"Toshi! Get back here this instant!" A woman yelled as a man, perhaps 25, ran past her, out the door. He ran and ran until he was no longer in her sight.

Tears streamed down his face, like a cascading waterfall. He appeared to be very distraught as he found an area to sit on. Taking in his surroundings, he realized he was at the beach, the moon casting its ethereal glow upon the vast sea ahead of him. I was in such a hurry, I didn't even realize where I ran to.

"You sit, alone, with no, place to call home..."

The boy looked up, searching for the source of the strange, beautiful song.

"Oh, you poor, lonely soul..."

"Hello? Is anyone there?" He asked, looking into the vast darkness that was the ocean at night. Just as he was about to call out again, as if in trance, he walked forward, edging closer and closer into the ocean.

"You seek relief..." he slowly walked closer into the ocean until his entire body (minus his head) was submerged in the water. He came face to face with a beautiful young girl, maybe in her mid-teens, as she sang delightfully into his ears. She smiled kindly, her teeth straight and white, and he relaxed. He felt strangely content...safe. However, as soon as he let his guard down, her smile turned malicious as she pulled him closer and sang against his lips—

"But your eyes deceive..."

He blacked out.

"That's just one of the few victims who have mysteriously been discovered on or near the shore of local beaches. Experts say there is still no definitive cause for the comatose state of the victims, and police are still investigating. The public has had many questions, as well as many theories. Could this be the effect of some undiagnosed disease? Or perhaps the black market finding new, unwilling organ donors? Believers in the occult claim this may be the work of the Greek mythical creature, the siren, though skeptics disagree. Be sure to tune in on our segment on sirens coming up after this short brea—"

"Oi boss," Hikaru called.

"Could you turn that down?" Kaoru continued.

"Yeah, that's like the fifth one in the past two weeks." Karou nodded, in agreement with his brother.

"Quiet you unscrupulous twins! Don't you know it's important to stay informed in modern affairs?" Tamaki whined, pushing a stray hair away from his face, and action which caused all his customers to swoon.

"Oh, Tamaki-senpai...It's so scary! To think a trip to the beach could end with being stuck in a hospital for days on end..." one girl cried out, looking downwards.

"Don't worry my princess," he replied, tilting her head upwards, hand placed gingerly on her chin. "As long as we're together, I won't allow any harm to come to you."

The girl (along with a few other customers) squealed at this action, a few even getting nosebleeds.

"It's weird, isn't it?" Karou piped up, leaning against the sofa. "The victims are all male and each of them woke up exactly 1 day later with no recollection of what had happened the night before."

"As long as none of us go to the beach at night, we should be fine! Right, Takashi?" Hunny asked, smiling enthusiastically at his cousin.

He nodded silently, his eyes speaking for him. You should still be careful, Mitskuni.

"Don't worry Takashi, I'm always careful! Look, I'll even carry some cake with me wherever I go, so I can distract whoever's been doing these bad things and get away! Though...maybe I shouldn't take too much cake, or else they might get greedy and eat it all... though I would want some cake too so I guess we'd have to go two-sies...?"

As the host club continued to chatter away, Haruhi reflected on how all this came to be.

I sang my normal song to lure the innocent boy into the lonely ocean. I couldn't help but feel bad doing this, though if I didn't, I'd starve to death. As soon as he got close, I went in for the kill.

—not that I ACTUALLY killed him, I just stole some of his life source, meaning I'd made his life span shorter— not that that's any better. It tasted like black tea— 3 years taken.

You're probably wondering how this happened. How I, Haruhi Fujioka, scholarship student, have become this...this creature.

It's really not as complicated as you may think. It all started when the Host Club and I went to the beach. There were some thugs that decided to try and hit on some of the ladies. I tried to stop them, but I fell into the ocean. What the others don't know is that in that split-second I was underwater, something came towards me.

It was... I can't describe it. Now, I don't believe in these kinds of things, but there was no other way to describe it. He seemed to be a mermaid with the voice of a siren—melodic, enchanting. He gave me a deep kiss, and then said something I couldn't quite hear as clearly as his singing. But reading his lips, I assume he said "I'm finally free." He then had this face-splitting smile on and after that, I was pulled out of the ocean. I didn't even remember that until I got this... ability.

I had then started getting concerned about my weight. The Hosts didn't notice under my uniform, but I've gotten much skinnier. I was becoming just bones and skin. I didn't have much of an appetite, and even when I tried to eat, I barely gained weight. The food tasted bland. I even got fancy tuna from one of my designators, but somehow, it stopped tasting good.

Then, one fateful day, I felt the urge to sing. I didn't know why, I wasn't all that musical like Tamaki-senpai, but I felt I needed to sing. Kind of like the need to stretch, or yawn. I was in a supermarket in an area with nobody near. It was late at night, and I needed to get some toothpaste as I had run out and been to busy to get some. I opened my mouth, and what came out was very strange to me.

I didn't recognize the song, and it sounded too beautiful to be my voice. I listened to the lyrics I involuntarily sang, and it was a song about sirens. It was about how a lonely person got lured by a siren and she was happy to be freed, but he had to bear her curse. Then, he seemed to have forgotten everything except how to pass on the curse through song. Then, another person gets it and in the end, it's just a never-ending cycle of pain and heartbreak.

Again I had never heard this song, and somehow I wasn't freaking out as much as I should be. Then, I turned around and saw the only other person there (the cashier), seemingly in trace. I don't know what force possessed me to do what I did next, but I went up to him and placed my hand on his chest, and gave him a deep kiss. It was weird, as there were no feelings in the kiss, instead I felt like I ate the best meal of my life after starving for years.

He then passed out, and I became frightened. I had the aftertaste of cinnamon in my mouth, and a number ran through my head— 8 years taken. Thankfully, there were no security cameras nearby, so I didn't have to worry about being caught on tape.

I later learned what I was (through extensive research on mythical creatures)— a mermaid siren. A creature that takes on the form of half-human-half-fish and preys on innocent men.

I learned how I transform into my 'true form' after an incident at a party. It was one of my dad's coworkers birthday, and dad really wanted me to go to introduce me to some of his friends. It just so happened this particular coworker was pretty well off and had a 12-foot deep in-ground pool which we spent some time swimming in...rich people. When my dad and his friends went to go see something, perhaps to go chat in private, it happened. I was walking around the perimeter of the pool, lost in my own head. I guess my foot slipped and the next thing I knew, I was underwater. After I had processed what had happened, I felt strange. Looking down, instead of legs, I had a fishtail! I nearly screamed, but I didn't want dad to hear. I quickly got a nearby towel and got out of the water. I was relieved to see I changed right back, though the bottom of my bathing suit was ripped.

After that, I had to feed every week.