Sick of the system
Don't wanna hear it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject

-5 seconds of summer

This fanfic is slightly based in Rebelde, a soap opera, and Gossip Girl. At first though, I hope you like it.

No recognizable characters are mine, they are SM and respective owners. I'm just playing with them.

Hope you like it and let me know what you think in the coments, should I continue?


Bella Marie Cullen-Swan was studying her reflection on the mirror in the dormitory she was assigned just three days ago when her daddy—Mr. Carlisle Cullen, the multi-millionaire fashion designer and distinguished member of society— sent one of the maids to enroll her in the well-known and honorable St. Marcus Academy. She managed to convince Mr. Cullen to put on a few more bucks to get her two best friends in there with her.

She was making sure her uniform was in place, nothing has to be more difficult that it needs to be, with how difficult is being her they have enough. It's not easy task having the reputation and popularity she has. Pristine white shirt, with the school badge on the left side of her chest, perfectly tucked in the navy blue skirt: check. Navy blue blazer, also with the badge in the same side: check. Tie of the same color: check. White over the calf socks with black maid boots round toe leather shoes, very ugly and check.

She was nit and all ready to go. She sat down on her bed waiting for Lauren and Jessica to finish with their attire. Bella felt excited, she has this feeling this is the year where she's going to get all she's been waiting for. Everything has been going the way she wants. Her friends with her in the bedroom, she convinced her daddy to talk the school into letting Jessica stay after the scandal The Voltures, a group of students whose purpose is to make the rest of the freshman's life impossible, started. They said Jessica was some kind of easy girl that lets all type of men of any age sleep with her. She is a virgin for god's sake! Bella and Lauren fought with all their power to rectify her reputation and their parents helped too.

Bella notice at first The Voltures were attacking only scholar shipped students. She talked about this with Emmett, son of a member of the cabinet… the education secretary she thinks, she never has been interested enough to put attention in others peoples lives. Anyhow, she talked about this with him last year but when Jessica's situation happened she dropped the theory and Emmett never asked again. They have been friends since elementary year. Those two have been in the academy for like it seems forever.

Oh… yeah, everything is going like she wants I was saying right? Plus she was given the privilege to give the greetings of the school semester in front of all the parents and students in the massive auditory the school has, and what is most important: daddy promised her to be there. Her grades and credits her extracurricular activities like the dance group had paid all the effort she put in and she's proud of it, she did it for her dad to feel proud of her. She knows he's not always with her in vacations and stuff because he is a very busy man. Carlisle Cullen clothing brand is important in all the fashion capitals of the world like New York, Barcelona, London and Paris. Bella understands a man as important as her father has like two free minutes but it doesn't make it less hurtful when he's not there for her as she wins prettiest ballerina, or first place in calcifications or her first breakup. That's why is so special for her this time. He finally has time for her. Her only daughter and only member of the Cullen-Swan family, since her mother, Eleonor Swan, died when she was a toddler. Her father never says anything to her regarding her mom but she likes to think it's because he misses her and still mourns for her.

Either way, Bella's thankful to have such an amazing father.


Rosalie Lillian was furiously mad. She was fuming in her red room full with posters which she's being forced to leave behind. Who does he think he is?

Alistair Hale has never been interested in her life. Never, not even once he has asked her mother anything concerning Rosalie. He just gave the money to hire teachers for her to be home schooled.

Her parents were not together; they told her it was cause' of Esme's fame, as the acclaimed pop singer she is known for, and her tight agenda and bullshit the adults feed their kids with. Also they said that her father being the lawyer he is couldn't adapt to her mother's life style. She didn't care. She liked her mother better.

She has always been with Esme Platt. Her mother never buckled down in the fight for the custody of her only daughter, and imagine how thankful Rosalie is. She's a free spirit, a fighter of the system… she can't even imagine a life as the boring lawyer's child. At the end it doesn't matter, he has other kids to worry about. She's just a bother, a rock in the way of his happiness, a person he sends money for school, a once in a while birthday card.

As I was saying, Rosalie has been her whole life with Esme. She's known for her sensuality and raspy voice. She's praised in the music and model world and of course, Rosalie has been dragged in. And she likes it. Not that she's into looks and vanity but living as the shadow of the multiple good kids of Alistair and beauty of her mother some of the attention she gets it's well received. She never has had any friends either. Not being in an actual school has a lot to do with that but also the fact that every person who tries to get along with her is trying to befriend her just to get close to her mother or because they think they have a chance at a contract or some shit like that if they are seen with her is other reason and a very important one.

