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Forest of Death

Leaf Village

Sitting on a rock near the training ground with her long seductive legs crossed over one another, Anko _dressed in her usual provocative mesh shirt and orange tightly hugging her voluptuous curves and barely containing her heaving bosom_ grinned in amusement as she watched Naruto become one with nature.

She liked the calmness he exuded when like this. It made her tingly and mushy inside.

Which she hated.

She loved it when he became a beast, a wild animal, plowing through every obstacle with sheer brute force. Ramming into them without a care for his safety, knowing that he could take anything thrown at him.

The busty Special Jonin clenched her thighs to stop the tingling of her core as she felt herself moisten up in response to the mental image of him acting like an animal, killing his enemies and then taking her like his personal cock-sleeve amidst the corpses.

As was the norm when it came to his training, Naruto sat squarely in the middle of a huge clearing in the middle of the forest, eyes closed serenely and shirt discarded to the side as he mediated without a care in the world.

Pushing out his senses, becoming one with nature and trying to scope out the attackers that he knew were coming.

Eyes snapping open, Naruto was quick to encase his entire arm in blue chakra to enforce the hardness of his skin as he swatted away a barrage of shuriken aimed at his chest.

Sensing the ground beneath him shake, Naruto knew they had tricked him. The shuriken were a decoy.

But he was faster.

Channeling chakra into the soles of his feet, the redheaded boy blasted off the ground and landed horizontally on the trunk of a massive tree just as the ground where he used to be was encased in flames erupting from the ground.

"You'll have to do better than that to get me"

The words prove to be far too early as several wooden vines wrapped around his feet and trapped against the trunk. His surprise was short lived as several fireballs shot through the forest and hit him squarely in the chest. "Shit!"

Skidding a few feet away from the blast radius, Naruto rubbed his chest with a smirk, enjoying the sneak attacks as was his nature. Placing a hand on the grassy floor, he grinned evilly as a presence entered his sensory area and he shot forward like a wind projectile.

The clone had barely enough time to blink before his fist embedded within its stomach reducing it a puff of smoke as he landed smoothly.

"That's for the sneak attack"

Blocking another sneak attack headed at him from the back in the form of a flying kick, another clone appearing before him on the side. His chakra lashed out angrily, sending the two clones flying away before they disappeared in puffs of smoke.

"Hey lover boy, remember when I said that I'd let you train in peace without jumping your bones if you gave me a bellyful of your cum first?" Anko chirped in from the sidelines, thick legs clenched tight and a very hungry look flashing in her eyes as she restrained herself from sliding a finger into her quim.

"Not exactly the time for that, Anko, but yes I remember" Naruto countered with a deadpan look as he tried to search for the remaining clones. "And if you recall, I did give you just that…twice I might add."

Rubbing the slight bulge of her stomach, still flooded with her lover's cream, Anko grinned like Cheshire cat. "Yeah well, I take back what I said about not jumping your bones. You have 5 minutes to get here and Mating Press the shit out of me before I come there and do it for you"

"What the hell, Anko? You promised!"

"I never promised anything"

Just then, Anko's eyes widened as a seal array, a Binding Seal to be exact, appeared on the redhead's chest before he fell to the ground in shock. It was then all hell broke loose. Fire style Jutsu, augmented by Wind Style engulfed the clearing in the blink of an eye


Everything stopped as an earth shattering force blasted everything away within a mile radius, Anko was quick to flicker out of harm's way as everything swept in the erosive wave that blasted from within the focal point.

As she reappeared, it was to a barren crater, no sign of life.

With Naruto standing in the middle of the crater, with his hands outstretched in either direction …and a strange symbol (Ω) flashing on his chest.

Even the redhead himself seemed to be focused and shocked as he looked around.

A thousand questions were at the back of her mind as she looked around the barren crater, but her horny eyes naturally gravitated towards the shirtless redhead and how his form just exuded power …power that had her clit throbbing in wanton lust.

She needed that cock right now!

Meeting Room

Uzumaki Compound

Hands crossed over his chest and steel in his cerulean orbs, a softly frowning Naruto stood before his family and looked at each of his family member with a questioning look. He had waited long enough and any more wait would probably make him do something he would later regret.

