Cold. Soaked. Alone. Afraid. Those were the only thoughts rushing through the 14 year old girl's mind as she fled through the thick underbrush with nothing but the clothes on her back and her mahogany red backpack, the cyan tinted goggles only doing so much to block the falling rain out of her eyes from the ensuing rainstorm. Thunder rumbled through the night as the girl climbed higher and higher up the rocky face of the mountain, her blue sweater soaked completely through as the rain drenched her from above. Lights were flashing from behind her from the roll of the thunder and the sounds of search dogs barking meaning she was close to getting found. Every part of her body was screaming to give up, to stop giving it more pain than she already has, but she can't. She doesn't want to go back. She needs to get away. Where 'away' was, she didn't care, she was just running as far as she could...

In the darkness of the night and the rainstorm, she's almost blind to seeing the path ahead of her, clenching her eyes shut from the rain seeping into her goggles...

A sharp tug hitches her left angle as she jerks forward towards the ground. The human girl braces her face for a collision with the ground...

...where's the ground.


Suddenly the girl's panic sense skyrockets as she feels the air rushing past her face, letting out a scream of terror as she plunged into the depths of the earthen ground...

Long ago... two races roamed the grounds of this world...


One day... war broke out among the two races.

After a long and destructive war... the humans won.

Using the power of seven powerful mages, they sealed the remainder of monsterkind underground with a powerful spell, erecting a barrier around their new cavern.

People can enter... but none may leave.

Over a century later...



Those who are said to have climbed the mountain's trails have never returned...

A sickening crunch resounded throughout the cavern as the girl hit the ground hard, slamming straight into the golden flowerbed that rested right at the center of the hole... several hundred feet below the mountain's surface. Every nerve in the girls body was set alight by the sudden stopping of her body against the hardened ground of the cavern floor. Her right arm jerked at an awkward angle, unnatural for a human to bend in, every vertebrae in her spine was outright shattered as the resulting collision almost immediately liquidated her insides. Blood started to pour from the open wounds across her broken body as her vision swirled in a mixture of black and red...

A tear fell from her eye as she felt the life leaving her body...

"N-n..." She weakly tried to choke out. "...n-no... p... p..."

She could feel herself fading...


...what was that?


...was that a voice?

"...on't gi..."

...who was that?

"You still have time!"

That shocked the girl's consciousness back awake as she laid there, soaked from the rain and her own blood, unable to move even her own limbs. As she laid there, she looked towards where her feet would be... to see what looked like a shattered red heart?

"Wh..." She tried to choke out, still unable to formulate a single sentence due to her damages.

"Gather your Determination."


"Will yourself to live! Do not give up!"

The girl's rising fear of dying soon spiked as she starting to will herself to live, fear of the abyss opening up and swallowing her whole. She didn't want to die now... not now...

Slowly, unbeknownst to her, the red heart floating above her was slowly reforming... piece by piece the shape was coming back together until finally...

A bright flash of red filled the room as the girl finally opened her eyes fully, the shock setting in from what just happened. Starting to move her limbs... she could actually move them now... in fact, it almost seemed like nothing had happened to her in the first place... aside from the general soreness permeating her body and her bloodied clothes.

"H-how..." She finally managed to choke out. "H-how am I... how did... that shouldn't..."

" worked." The voice said, female. "Oh my god, it actually worked!"

This just left the girl even more confused as her eyes darted around the area. "Wh-who's there?!" She called into the surrounding darkness. "Where are you?! N-no, who are you?!"

"Ah... you can't see me." The voice said. "Lemme fix that real quick."

Not sooner after the voice had finished that sentence did she manifest herself in front of the fallen girl; she appeared to be the same age as her, only with lighter skin and rosy pink cheeks and much darker brown unkempt hair. A scar crossed over her right eye. Her clothing consisted of a green sweater with a single yellow stripe with the sleeves torn off , only remaining around the forearms, tied off with sports tape, brown shorts with more bandaging covering the bruises on her legs and untied green sneakers. Of course, to the girl, the newcomer's form would be mostly colored in a monochromatic red, a slight glow coming off its body.

The human froze upon seeing the figure in front of her. N-no way! This couldn't be...!

"W-wait, I know you!" The human girl said, causing the figure in front of her to grow confused.

"What do y-"

"Y-you're that Chara girl that was thought to have been dead from the mountain!" The human said. "I-I thought you died over a century ago! W-we read about it in history class an-"

"Hold up." The figure, Chara, spoke. "History books?"

The human girl froze up. "Y-yeah..."

"...what year is it?"


Chara fell silent... has she really been dead for over a hundred years? It only felt like yesterday when her plan...


"H-hello?" The girl asked to the floating Chara.

The spirit looked to the girl, seeing her battered, bruised and soaked to the skin, and decided her goal right then and there.

She needed to get this girl to safety.

"Get up."


"Trust me." Chara said, as the girl shakily got to her feet. "Come on, there's a safe-space not too far from here."

"A-alright..." The girl responded, nervously following after her.

"So..." Chara asked. "What's your name?"

"E-eh?" The girl asked, seemingly getting defensive as she walked along the path in the cavern.

"C'mon, you don't need to be so shy about it." Chara said, doing a loop in the air. "Just a name, that's all."

"..." The girl swallowed hard before she spoke again, although it was quiet enough that it was almost impossible to tell what she actually said.

"Hm?" Chara asked, almost in a playful manner. "Don't think I heard that. You wanna run that by me again?"


Chara paused for a second... then started giggling to herself. "I like it. Has a nice ring to it."

