Mary having violet eyes was always a fascinating feature to me, so i had to write something with it.

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Mary Ellen was a intelligent girl, a very gifted girl with an great interest in music, reading and (much like her mother who was a tailor, owning a boutique) sewing clothes and drawing concept art for the various gowns, coats, hats etc.

She was able to read at the age of two and loved to play the piano with her mother until her mother died when Mary was just ten years old. She was taught how to play the violin by her auntie Patty but, much to Patty's dissapointment, Mary didn't adore the violin as much as she adored the piano. Still, she loved the violin but not as much as the piano that allowed her to create delicious sounds by just making her fingers dance with the keys.

Despite her fair share of talents and gifts, she lacked a fair share of beauty as time transformed her from a young girl to a lady.

Her round, heavy face and her frizzy curls (that looked like it hadn't been combed in decades) didn't have any appeal to the young men that met her (not that Mary would care any less). She was often told that she was too thin or too short for the standard of radiance, that she can never achive that goal of being a beauty like the women that were glamouring and surrounded by men who worship their beauty and elegance.

So if Mary Ellen didn't posses that beauty of an angel, how come that Stanley Mahar was the first, and possibly only, man to take notice of her and eventually court her ? What did he saw in her ?

She had nice eyes. Even if many folks say they were cold, calculating and almost frightening.

When Stanley had first met her at a party through a close friend of his father, all he could think about were her large eyes that sparkled with curiousity and awe when she saw the tall man, possibly the tallest fella she had ever seen. Her eyes were a nice shade of violet that made the young man feel spellbound. Enchanted.

Her violet eyes reminded him of a queen which was quite fitting as violet was the color of royalty.

To him, it didn't matter if she couldn't hold a conversation for too long.

To him, it didn't matter if her round face was too heavy for someone's taste, his eldest brother told him that she looked like a pug with a wig.

To him, it didn't matter whether her hair was combed or not.

What mattered to him were those violet eyes that took his breath away. How they would light up whenever she was overjoyed. How they softened and sparked with affection whenever she saw him. How they gleamed with greed (which frankly, he found charming) whenever she talked about her future plans or dreams of being surrounded with money she made herself without any help. He even admired how they would turn dark and hard when she was angry or saw someone she disliked.

Her eyes weren't the only features that grabbed his attention, though. The more time he spent with her, the more letters they wrote to each other, the more he found out she had the same interests as him, despite the fact that they were quite different as Mary was the more quiet and serious type while Stanley was the outgoing man with a great sense of humour that swept the ladies off their feet.

But to him, Mary was the embodiement of perfection.

So whenever his love asked him what he saw in her or what devil possesed him to make a move on her and succesfully earn her love, he would just lift up her chin to meet his gaze and say

"You have a pair of fine eyes, my dear. That's more than enough for a man to fancy you."

I headcanon that if Slappy were human, his story would take place in the 1800s since his creator was born in that era.

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