What was the deal with the Uzumaki?

The strange power he had seen within the Forest of Death was just a wake-up call. Questions upon questions haunted his days and nights as he tried to find answers… but to no avail. What was that strange power? Why did his mother look so shocked and relieved when he told her of the event?

Why did his aunt, grandmother and mother start acting weird and avoided his questions?

It was a simple question and probably with a simple answer but his mother and aunts had been dodging the question like a plague and he was sick of it. Lazy he may be but he was naturally curious and anything obscured from his intellect was enough to make him lose hours of sleep until he finally snapped and demanded answers.

"Well?" he stated firmly, tapping his foot over the wooden floor as he looked at his family seated on a large couch. Well the elders of the family were present, meaning Mito, Kushina and Jessica Uzumaki.

Seeing as Mei was the Kage of a faraway village and Tsunade was relatively young to know anything about their history, he never asked them to come.

Mito sighed in resignation, knowing there was no point in avoiding it any longer. He was old enough to know the full truth.

Mito's POV

Let me start by telling you everything from the beginning, so please don't interrupt me.

As you probably know the Uzumaki clan is a direct descended of the Sage of Six Paths' second son and in possession of some remarkable abilities such as massive chakra pools and longer lifespans.

"And phat butts"

….Yes … we have been known to possess exceptionally voluptuous bodies even from a young age. With that out of the way, sweetie please don't interrupt again.

The Uzumaki and Senju, our cousin family, used to be a single clan long ago. In fact we were counted as a single clan but due to some feuds about keeping Main and Branch families, we split up.

The clan head at the time was an arrogant bastard who sought to give his family a noble status amidst the clan itself, convincing many of the higher ups to join him in his sick plans. But since we Uzumaki value family above all else, the family had a different reaction and rebelled.

The feud lasted for a few months and eventually concluded in the separation of the two families. We moved to the Land of Whirlpools and build a village there for our people while the Senju resided in the Land of Fire.

What you don't know is that we Uzumaki only give birth to female children. Don't give me that look, Naruto, I am serious!

I don't know how but even when our family was among the Senju, they had always given birth to females but since they were intermingled and counted as a single family, the Uzumaki had never actually paid attention to the strange occurrence.

"Now I know why I have two aunts and no uncles"

The separation served as a waking punch to our guts and we were forced to adapt. We were separated from our cousins and less in numbers, with no males there to help birth the next generation. Young Uzumaki women would go out and find a suitable male for themselves in order to continue the line.

I was born in the era when clans were waging wars against each other for profit and the news of the previous clan head of the Senju being killed reached far and wide.

Then something amazing happened. One, the new clan head of the Senju sent an official apology to our family and sought to reunite our separated clan. But the clan head refused since she knew that he was only interested in increasing the might of the Senju.

Another miracle happened when an Uzumaki woman actually gave birth to a male, your grandfather. It was a day to remember. His birth was celebrated and praised. It was concluded that the birth of a male would only happen once in every two generations.

I met your grandfather on my 5th birthday and became friends quite quickly. He was a clumsy little bugger at that time but with a big heart, kind of like you Naruto. Yamato and I spent pretty much the rest of our childhoods in the Land of Whirlpools and constantly heard news of wars outside our borders.

We married just a few days before the peace treaty between the Senju and Uchiha Clans, leaving the outside world to their own devices. Years passed, wars continued on a much larger scale now since clans came together to form Hidden Villages.

Hashirama Senju, the clan head at the time and the Leaf's first Hokage, tried to reach out and convince Yamato, our Uzukage at the time, to join his village. Even though he was sincere and truly wanted to unite our families, your grandfather decided against it.

Hashirama passed away from his battle wounds after a viscous battle against the Nine Tails and Madara, not before announcing his younger brother, Tobirama, as the 2nd Hokage. Kushina was born during the 2nd Great Ninja War.

"Mom, don't tell him about my age!"

"Damn mom, you are ancient!"

Honey, stop glaring at me for telling the truth. He was bound to know.

Hashirama did pass away but not before gifting the Leaf village with a Jinchuriki, just like he had gifted the other Kages after the 1st Great Ninja War during the Peace summit. With Hashirama out of the way, we became the target of smaller nations trying to expand their influence.

