"Hah, who's the peeping Tom now?" Tamaki exclaimed. Hikaru scowled and backed away from the bottom of the stall door he was inspecting. Kaoru wrapped a supportive arm around him.

"Shut up, Tono. I bet if you saw Haruhi's shoes there you would have no problem disturbing whoever was in there, Haruhi or not." Hikaru reasoned. Tamaki looked at him, pale as a sheet.

"T-that's not...stop putting words in my mouth!" He said, finally finding the words to say.

"Whatever. Let's get out of here, it's obvious she's not here anymore." Kaoru cut in.

"B-but what about commoner couture as our next theme! Don't you want to see Haruhi dressed as if she was in her natural habitat?!" Tamaki insisted as he was dragged by both twins out of the dressing area. "Think about it! Haruhi dressed in her regular commoner clothing, lounging on the host club's sofa as if it were hers, relaxing with that cute little smile..."

*Tamaki's Inner Mind Theatre*

Tamaki opened the door to a very humble-looking apartment, carrying some groceries. "Haruhi, I'm home!" He called out jovially.

"Oh, Tamaki my sweet! You've made it!" She replied with a tone as sweet as honey, practically dripping with adoration. This prompted him to look over at her, a wide blush settling in his face as he did so.

Haruhi was laying Cleopatra-style on the couch, a bag of chips on one side, and a tub of ice cream in another. She wore a rather plain t-shirt and shorts, but that did nothing to take away from her beauty, in Tamaki's eyes. She smiled at him, a few crumbs on her face she tried to wipe away, but to no avail.

"Here," he offered softly, leaning closer to her, cupping her cheek. "Let me..." they leaned in, closer and closer until—

*end Tamaki's Inner Mind Theatre*

"WAAAAAH! Let me clean your cute face for you Haruhi, daddy's got it!" He squealed in a rather undignified manner.

The twins watched this display in boredom, used to his antics. Hikaru, tired and just wanting to see Haruhi at this point, spoke up, "come on Tono, she's not here. Let's go look somewhere else." Tamaki, seeing there was no Haruhi in sight, relented and nodded, making his way to the exit.

Hikaru paused and stopped for a second. Strange...he thought. I could've sworn I saw Haruhi's shoes there for a moment. Now that I think about it, was there someone else with her in that stall—"Hikaru, hurry up! Tono thinks he saw Haruhi!" His twin called over. Seeing their club leader about to harass an innocent brunette woman, he snapped out of his reverie. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. He reasoned.

"Okay, I'm coming!"

Kirimi made her way back to the dressing area once she saw the hosts taking their leave. Finding the stall her brother and her babysitter were in, she peeked around to make sure no one was near and knocked on the door. "Big brother! Bookworm! The debauchery group is gone now, you can come out!" She heard some shuffling when suddenly the door swung open, revealing her brother with his new outfit on and Haruhi, both with their faces flushed beet red. Distantly, Haruhi heard something fall behind her but dismissed it.

"Kirimi-chan! So they're really gone now?" Haruhi asked, peering around.

"Yeah, they just left. Say, bookworm... you..." she looked around, her eyes seeming to settle on something until snapping back to hers, "...what's it called? Oh right, you stand out too much. We should give you a makeover too!" The young girl offered enthusiastically.

As Haruhi began to decline her offer, she thought it over. Kirimi did have a point, her school uniform in this regular mall did stand out quite a lot, and she would imagine it would make it way too easy for Kyoya's spies to find her. Nodding, she stated, "you're right, what do you think I should get?"

The moment those words left her mouth, she instantly regretted them. "Oh, where to begin...?" Kirimi said, with a face-splitting smile

What did she just get herself into?

Nekozawa was a mess—no even worse than that, he was an absolute, complete, and utter WRECK. He had already paid and changed into his new outfit, and while it was noticeably much more efficient than his cloak, that was the least of his concerns. What was that back there? By what dark god had compelled him to act the way he did? Feeling her curvature? Admiring her womanly physique? Who am I?! Has someone placed a curse upon me? He began to wonder. As he pondered what kind of curse could cause him to feel so strange, Haruhi finally emerged from the dressing room.

