Yuzu once knew a boy.

(he was kind and sweet, with a smile so fake it hurt)

(he was kind and and he was sweet and the world broke him)

That boy, the boy with sad eyes and a fake smile and a gentle heart...

...that boy and the monster before her couldn't have been more different.

The boy had dual-toned hair of green and red, he was small and bright and loved to entertain and was good at it. The monster was huge and twisted, its large, heavy body covered with scales, massive wings quivering at its back, sending gales of wind everywhere. The only common feature they shared was their eyes. Beautiful eyes, crimson red, with a sort of glow in the centre.

The monster peeled open it's eyelids, it's mouth.

(rows and rows of teeth like razors, so white and blinding and sharp)

Yuzu pressed her lips together and reached into her basket. She carefully, slowly, without disturbing the material, felt around inside, trying not to cringe. Closing her eyes and looking away as much as she could get away with, she threw the contents into it's gaping maw. The stench of rotting human flesh hit the air. Yuzu quivered.

Teeth crunched down. The Hunger eased off slightly.

The Hunger, the monster's gluttonous appetite, couldn't be sated. Not ever. Yuzu knew this. Knew that this monster before her (her friend, her friend, a small, ignored, part of her cries out) devoured humans and consumed their souls and sapped their life slowly.

The worst part of it all was-

(she couldn't really blame him.)