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Before I kick off my new fic I just want to say a huge thank you to the nice people who reviewed my last two fics - 'Someone to watch over her' and 'Changes' It means a lot that people read them and liked them, I've no immediate plans for sequels or continuations of them but if I get an idea that I think doesn't suck too badly I might try and write some more.

Anyway, here's my newest B/A effort that I aim to have completed within the next two weeks; hope you like it!





"Hey Doyle, I think I located the nest," Angel announced.

"Good mornin' to you too Angel," Doyle grinned as he strolled through the doorway of Angel investigations and perched onto the edge Cordelia's desk, "Mornin' Love," he added leaning over to give her a brief kiss and one of the Starbucks cups he carried. With a smile of thanks Cordelia accepted the cup and turned back to the computer.

"So, the nest?" Doyle queried.

"Yeah, it's an old abandoned building about four miles from here, lots of sewer access too. It's perfect for demons to hole up in undisturbed but they're still close enough to humans for whatever they're planning."

"Which, ideally we need to know before the cavalry charges in," Cordelia added with a meaningful look at Angel.

Angel looked innocent.

"Ahh, man what have you done now?"

"I killed it before it got away and back into the nest," Angel defended himself.

Cordelia snorted, "Yeah, just. You need a baby-sitter sometimes Angel."

Angel opened his mouth to argue and Doyle hastily interrupted the disagreement that seemed to be brewing, "Actually, speaking of baby-sitters my mom called this morning. Y' know I told you guys that she's getting married again?" Two heads nodded. "Well her ex-husband was supposed to be looking after my kid sister while she's away on her honeymoon for the summer but at the last minute he's said he can't and has to go to Spain for most of the summer on business. So mom was wondering if she could stay here with me."

Angel was about to gently disagree when Wesley walked in and loudly did it for him. "Don't be ridiculous Doyle! We can't possibly just insert a teenage girl into the middle of this office and expect business to go on as usual with her conveniently noticing nothing!"

Who's the boss here? Wondered Angel resentfully, still sore from yesterday when Wesley had exhibited superior knowledge about some demon breeding habits and made him look a fool. To his surprise he found himself siding with Doyle though he knew Wesley was probably right.

"I don't see a problem with her staying really," he said quietly.

Doyle smiled gratefully, "Cheers man, she's not a bad kid really, she shouldn't be too much trouble."

"What do you mean?" Angel muttered, "Not a bad kid really."

Doyle frowned, "Well, it was all stress from her mom and dad splitting up."

"What did she do?" Angel managed between gritted teeth, watching Wesley smirk to himself as Angel got himself into a sticky mess.

"Well, she got expelled for burning down her high school gym, and then she was in trouble for assaulting a police officer, and then she blew up the Chemistry Lab at her new school and trashed her mother's car." Doyle caught Angel's glare and hastily ended his recital of his sister's wrongs, "Well, that's all in the past anyway. She's fine now."

"Uh Huh." Angel mentally cursed himself, what had he landed them with? "Okay Doyle she can stay, but any trouble and she goes off to summer camp or something," He turned to Wesley and Cordelia, "I mean, she's a teenage girl she'll be shopping or something, not hanging around here all the time. I think it'll be fine." I hope, he added to himself.