"Big brother, say hello to Haruhi 2.0!" Kirimi exclaimed excitedly. Preparing his apologies, his words fell off his mouth as he took in her appearance. Haruhi wore a white bodycon dress. It tugged at all her curves in just the right places without seeming too tight or constricting. It seemed they even found hair extensions, allowing her hair to be as flowy and beautiful and the dress she wore. She seemed to have also gotten some accessories: diamond earrings complimenting the dress, a white (pearl?) bracelet, with the same purpose, and a matching necklace, showing off her slender neck and a modest amount of cleavage, and lastly, a small silver ring on her ring finger. This, paired with the seductive vibe her siren self gave off, made her look like quite the temptress; All in all, Haruhi looked—


Nekozawa stood like an idiot for a while until Haruhi cleared her throat, embarrassed. "D-do you like it?" She asked timidly.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, he nodded, words seeming to be difficult at the moment. "Gorgeous..." was all he uttered, and it seemed to have the desired effect, as her face became a lovely red color.

Kirimi watched this all in complete shock. The way Nekozawa gazed at her, how Haruhi reacted to his compliment. How they both came out of the dressing room, flustered. It all made sense now! Her brother had a thing for the crossdresser? Her brother had a thing for the crossdresser! She smiled in glee, a plot already hatching in her young, yet matured mind. She had already been planning to matchmake the two, but knowing what she did now... Oh just you wait big brother...your life just became my new shoujo manga!

"Well we should pay for all this now, thank you Kirimi-chan, for helping me choose this all out. I could never be this fashionable without your advice!" Haruhi said with a smile. Kirimi liked Haruhi. The bookworm would be good for big brother, she thought, considering how much he came out of his shell after meeting her. It's just like how Akito gave up his life of crime after Hana confessed her love for him! With newfound resolve, she found her opportunity to strike.

"It was nothing." Kirimi replied with a smile. She saw her chance. "But..." she trailed off, "who's paying?"

This got a 'huh?' from both the older teens. "Well..." she began to explain, "bookworm is poor so she can't pay for all this stuff. I don't think she even brought her wallet!" She said slyly.

"Yes I did, I know I have it here... somewhere," Haruhi said, looking around for said wallet. Kirimi held it in front of herself, cunningly. "Hey! Give me my wallet back!"

"I will!" She defended herself, "but how will you pay for all this without your wallet? There must be something we can do..." and cue puppy dog eyes to big brother... The reaction was instant.

"I'll pay for your outfit, Fujioka-kun. After all, it's my fault that we're in this situation." Nekozawa offered up, his words having 2 meanings.

Haruhi immediately began to protest, "no, you don't have to do that senpai, I'm sure I have enoug— what?!" She exclaimed, checking the price tag. It would take at least 3 months' worth of her food budget to pay for this. "How can a dress cost that much?! With that much money, you'd think I could fly too!"

Seeing her reaction to such a 'small' price amused Nekozawa. He began to laugh; it began with a small chuckle until it progressed to a full-blown-tears-in-eyes laugh. It became infectious, and it wasn't long until both of them began to nearly choke on their own saliva from how hard they were laughing. They began to get odd looks from passerby's. Soon, the laughter began to die down, until it was just small giggles here and there. It wasn't even that funny, they just needed to find some sort of relief in the crazy situation they've been put into, and that was the perfect opportunity. Once they completely got back to their senses, they realized Kirimi was smiling oddly at them.

"What is it?" They asked in unison. Before they could go back to hitting the floor in laughter, Kirimi intervened.

"We should start to pay now. I think that person has been watching us for a while." She said, a little creeped out.

"Who?" Nekozawa looked around for the culprit.

