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Kamihama City, 4 months before Ch 1

Putting down the soul gem, Mitama looked the small girl in the eyes.

"Ara, what an interesting dream you have Satomi-san?"

"Ehh, did you see something?" The 11-year-old magical girl asked, "Though the thoughts my superior synapses think are probably far too advanced for the likes of you."

"Can we go Touka? This session wasn't supposed to take this long."

"Coming Nemu. Thank you for your upgrade Coordinator-san. We will be in touch with you in the future."

The small girl turned around before stopping momentarily.

"By the way, what did you see?"

Mitama tilted her head in her cute manner, "Ara! Just some cute memories of some girls enjoying their time in a hospital room."

"It wasn't enjoyable! Nemu drove me nuts!"

"Right back at you."

The duo left bickering, leaving Mitama alone in her shop.

She put her hand down from her cheek as she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding in.

"Ara...what interesting minds those two have." She slumped down on her couch and pulled out a pen and her notepad. After all, a good coordinator keeps notes on all her clients! She scribbled down "Touka Satomi, age 11". Now that girl was most certainly interesting. Her memories were clear and sharp, but even more interesting was what she didn't remember.

"Who is Ui?" She jotted down and pondered as she wrote more.

"Wings of Magius"

"Witches and Uwasa"


"Kamihama City"


Now that most certainly was concerning.

Now what else did she see in the memories of those girls?

The sun arose from the East as Mitama finally put down her pen.

Surrounding her was a wall filled with scribbles and notes. The amount of information she had to process from that 5-minute session with Touka and Nemu had taken the entire evening to write and categorize. Satisfied, Mitama put down her notepad and stood back to observe her work. It only took a minute to reach a conclusion.

Those two girls had big plans. And they were completely unaware of what they had done and the consequences of their actions. If they succeeded with their plan, Kamihama would be destroyed…which was her thing goddammit! Stop stealing her quirk!

Anyways, someone had to stop them, patient confidentiality be damned. There was a reason all doctors were mandated reporters after all!

She pulled out her phone and dialed an old number.

"Hello Kanagi? It's me. Listen, remember that time we both swore to destroy Kamihama City? No…no…not that time, we were both high and fucking each other's heads off...yes that one. The time we were being totally serious and staring into each other's eyes and our hearts were going doki doki. The point is…I'm calling in the favor. We're destroying Kamihama City. And we're fucking doing it my way!"

…a few hours later…

Momoko walked into the coordinator's shop. "Hello? Mitama? I got your text."


Momoko froze. She had known Mitama for years and this was the first time she had ever heard that before.


And that was...Kanagi's voice?

She took a sharp inhale before opening the door.

"Hello?" She queried as she walked in. To her surprise, she found Mitama and Kanagi stilling in the middle of the biggest mess of sticky notes, cork boards, and string, cackling evilly as though they were some second rate villains from a kid's anime. "Umm…I can come back later…" Momoko tried but Mitama noticed her.

"Ah Momoko, you're just in time. Kanagi and I were just about to get to the good part."

"Umm…of what?" Momoko raised her brow.

"Why, we're going to destroy Kamihama! And you're going to help us!"

Momoko gulped as she wondered what exactly she had gotten herself into.

Iroha Tamaki was having a perfectly average day. Wake up, eat breakfast, notice how her parents were heads over heels in love with each other, go to school, notice how all the girls seemed such good friends with each other, go fight a witch to blow off steam, feel like she should be going to a hospital (but that's ridiculous!), go back to school, finish homework, head home, hear a voice calling out to her...wait...that wasn't normal.

"Are you Iroha Araragaki-Tamaki?"

Iroha stared at a silver haired teenage 'girl?' Wearing a pair of dark shades and a trench coat that was way too big for her.

"Umm...yes? Who are you?"

"That's none of your business. Just know that this is for your own good!"

And that's when the sack went over the pinkette's head followed by a resounding thud to the head, causing Iroha to black out.

Iroha looked around nervously as the sack was pulled off her head. She was in a well-lit room surrounded random odds and ends of furniture. She focused her eyes on the woman in front of her. She had silver hair and wore an odd mix between a maid and a waitress uniform. Next to her was a breathtaking beauty with white hair and a brown school uniform. And behind her was a tall blonde who for some reason was face palming.

"Ara!" The silver haired woman beamed. "I'm Mitama Yakumo and I'm the magical girl coordinator of Kamihama City. We have just kidnapped you!"

The blonde girl facepalmed even harder. "Coordinator..."

