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When Ilsa opened her eyes again, she realized that she's been moved. She wasn't in this room with hat window anymore, instead she was in a cell. She supposed that this was the cellar because there were absolutely no windows anywhere. She felt that the chains around her wrists had been removed. Instead, they put a chain around her right ankle, which was much more uncomfortable than before. She could still barely move, but at least she could move her hands properly. She used this "new freedom" to explore her surroundings closer. She was cornered by two brick walls and on her right side, there were bars with a door. Opposite of her position was also a wall with bars. In her little cell was only a mattress, that seemed very old and uncomfortable. Suddenly, she heard a noise. Ilsa prepared herself for this woman to arrive or maybe it was that guy from before, but instead, that noise came from within this cold room.

"Minden rendben veled? Ki vagy te?" (Are you okay? Who are you?)

Ilsa didn't understand a word, but she heard that it was a female voice. She couldn't exactly make out the language spoken, but she assumed that it was Hungarian.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand you. Do you speak English?"

"Yes, I can try. I asked you if you were okay", the woman answered in an accented English.

"Yes, I'm good. Who are you?"

"I'm Helena. Who are you?"

"My name is Ilsa. Helena, can you tell me what we're doing here?"

"We're living here. We're working for Mistress Almássy."

"Is that this woman?"


Ilsa tried to make out Helena's face. Her eyes were used to the limited light, but Helena's cell was opposite of hers. Still, she could see the figure of Helena. She was tall and slim. Her skin was white like snow and her blonde hair had lost its shining color. Ilsa scanned her body. Her chest was rather flat and she had a childish, innocent smile on her face. Ilsa was shocked.

"Helena, how old are you?"

"Fifteen. Why?"

"What work does Mistress Almássy want you to do?"


"I mean, what is your job?"

Helena stilled. She looked down on the ground and laced her fingers together. Ilsa waited.

"Sometimes, we go to dinners. In sparkly dresses. Some men watch us and talk to Mistress. Then, we go to rooms with them…"

She stopped. Ilsa closed her eyes for a moment. She remembered the target that they were looking for here in Hungary. They didn't know any details about the identity of the target, but now everything made sense.

"Do they hurt you, Helena?"

Helena nodded, barely visible.

"If they want… Mistress says they can do everything they want. As long as they don't kill us."

"How long have you been here, Helena?"

"One year, maybe more. I stopped counting a long time ago…"

Ilsa's heart ached. That young girl, barely fifteen years old, was used to pleasure grown up men.

"How did you get here?"

"I was looking for a job in the newspapers. There was an ad for work at a bar. My family needs money, so I quit school to work there. I came into a room and saw Mistress. I asked her about the job, but Mistress didn't talk about that. She watched me and told her boys to measure my height. They took off my shirt and Mistress touched me. Next my pants. She touched me again, asked if I was a virgin. I tried to get away and screamed, but the boys covered my mouth. Then, they gave me something and I passed out. Then I woke up here."

Anger bubbled up inside of Ilsa. When she turned her head around to calm herself, she saw more faces. Faces of young girls who were listening intently to Helena's story. Ilsa turned her head back to Helena.

"I'm not the only one. Most of us got here like this."

"How many more are there?"

"With you, we are bout twenty girls. Some are here longer than I am."

Ilsa almost threw up. This Mistress Almássy was running a prostitution business. She abducts young girls and sells their bodies to men. How could the IMF not know that?

"But some girls aren't here anymore. Mistress sometimes comes and takes girls with her. Then, she never brings them back. We think that she lets them go and we hope to be the next one, whenever she comes to get someone."

Helena sounded hopeful and most of the others were nodding in agreement. But Ilsa knew better what happened to these girls. She swore that she would never forget the pictures of the pieces that were once the body of a young girl. Ripped apart by explosives hooked up to them. This woman was a monster and she was now part of her belongings. Ilsa thought about the team. They were surely working on a plan to get her back and bring this Mistress down. How long will it take them? And will they be fast enough?

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