Kirimi pointed somewhere but then stated, "oh. They're not there anymore. Oh well." Shrugging it off as her imagination, Nekozawa paid for the outfit, much to Haruhi's dismay and insistence to pay him back. After everything was settled, they made their way out of the store, oblivious to the pair of eyes now watching and following them.

Just who are you, Haruhi?

"Hey, isn't that the store you were eyeing on the way out the toy store? The one with all the ancient relics and stuff?" Looking over to where Haruhi was pointing, Nekozawa nodded. They were walking down the mall now, trying to leave undetected. However, this was impossible due to their appearance—they looked like quite the couple. Their new outfits made them look all the more mature, and with the addition of Kirimi following them, they looked like a married couple already with their first child.

"Yes, but I wouldn't want to keep you at risk of getting caught with me here by Suoh and the others." He replied coolly.

"Oh, no! It wouldn't be a bother to me at all! I still have an hour or two until my dad gets home. We could go to one last store." She insisted, her wide brown eyes peering into his very core. Nekozawa was never one for appearances or looks, but it wasn't until then he truly understood the meaning of drop-dead gorgeous.

"What about Kirimi? She's scared of the dark." He voiced his concern, waving away his thoughts on her beauty.

Haruhi smiled calmly, "it's okay. As I said, I can just hum to her while we're in there. And if it gets too scary, I'll wait at the entrance with her."He nodded. Satisfied with his approval, they made their way into the dark shop.

Walking through the eerily dark entrance, the group heard a little 'ding!' signifying to the storeowners that there were new customers. There were not many other shoppers in the quaint little store, something which pleased Nekozawa plenty. Seeing one of the salespeople approaching, he and Haruhi turned their attention towards the man.

"Greetings! How are you all this fine day?" He asked jovially, contrasting with the shadowy atmosphere of the store. He was taller than Haruhi, perhaps 5'8, and seemed to be in his mid to late 20's. He looked to be well-groomed and well dressed. He was holding some sort of staff with a ball at the end of it.

Sensing Nekozawa's apprehension, Haruhi smiled in turn. "We're doing just fine. We just noticed your store here and we thought we'd take a look around." Taking a closer look now, she could see he was not an employee, but the owner, if his name tag was anything to go by— Antique Plaza— ARATA: OWNER.

The store owner smiled, noticing Kirimi, who was currently hiding shyly behind Haruhi's leg. "And who is this little one? Your daughter?" Haruhi and Nekozawa turned as red as tomatoes, sputtering for a second.

This time it was Nekozawa who answered, "ah, no—this is actually my younger sister, Kirimi." The store owner smiled, blushing a bit as his mistake.

"Forgive me, I don't believe I caught your name...?" He trailed off.

"Nekozawa." He answered.

"Nekozawa-San. It's just that you and the lovely lady here seemed to have tied the knot and the such." He motioned to her hand, making Nekozawa notice the gem on her ring finger. How did I not remember that? He thought to himself.

"Oh, this?" Haruhi piped up seeing their confused stares. She continued, "I got it for 500¥ at that store just now." Both the store owner and Nekozawa sweatdropped at this.

The owner awkwardly started, "I thought you two looked too young once you got closer. Sorry, my mistake." He rubbed his neck embarrassedly.

The dark arts practitioner smiled reassuringly at the man. "It's no problem— we were just gonna take a look around."

"I'll leave you to it then." He smiled. As he turned around, she noticed the slogan for the store (Antique Plaza) written on the back of his shirt— Behind the times can do.

With that, the now well-dressed Haruhi, Nekozawa, and Kirimi all made their way into the shop with no further hassle.

For the next 10 minutes or so, they wandered around the shop, looking at miscellaneous things. Not knowing what to expect, Haruhi was startled when she ran into a girl.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!" The girl said with a laugh. Her voice was high pitched and light, and if porcelain dolls could come alive, Haruhi was sure she'd be one of them. Her eyes were a captivating light amber color, her hair was a stunning platinum blonde, and her skin was as pale as snow. She was holding a white handbag with gold accents, definitely much more expensive than someone of Haruhi's status could ever hope to buy.

