Future heroes

thunderman aka Ryker age 17 powers super strength , regenerative healing ,super leaping.

Backstory . The son of Nora thunderman and older brother of Betty thunderman. Jacob was trained to be a superhero at a young age when Max went evil and took over the world. He is one of the only members of the thunderman family left in the year 2048. He is the protagonist.

2. Betty thunderman aka powermaster . Powers energy absorption.
Age 15.
Backstory the Daughter of Nora thunderman and little sister of Jacob she takes after her mother and is fierce in a fight.
Like Billy and Nora. Jacob and Betty have a close bond. They always hang out with each other and got each other's backs in battle. Jacob can be over protective sometimes much to get annoyance but she knows it's because he cares about her.
They played superhero when they were kids.
She also likes bows like her mom did.

3. Nora thunderman aka Laserwoman.
Powers shoots lasers from her eyes.
Age 43.
The leader of the hero League resistance.
She tends to free the world from the wrath of her former Brother Max. She has developed a Hatred for him since he murdered her Dad -Hank Thunderman and Mom -Barb thunderman As well as her sister Phoebe who died trying to convince to not go down this path.
Her Hatred grew when he Murdered Billy 4 years ago. His wife and kids disappeared and are presumed dead.
She hopes one day the age of heroes will return.

aka weather witch .age 42 Powers weather manipulation. Backstory The husband of Chester/Quillfire Keely started out as a student at SASS.
She had trouble controlling her powers then but with help from Phoebe Thunderman gained confidence and control of her powers.
She is now a full fledged superhero trying to put a end to the reign of terror of Dark Thunder

5 Chester Aka Quillfire .
Powers Quill projectiles. Age 42 Background Chester first met his wife when they were kids at SASS. He had a crush on Jocelyn but she did not like him back. After seeing Keely in action. He asked her to the Dance and they been inseparable and they eventually Married and had a daughter called Sammantha He is now a full fledged superhero alongside his wife Keely.

6. Sammantha aka sun streaker powers solar energy manipulation and flight. Age 13.
The daughter of Keely and Chester.
She is still a superhero in training but Hope's to be a full fledged hero soon She has a very energetic personality and she always enjoys using her powers to help others.

Evilman aka Fire Blast age 41 Powers fire pinky .

The younger brother of link Harris started out as a shy and nervous boy when he first met the thundermans. He accidentally wore his father's eyepatch turning him evil and enhancing his powers.
But was freed by Nora. Thanks to Phoebe he has been a confident superhero. He wears special gauntlets to enhance his powers so he can shoot fireballs and bursts of fire.

8. Chloe Thunderman aka Thundergirl. Age 32.
Powers teleportation.

The youngest in the thunderman family Chloe has changed greatly in the war against her Brother Max. She is one of the only two thunderman Kids of Electress and Barb. She has taken on the thunderman moniker to honor her sister.

9. Joseph Walter aka Hydro. Age 27 Powers hydrokinesis.

Hydro is one of their strongest fighters He is able to generate water and mold it into weapons. He can be arrogant but always has his teammates backs.

10. Jocelyn aka Lightray age 42 Powers glow.

Jocelyn was a member of SASS along side her Friends Keely and Chester. Chester used to have a crush on her much to her annoyance until he feel in love with Keely and Married. She uses two special hand held guns to focus her light into powerful blasts of energy for combat.

11. Rodney aka Blackguard age 42.
Powers forcefields

A fellow former SASS student alongside his friends. Rodney is a skilled supe with martial arts.
He is willing to do whatever it takes to end the war against Max thunderman and restore peace.

12. Brian bender aka Earthbender age 26.
Powers earth manipulation and super strength.
Brian is one of the most powerful heroes in the resistance. He is a ruthless fighter who can be reckless but has a good heart.

13. Angela aka Angel age 17.
Powers flight via wings Element manipulation.
The girlfriend of Jacob Thunderman.
Angela met Jacob when they were 14.
Though it is hard to have a romantic relationship when the world is ruled by Jacob's uncle.
She Hope's that they can end Max thundermans rule one day.

14. Victor aka Vanisher age 19.
Powers invisibility.

Victor is the spy for the hero league resistance.
He is a expert on stealth. If they need information or a stealth mission they ask him.
He is a bit of a prankster but knows when to get serious.

15. Leo aka cyclonus age 44.
Powers cyclone generation.
The powerful cyclonus is another one of the Hero league resistance strongest heroes.
He is a tough guy and not afraid to get into the fight.

16. Ted Richards aka Bludgeon age 28 Powers enhanced senses telekinesis and photographic reflexes

Ted Richards is one of the best hand to hand combat fighters in 2048 He can learn moves just by watching you fight. He trained Ryker in boxing along with Betty. He considers Jacob a younger brother and Betty a younger sister.

17. Jason ridgeway aka Scepter age 21.
Powers weilds a Scepter capable of shooting energy blasts and Gives him the ability to fly.
Expert at hand to hand combat. And expert inventor.

Jason may not have his own powers but he makes up for it with his genius inventing skills .
He created body armor and his signature Scepter weapon which can shoot energy blasts and Give the user the ability to fly. He invented lots of stuff for the hero league and always comes through for them.

18. Holly hills Aka projecta age 37 Powers illusion projections.

Holly is a master of deception to her enemies.
She can cast powerful illusions that can easily fool her opponents. She is the mother of Angela/Angel.
19. Leonard aka Slipknot age 31 powers/Abilities Uses special robes as weapons expert climber.

Slipknot is a expert climber.
One of the few heroes that don't have powers but he is a tough fighter in battle.

20. Kevin. Aka Swordsman age 26 Abilities super hearing and expert swordsman.

One of the best swordsman out there Kevin is dangerous with his sword skills In battle.

21. Sally aka Scream age 16 Powers Abilities sonic scream.
Sally has a powerful voice and is not afraid to use it. She is a expert at kung fu and Wields a Axe in Battle.

Allies. 1. Cherry Seinfeld. Age 51 Ever since her best friend Phoebe was killed by Max in the beginning Cherry was not the same . She wanted revenge for what he did to her best friend. She lost a arm while trying to avenge Phoebe. She is a informant for the hero league underground and houses refugees from max.

2. Simone kickbutt. Age 50 The daughter of former president kickbutt. Simone inherited her mother's power. Kick power.
Her mother was murdered by max when he destroyed the Hero league headquarters.
She went after him but Max cut off her legs in revenge for the humiliation she caused him at the Cape ceremony when she kicked him in the roof.
She know uses a wheelchair to move around and alerts the resistance with information like her mom did.

3. Darcy wong age 50.
The niece of mrs Wong She always hated the Thundermans especially Nora but after Nora saved her from being killed Darcy began to question her life choices.
She now has a medical clinic for the injured.