My first story on Fault In Our stars, i thank my friend DSCWin for the idea, its an A/U ending to the book.

Hope you like.


It was a random summer afternoon in Indianapolis, when Hazel Grace found herself sitting alone on the hill near Funky Bones park, watching as children play and ran around the old skeleton statue.

With that sight, Hazel couldn't help but smile to herself and scratch her dog´s ear. In response, the old dog just look up to her, before lied down his head again and enjoy the scratch, while Hazel remember the events of the last few years.

Even today, after almost three years ago, Hazel couldn't not believe she had finally beat cancer and most of the times, she feared that she would woke up still needing Philip´s help to breath, which makes her frightened sometimes. Sure, just a look on her chest, to know that what she was living now was real, but still, if frightened her.

It happened so fast, just a day after Hazel come back from that failed trip to Amsterdam, when Dr. Maria called her family and notify them about the possibility of a lung transplant for Hazel. Sure, the chance of survival was slim and just the thought of having a piece of a dead person inside her, freak her out, but with the insistence from her loved ones, Hazel decided to take the chance.

This way, after a lot of tests, a surgery and months at the hospital, Hazel grace could say she was finally cancer free. Suddenly, Hazel heard a pair of unsetting footsteps approaching her, making her look behind her back and give the person a loving smile.

''Finally, I'm back!'' said Gus, the person in question, smiled down at her, before handling her an ice-cream cone.

Since the first time they met, once ago at the Cancer-Therapy Group, Augustus Waters, never stop charming her, they give strength to each other to fight and survive cancer and now there they are.

''Why you took so long?'' she asked him, as Gus sit down with a bit difficult, due his lack of left leg.

''You know, Hazel Grace, there´s a disadvantage, about coming to the park at the summer day… two actually!'' he said and she nodded.

''Yeah, I think I might agree with you'' said the now 21-year old woman.

''One, there is a lot of people here. And Two, the ice-cream line was longer than any medical bill we ever had.''

''Oh Gus! Would you stop with keeping reminding us from our illness?'' she asked upset and in redponse, he kissed her.

''I can´t, as it wasn't for the cancer, I would never have met the love of my life, Okay, Hazel Grace?''

''Okay'' she nodded and they kissed.

For the next hour and half then, they set in the hill together, watching the children play and discussing the possibility to have one. After all, free of cancer and married for about an year, it was time for them to forget a bit about the past and head together toward the future.