Frisk paused for a moment... then smiled a bit. "Heh... thanks." She said as the two entered in through the large door. Upon the other side would be a small clearing where another bit of light would be shining down in the main area of the room, a small flower in the center underneath the beam of light.

"Nnnnngghh... what gives?!" Another voice said, clearly angry. "Why is it now that suddenly I don't have control anymore?! Who in the right f-"

At that moment the flower had turned around seen Frisk, and almost instantly his demeanor changed to an... almost creepily cheery demeanor.

"Oh hiiiii!" The flower said. "You must be new down here aren't you?"

Frisk definitely seemed off-put by his sudden change in emotions, but he didn't seem to pick up on it.

"Golly, you must be so confused as to what's going on here aren't you?" The flower said. "Well, seeing as how no one else is here, looks like little ol' Flowey's gonna have to show you the ropes!"

"Wh-" Was all that left Frisk's mouth before things went dark around her the outside world dimming except for her, Chara, and the flower creature in front of her.

"What..." Frisk said, before seeing the red heart appearing in front of her body again.

"See that red heart?" Flowey said. "That is your Soul! The culmination of your very being! Hopes, dreams, ideals, anything!"

"I don't-"

"It starts off weak, but by gaining enough EXP and growing LV, you can become even stronger than you realize!" Flowey continued, almost without missing a beat.


"The heck is this guy's deal?" Chara whispered to Frisk. "I don't remember him in the time I spent down here..."

"What's he even talking about?" Frisk asked. "EXP? LV? What're those?"

"Who ya talking to buddy?" The flower interrupted, catching both Frisk and Chara off guard.

"O-oh, I, uhhh-"

"No seriously, who you talking to?" Flowey asked. "There's literally only us here, unless that fall rattled you into becoming a basket-case, heh!"

"N-no, I-"

"Well, doesn't matter!" Flowey said. "You wanna get that LV and get stronger, right?"

"I-I guess?" Frisk asked, unsure.

"Great!" Flowey said, spawning several small pellets. "Down here we share LV by these little... 'friendliness pellets'! Here, have some!"

Flowey would fling the pellets towards Frisk.

Chara's eyes widened. "Frisk, stop! It's a tra-"


Frisk screamed in pain as she reeled backwards to the ground, clutching her left wrist as her hand lie limp in it. Chara internally panicked, and checked Frisk's remaining HP.



Meanwhile the rogue plant has burst into a laughing fit, almost doubling over from his own heavings of chortles from what he just did.

"O-oh my god you are so GULLIBLE!" Flowey laughed out. "Are all you humans this idiotic or what?! That you'll just trust the first creature you see in an unknown place?!"

Frisk couldn't even answer from the pain searing through her left hand.

"Well now you've got nowhere to run!" Flowey laughed, soon surrounding Frisk's Soul with a ring of the magic bullets. "Now DIE!" Flowey would begin laughing maniacally as the bullets closed in on Frisk's Soul...

...before a searing hot flame slammed into the flower and knocked him away into the wall, causing the bullets to miss Frisk and him to curse loudly.

"You dirty wench!" Flowey hissed, retreating into the darkness. "This isn't the end!"

"...uch." Came a new voice, this time much older and female. "What a despicable creature, torturing such a poor and innocent child..." Soon enough the figure came into view from the shadows ahead with the looming door. As the figure came into the view of the light, Frisk finally got a look at what it was.

It was not at all what she was expecting.

The figure stood tall, at least the 7 foot range compared to her dinkly 4'9". A lavender robe adorned her that went down to just above her pawed feet, adorned with a golden chestplate with an odd emblem emblazoned across it, white sleeves to the robe, white fur adorning her floppy ears and snout, with two small horns adorned at the top of her head. Two fangs could be seen protruding from her mouth, and in her right hand wielded a golden scepter, wrapped in crimson near the base and a ruby embedded in the head of the staff.

Frisk was taken aback. When she had heard of monsters underneath the mountain, she expected something terrifying... but this?

It was almost like another human.

The figure, however, seemed to notice the girl seemed... familiar at first, her breath hitched for a second before calming down. "A-apologies..." She spoke. "I almost mistook you for... someone else."

Frisk tried to get to her feet, but let out a small yelp of pain.

Right. Broken hand.

The figure gasped. "You're hurt!" She said, coming closer. "Worry not my child, allow me to heal your wounds."

Frisk swallowed hard as the figur- wait, her child?

The large goat-like monster took Frisk's broken hand in hers, a slight green glow starting, and soon enough the pain started to null away from Frisk's hand. The human took her hand back, stretching her fingers as she appeared astonished.

"Th-thank you m-" Frisk started before she sneezed. Oh right, she was still soaking wet from the rain.

"Ah, you're soaking wet!" The monster said, hugging Frisk. "There there, there's no need to worry, I will help you feel better."

"O-oh-kay..." Frisk said, looking onward at the lavender stone entrance ahead, adorned by the gigantic door with the same symbol as on the monster's chestplate. Chara would still be at the side of Frisk, but she'd be noticeably pensive about the current situation.

"Chara..." Frisk whispered to her spirit friend as she was dragged along. "Who is this?"

" mother." Chara merely responded.

"Toriel, Queen of the Underground."

When the fate of worlds come unwound.

When the skies above come crashing down.

As one story ends, another story begins.

But what never leaves is the weight of their sins.

And while there are paths that lead to temptation,

The most you can rely on is your...


SonicChaosEmerald proudly presents...

In celebration of Undertale's 5th Anniversary...

Fractured Timelines: An Undertale AU