There´s no author note for this story, as the explanations are on the sumary.

Still i want to thank my friend DSCWin for the idea and the help in writing this story.

Other than that, i want to say that since Elisa is mute, her speeches are writing in italics.

Hope you like it.


It was raining season once again in Baltimore and for the first time in a year, Zelda Delilah Fuller find herself alone. Not literally of course, as she has her husband and her now newborn son Charles at home waiting for her, but she missed having someone to talk to during her shift at the laboratory and it was making her very annoyed.

It happened however, that just a year ago, Zelda´s best friend Elisa had disappeared. The authorities of course, declare her death, Elisa´s adoptive father Giles, prefer to think that his daughter gone away with her beloved, just like in the movies. But Zelda, who didn't actually believe in love before Charles born, just put in her head that her fiend vanished, gone away without a trace, not wanting to be found.


That day in question, before head to her shift at the laboratory, Zelda decided to pass by the canal, with no purpose at first, that canal, was where Elisa had been seeing at least, so she thought of going there, it would lessen the lounging she was feeling of her missing friend, not knowing however what she would find.

Suddenly, as she last expected, something started to move in the water. Confused, Zelda bent down to check what was going on, when sudden, two heads emerged on the surface.

''JESUS, MARY JOSEPH!'' she yelled, falling backyards, upon realizing the two heads belongs to Elisa and the creature who now, appear to become her mate.

''Hi Zelda!'' Elisa signed. Her face was different from before, she was nude and from what Zelda could see of her exposed skin, Elisa had now gain a shade of green and blue colors, matching the creature´s.

''Y-You… you´re alive?'' the black woman gasped ''How?''

''He saved me'' she signed again and smiled at the creature ''Yes, I'm alive Zelda, but not in the way you thought''

''Oh…'' the other woman tried to understand ''So you can't came back, you are a living-dead, sort of?''

''Sort of'' Elisa replied.

''Oh my Lord…'' Zelda crossed herself and shook her head ''You realized the mess you got yourself, girl?'' she said and Elisa smiled.

''How´s Giles?'' Elisa asked

''Oh, he´s fine'' the other answered ''He misses you a lot Elisa, but he´s doing fine, he is enjoying playing the part of grandfather to my son Charles…''

''Your son?''

''You believe that? Brewster got me pregnant. He got me pregnant and don't even help me take care of Charlie, I have to leave him with Giles to go to work'' Zelda complained and in response, Elisa smiled and placed a wet tacky hand over Zelda´s hand. At first the black woman shivered, but a second later, she just smiled ''I miss you at work Elisa, its seems that no one there really have time to talk to me''

''I miss you too'' Elisa replied as Zelda get up and look at her watch and took a deep breath.

''I have to go work now and tomorrow, if you are still here, I will bring Charles for you to meet and Giles will come too'' Zelda said and Elisa smiled.

''I will be here, promise'' Elisa signed once again and left with the creature, while Zelda made her way to work, happy this time, for having once again, seeing her best friend, whatever shape she was now.