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Better to die than to crawl.

Chapter 1.

Ami Mizuno was born on September 10, 1986, making her sixteen years of age. She moved to America when her parents divorced when she was eight years old. Her father moved several times and they finally settled in Bayville High, so she could peacefully finish her education. Ami was a genius in her own right. Even though she didn't live with her mother, she wanted to follow her mother's footsteps in becoming a doctor.

When Ami hit fourteen years of age, she discovered that she was . . .different. She'd always been a bit of an oddball, with fine, sharp features; silver, black-rimmed eyes; with a head full of loosely curled, blue-black hair that most other girls would kill for. But there was something else that made her different in other ways. Ami Mizuno was a mutant. Like the ones she saw on television.

Ami was one of the people that had been continually harassed after revealing who they were. She was always a background person, and if anyone found out what she was, she'd be brought right in the middle of the mutant vs. humans mess. She wasn't exactly ashamed of what she was, but there was a tugging feeling ever-present in the back of her mind that she was meant for something else.


Across the world, there was a very confused . . .cat.

She knew that something was supposed to happen. She was supposed to awake the moon princess, but she didn't know who said person was. She knew that she was supposed to waken the princess' court, but she couldn't find them either. There was a threat, but Luna couldn't sense an immediate danger. All the small black cat knew was that something was wrong.

Something had changed. And that change would alter the course of this reality forever. Luna had to react.


"C'mon, smart girl, s'not like you haven't already finished yours." Duncan Matthews shot her a greasy smile that made Ami shudder as she backed into a locker, wincing slightly when a combination lock buried into the small of her back. "It's not gonna hurt you any."

"Do your own work." Ami snapped in reply. "I'm not going to do it for you. It won't help you when it comes to the test. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to pass, now." Ami moved as if to walk away, holding her books protectively to her chest with one arm. Duncan grabbed her other wrist, and pushed her to the locker. Again, she gasped in a slight pain.

"You misunderstand me, Japanese girl, maybe you're not exactly familiar with English. It wasn't a request."

"Hey! Let 'er go, Duncan." Growled a tall brunette who wore red sunglasses.

"Stay outta this, freak." Duncan answered swiftly, wrenching Ami's wrist, so she had to follow them. "This doesn't concern you." Ami grimaced in pain, once more, as the blonde jock pulled her away. "And you can't use your 'powers' or else you'll get suspended."

"I don't need my abilities to beat you in a fight, or haven't you figured that out yet?" He answered, and moved in front of the boy who yanked Ami along.

"Both of you, stoppit. You're worse than children. Duncan, let me go, I am not going to help you, nor do it for you. I'm not exactly sure who you are, but thank you for your help. I can manage quite well on my own. You should go, though, don't want to be late for class, do you?" Ami sighed in exasperation, and easily slipped her hand and wrist from Duncan's impossible grip. "Some boys just don't see reason."

"What are you? You're a freak too, aren't you? Just another mutie?" Duncan sneered.

"I'm not even aware of what a 'mutie' is," Ami lied convincingly. "And as for what I am, I'm a martial artist, if only to protect myself from people like you. Now, he's going to class, are you going to do the same?" Ami questioned him, motioning to the other boy's receding back.

"No, I don't think I will." Duncan grabbed both of her biceps with bruising force. Ami saved her words, and buried her knee in his crotch. He fell, holding himself protectively.

"Next time, you'll know better, won't you?" Ami scowled and turned swiftly on her heel and rushed to her next class, wrapping both arms firmly around the textbooks she was holding.


A girl sat alone, her legs tucked under her as she settled comfortably with an overstuffed chair. Oval glasses perched at the end of her slightly upturned nose, and pupil-less amethyst eyes swept over the page of a book she was reading. The book that rested in her lap was very long, and the girl was only about one-fourth of the way in, but she didn't look intimidated.

A few times, she paused, chewing anxiously on her violet-coloured full lower lip, attempting to guess where the story would take her. On her third such pause, a voice interrupted her, "Shadow lover, stop reading a moment." The voice was velvet satin and she knew it better than her own.

"Bry." She answered simply, and shut the large book after replacing her bookmark. "How did things go tonight?"

"As well as can be expected." He answered softly and took a seat on the armrest of the huge chair. "How's the book, Emi?" He questioned, nodding at the aforementioned book. Emira returned him with a single-shoulder shrug. "That good?"

"It's alright. It's very good, really, but I'm restless. I'm sick of this place. I'm sick of the same thing every night. I'm on the verge of being sick of Irish Crème coffee." Emira smiled forlornly, and Bryan gave a slight almost mocking gasp. Coffee was the staple of Emira's life, and both of them knew it well.

"Emira . . .wouldja . . .uhm . . .wouldja walk wid me?" Bryan was obviously nervous, as that was the only time his accent could be so much as faintly detected.

"Bryan?" Emira's query was unbelieving. "Bry? I love you, but look at me. I'd be killed."

"I'd never let anyone touch you, lovely." Bryan answered softly. Emira's black feathers ruffled in a wave upon her thirteen-foot wingspan. Her skin was nearly black, it was such a dark purple, and again she bit her lower lip, causing her pearly white pointed canines to stand out against her dark flesh.

"I-I'm afraid of them, Bry. After what they did to Hayden. He . . .he was only six. He was my brother, Bryan, I don't want to go anywhere near those . . .* humans *. I want nothing to do with them. And Hayden didn't look anything like I do. He just had were those claws, and mine are worse." Emira demonstrated, holding out a hand, each finger tipped with a wickedly curved claw.