"Oh no it's fine, what're you looking at there?" She gestured to the orb resembling a crystal ball situated on the dark table, curiously examining it.

"Oh, this?" The pretty girl asked innocently, picking up the object in question.

It was a glowing white orb held in what looked to be green coral covered in moss, its branches forming the illusion of hands holding the ball. The design was so curious, the Haruhi had to wonder if it was real.

"This is one of the pearls from the coronam margarita—it's Latin for pearl crown. It's said that long ago, the people of Atlantis adapted to life underwater, forming a sort of mermaid society. They built a monument to a god that was said to give them the ability to live underwater. They spent years working on this monument, many losing their lives in the process. In return for those who lose their lives, the god granted each deceased one a wish before they went on to the afterlife. Many Atlantans were said to have wished for their loved ones to have riches and good health, but one merman, in particular, Talan, wished for something his relatives could utilize for centuries. He wished for each of the 7 pearls in the monument's crown to hold magical properties."

Haruhi was stunned speechless. Mermaid society? Could it be—

The girl, oblivious to Haruhi's inner musings, continued. "It's said that this pearl is the 3rd out of the 7 to hold magical properties. It is said that any creature of the sea can utilize its magical properties to see the solution to any problem they may have. Though, seeing as humans aren't 'creatures of the sea', no one knows if it is true. It's still highly valuable, though." The girl finished.

Haruhi's mind ran wild. She was technically a 'creature of the sea'. Was it possible she could find out a way to break the curse with this relic?

"How do you know all this?" She asked the girl, who was now staring at her intently.

"Oh—how rude of me! I didn't even introduce myself! I'm Jaakuna Tekki, second year at Ouran highschool. My parents run a scuba diving company dedicated to restoring reefs, though recently they've been expanding their work to submarines and
such." The girl, Jaakuna, told Haruhi with a smile. She honestly seemed to be a nice girl, and Haruhi was sure she'd a good acquaintance. Though Ouran highschool? Haruhi was sure she'd never seen this girl up until now.

"I go to ouran too. How is it I've never seen you around?" She asked politely. At this, the girl looked a little crestfallen, though quickly perked up again to answer her question.

"Oh yeah, I recently just moved here with my parents, after an incident...but it's all good now!" She reassured her.

Haruhi eyed her with suspicion but decided to drop it. The girl seemed nice enough, what could she possibly hide?

"How much is this then?" If this pearl was truly the key to breaking the curse, she needed to have it, no matter the price. Even if she didn't have the money on her now (and she doubted she did) she would just ask Nekozawa to pay, and (of course) pay it off afterward. It couldn't be too much, could it?

"It's ¥800,000," Jaakuna stated as if she was talking about the weather. Haruhi sweatdropped. Even though that amount was like a drop in the bucket of what she owed the host club, it was still a lot. Could she even pay that off in addition to her debt?

Seeing her concern at the price, Jaakuna smiled kindly at her, "There's no need to worry, it's not that much! Even then, it's not like you could buy it— I already did."

Before Haruhi could even react, she felt a tug at her leg. Looking down, she saw Kirimi giving her a pleading look that said 'I'm scared, please help me."

Without hesitation, Haruhi picked the young girl up so that her head rested on her shoulder and began to hum soothingly in her ear as she did before. The song was a random melody she remembers hearing from a ballet when she was younger, and her mother occasionally used to hum it too. She turned a bit so that Kirimi's peaceful expression was apparent to the other girl present. When she began to feel the girl relax in her arms, she settled for just rocking her softly. Looking up, the brunette met the wide-eyed stare of Jakkuna.

"H-how'd you get her to calm down so fast?" The blonde asked, in a daze.

