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Ch 1

Kyoya Ootori took a deep breath as he walked down the unfamiliar alleyway. Though he was new to this city, he knew exactly where he was heading - he'd done his research after all. His father, Yoshio Ootori had come to this town on a business trip and had compiled some weak excuse to drag his youngest son along. He'd kept his doubts about this trip quiet on the journey here, but when his father had intorduced Kyoya to the daughter of the associate he had come here to do business with, the reason for the youngest Ootori's presence became clear. Kyoya had wanted to give his father a piece of his mind then and there, but he'd held his tongue. It was neither the time nor the place for it. He'd been polite with the girl and slipped away at the first opportunity.

His father wouldn't understand why his efforts to have Kyoya court the girl would ultimately fail. He also couldn't tell his father the true reason he held no interest in dating Haruhi Fujioka, an intriguing young woman though she might be. Of course, very few people at Ouran Academy were even aware that Haruhi was indeed a female. It was the cover story that she was a boy that allowed her to serve in the host club they were both members of at school.

Unfortunately, as Kyoya was in fact gay, he had to be careful. If his preferences were to get out, it could prove troublesome for his family's business. Japan wasn't nearly as accepting of homosexuality as animes and mangas might make it appear to the outside world. And, as tended to be the case anywhere, the upper echelons of society were even less tolerant of it than commoners.

Finally, Kyoya found exactly what he'd been looking for - the red light district. He was certain he'd be able to find himself a nice distraction or two here. And there was very little chance of his father finding out, he'd be stuck in meetings and such for the majority of the day.

Toshio Ootori was currently pouring over the notes for his next meeting. He didn't know or frankly care where his son had vanished to. In his mind, Kyoya was nothing but trouble. In fact, at one point the brat had even bought up the controlling shares in the Ootori Group's less lucartive companies, giving him majority holding in the central business as well. After bringing the somewhat struggling business back to a comfortable profit, he actually sold it back to his father. And it was all just to show his father what he could do to stand out from his older brothers.

Much as he hated to admit it, Yoshio, who had always told his youngest son that he had no hope of standing out of the shadows cast by his older siblings, was actually rather impressed with what his boy had done. He had hoped to use his son to gain a powerful ally in the world his family was part of by marrying him off like Toshio had with his only daughter. He figured the brat could be of some use that way, but Kyoya had less than no interest in the match his father had chosen for him. After the terrible meet and greet, Kyoya had left for the hotel. Toshio still couldn't understand the whole situation with Haruhi, either. He knew Tamaki Suoh, Kyoya's best friend, was also interested in the girl; which could explain why his own son hadn't made a move yet. But, that still didn't explain why his son hadn't simply accepted the prospective bride his father had chosen for him. With a sigh, Toshio looked at the clock and stood to head to his next meeting.

Kyoya had already dodged three females that had tried to get his business. He was looking for something specific as he went deeper and deeper into the red light district. Finally, he seemed to found what he was after as he came across a row of buildings that resembled town homes, each with a large window beside the front door. In those windows were men and women in provocative clothing, dancing and posing to grab the attention pf passersby. As he walked along, Kyoya looked over his options, scanning for a color coded marker that would indicate which men would service other men.

He soon found three, though the first two didn't impress him enough to be bothered, but the third male more than got his attention. He was a tall, thin, but still well toned man with long black hair that was currently tied back in a ponytail. There was no way he was a pureblood Japanese, not with those ice blue eyes, almost like what you'd see in a husky. He was wearing a thin silk kimono that was loosely secured so the upper portion showed off his pale chest. His body was just toned enough to hint at his masculinity, while still giving him a highly feminine appearance. This man was certainly the most beautiful male Kyoya had ever seen, and given the circles he normally ran in, that was saying something. A normal young man would have been nervous to knock on a prostitute's door, but not Kyoya. He held his head high and knocked twice.

In the window, the young man had of course seen Kyoya checking him out, so when the knock came, he was hardly surprised. Flicking off the light in his window, he stepped through a heavy black curtain so he could open the door. Opening it revealed the young man who'd knocked in a much better light. "Why, hello there," he purred, expecting the normal flustered response from this boy who couldn't be more than 17.

But that's not what he got. Instead, he found a very calm look on the client who was just about his own age. Just looking at the way he carried himself, the prostitute could tell that money was not going to be an issue with this one. Most young clients could usually only afford oral sex or something like that, but this kid was no doubt going to be able to afford whatever the hell he wanted. This was going to be a good night.

He reached out and grabbed his client's tie, pulling him inside. In fact, he used that motion to yank his client into a kiss. He wasn't one of those snobby whores who refused to kiss or charged extra for the privilege. He found it was a good way to get the engine revving, so to speak. And with how the young man was pushing him against the wall, it was clear his client was the type who liked to take control. He'd make sure to keep that in mind tonight.

Kyoya moaned into the kiss before breaking away and kissing along the whore's jawline and then his neck as the no doubt experienced young prostitute let his kimono slide from his shoulders to pool at his feet. Kyoya let himself be led up to the bedroom with a lovely king sized bed. He pushed the whore gently onto the bed and began removing his own jacket, tie and shirt before laying down as well.

