Not rich, not blond and not British. I am however borrowing the characters of Harry Potter for my own entertainment not to make any money off of them.


Harry is not the boy who lived, yet his parents are killed by Bellatrix. He goes to the Dursleys and at the age of seven the Dursleys die in an accident leaving Harry in the care of the only person who can take him: Severus Snape. No slash.

My take on the cast of Harry Potter having more racially diverse characters, not as a cliché but as a study. Harry will be a quarter Indian here. Hermione will be half black with one white grandparent and one Chinese grandparent.

In the magical world at least the main prejudice is blood status, and will still be such here. However, the truth of Voldemort will be common knowledge with the fact that a pureblood took advantage shall we say in a more delicate way (coughrapedcough) of a man with no magic in him and sired a son against his will. So the pendulum is swinging the other way and purebloods are starting to be viewed in a less than favorable light. With that said, on with the story.

(Just kidding, one more addition)

Yes, there are OCs but no Mary or Gary Sues, they are ordinary children and based off children I have known and worked with. Trust me when I say that yes, a seven year can have a vocabulary that should be far beyond them and an eleven year old can know things those years older never learn. I have worked with such children, they can be climbing the furniture and spouting off scientific knowledge that I can't even begin to understand. No-one will be super-powered unless you count friendship as a superpower.

So now, really on with the story.


Chapter One: The Accident:

In this story, Aurora Sinstra of the famed Sinstra did not go to Beauxbatons. Instead she went to Hogwarts and was sorted to Slytherin. She quickly became a quiet but scary force of power and the girls all rallied around her for protection. She was two years older than Severus Snape and the boys who took to making his life hell the Marauders. She protected Severus as much as she could, and when the incident at the tree happened, she stepped in and saved Severus from further embarrassment. This had caused her to be hurt and the headmaster to assign her detention and threaten to expel her.

One letter to her parents and appearing before the board and the detentions were dropped and an apology was given. It was Aurora who helped keep Severus from joining the dark lord by having her mother use her connections to get Severus out of Hogwarts by having him sit his NEWTS early (time turners were useful things) and by the time he was nineteen he had his potions masters done and had fallen in love and married Aurora as Lily had cut all ties off. Severus did not think he would ever have to worry about the Potter or Evans family again, he shut off that part of his past and focused fully on the future and the birth of his children, Camden Oxford Snape and Callie Elizabeth Snape and their future.

Things would have stayed this way but for an accident and one little boy having no-where else to go. It happened on a warm early summer day, Harry Potter was staying with Mrs. Figg, again. Harry was under the radar as it were, he aside from his cousin and his gang and his family, the people in Privet drive and the surrounding streets did not give him much attention. His cousin gained much of that and that was due to him being a bully of the worst order. Harry's ethnic background saved him. He was the only child here who had such looks, he had messy black hair, almond shaped green eyes, light brown skin and high cheekbones. In short because he did not look English, he had an alibi for every time his cousin did something wrong, simply because his cousin was not believed when outside the home that Harry had done the things he had. No-one remembered a handsome brown skinned boy attacking anyone. But they did remember a blond boy attacking others.

This did not help in the house, Harry was blamed and called a freak every time the neighbors complained as to what Dudley was doing. Harry stopped correcting them, in fact he stopped even speaking to them at all as they never believed him anyway. He was going to be punished anyway so he might as well really earn it. He hated to do this as he wanted to be a good boy, but he stopped doing his chores correctly as well as even when he did them right he was still punished. His relations were looking forward to "fixing him for good" when they got back from the end of year "celebrations" for Dudley managing to finish a year at school. So now Harry was at Mrs. Figg's house helping her out willingly and chattering away with her in French as Mrs. Figg was fluent in French. There was a knock at the door and Harry looked up from the penmanship Mrs. Figg had set for him.

"Harry dear could you get that?" Mrs. Figg said.

"Of course Mrs. Figg!" Harry replied happily.

"Such a good boy you are." Mrs. Figg said, she was making cabbage soup and was adding ingredients. "I wish you were mine."

Harry had heard the last part and went to answer the door to find a police man and woman in uniform at the door. Mrs. Figg came out wiping her hands on her apron and invited them into the living room. Harry sat glad he could sit as after the last "correction" from his not-uncle as he called him he had a hard time sitting for a time. The police broke the news, an accident, drunk driver killed all the Dursleys, even aunt Marge. They were very sorry, Harry could stay here for now as this was known as a suitable home. They left and Harry sat feeling, well he was not sure what to feel, he felt relief and guilty at feeling relieved.

"They can't hurt me anymore." Harry said. "I should not be glad they are dead, I am a bad boy."

"What did they do?" Mrs. Figg asked already knowing the answer.

"Blamed me for everything, they just started to really have a go at me a few weeks ago, I am glad they are gone, but that makes me bad." Harry replied.

"No, you are not bad, not at all, you should have been raised better by them, however I am here and will help you. Looks like I will have to help you with the house, I am sure with you being the only survivor you will get the house."

