She ran as fast as her injuries would allow her to. Bleeding and panting, barely able to take fresh air into her already struggling lungs. Her vision blurred by tears she would never allow to fall. A weakness she would never show to the monsters that killed her brother. The last true family she had left and who was her best friend. It didn't matter how long ago it was, pain still burned her heart. The human like howls echoing behind as they continued to give chase to the little human woman who would never except defeat. Fucking wolves she shouted in her head. She always managed to escape and they always managed to bring her back. Not this time. I would die first... her thoughts running through her head as fast as her feet were carrying her already extremely weak body. In her desperation to think of a tactic to throw the werewolves who were currently chasing her (in human form since it wasn't a full moon) off her trail, she wasn't paying attention enough to stop herself from tripping on the damn tree root sticking up. She fell and rolled than suddenly there was a large decline in the ground and she went tumbling down a hill and through the trees. When she finally stopped landing on her stomach with a grunt and a wince as her ankle snapped, she rose as quickly as she could to her hands and knees. Looking around there was still trees surrounding her but she had landed in a small opening. That wasn't good. She knew the wolves could smell her but that doesn't mean she wanted them to see her to. While she struggled to get onto her feet ignoring the burning pain in her now obviously broken ankle, she didn't know about the five pair of glowing red eyes watching her every move hidden within the trees. They were there when she had tumbled down, curious to know if the feet they heard had been the wolves they were hunting.

One pair of eyes in particular were curious about the tiny human that had fallen before him. While he hated both humans and werewolves, he hated humans less so. At least they are delicious and don't smell like were' shit he thought. He could tell with his superior hearing that the girl was running from wolves but didn't know why and he found himself feeling some respect for the young and obviously beautiful woman. Even covered in their scent and smeared in both blood and dirt he could tell she was pretty. But no her outward beauty isn't what brought on his respect. It was the inner. She was wheezing from exertion and in constant pain, he heard the snap when a bone broke during her landing. And yet he wasn't even sure which bone broke because the tiny thing had so much fire in her she stood up and still started to run again without hesitation or letting the pain etch into her face. She didn't get more than a few steps before the foul beasts caught up with her. Even in their human form he could smell their stretch and had to contain his growl. If the smell didn't give them away than the speed and agility did. In human form they were fast. Not as fast as a vampire but faster than any human. It was during a full moon when they were truly dangerous and he preferred to hunt and kill the beasts when they were still in mortal form. Not because he was a coward. No, never that. He would fight them regardless, but because he didn't want to lose anyone else to the monsters and there was always someone fighting alongside him. His family would never allow him to hunt them alone and he understood. He wouldn't let them either if they had decided to.

"Where do you think you're going this time bitch?" One wolf growled at the tiny slip of a woman, grabbing her by the throat.

"Anywhere else. I'll never be your pack whore." The girl stated calmly without any fear and with such defiance in her voice, that it made the vampires lip twitch in a small smirk. Yes, the girl had fire

"You'll be whatever the hell we want and DO whatever we want." The Wolf man smirked cruelly while the other two wolves with him chuckled.

Instead of lashing out or begging the girl only stared on in defiance but a playful smile graced her beautiful face.

The vampire truly smiled now, this was going to be amusing he could tell and then her soft smooth voice permeated the air.

"Never. I don't happen to be into beastiality besides I thought dogs didn't like pussies."

Everyone wolf and vampire just stood there blinking a few times before the wolves roared and the vampires broke out in thunderous laughs. Himself included. He couldn't remember the last time he laughed so heartily.

The wolves head spun in their direction; they had no choice but to come out of the trees now but he wasn't angry at this. No, he was still chuckling as he stepped foot into the small clearing with his four comrades closely behind him.

The wolf holding the girl by throat quickly dropped her and took a step away from her and sneered. "Caius" The monster growled.