Now was the time for Kyoya to truly take control in this situation. Shifting so he was laying on his side, he began to work his way down the other man's body with his mouth. He paused at his nipples, giving each one a playful nip before lifting his head as his toy for the night gave a low moan. He was fortunate that he'd found this particular whore. The color coding of the houses in this district had indicated that not only did this slut prefer male clients, but he normally preferred to bottom for them. And it was time to put that to the test. "May I ask what's available to me tonight?" he asked.

"You can do anything you want to me, handsome. Something tells me you got more than enough money to make it worth my while." Hell, he suspected that he could close shop for a few nights after this. Kid already had potential with how he'd gotten his motor running after that little teasing with his nipples.

With that information in mind, Kyoya rose from the bed and crossed over to an armchair, settling into it and spreading his legs. Propping one elbow on an armrest and resting his cheek on the back of his hand with that cheeky smirk of his, be beckoned the young man over with a curl of his finger. "Suck me," he ordered simply.

The whore smiled and slid off the bed onto all fours, crawling over with the grin of the cat who ate the canary. "And just what name am I to give to my Master for the evening?" he purred out as he settled between his client's legs. His grin grew a bit as he was told that this youth's name was Kyoya. Far as he could recall, there was only one Kyoya he'd heard of to have the level of money he could spot on this man. So a high and mighty Ootori was down here slumming it with the likes of him? He could certainly live with that.

He'd have to remember to switch on his CLOSED sign later, but for now, he decided to give his client a good show of his skills so as to prove he was worth every yen. Leaning in, he undid the button and zipper of Kyoya's pants with his teeth before pulling his boxers down a bit with them as well to expose where his talents were needed. Well now, seemed like it wasn't just Kyoya's bank account that was big.

Lifting his gaze to Kyoya's face, he made sure their gazes were locked as he set to work. He ran his tongue over the length of Ootori's impressive shaft before closing his mouth around the tip and sinking to nearly the base. Supressing one's gag reflex had its advantages. It wasn't something just any prostitute could do. It took training and dedication.

After a few minutes of bobbing, licking, sucking and teasing, Kyoya pulled this nameless slut off his cock. He placed his foot on the whore's chest and pushed him onto his back. Getting up from his chair, Kyoya finished removing his pants and boxers, then unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his tie. "Bring your legs up," he commanded as he got onto his knees.

With another grin, the prostitute complied, lifting his legs so Kyoya could hook them over his shoulders and line his shaft up with the offered entrance. As he pushed himself in, he hissed at the heat and tightness of the body underneath him. He was actually a bit surprised that a whore could be this tight. Not giving either of them time to properly adjust, he set into a quick pace. Leaning down as the other man gave a whimper, he licked the shell of his ear. "You are rather tight for a whore," he purred before licking again.

The brisk pace, combined with infrequent release, brought Kyoya to a fairly quick release. As soon as he'd emptied himself into the whore, he slid out to lay on his back. But, he was hardly finished, his shaft still rock hard and ready for another round. "Ride me," he commanded. A quick bit of repositioning, and he was soon bucking up into the slut he'd hired for the night. His hands clutched at those pale hips in such a way that there'd be clear grip marks when he let go. Not too mention the bruising they'd both sport between their thighs. "I could fuck you all night, and most likely will," he said, letting his formal nature slip for a few moments to let out that curse word.

And he was as good as his word. All night they went at each other, barely breaking in between rounds until the whore's body went completely limp from the loss of energy. Still, even as they were both panting heavily and their bodies glistened with sweat and spilled seed, Kyoya was eager to keep going. It wasn't easy to truly satisfy a whore, but he could tell that he was doing just that. Now, he didn't harbor any delusions that his partner for the evening gave a damn who he was. Kyoya was just another cock to fill him, another customer. At least that's what Kyoya thought after a few more hours that led them to falling alseep tangled in each other's arms.

The following morning, when they finally woke, Kyoya attempted to pay for the rather extensive services he'd enjoyed the night before, only to be firmly rebuffed. Giving him a kiss, the whore explained. "Sorry, handsome. I make it a policy of mine to never take the money of anyone who can truly get me off the way you did last night. Oddly enough, you're the first to actually pull it off. I can honestly say that you fuck like a god. Even now, you're making me feel weak all over." His pale eyes darted between Kyoya's legs for a moment and he grinned. "In fact, if you think you've got the energy, we can have one more go before you leave. Say, in the shower?" He'd already reached out, wrapped his slender fingers around Kyoya's cock and was pulling him towards the bathroom even as he asked.

The bathroom was surprisingly large, with a big, glassed in shower. As the hot water poured over them, Kyoya leaned back against the tiled wall with a slight smile on his face. His partner sank to his knees and added to the lubrication the water offered by running his tongue over the young Ootori's cock. A moment later, he stood and hooked one leg over Kyoya's waist. He draped his arms around Kyoya's neck as his client slid into him one last time. Both young men kept their gazes locked onto the other as the whore was fucked yet again by his so far only pro bono client. Even after so many times that they'd already gone at it, this time was no less glorious. Their bodies fit each other like a glove.

When they finally reached their climax, a bit of an effort after so many peaks earlier, they caught their breaths before washing each other of all signs of their night long fun. Once they were dressed and stood before the front door, the whore yanked Kyoya in close for one last, hard kiss. "Thanks for the good times, Master. Don't be a stranger."