A Night in the Life by Chyna Rose

Alone. Always alone. Even in a crowd I am alone. My tears fall silent onto deaf ears. I am torn between two sins.

My friends betray me. Even if they don't mean to. Waiting in the shadows. Removed and isolated. It is time to make my peace.

First Fox. The hardest part is saying goodbye to Alex. He is too young to know pain. But he is also too young to understand why I must do what I am doing.

Now to visit Demona. She knows what alone means. Yet she had her hate to keep her company. There is no one to blame for my pain. She also keeps a well-stocked arsenal of poisons. She won't miss one vial if it were, say, to turn up missing.

It was easier than I thought, but I think she suspected what I truly meant. No matter, she didn't have anything useful laying in sight. Then again, what did I really think she would have lying around her living room.

I know where the guns are hidden around the castle. It is better that way; less of a chance they can try and save me. I have made my peace and now it is time to move on.

I have the weapon. It is quiet here. The others are nowhere near here. True, they will hear the gunshot, but they will arrive too late. It is better this way. I am alone, and alone I can't survive.

The barrel is cold against my lips, like a kiss. A kiss. More like a mockery of one. I have never been kissed by a flesh and blood being. I hope the clan can forgive my actions. And I hope they don't blame themselves too hard or too much. It really isn't their fault. I hope they understand that.

"Lex, what are you doing?"

I lower the gun because I just can't. Not with her standing there, watching. As I look at her I can feel all the pain well up inside. The gun falls from my grip and clangs loudly against the floor. She looks at it, eyes wide, then looks back at me. So instead of ending it all, I fall to my knees and weep. She just stands there, not knowing how to act.