Uuuuum…..i don't think I have much to do with Ganondorf and Samus…….OR Roy and Sheik…so….I think I'll focus on Peach, Petal, Bowser, and Marth.

            Marth wiped his brow. He'd followed Bowser all the way to his Castle, but once he got inside, Bowser was nowhere to be seen. "Where are you, you little…" Marth's angry curses were drown out by the loud Crash from the door behind.

            A malevolent laugh was heard a ways down the dark and dreary corridor.

            Marth stepped forward slowly, his steps magnified in sound by each echo they made. He glared down the long corridor, only legible by the dim light of a torch here and there.

            "I will raise you as my own…you will learn to hate humans…" Bowser's evil voice rang low.

            Marth sneered, but crept slowly and as quietly as possible down the way. He couldn't see the end.

            "You won't even know your own parents…it will be wonderful…" Bowser plotted.

            Marth saw the large doors. 'That must lead to the throne room.' He thought, hesitating before taking hold of the large iron knockers. He creaked the door open.

            Bowser's back was facing Marth, but he knew Marth was there. "Come in, lowly human."

            Marth glared. He didn't even have a plan…all he knew was that he wanted his child back. "Give Petal back!" He spat.

            "You expect me to just hand her over?" Bowser chuckled evilly.

            "What do you want with our family!? What gives you the right to take my daughter!" Marth demanded.

            "What gives you the right to steal my Peach!?" Bowser growled, stepping forward.

            Marth was bewildered. "What…?"

            "Peach! Princess Peach! She was mine until you stole her away from me! I could have taken her and never given her back, but I gave her a chance here and there. Not to mention that idiot, Mario…but he's too old and fat to know the difference between me and a poisonous mushroom…let's hope he bites me." Bowser said, neither a frown or grin upon his mouth.

            "Peach was never yours!" Marth said, wishing he could use childish insults, but he didn't want to seem dumb. He shrugged…what was the difference? "YOU'RE A STUPID DINOSAUR!" Marth shouted. He didn't feel as dumb as he thought he would.

            All Bowser did was grin. He stepped forward slowly, a loud thump came with every claw he set down. He came face to face with Marth.

            Marth felt an inch tall underneath Bowser's deep dark gaze, but he stood straight and tall anyway.

            "Give me my Peach and I'll give you your Petal." Bowser said through clenched teeth, his fist clenched as well in front of Marth's nose.

            "NEVER!" Marth shouted, unsheathing his sword quickly and slicing deeply into one of Bowser's leathery fingers.

            Bowser howled and stumbled back.

            Marth ran at him, slicing at random spots, most of which were too hard to penetrate, but he did his best anyway.

            Bowser finally got to his throne and Marth stopped slashing. Bowser turned around, his bloody fingers reaching down into the seat of the throne.

            Marth looked up to see what Bowser was doing.

            Bowser picked something up and turned to Marth, holding it high in the air.

            "PETAL!" Marth yelled, rushing towards Bowser.

            Bowser was holding Petal upside down by one leg, a steady stream of blood seeping from his bloody claws and onto her knee. He prepared to throw her. "If I can't have her…neither can you…" He growled lowly, then wound back his arm, and threw Petal across the chamber.

            "PETAL! NO!!!!" Marth screamed. No matter how fast he sprinted, he knew he'd never catch her in time. "YOU HEARTLESS MURDERER!!!!!" Marth roared, swinging his sword as hard as he could in many spots to Bowser's body…but his skin and shell was too thick.

            "Marth! Stop!" Peach's voice came from the door.

            Marth turned, gasping in relief to see her…along with Petal.

            Peach was floating just above the door, Petal safely cradled in her arms.

            "Peach! He just attempted to kill our child!" Marth turned.

            Bowser's eyes flared as Marth turned. He raised his arm high in the air, and came down, shoving his long claws deeply into Marth's back.

            "Geh!" Marth fell to the ground, Bowser's claws still lodged deeply into his back. He struggled to get up, but the more he tried, the deeper Bowser pushed his claws in.

            "Bowser! Stop it!" Peach screamed, putting Petal safely down and running as fast as she could towards Bowser. She began yanking on his leathery arm to get him away.

            "LEAVE OFF, GIRL!" He roared, flinging her away with his other arm, scratching her with his claws.

            Peach took off her crown and ran up to Bowser. She swung up as hard as she could, making the largest and sharpest point on her crown pry into Bowser's large eye. She took it out and wasted no time as Bowser stumbled back. She shoved it deeply into his other eye.

            Bowser swung his head madly like an insane bull. His clawed hands covered both of his heavily bleeding eyes. He charged from the room, but was met halfway down the hall by someone.

            Peach bent down beside Marth as a bright flash of light came from the hall. She looked up to see Samus and Ganondorf.

            Samus knelt down and gingerly picked up Petal, smiling and cradling her softly.

            Ganondorf grinned, but not his usual evil grin. "He deserved it."

            "Ganondorf?? Samus???" Peach said hysterically. "What happened?"

            "We followed you here." Samus informed her.

            "I hope that wasn't a problem." Ganondorf grinned. "I just gave Bowser a good strong memory blast. I could've killed him, but I decided I'd give the git another chance for giving me back my memory. Even though it did cause me some problems…I think it let me learn a few lessons I needed to know." Ganondorf said, finally reaching Peach and Marth.

            Marth was unconscious. Peach was doing her best and putting direct pressure on the very deep injury.

            "Don't worry…we'll help you get back to the stadium…I'll let Bowser's evil minions find him." Ganondorf said, motioning back to the hallway. He carefully undid his own cape and tied it tightly around Marth's back where the cut was, then picked him up with ease. Peach stayed beside him the entire time, worrying herself away…

Well, that was SORT of a happy ending…kinda bloody LOL. GO PEACH! WAY TO USE THAT CROWN! So maybe Royalty DOES have some good uses for their jewelry…=P. Well, review please! ^.^