Haruhi gave her a small grin and replied, "I guess my voice is just that soothing..! I'm not really sure what it is, but it gets the job done." She laughed it off.

Jaakuna seemed to buy that excuse, so Haruhi decided to get back to the task at hand.

"Hey, so—"

"There you both are! You worried me, Kirimi. I didn't know you'd run off like that." Nekozawa exclaimed with a huff. Kirimi (unbeknownst to everyone but Jaakuna) smiled slyly from Haruhi's shoulder. Quickly she put the 'scared little girl' facade back on and looked at her brother with glassy eyes.

"I'm sorry big bro! It's just that you went to that darker spot over there and I got scared!" She gave him her best puppy dog stare, knowing he wouldn't be upset with her in the slightest.

"It's okay Kirimi. I'm just glad you're okay." He then turned his attention to Haruhi, "thank you for watching out for her, again. Please, you must let me repay you someho—"

"That won't be necessary, senpai," Haruhi cut in. "Besides, Kirimi-chan found me here all by herself, isn't that right?" She smiled at the girl as she put her down.

Said girl beamed brightly. "Yeah, bookworm has such a calming voice! It's almost like how Hanako from Mermaida sang to Hiroto to lure him into the ocean; Like magic." The gleam in Kirimi's eye was enough to unsettle Haruhi and Nekozawa. There was no way for her to know—how could she know?

"Well, I'll be taking my leave then..!" Jaakuna said rather suddenly, startling Haruhi who forgot she was there. She walked out of the store briskly, seeming to be in a hurry.

"Wait—" Haruhi called after her, but it was already too late. Jaakuna was long gone, as were her chances of getting the relic she now possessed.

"Who was that just now, Fujioka-kun?" Nekozawa asked, handsomely peering down at his kohai. Haruhi's heart caught in her throat for a second, caught off guard by her sudden appraisal of his looks.

"...I'll tell you about it later. For now, we should get going. We do have school tomorrow after all." Haruhi reasoned.

He nodded in agreement, and in a sudden act of courage, Haruhi made a grab for his hand. A jolt ran up his arm and down his spine. He looked at her, surprised, only to be met with that strange glint in her eyes. "Wouldn't want to get separated from you, after all, it's pretty crowded right now." He followed her gaze. She was right— it was pretty crowded at this point, and seeing as how he wasn't familiar with the area, getting separated was not ideal.

Blushing, he nodded again, his words failing him. He noticed out the corner of his eye that Haruhi grabbed his sister's hand too. Trusting her to keep his sister safe, he allowed Haruhi to lead him out of the store.

A hooded silhouette ran quickly to a vehicle waiting just outside the building. A man emerged from the driver's seat, opening the backdoor for the hooded figure.

"I trust you found that mission of yours to be a success?" The driver asked once they were settled in.

"I'm still lacking the hardcore evidence I need, Daisuke." The hooded figure replied. The man, Daisuke, began the drove home, arching an eyebrow.

"But either way," the figure took down their hood, revealing platinum blonde hair and stunning amber eyes. "There's something strange about that Fujioka," Jaakuna smirked.

"And I'm going to get to the bottom of it."

"Remind me how we got here," a cool voice said.

The hosts were all waiting in their limo as the Tamaki and the twins fruitlessly attempted to scrub paint off themselves.

"It's not our fault the boss is an idiot," the twins spoke together, shrugging.

"Yeah, it's his fault we're even in this mess," Hikaru said.

Tamaki, covered in head to toe in dark blue paint, scowled at them. "Oh yeah? Well, I seem to recall you were the one who made me fall onto that ladder!" He scoffed, "I didn't even see the man until afterward!"

Hunny's eyes widened, he and Mori having just regrouped with the others. "You made someone fall off a ladder?"

"Yeah, and it's all thanks to that treacherous beast over there!" He pointed an accusing finger at Hikaru, knowing for a fact it was him.

"You brought this on yourself, milord," he replied calmly.

