking a blending brush and smoothing the gradient of the skeleton's suit. 'You seem stressed.'

She tipped her head a little. 'Sort of. Um…we have the spring musical coming up – it's the Wizard of Oz – and I'm helping with set and backstage stuff so I'm trying to get ahead so my grades don't fall. A lot of the cast and crew are trying to do the same thing. Tech Week isn't called Hell Week for no reason.'

'Alice did mention that her drama teacher did seem a little…intense.'

'Oh, Ms P is batshit.' Willow admitted quietly as Mr Kost began to walk around to other tables and may have smiled as Jasper snorted. 'She's the kind of teacher that tunnel visions for her subject and you either try and let the irritation wash off you or it takes the fun away really. She's always been like that.'

'Crawford!' Mr Kost grinned at her through his beard and she straightened, tugging an earphone out. 'Let me see.'

She spun the pad towards him, and he leant over the table, back foot swinging. Mr Kost always had this 'I act like a college student' vibe going but he was good at what he did. She didn't have him last year but had him for AP Studio Drawing which was fun. The slightly floppy light brown hair swooped a little over his round head and the beard just made him seem kinda like a young Santa. If only he didn't have the sarcastic demeanour to go with it – he could rub some people the wrong way.

'What about your other two ideas?' his dark eyes flicked up to her and Willow rummaged for the smaller sketchpad in her bag that she had been carrying since the start of the semester. She flicked open to the ideas page she kept and handed it to him. 'Sometimes I wish I had your organisation.'

'Blame Dad.' She smiled with a self-conscious shrug.

He nodded, seemingly confident with her work and left her to it. 'Good job in nabbing the seat by this one,' he tipped his head towards her, to Jasper who had been watching the interaction curiously. 'Too busy all the time to ramble. Or bug you and would be a good help if you're stuck.'

'I'll keep that in mind.' Jasper nodded and Mr Kost left them to it. 'He seems to spend more time on other tables.'

'I had him for freshman year and also in Middle School, so he's seen me progress and knows I don't mess around when it comes to this kinda thing. Sometimes it can be a little draining but I enjoy it so it's not a hardship.' Willow said, turning back to the piece in front of her, lightly beginning to crosshatch shading on the jawline and orbital bone.

'You did AP Art in freshman year?' Jasper asked as she worked.

She shrugged. 'I was offered it by Mr K actually and took it. Nearly dropped out mind. But yeah.'

Jasper took her in – the layers softened her whilst giving the brunette an innocent look. He found himself liking the softer textures of her cardigan against the warmth of her t-shirt and the curls of her shoulder-length hair. The mustard yellow scrunchie in the half-up hairstyle had made him smile as he spotted it in History that morning. Her emotions, he realised, were always warm. Yes, there was anxiety – nearly a worrying amount – and stress in the cocktail that made up Willow Crawford, but there was an immense amount of kindness as far as he'd felt, as well as a deeply rooted sense of loyalty and love for her friends from lunch. He remembered feeling the flare of disappointment, bitterness and anger as Georgiana Forester had cut in about her sister as well as the protectiveness in the brunette in front of him. Jasper knew that whilst she may have been a quiet girl, there was still a lot to learn about her.

Rosalie had nothing bad to say about her either, nor did Emmett from the classes they'd had with her, his 'twin' even going far as to admit that Georgie had been helpful too so maybe Forks wouldn't be a bad place to stay for the next few years.

As he took in Willow's green hazel eyes as they caught in the reflection of her glasses, Jasper found no want to eat her and drain her dry. It was like all the burning want for blood seemed to be muted as they spoke.


Well, then.

Welcome to Underneath the Willow Tree!.

Yes, for those who have come from Monsters Under the Bedthis is a Twilight fanfiction, I blame Midnight Sun and therefore the resurgence of this fandom.

However, there will be a few things changed bc fuck racism and putting women down just bc they're goddesses. I wont tell you what those changes will be just yet but I hope you stick around to find out.

Another thing - for those who have read Monsters, you know that that is a slow burn. This isn't. I'm already on the beginnings of Chapter 17 and we haven't even gotten to the first book yet though Willow is with Pretty Cowboy Man bc if you saw the tags, you know who this is for. Mainly bc I can and bc I wanted domesticity and very little vampire drama - I'll leave that with Bella.

Alice won't be by herself as well. I have who I'm putting her with written but let me know if you can guess.


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