If not for the neighbors helping, number Four Privet drive would not have been cleared out as quickly as it was. There was a lot of trash to remove and things to sell, and Harry wanted to get rid of all the toys. Mrs. Figg stashed the Legos and other building toys away as she knew Harry would want them later. Most of the clothes were given away but much of the things that were new and Dudley never could wear were given to Harry. Finally, the house was empty and Harry was still living at Mrs. Figg's house. He wanted to stay, she was good to him, had already taught him out to speak French from a young age and really cared about him.


It took six weeks before the death of the Dursleys got to Dumbledore. He knew he needed to act fast, Harry was not the boy who lived, but if the ministry got their hands into him, his life would be planned out and he probably would become just another pawn of the ministry. Which was why he sent a letter to Severus Snape, who was the only one who could take the boy as he had a close relationship to the boy. Back when he and Lily were eleven they realized they would never be romantically attached, so they had become blood brother and sister, a bond that was recognized in the magical world. Dumbledore had spoke with Mrs. Figg and knew the bond the boy and the old squib had. Severus Snape came with Aurora his wife who could keep him calm at this time.

"You wish me to do what exactly with the Potter spawn?" Severus asked.

"You are the only one with the closest ties, the other is Lucius Malfoy and he will not treat Harry like family."

"What makes you think I can do so?" Severus asked.

"First, this." Dumbledore shoved a photo at him, "does that child look like James?"

"No Albus, the hair, but then the face, he has his grandmother's skin tone."

"He will fit in well with our children." Aurora said, "we can do this, and Arabella will come live with us as well, the ministry can't say no to that, not to a Sinstra."

"You do have the pull to remove him from the country if it comes to that." Dumbledore said, "very well, there is something else you need to know, Harry was abused."

"Good they are dead then, or I would kill them myself." Severus said.

He was the head of Slytherin, when the twins were five Severus had become the head of Slytherin. He had found many children abused there and did all he could to protect them. He taught the other heads of houses what to look for and hated abuse of any kind. Still this was Potter, the son of James Potter, how could he be fair to the boy? He would have to let Aurora take the lead in this, just as she had done in much of his life. Oh it's not as if he was henpecked or under her thumb. She was more patient and acted less Gryffindor than he did at times and how that grated on him that he even acted that way. Still, he would bring Harry into his home and treat him the same as his children, it was the least he could do.


Harry was not happy, he hated magic, or, rather the magical world. They had him thrown out to live in the muggle world, and now with his relations dead wanted to foster him off to someone he did not know. At least Mrs. Figg would be with him, she was going as his nanny. He mentally snorted, he knew what a nanny was and she really was much more, he wanted to call her mum but now he never would be able to. The Dursleys had done one good thing, in having her tend to him so much, in the eyes of even the magical laws she was his nanny, and as she was a high squib (one who could sense and see magical things) she could go with him. So he would still have her. He was clad in new clothes once for Dudley but he had grown far too fast to ever use them. He wore a shirt and trousers nearly his size and tie, new dress shoes rounded out his outfit. The navy robe Mrs. Figg got him made him look almost respectable he thought. She was clad far better than he ever had seen, in a pretty green suit with long skirt and matching shoes.

"You look presentable." Mrs. Figg said going over the boxes of things that were now Harry's stacked around them, "the neighbors already think we have left, we will leave as soon as Tilly gets here."

"Yes Mrs. Figg." Harry replied, "you will get to stay with me truly?"

"Yes, it is all set up." Mrs. Figg said, "Aurora, your new foster mum set that up, your foster father is Severus Snape."

"Yes Mrs. Figg, will they like me?" Harry asked.

"I am sure they will, Tilly." Mrs. Figg replied, a small creature that Harry knew to be a house elf appeared. "Please take the boxes and suitcase to your home first."

"Yes Mrs. Figg." Tilly said.

With a pop their things were gone and Mrs. Figg walked to the fireplace, the house was locked up now and looked cold and empty. Mrs. Figg held onto Harry and threw floo powder into the fireplace and called out Snape's Lodge before stepping through with Harry. After a few minutes they climbed out of another fireplace into what looked like a small shed. From there they stepped out and Harry got a look at his new home. It was not terribly large, there were three floors and he would find out later that on the ground floor there was the kitchen and family room at the back of the house and at the front a library and dining room, upstairs on the first floor was the master suite, a bathroom, an office, and one more bedroom. On the top floor were three more bedrooms, another bathroom and a playroom.

Harry walked up to the house and walked in and saw a family of four waiting for him. The father was tall and matched his name, he had long black hair and was clad all in black, his black eyes and pale face were startling to the boy. The woman was clad in a long gown of red with long black hair she kept tied back in a bun. Her skin was a dark brown and she had kind brown eyes and a pretty smile. The boy was clad much as Harry was while the girl was clad in a lavender dress with white tights and black shoes. Like her brother she had curly brown hair but unlike her bother who had short hair, hers was tied in two long braids, their skin was the same color as Harry's. They smiled at Harry and Harry felt hopeful, perhaps he had friends here?


So that sets things up for this story. In case you are wondering where Camden and Callie got their hair color, it is from their grandfather on their father's side. I had Mrs. Figg raise Harry and will continue to help out, I find it is rather harsh to take a child from everything they know and expect them to do well, they need someone they can rely on and Harry has Mrs. Figg, this will help him adjust far faster than normal. So I wanted him to have Mrs. Figg here to help him out and be the adult figure who is constant in his life.

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