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I am back and with a one-shot which I've wanted to do after playing through the sequel of Death End Re;Quest. This one shot takes place some time after the true ending, so if you haven't played the whole game yet, be warned of potential spoilers beings mentioned. Finally, this goes without saying, but this chapter will have lemon action, so DO NOT READ, if you are sensitive about that stuff. With that out of the way, let's read on!

Behind The Alleyway

It had been some time since Mai Toyama used the World's Key to bring forth a world that she had always wanted. A life where she can leave her traumatizing past behind forever, even though the memories of it will most likely never fade away. But it wasn't just for her sake, but for the sake of everyone else she had encountered and met along the way. Such as her sister who lives at the dormitory, waiting for the day to reunite with Mai again.

But there was one other important person who was now part of her life...Rottie. A positive girl with a dark and depressing background. Mai remembered the story very well since it was explained to her by none other than Arata himself and who she really was. A moment that Mai could never forget. As for Liliana, well due to the World's Key Mai used, her life was not the same. She worked for the church, but promised herself to see her two friends again someday.

After the transformation event, Mai and Rottie moved in together in a small apartment since they weren't rich enough to own their shared house. But despite that, they were both happy to be living with each other. Especially since Rottie had fallen head over heels for her since the day they met. Something that Mai had gotten used to nowadays. Things had quieted down recently and Mai was walking back home one evening, but she wasn't exactly pleased about it.

"Dammit! I knew I should've come straight back home." A young girl muttered, cursing herself for being too careless. "I hope Rottie doesn't start worrying."

She was on her way back home after going through quite a stressful day at work which she joined a short while ago. The job itself was simple enough, working as a programmer had its benefits, but not without its struggles and it was the latter that was getting to Mai today. It reminded her that Rottie had remained the same as she had for 30 years and because of that, there was so much technology that she didn't know, so it was all new to her.

"Okay, if I take a right turn here, I should be able to find the shortcut to get back home." She said to herself. "Hm?"

In the corner of her right eye, she spotted a shadow that quickly turned a corner into an alleyway. It was too fast for her to find out who or what it was. Curiosity suddenly got the better of her, and she slowly walked along till she peeked around the corner. The alleyway was too dark to see the far end of it, and she knew that going down there in the dark would be ringing alarm bells. And she knew about dangers all too well, after her adventure that was still haunting her to this day.

But at the same time, because of that adventure, she was not a weak girl, far from it. She had gotten so strong, that not even a tough opponent would win against her. She could easily take them on and come out a winner. Because of that fact, Mai refocused her courage and slowly walked into the dark alleyway, concerned yet ready to defend herself. As the light of the streets faded behind her, nothing was happening. But as she walked deeper, she heard a faint sound.

'Huh? What kind of sound was that?' She thought in her mind. 'It's coming from that corner I can barely see.'

She began to sneak onwards, sliding her back on the wall so as not to startle whatever was behind the next corner. The source of the faint sound grew closer and then, Mai was beginning to hear slight pants, it was a person that much she realized, but what was the reason behind it?

She very slowly peeked around the corner and the moment she saw why, she quickly hid away again, but with her face all red.

'What the hell?!' She exclaimed in her mind. 'It was a hooded guy, and was he...no way! Was he...pleasuring himself?!'

Against her better judgment, she peeked her head around again. Trying to confirm that what she saw just then wasn't merely an illusion. Something that she had enough experiences with, that would last her a lifetime. Sure enough, her mind was not playing tricks on her, the hooded man had his face covered by the hood, but the bottom half of his body wasn't so. His jeans and shorts were both down, and he was looking upwards as he kept stroking himself.

Despite the darkness covering the alleyway, Mai could see it for herself and this wasn't as much of a shock to her as it could've been. Thanks to her days of surfing the internet, she learnt about personal relationships, and she knew what genetics and reproduction were about. But this was the first time, she was seeing a man's length in real life, and she was trying desperately to turn away from it, but her curiosity kept winning her over.

'Must've seen some erotic clip on a phone or something and got hard.' She thought. 'I really should get back home, but...what if I...'

Turning away from the corner, she slowly moved her hands around her body. Her curiosity had full control over her actions, she wanted to remind herself that this was all wrong, but she couldn't turn back. She had on hand on her breasts, lightly squeezing them and the other hand down her skirt and rubbing around her entrance that was covered by her dark panties. Soon, she began to moan a little as well, thinking about what scenarios could happen if she and the hooded man met right now.

'It's wrong...but it feels...nice for some reason...'

As she kept pleasuring herself, she then heard the grunts coming from the hooded man, Mai had a feeling that he had just finished and that was when she made a mistake. She suddenly moaned loudly as she finished as well, making the hooded guy who gasped, feeling nervous and trying to redress himself before someone found him. Mai then realized her mistake and gasped, covering her mouth.

'Shit! Looks like I better get ready.'

Taking a deep breath, she made herself look decent and turned a corner to find the hooded guy who was laying his back on the wall, she could clearly see that he had failed to cover himself up. She was about to ask him something, but when the guy saw her face, his length suddenly rose back up, surprising the both of them. That was when Mai had a question that the hooded guy did not expect being asked.

"So...was that your first time?" She asked with her arms folded.

Although she couldn't see it, the guy's face was red, but he slowly nodded.

"Thought so." She sighed. "There's nothing wrong with getting off, if someone needs to. But an alleyway, that's not very original."

The guy was about to mention a word, wondering what she was trying to get at, only to then be silenced as she walked up to him and stood in front of him up close.

"Look, I'll be honest. I'm a little stressed too and I'm in need of some relief." She continued before glaring at him. "If you swear to never tell this to anyone, then I'll...I'll give you the lewd pleasure you want. You got that?"