Yamato did his best to keep their forces at bay for several years but the continuous battles cost us many of our sisters. Jessica and Mei were born during the wars with smaller nations. Your grandfather died of chakra exhaustion after a rather strenuous battle against the combined forces of several smaller Villages and the Hidden Stone.

Yes sweetie, you heard right. He, a full blooded Uzumaki, died of chakra exhaustion. So imagine how many Shinobi must have been there to push him that far.

I was forced to take the title and defend my Land by sealing off any and all connections to the outside world since we'd lost many of our sisters and there were no males to repopulate.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stop Jessica from going outside and traveling the lands, she has always been a troublesome girl.


Stop growling sweetie, the truth is always harsh.

But her travels outside did benefit us by keeping us aware of what transpired outside our borders. Her frequent letters kept us alert. And then I heard that she was married to Hashirama's son and pregnant within a few years.


"Hey watch it Kushina, you may be older than me but I can still kick your fat ass!"

"Keep dreaming"

Tobirama died and left Hiruzen Sarutobi as his successor. Tsunade was born during Hiruzen's early Hokage days. But since Senju males tend to die quickly, Hashirama's son, as the last member of the clan, never lived long enough to keep my daughter happy or even see his daughter grow up.

Jessica stayed in the village to raise Tsunade until she was old enough to join the Jonin ranks and went to fight in the Third Great Ninja War, against her wishes.

"She broke my heart"

Jessica returned to the village soon after. Tsunade made a name for herself as one of the Legendary Sannin but deep down, she could never forget about her mother and how she had tried to stop her from seeing the horrors of war.

The war ended and Tsunade descended into a state of depression and developed a fear of blood after several traumatizing events such as witnessing the death of her lover. Tsunade left the village along with Shizune to both forget about her traumas and search for her mother.

"Yup, come to mama baby girl!"

Our population had dwindled down from numerous attacks during Yamato's days and the isolation did not benefit us in the slightest. Only a few hundred of our sisters were in prime condition and the situation was getting dire.

Some women did leave the village to pursue a live outside our borders, I let them do what they wanted. They were and still are family after all. Tayuya and Karin are from those women who had left the village.

"Now that makes sense"

Just as I was about to open the seal and once again interact with the outside world for the continuation of my people's heritage since peace had somewhat dominated the lands, something happened that changed my mind.

The oldest member of our family, the only member to live through several generations of Uzumaki, had a vision of a red haired boy being born to one of my offspring and bringing forth an era of Uzumaki dominance over the nations by wielding the power of our dormant heritage and riding on the back of a Nine tailed Beast.

"You are talking about me, aren't you?"

"Someone is finally using his brain instead of his dick"

"Incase you have forgotten dear auntie but this dick turned you into a drooling mess last night"

"S-shut up!"

Kushina somehow knew that she was that offspring and left the safety of our borders to depart for the Leaf village since the Nine tails was being sealed there, forced into slumber by a powerful seal I had created as token of our good will after Hashirama proved that he was genuine in his desire to bring peace.

She disguised herself as a teenager and joined the academy, befriending Minato and seemingly falling in love with him. Time passed, they graduated the academy, joined the ranks of the Leaf military and married.

"Who is the slut now?"

"Oh fuck off, Jessica"

You know the rest.

Naruto had one thing on his mind after all that. "So my family is basically an entire clan of super-powered stubborn women with massive tits, fat butts and anger issues!?"

The busty and recently revealed Uzukage sweatdropped. Is that all he got from her long winded explanation of their family's history. "Basically yes"

"And now I understand why you looked so devastated when dad died" Naruto started in a serious tone as he turned to his suddenly glum mother. Yes while he didn't show it but the new information had taught him things that he would've never guessed had they not revealed them to him.

Everything aside, one of the most surprising part was that his mother had apparently only married Minato after realizing that he was prone to become the next Hokage. Yes she had admitted that she fell in love with him but the decision of marriage only came after he proved himself to be a potential candidate for the seat.

Jinchuriki are chosen based on their relationship to the Kage to avoid the risk of them going rogue. She had married him to make sure that her offspring, him, became the next host of the Nine Tails.

