Sounds of war?

What are these sounds of war?

These sounds of war I can't find

Though I've looked very often

Ah! Here's one sound!

People screaming, falling to the ground

Are soldiers immune to these cries?

Yes, I believe so

Yes, I've found another sound

I hear bursts of gunfire

I am there, though the bullets don't hurt

I can see the guns as they fire

Here it comes! BANG!

Another sound of war

I've seen the bombs drop

Heard the screams cut short

Now I stand alone on the field

Bodies lay scattered around me

I see a shadow, look up

I'm trapped in a circle of enemies

There's five of them, I see

Five vehicles of war

The driver emerges from one

The others soon follow

These fighters of the war!

Their little more than teens

Five boys who kill for pleasure

And soon they'll kill me

For pleasure? I'm not so sure

I stare up at one face

I see in those blue eyes: regret

And now I see they won't kill me

I awaken in my bedroom

The sounds of war in my ears

And yet I know it wasn't a dream

I feel it deep inside

Guns. Screams. Bombs

And Five children in a war

I find that I want to join

But I can't find the way