"Yeah, how were Hikaru and I supposed to see you there? We were following the remote-controlled helicopter!" Kaoru came to his defense.

"The helicopter was NEXT TO MY HEAD you mischievous miscreants!" He argued back. They began to bicker back and forth.

"What happened to the man on the ladder?" Hunny asked with concern.

Kyoya answered swiftly, "he was fine, a little startled though." His glasses flashed, "good thing he only fell from the first step though." Hunny sweatdropped.

"Yeah, you would think that he would've managed to, I don't know, NOT drop a bucket of paint on the boss and I at that height?" Hikaru offered sarcastically.

As he annoyedly scraped at the paint, he smirked, an idea coming to light. He inches closer to his twin, "I'm just sorry that I got paint all over myself, Kaoru, you must be so ashamed of me," he bashfully looked to the side. Quickly catching on, his Kaoru grabbed his chin and tilted his head upwards, making him come face to face with his twin.

"Nonsense Hikaru. After all," he smirked and leaned in putting his mouth near his ear but not lowering his volume, he said, "at least this gives me the excuse to touch you."



"Stop that you incestuous twins! These aren't club hours, there's no need for you to act in such a manner!" Tamaki yelled, clearly uneasy.

The twins, now in a loving (yet scandalous) embrace, looked up at their leader, identical smirks across their faces. "Who said it was an act...?" They said, turning to look at him with identical leers, eerily in the exact same tone. Tamaki flinched, thoroughly frightened. They smiled widely at this reaction, high-fiving. Mission: Make Tamaki Uncomfortable— complete.

"That's enough, you two," Kyoya interjected. The car began to move.

"You're no fun Kyoya-senpai," the twins said in unison.

Idiots...he spoke mentally. "Have you forgotten why we even came to such an area in the first place?" They all froze.



Haruhi shivered, a cold chill running down her spine.

"Is it too cold in here? I'll turn down the ac." Nekozawa, now clad in black, offered kindly.

"There's no need," she waved him off, Kirimi having been long gone in the depths of sleep, resting peacefully on Haruhi's lap.

"Where's Beelzenef?" Haruhi asked out of the blue. Nekozawa's eyes widened at the unexpected question.

"He's on vacation...said something about needing to find himself...?" He answered vaguely. In all honesty, when Beelzenef found out Nekozawa planned to study a siren, he promptly refused to go anywhere with him until he was far away from Haruhi. He mentioned something about having bad experiences with them, though didn't elaborate when asked.

As they continued to their destination in silence, she decided now was a good time as any to bring up what had really been on her mind. "Hey, senpai...?" She trailed off, blushing.

Seeing her awkward expression made blood rush to his cheeks as well. "Yes, Fujioka-kun?"

She snapped out of it, a frown marring her features. "You don't have to call me that—at least when we're alone. Call me by my first name." She beamed brightly, "it's more friendly that way."

His blush increased tenfold. 'What is this girl doing to me?' He wondered. "O-okay..." he shyly accepted. Suddenly, he peeked up, mustering up his confidence. "Only if you call me by my first name as well...when we're alone, of course." He smirked boldly.

"Okay... Umehito." She tested out his name, the syllables dancing across her tongue. He couldn't help but smile at her expression, she was just so adorable. Getting back on track, she gathered her wits and spoke, "about what happened earlier..."

He instantly lost all nerve at the sight of her shy smile. He unconsciously sunk deeper into his hood, attempting to hide from her large, chocolate orbs. She was referencing what happened in the changing room— no doubt about it. "W-what about that, Haruhi?" He tested out her name.

"I'm sorry for acting in such a manner, senpai." She stated bluntly. "I shouldn't have touched you as I did, and I'm sure I've made things uncomfortable between us...I apologize." She bowed respectfully in her seat, careful not to wake Kirimi.