"At least he was . . .well, skin coloured. I look like something out of a pit of hell."

"Well, you're my demon, anyway, and no one's going to so much as look at you funny with me around. Please. Walk with me?" Bryan gave Emira a puppy-eyed pout that caused the girl to falter and melt into a Emira- flavored puddle.

"Bry-I . . .I suppose . . ."


Kurt Wager (a/n: lmao, Vaugner () was walking the scenic route home, through the park, his hands buried deep in his pockets. He just really wanted to be away from crowds for the moment. Especially the rest of Xavier's students. Lately, they seemed to be everywhere he looked. He didn't want their pity.

Especially not that day. He and Amanda had another fight about his image inducer. She, insisting he should be proud of his blue, furry self; and he insisting that he was, but that it was just easier to be slightly normal while at school. Everyone knew that he was a mutant, but they did not know that he was the blue one. They seemed to fight about it all the time, and all the other Xavier students thought backing him up was helping.

Honestly, he just wished they'd leave him alone to think. And yes, Kurt was completely capable of thinking. So what that he was a bit of a class clown. After all, he used to be a trapeze artist at a circus.

"WHAT IS THAT?" Screeched out a voice from somewhere beside Kurt, through a row of trees. For a moment, he thought maybe his image inducer was on the fritz again, but there was no such unluck. A woman on the other side of the trees was pointing at what had to be another mutant.

"* That *," answered another, icy voice, "would be my girlfriend." Kurt had to see the circumstances, and he 'ported to a tree, where he hung upside-down and spied on the situation. There was a dark purple girl with black wings, a terrified look spread on an open face, and an obviously angry boy, who's handsome face was twisted with the rage he clearly felt.

"That's one of them mutants!" Shouted yet another voice as a crowd gathered. Both Kurt and the girl winced at that. "Get it!"

Kurt reacted before he thought, which was something he did far too often. He 'ported almost on top of the mutant and the boy with her, he took the boy by his shoulder, and the girl by one of her arms, and he 'ported again, away from the angry crowd.


Ami, who had all day to think about the afternoon's incidents, was seething by that evening. She really wanted to run in Duncan then, just to hit him again. Except harder. And repeatedly. Her father was being annoyingly curious about her day, so Ami found her refuge anywhere but her home, and was currently on her way to a place that she often went to think. It was a small lake, bordering on a pond, in the woods near her home.

Ami always felt safe there. Barely anyone ever went there, so she used her 'abilities' openly. Not that she'd ever tell anyone, but in the summer she swam in the stream. She knew that there was nothing at all wrong with the water. Not that anyone would believe her, but Ami didn't worry about that. No one really noticed anyway.

She approached her lake/pond and took a seat at the water's edge, letting a small swirl of water dance around her fingertips. The water, following her mind's command, twisted and molded itself into an imitated sprite, which danced in her open palm. "If I made you, why do you feel real?" Ami questioned the tiny being, which giggled a small gurgle of water. Ami couldn't stop a small smile from curving the corner of her lips upward.

That is, until a group of people appeared from thin air right above her pond. They fell downward with a splash, and waded to the edge of the pool of water, each of them sopping wet. "Are you alright?" Asked one of them to the other two.

"What happed?" Replied a female voice, which Ami was shocked to see come from a demon.

"I saw that group of people and I got you out. People can get very nasty." Answered the first, the voice laden with a German accent. (a/n: I shan't completely destroy said accent, pretend it's there, please and thank you.)

"Thank you." Answered another male voice.

Ami's sprite fell into a pool of water in her cupped palm, and the returned to its source. All three turned to the shocked Japanese girl. She said nothing, and they said nothing. And all four stared.

Ami began minutes later. "Erm . . .hello?"


"Hello-oh?" Seki Yukiko waved a manicured hand in Makoto Kino's daydreaming face.

"Moshi Moshi?!" Makoto jerked out of her daze.

"Mako-chan, you're not on a phone, honey." Seki grinned at the young girl who worked in her restaurant and had done so for almost two years at that point. "Can you do me a favor? Can you just run out and get me just a couple bags of rice from the shed? I'd send Akemi, but he's scared of the thunder."

"Sorry, Seki, I've been falling into those daydreams for days. I don't get it. I'd be glad to think over it and run out into a huge thunderstorm and get bags of rice for you." Makoto grinned mockingly and rushed out, narrowly avoiding a whap from Seki.

Makoto grinned at the downpour. She'd always loved rain. Rain was like a blanket; it protected her from things in the dark. It expressed her. And, sometimes, it came with lightning. And if there was anything in the whole wide universe that Makoto Kino loved, it was a lightning storm. It was funny, though; that Akemi, someone so close to Makoto that he was practically her younger brother, was terrified of something she loved so much.

If 'Kemi-kun had a choice, he'd go hide under a table whenever a thunderstorm hit. He'd tried that very thing many times . . .more often than not, the customers weren't amused. Makoto was, though. She thought it was funny as all-hell, and whenever Seki wasn't hanging over their shoulders, she actually encouraged it.

Snickering at her thoughts, Makoto headed out to the supply shed of Seki's restaurant, to grab several bags of rice, and take them inside. Makoto was pleased when the rain immediately soaked her. She loved to feel the rain. She was glad to feel anything. On her way back inside, almost at the door, where Seki stood patiently, a hum in the air told Makoto that something was wrong.

The rain stopping hitting her, and everything was a blaring silent. A huge crackle of the very air around her, and Makoto's mouth dropped open, and she collapsed. Several thousand bolts of electricity had just hit her. Makoto Kino had been struck by lightning.


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