A spur-of-the-moment piece. A tad depressing. Just came to mind.

******************************************************** [An Elf's POV]

Consider not the ageless beauty I behold.

Nor the lore of wisdom I possess.

But the weight of years I carry.

The anguish, cries, and wounds I have endured and bore.

The memories cannot leave the pain behind.

My mind is racked with torment and

It drives me to utter unearthly screams and

I let the tears flow until my body is numb from grief.

No joy I hold in this world anymore,

No laughter nor loved ones.

Is my body not proportionate to the mortal's?

Can I not be blessed with eternal sleep?

You wish for forever youth, forever life,

But in the end you will seek Death

And beg upon your knees for its quiet embrace.

You will cry to the heavens and plead to the gods

But they will say nothing,

And you are left alone.

Waiting for the one thing you cannot have.

You will look to your heart, your mind for support.

But your heart is empty, your mind lost.

You fall into helplessness and blindly reach for anything to hold onto.

But you find nothing but the stale air you breathe

And the world, which has long fallen into the grey whispers of shadows.

The vibrant colors and dancing lights have long flickered out,

Taking with them your hope.

You cease to move with a purpose.

Sense of time is lost within itself.

And your soul is but a void.

Tell me, do you want this?

Do you still desire the pain of immortality?

Let not the lies deceive you,

For Death is not a fell creature to fear.

Let it bring you everlasting peace

And a silent closure to your flame.

Mine yet burns, broken and fading.

I still wait for Death and

Perhaps he will be kind enough to take me in.

Wait for me then.

I will come one day

And together we shall rest for an Eternity.