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A few minutes later Scratch had everybody piled into the car. "Where should we go to first, guys?" he asked.

"The beach!"

"The skate park!"

"The mall!"


Scratch sweat dropped like an anime character. "Blash, we can't go to Disneyland."

"Awww…" The redhead's eyes began to tear. "But I want to go to Disneyland…"

"There, there." Linda gave Slash's younger brother a big hug. "Look, maybe we can all get ice cream later, okay? I know for a fact that you can buy ice cream at Disneyland. It will be just like being there!"

Naïve, Blash cheered up a little. Scratch tallied the votes from the cars other occupants. The most votes went to the skate park, so Scratch shifted gears and began to drive slowly towards their destination.

A whole two minutes later, they were out of the parking lot.

"Why are we going so slow?" Slash demanded.

Scratch sighed. "Check the speed limit."

"Uh… what does that kind of sign look like?"

Scratch sighed again as he maneuvered s-l-o-w-l-y into traffic. "You'll never be able to drive."


"It says the Speed Limit is five miles an hour," Nancy read. Linda flipped.

"Five miles per hour? People can run faster than that!" she protested. "At least I think they can!"

Jam pouted and crossed his arms. "Aw, man," he groaned. Slash began to jab his older brother in the ribs.

"I can't do anything about it!" Scratch growled. "Stop poking me while I'm driving, or I might swerve off the road."

"At five miles an hour?" Jam raised an hour. "You're going about as fast as a parade float."

"And yet, people still get run over by parade floats," Scratch shot back.

"Our pace is moderately otiose," Linda said snobbishly. The others (minus Scratch, whose eyes were dutifully on the road,) stared at her. "What?"

"And I thought Nancy was the geek," Jam muttered, crossing his arms. "Yo Scratch, are we there yet?"

Scratch sighed. It had begun. "…No…"

"When will we be there?" Nancy asked meekly.


"Where are we going again?" asked Slash.

"The skate park."

"Oh," said the three inquirers. Scratch growled a little.

"Shut up back there," he snapped. Slash immediately pointed out that he wasn't

'back there,' and therefore he was allowed to talk. "You wish. You be quiet too."

"When do you think we'll get there?" Nancy asked, fidgeting. "I have to use the restroom."

Scratch sighed. "Nancy, we'll be there in maybe fifteen minutes." Seeing Nancy cringe in the rearview mirror, he sighed. "I'll pull over, ok? You can walk back to the hotel really quick and go. Even that would be faster." Scratch pulled over onto the side of the road. They were barely a block away from the hotel's parking lot. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out one of the room keys. "Here," he said, handing it to Nancy. Nancy thanked him and excused herself. She started running down the sidewalk as fast as her legs could carry her.

Around ten minutes later Nancy returned looking hapless. "I lost the keycard!" she exclaimed in a panicky voice. Scratch groaned. He wanted to turn the car around so that they could go back to the hotel and tell them that they'd lost the keycard, but the traffic was so thick for no apparent reason at this time of day that he decided they'd all just get out and hike the block back to the hotel.

As the seven trooped back to the hotel, they realized how hot the sun was. Blash wet his pants halfway there. Scratch sighed. The little redhead didn't want to have to walk home while basting in his own juices, so he decided to whine until Scratch carried him.

"I am not carrying you, Blash," Scratch told him, cringing at the thought of holding Blash's urine-stained self against his favorite t-shirt. The tyke started crying.

A few minutes later, Scratch was carrying Blash in his arms. Jam and Linda were gagging as they followed him.

"I'm thirsty," Linda complained.

"Get a soda," Slash snapped.

"I'm hun—" Tommy started to say, but he caught himself halfway through. "I'm hungry," he mumbled lowly.

"What was that, Porky?" Jam inquired. Nancy jabbed him in the ribs. "Ow!"

They soon reached the hotel. Scratch dropped Blash to the floor. The child's feet hit the floor with a squish.

"Excuse me," the teen said to the man behind the counter, "but we lost one of our keycards…" Scratch turned to Slash. "Slash, take Blash and change him."

"Ewwwwwww, no way," Slash protested. Scratch narrowed his eyes at his younger brother. It was similar to the way that Slash's mother silently threatened him when they were in public, so Slash backed down. "Okay, okay." Slash took his fiery-haired brother by the hand and led him towards the elevator. The others watched as young Blash squished into the elevator with Slash. Slash looked sullenly at them, gloomy as a bird caught in a trap.