So yeah, Rosalie Hale-Platt has been alone almost a big part of her life. The only "friend" she has had is Nessie, her mother's assistant, who's also 20 years her senior.

And now fucking Alistair Hale wants her to enroll in some dumb rich nest where all the mediocre spawn of the richest people in the country is thrown at. She can't believe her mother is agreeing with that dip-shit.

Esme says is a good opportunity for her to be social and develop some confidence. But come on, it's not like she is a awkwardly social individual. Rosalie's just… different. She hates politicians who think they are above everything and more, or brats who think their shit doesn't smell or boys who think every girl is swoon for them… or older people who wants respect without they giving it back. She thinks everyone is like that. She won't admit she might be wrong in judging everyone.

Fuck her father and even though she lo—likes her mother, fuck her too for wanting to get rid of her. What if a girl grows under the lent of a camera just because her mother is famous?


Mary Alice was washing the hair of one of her aunt's clients when she received the news of how the life she knows of is about to change. Shiobhan is the name and she's the one on charge of her and her little sister Cynthia.

They were left with her aunt at the age of 7 and 1 by their parents. They left with the promise of gaining money in a different city, eventually they stopped calling and writing or sending money and her aunt never told Alice, as she likes to be called, nothing about them. She never asked either. She just worries for her sister and how people treat her for her condition. Her down syndrome.

At her 16 years old she keeps fighting and sacrificing privileges she could have for her sister to have the best in medical treatments and therapy. She gave up the private school Shiobhan has been saving all her life for the two of them go to and have the education her and her brother Riley never had. She begged her aunt to enroll Cynthia in a school specialized in cases like her sister.

She does not regret the decision. She's content with going to a low resources public school if her sister is being treated how she deserves. With respect and a normal kid with certain type of difficulties to develop. Not as some special kid with 0 intellectual coefficient. She hates when other person behaves rudely towards her sister. As if she's less than them just because how she was born.

Ultimately what person is totally perfect? She tries to tell her sister that every chance she has.

As she washes the hair of the woman whose clothes are wonderful – she loves fashion so much- and thinks of this situation she has she smiles… she's sure her parents are alive or so some "friends" of the family had assure her multiple times, and she's thankful for their new wealth and good health. She's happy to have her beautiful sister, who everyday looks more and more like her mom Victoria but with the dark hair Alice also has. She's happy to have such a brave aunt, because lets be real, who would want to be in charge of other people's kids? No one. That's who. Her auntie has such a beautiful soul and physical appearance too. And she's happy that her aunt was able to put the hair salon. She worked so hard to do so.

When she finished with the woman her aunt appeared out of nowhere with the typical pink salon uniform and told her something that make her even happier but sad at the same time. She was given the scholarship she applied to the St. Marcus Academy, where her mother Victoria once studied.

She could have so many opportunities with a school like that in her resumé and she was eager to meet new people of her age with different backgrounds. Don't get her wrong. She likes the school she was in but she never really had a friend there. And not for lack of trying. It's just people there are so worried to apparent something they are not and stuff… she had to eat in the bathrooms once because no one wanted her in their tables. She didn't know why and at this point of her life she didn't care. She was happy with the opportunities she was presented now.


Edward Anthony Masen Thomas is such an angsty teenager and all with a good cause, or so he affirms, after all, his mother, Elizabeth says that he's angry at the world for his want. At his 17 years old he's full of hate towards a family he believes are the responsible for his father's death. He believes it with such a force that not even Elizabeth can change his mind nor his little sister Bree.

Right now he was in shook. He got the letter he's been waiting for since he investigated, with the help of his limited technical resources, the ones that murdered his dad.

See, he was a happy kid. Full with love and passion for family and friends. He was always a good kid and his parents, especially his father, were so proud of him. He never once felt empty. But lately he's numb. Even though almost a year is been since the Masens got the news of the patriarch of the family he still grieves for Edward Sr. Shit! He's almost sure he's stuck in a grey zone waiting for some light to help him out of there.

The only thing in his mind all this time has been revenge, repay, defend the honor of his family that once were economically comfortable; to get back at the man whose company meant the doom of his dad and reciprocate punishing the most valuable thing in that millionaire man to make him feel all the pain his mother, sister and him felt even now thanks to their manipulative and rotten minds. Filthy rich.