The white-haired girl smirked, "That's so like you Mitama."

She gestured to the blonde. "This is Momoko Togame, my adorable assistant!"

"Please don't say my name. I don't want to be associated with criminals" Momoko muttered, her face deep within her palm.

"Aww, but I know you love me!" Mitama chirped without a moment's hesitation, "and the super sexy beauty on my left is Kanagi Izumi. If you wondered, yes she is into bondage."

"I am very sorry for my compatriot's actions, but I assure you, I will make it worth it."

Mitama beamed, "Now you're probably wondering why I brought you here but hold on! I'll explain that to you in a second. First off, how are you feeling? Are you hurt? Are you hungry? I could feed you something…"

"No!" Momoko interjected, "You're not cooking for anyone!"

"With all due respect Mitama, your cooking skills are…well…"


The trio looked towards the pink haired hostage. "Oh right, we had gagged her, I forgot about that." Kanagi mutters as she rips the duct tape off the girl's mouth.

Iroha breathed in and spoke meekly. "Umm...I'm not really clear as to why I've been kidnapped but if it's about my father's advances on you I sincerely apologize. Deep down he's a really nice person who would respects women and just wants the best for them, but he really can't help it when he sees a cute Loli on the street. Mama and Auntie try to keep him under control but sometimes he goes wild. I sincerely apologize." She bowed as best as she could while tied up. "I will eat your meal if that is what is required to atone for his misdeeds."

The trio stated at her in incredulity. "Umm...we didn't kidnap you about your parents. Though hearing that does make me concerned as to how you were raised." Kanagi explained.

Iroha was about to interject when a spoon was shoved into her mouth.

"Ahhh!" Mitama imitated as she shoves the spoon of stew in.

Iroha gagged as her face turned a variety shades of blue before passing out again.

Momoko jerked Mitama back. "What the fuck was that? I told you you shouldn't feed her anything."

"Ara, but she looked hungry so I just put some ingredients together and helped her along."

"What kind of ingredients did you feed her?"


... Onee-chan...

...come to Kamihama City...

...there magical girls can be saved...



"Ui!" Iroha jerked up off the couch. She glanced around to find her three kidnappers watching her in avid concern.

"What the heck did you just feed me?"

"Ara!" Mitama beamed, "Just some random odds and ends."

...an hour earlier...

Mitama was walking towards her shop when she noticed a tiny white creature.


She watched it closely as she picked it up. "Ara, aren't you the cutest thing!"


"You'll be perfect!"

With that Mitama scooped up the little creature and put it into her shopping bag.


"And then I just cut it up and put it into the stew for some extra flavor!" Mitama beamed in that saintly way.

"You put a tiny Kyubey into your stew!" Momoko shouted in disbelief.

"That's…a new level, even for you." Kanagi muttered.


The trio turned back to Iroha. The girl was trying to process what had just happened. "Why am I here? All I know is that I suddenly have a missing sister."

"Ara! I can answer that for you!" Mitama clapped her hands. "For you see, your friends Touka and Nemu have forgotten about you and your sister and started a magical girl cult to try to save all magical girls via destroying Kamihama City."

"They what!?" Iroha cried out in disbelief. "I know they can be a little crazy at times but that's quite out there!"

"Now now," Kanagi chided, "I completely understand how you feel. Why, back in the day Mitama and I were ready to destroy Kamihama City as well but we found ourselves and decided not to."

"That's entirely missing the point." Momoko cried out. "Look, Tamaki-san, I'm sorry about all this new information, but we wanted to recruit you to help us save your sister and keep her friends from destroying the city."

"Oh..." Iroha nodded slowly. "So, I need to find Touka and Nemu and help them remember Ui. Then we can save Ui and..."

"That's right!" Mitama chimed in.

"...then I'll have to punish Touka and Nemu." Iroha resolved, her eyes serious, "Probably not letting them have a bath with Ui and I for a month should suffice."

"…" the trio stared at her in confusion until Mitama chirped up.

"Ara! I completely get you! Why, when I have to punish my adorable sister Mikage, I simply tell her she can't join me in the bath for the week. It's a devastating effect on them! Surely Kanagi and Momoko can relate!"

"Umm...I have two brothers...so no..."

"Me and my brother in a bath? Um...no thank you..."

"Ara! Maybe it's just a sister thing."

"I guess you're right." Iroha and Mitama shook hands, gleaming sparkles of siscon tendencies exuding from their smiles. "Now let's save Ui!"

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