"You apologize..?" Abruptly, he threw his head back and gave a hearty chuckle, nearly waking Kirimi. "I'm sorry, it's just that if anything I should be the one apologizing, Haruhi." She tilted her head, confused. He elaborated, "I grabbed you without your consent. Granted, it was the only course of action I could think to take, but it was inappropriate of me." He bowed, mimicking her earlier actions, "I apologize for my misconduct to your being."

She laughed—actually laughed— at his fumbling, flushed appearance. "What are we doing?" She chuckled a smile dancing across her lips, "look at us, apologizing even though neither of us thinks the other did any wrong." She held out her arms for a small hug, "forgive and forget?" She offered lamely.

Nekozawa didn't think he'd ever forget what happened in that stall room, but for her sake, he accepted the hug. "Forgive and forget." With that said and done, Haruhi decided she would bring up her newfound powers another day, when things were quieter and when they were in the right environment...there were too many eyes and ears here. If Beelzenef were here, he would've laughed at Nekozawa's foolishness ten times over at this point.

"Say..." Nekozawa started. Haruhi quirked an eyebrow. "How did Kirimi come to know of your gender?" He asked.

Just as Haruhi prepared an answer, the words died in her throat. How did Kirimi know...? She peered down at the peaceful form on her lap.

Inwardly, Kirimi smirked, feigning sleep. Wouldn't you like to know, bookworm?

Bonus Scene

Kirimi noticed a lot of things. Whether it was where her teacher had misplaced her pencil, or where her maid attempted to hide her Christmas presents, Kirimi was very observant for a child her age.

That's why it was a bit of a surprise when her keen senses began to pick up on strange things surrounding a certain honor student, little cues telling her something was not quite right. At first, she brushed it off, thinking it to be her imagination, but deep down, she knew she was right.

The bookworm was kind and friends with her brother, something that placated her for the time being. She was happy her brother had made a friend she also enjoyed hanging out with...though things quickly became a bit strange when she noticed her brother's stares lingering a bit longer than usual on the bookworm, pupils a slightly more dilated.

Initially, her mind ran to yaoi, though he never seemed to express interest in any other boys (other than Haruhi, that is). It all grew to be stranger and stranger still. Finally, it all resolved at that moment when she observed their flushed faces, leaving the changing stall. Hearing the clack of something falling, she let her gaze flit over to the object in question, noticing it to be some sort of school identification. Checking the name, she noted it was Haruhi's, and she allowed her eyes to move across it until she saw something that grabbed her attention. Gender.

Bookworm...is a girl?

Suddenly it all made sense— the strange feeling, the elongated stares...her babysitter was not only a girl, but her brother had a thing for her! Not knowing if her brother was aware of this secret (though she assumed he was), she discreetly picked up the I.D and placed it back in the bookworm's wallet when she wasn't looking.

Bookworm...big brother... she smirked.

I'm about to rock your world.

A/N: So the antagonist finally makes herself known. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I had this sitting in my drafts, incomplete, for the longest time. I'm so glad I finally finished this! The next chapter will take a while to come out, but I'm already working on it. PLEASE leave your thoughts and opinions in the reviews or PM me, they help keep me motivated and remind me to keep writing. Tell me what you thought of this, I tried to make everyone as in-character as possible. As a bonus, here's a deleted part my friend added that I couldn't leave in the final product, enjoy.

Deleted Part
Nekozawa was a mess—no even worse than that, he was an absolute, complete, and utter WRECK. He had already paid and changed into his new outfit, and while it was noticeably much more efficient than his cloak, that was the least of his concerns. What was that back there? By what dark god had compelled him to act the way he did? Feeling her curvature? Admiring her womanly physique? Ooo a woman, me touchy touch ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡°). Nekozawa likey-wikey ;)) he thought. As he began to ponder different ways to 'appraise her beauty', he suddenly stopped, deeply disturbed.

Who am I?! Has someone placed a curse upon me? He began to wonder. As he pondered what kind of curse could cause him to feel so strange, Haruhi finally emerged from the dressing room.