The redheaded Milf nodded with a faraway look on her beautiful face. "I wasn't distant because Minato had died but rather broken because I couldn't bring myself to feel any sadness. I ate myself over that fact for days but I couldn't bring myself to feel the pain a wife should feel upon losing her husband"

He was the first man she had fallen in love with and a part of her still felt sad that such a powerful and kind man was gone but … she wasn't broken or anything. She was feeling the same pain as anyone would have upon losing a close friend, not a life partner…nothing more.

The guilt had made her lock herself up in her room for days, unable to lock eyes with her friends and let them see the lack of pain she felt upon losing Minato.

Wherever he was, she would be forever thankful to him for giving her so many wonderful memories and the most important part of her life, a beautiful and handsome baby boy.

"I understand, mom" Naruto offered kindly, placing a hand on his mother's shoulder for support as he smiled at the teary-eyed Milf. "You don't have to explain yourself to me, I'll be there to support you every step of the way"

"Honey …"

Mito watched with a motherly smile on her face as her daughter pulled her son into a tight hug and snuggled up to his much stronger form for comfort. Her eldest daughter had always been a lucky girl, even in her childhood. But now, she'd no doubt hit the jackpot with Naruto.

Even she was feeling a little jealous of her daughter… but her motherly pride and compassion over seeing her baby girl so happy won with overwhelming odds.

"Yeah right, I saw you shoving that monstrous 'support' up her guts last night, young man" Jessica muttered loudly, huffing childishly as she watched the mother and son hug cutely. "That was some seriously intense support you stuffed in her"

A giant tic mark pulsed on Kushina's temple as she snapped at her younger sister. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you cow? Can't you see that we're having a moment!?"

The haughty Uzumaki seductress merely smirked in her usual condescending fashion and internally patted herself on the back for causing the duo to separate from their hug.

Mito palmed her face in resignation. Leave it to Jessica to ruin a perfectly cute and romantic moment. "Kushina honey, I think you should explain your powers and his now"

Kushina's POV

The dormant inherited power mom talked about is referred to as the Alpha Force. Unlike the birth of the male which is somewhat specified to happen once in two generations, this power was elusive and tricky. The only known person to have actually achieved this force was the elder of our clan who also saw the vision of your birth.

And she made it clear that she had awakened the power when the previous holder was even older than she currently was which would make the awakening of this power as appearing once in several generations.

I am the third known holder.

I don't know what it does specifically since I haven't actually been pushed far enough to discover more than the surface but I know it basically makes my body invulnerable to physical attacks and grants me unlimited reserves of chakra … at least I think they are unlimited since I have never run out.

You see this inverted A on my chest …

"Yup I see the A on those humongous milk jugs!"

Stop ogling my breasts you lazy pervert and focus on the A!

"I am focusing on the A"

Whenever I use the Alpha Force, this A appears on my torso and emits a crimson light for the duration of the usage.

Now coming to your condition, the power that you have inside you is what the legends refer to as the Omega Force. The only reason why I knew more about it and constantly tried to force you to keep it under control was because each possessor of Alpha before me had visions of a red haired boy either bringing an era of Uzumaki dominance or total destruction to the world.

I had the same vision. All I saw was a red haired boy riding the Nine Tails.

We have nothing beyond that simple vision. What we know is that your Omega Force is strong enough to either bring everlasting peace or total annihilation.

The three Uzumaki waited with baited breaths as Naruto turned silent and paced around the room, a serious look on his face. They knew that it was a lot of information to be revealed at once but if anyone could deal with it without losing their cool, it was Naruto.

The Clan Head had that quality beside his laziness.

'You ever even think about riding me and I'll fucking rip you to shreds' Kurama muttered from within his mindscape.

'Oh please, I have a mom with a sex-on-legs figure, 2 Milf aunts, a Gilf grandmother, and two phat-butted cousins to ride'

'God, you filthy monkeys ever think about things other than fucking?'

'Have you ever had sex, furball?'

'I am not going to answer that'

The link was cut off as Naruto chuckled inwardly before regaining his composure. He turned to his expectant family with a tired sigh. "I am going to need some time to process this"

With that, he walked out of the room.



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