The guy didn't know what to think, she was acting tough, but his mind was telling him to take it seriously. So he nodded quickly and laid back with his hands on the wall.

"Good, glad we can understand each other at least."

Mai pulled his jeans and shorts further down before kneeling down and with her right hand, she grabbed his length and began stroking him. The guy was already feeling the pleasure, for him, it was even better than doing it himself. With her left hand on his leg for balance, she slowed down the pleasure and opened her mouth to lick around the head and the guy hissed at the sudden wave of pleasure, it then escalated once he felt her mouth around his length.

The guy felt like he was in heaven, he was tempted to pinch himself, wanting to believe that what he was feeling wasn't a dream. He constantly closed and opened his eyes, but his vision never changed. This was indeed real, a girl that caught him in the act was giving him oral pleasure. And after a while of feeling her tongue and the warm breath inside, he could feel his climax fast approaching.

The guy grunted, as if to warn Mai that he was about to finish again. She quickly paused the pleasure, removing her coat and unbuttoning her shirt underneath to reveal her chest with no bra on. The day earlier was too hot for her, so Mai didn't think of wearing one all day. He looked down to see her half-naked with her breasts on show as she kept stroking him faster and after letting out a grunted moan, he climaxed over her breasts and her face.

Mai didn't flinch when she felt his essence over her chest, she knew that was bound to happen. As the guy rested his head on the wall, he began to slowly sit down, unable to continue standing up after climaxing twice in one night. Mai looked at him and smirked, knowing that she now had him under control.

"So, that all you got?" She asked. "Or do you have one more left in you?"

He looked up at her and the idea of being able to feel inside her made his length rise up once more.

"Heh, guess I better take care of that as well."

Without hesitating, she reached for her skirt and panties, pulling them both down, revealing her entire body to the guy alone. She quickly sat on his lap and with his length, she guided it towards her entrance that had been slightly wet for some time and with a slow push, she allowed his length to move deeper until it was fully inside her. The guy moaned as he felt elevated at being pleasured in this way.

"Oh, and don't worry...I know exactly what I'm doing. Just sit back and let me do the work."

He nodded and watched as Mai rode up and down on him and he could nothing, he felt powerless, unable to help or pleasure her in return. He opted to gaze at her chest, seeing the breasts bounce in motion with the riding. Mai on the other hand felt the pleasure and she felt like all of her stress was melting away with each thrust. As if today's hard work didn't happen to her. But she knew that no matter how wrong yet amazing this was to her, the guy had to be reaching his limit.

She smirked at him and rode him faster as the walls within began to clamp on his length, trying to make him climax one more time. The hooded guy knew he couldn't hold it back any longer and with one final thrust, the climax came for both of them as their lower bodies shivered a little. Mai was a little quicker to finish, releasing her warmth onto his length, focring him to shoot out shots of his warm essence inside her until he was done.

Once the climax has passed on, they took a moment to catch their breaths.

"Hah...not bad..." She whispered before slowly getting off him and sat on the cold ground. "So, how do you feel now?"

He could only give her a thumbs up in response, making her smile.

"Good." She nodded. "And as for me, I feel a lot better."

Catching her breath, she got up and picked up her clothes before redressing herself up again.

"Well, I better get back home. Remember what I said, because after tonight, we may never see each other again."

He nodded quietly and before he knew it, Mai left the alleyway, leaving him all alone in the cold darkness.

It took much longer to get back than she would've liked, but eventually, Mai finally reached the apartment. After she went in, she made her way to the apartment room she and Rottie were living in. Grabbing her keys, she unlocked the door and went inside to find Rottie sleeping on the sofa with the TV on.

'Thought so, she must've been worried about me like usual.' She thought as she closed the door behind her.

"Hm?" That however woke up Rottie who sat up and saw Mai. "Wait? Mai?"

"I'm home, Rottie." She replied, smiling. "Sorry I'm back so late."

"Geez, Mai." Rottie frowned. "Where on earth have you been? Do you know what time it is?!"

Mai had to come up with a white lie. "I know...I just got lost along the way after working so late."

She whined. "But why didn't you umm...call me?"

"Oh right. I need to get a cellphone for you, don't I?"

"A cellphone?"

"Anyways, the important thing is that I'm back home now, right?"

Rottie eventually calmed down. "I suppose...but you really shouldn't have made me worried."

"I'm sorry." She paused to yawn, she was tired for two reasons. "Anyways, I'm going to bed now if you are."

"Oh, yeah, me too." She smiled before hugging Mai. "And welcome back."

She smiled back. "Thanks."

Changing into their nightwear, Mai and Rottie got into thier large bed instead of seperate beds. Mai wanted seperate beds, but Rottie insisted on sharing a big bed together so they could feel like they were together and Mai agreed in exchange for Rottie promising to exchange letters to Sanae so they could stay in touch until Mai and Sanae can meet in person again. She didn't mind that at all, cause having a special friend like Rottie, a sister like Sanae, and a job that pays well was a life she wanted to live in.

Those were the things that made her smile, esepcially when she fell asleep with Rottie hugging her close before sleeping toegether.

Well, Mai thought she was sleeping, until she asked her something out of the blue.

"Umm, Mai?"

Mai looked at her. "What is it?"

Rottie had a confused look as she answered. "Is it me, or do you smell funny?"

As for the hooded guy back in the alleyway, he had enough strength to redress himself, but he had fallen asleep.

He would not be found until the next morning by a street warden who questioned him about his jeans being...soiled.


Well there you have it, a one-shot lemon involving Mai and why did I write this? Who the heck knows? I just wanted to?

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