His mother suspects what his intentions were when he asked for money to some familiar of theirs to apply to a scholarship and od the test. She started to speculate since he stopped going to school to work for them and out of nothing he wants to get back at school.

Now that he's been accepted he's ready to start planning how to proceed, how to get close to his targets. How to ruin the family that ruined his. Now, just after getting back of where his father was buried to say goodbye and promise on last time the thing he has for so many months now. He ignored his other trying to get him to rethink, to not do something stupid and went to his room to start packing.

While he put the things and clothes he's going to need for the academy he encountered the paper where he discovered the name of the man.

Carlisle Cullen is going to pay the death, the murder of his dad. And he is going to make him suffer by making his only treasure. The only thing that must value more to him.

His daughter.


Emmett McCarty Rizzo was at the big and fancy cafeteria the academy offered to their students. It has big rounded tables and the food is served by people just like a restaurant. Of course the meals are not that fancy as he was used to eat.

And while there waiting for his best friend Peter, the son of that Nicholson guy that plays soccer, he started to think of parties and girls he was going to miss being trapped in this school one more time. And fuck, he still has 2 years more to come. His father told him he has to study a lot to be like him, because no Aro McCarty's son was going to be a bum, a musician, sport man or nothing lesser than a politician. His words, not Emmett's.

To be honest Emmett couldn't care less of politics and serious shit like that. He liked music, he liked the feel of the drums gave him while playing. He like parties a lot, after all he is a politics man's son, he has a lot of charisma, he likes to meet people and having contacts and many open doors gave him a satisfactory feeling. Not even close as playing his beloved instrument though.

Obviously he has not said anything to Aro. Emmett is seen as one of the most popular and brave kids at school. But his father inspires fear in every single soul in his way, including his son and wife. His mother, Sulpicia Rizzo, is Emmett's only confident in his family. She knows of his love for music and sports and his despise of politics world. She also knows how anxious Emmett gets when he has to ask his father for permission to something he likes. Something "not intelligent that won't get him anywhere" type of thing.

That's why he never asks. When he's at his mansion he escapes of the guards at the doors and the servants. He even manages to escape his personal guards. Where does he goes you must be asking. He does not goes to parties per se, even do he likes them; he goes to local music festivals or to concerts of little bands without a name… shit like that, you know?

One time his father found out and it did make him mad. He never raised a hand at him but still… if you think Bella's –his only girl friend and a long term friend too—description of him is frightening you must see his dad. You see, Bella is a tiny petit girl; she is between 5'3 5'4 … something like that, so she sees Emmett as a big guy with his bulky frame and 6'5. I mean, he is big but he doesn't inspire fear, at least not to her. But his dad… even de vice-president once admitted being afraid of Aro McCarty. He obviously took advantage of that fact.

Now, that he awaits for his friend he knows his dad is not coming, this assemble of parents, students and teachers had nothing on it for him. Not even a mention of his name, and even if Emmett would get a prize he wouldn't come, he would send his mother. He often fins himself asking if power and money has changed his dad o if he's always been like that.


Jasper Withlock has been waiting and begging for this for so long, almost as many times he had to butcher cows, slaughter chickens, cut thighs and legs into wedges, and see and smell a pig's intestines.

No, seriously.

His parents own a butcher shop and even if he does not like to admit it, he is ashamed of it. He's been the money kid in his public school but now he is going to the academy where famous kids go to.

But his plan is simple, he's going to befriend politics kids, make a famous girl fall in love with him, get the contacts and make money. Enough would not be enough. Dude, he sounds evil, but he is not. He just… wants money, for the sake of having money.

As he was thinking his surname "Withlock" does not means nothing. It has no power nor history. But you hear the name "Cullen-Swan"… "Mallory"… "Cheney"… "Newton"… "McCarty"… you hear history, old money, you hear capital, wealth, power, dominance, control, influence and authority.

That is what he wishes his name was known for. Well, first of all he wishes he was known.

He feels bad for feeling what he feels of his parents, Eleazar and Carmen Withlock; Jasper has never wish or want for nothing, technically. They have given him everything they can. He has clothes of good brand… they are not Cullen or Gucci but still. He has a good phone and he has his own laptop. He knows he has a lot and he's lucky. He can't help wanting more though.

And right now, as he debones chicken breasts to give it to the lady in front of him he hopes to make a name of the Withlock legacy.