A/N: Tadah~! My first second-person fic... and one I might've gone overboard on, admittedly. This is the chonkiest one-shot I've written; heck, this is the length of 4-5 of my regular fics combined. So do be sure to pace yourselves~

One thing I'm sure you'll have noticed is the lack of tags about who is in this fic. That's because there's a bit of a game in this fic; to guess who is the girl involved before she's revealed~ Tell me if you managed to guess any~

If people like this sort of thing, I might do more in future - that is, second-person blindfold sex. Whether as a sequel for this with new characters, or ones for Azur Lane and Girls Frontline. Though considering the amount of time this fic took (around the equivalent of a week) they'll understandably be something of a rarity.

Please, do enjoy~

Guess Who

You wake up slowly, darkness obscuring your vision even as you stirred back to consciousness, the lingering grogginess of sleep weighing down your eyelids.

Dimly you could hear voices, hastening your awakening and making you blink a few times – but the darkness obscuring your vision didn't abate. It took you a second to shift your head, and feel a slightly-furry fabric against your head.

A blindfold. You were blindfolded.

The mere thought ignited a spark of worry inside you, tempting you to shift your hands. Or try to at least; the worry in your chest becoming anxiety when you felt something cold bite into your wrists, keeping them roughly crossed together behind your back. The same cold bite dug into your ankles, and as you came to your senses you realised you were sitting upright. In a chair, you assumed after a second of thought.

'Was I kidnapped?' You worriedly thought, trying desperately to recall what happened last night – but it was the same as all the days before it. Training, chatting, then bed. Nothing stood out.

Around you the voices dimmed, and for a brief moment you considered feigning sleep, but it was clear your captors knew you were awake now. Even if you were blindfolded you could feel multiple pairs of eyes looking at you, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up as you wondered who they were, and what they wanted with you.

You swallowed. ''W-Where am I...?''

Shifting feet, to your right. You tilted your head towards the source of the sound but a soft hand cupped your cheek, their palm warm as they soothingly rubbed your cheek and tilted your head to the left – allowing a pair of lips to brush past your ear, and also allowing the owner to whisper right into your ear.

''Calm down, Doctor~'' A young woman breathed into your ear, her breath hot and words slow.

It took you a second to recognise the soft, cooing voice. ''G-Gravel? Is that you?''

''Mmhm~'' The now-identified Gravel giggled softly, her breath tickling your neck as she shifted over your left shoulder. ''It's me; you don't need to worry~''

You nodded, inhaling a deep breath. You felt silly for getting so worked up in front of her, but at the same time you felt a tad annoyed – though said annoyance was quickly overwhelmed by embarrassment as another hand, this one slightly slimmer, landing on your right thigh. That wasn't Gravel.

''You've become a very popular man here, Doctor.'' Gravel told you, her breath warm against your nape. ''Me and some of the other girls like you especially.''

Another hand, slightly larger than the one on your right thigh, touched your left arm – squeezing your clothed biceps.

''The way you talk to us, how you hold us when we need some comfort...'' Her tongue was wet as it suddenly licked up your right ear. ''How you peek at us when you don't think we're looking.''

Your cheeks warm up. Had they noticed? You thought you were being sneaky at that. It wasn't your fault you had to work with an entire roster of model-tier girls – a little glance when they happened to bend over couldn't be avoided, could it?

As if reading your mind Gravel giggled, blowing a slow breath into your ear before speaking. ''Mmhm, we noticed. And so we wanna... bond a little, hehe~''

Perhaps it was Gravel's naturally-cooing tone, but there was an embarrassing implication in her tone that ignited something hot inside your stomach, making you shift nervously in your bindings. You wanted to ask her to unchain you, but at the same time you held yourself back, wanting to know what they had planned. And why you suddenly found yourself kidnapped and left in a room full of unknown female Operators.

A shudder lanced through you as Gravel's soft hand touched your left shoulder. Your heavy overcoat had been removed at some point, you realised. Any such thoughts of your jacket however fled as a head pushed itself into your collarbone, the unseen woman inhaling your scent and quietly shuddering against you. At the same time another woman breathed on your shoulder, a pair of lips pressing against the cloth in a slow, arousing kiss.

You swallow. ''W-Who's there...?''

Gravel giggled into your left ear. ''No telling~ You'll have to guess~''

She kissed your left cheek, her tongue licking just under your eye and making you squirm. ''But, you can't just go through the list of Operators, Doctor – they'll just stay silent if you do. You have to make an educated guess.''

There was a teasing emphasis on that word, her giggle tickling your forehead before she kissed there too. From where she was standing you could guess which hands were hers, shivering as one slid over your stomach whilst the other tickled up the back of your neck, tangling into the back of your hair. She held your hair in a tight but not painful grip, gently pulling your head back and encouraging you to willingly tip your head back, knowing you were staring at the ceiling even with a blindfold on.

The reason why became apparent as another woman pushed their head into your neck, their breathing audibly heavy. You tried to guess who it was but your focus was broken as their lips latched onto the front of your throat, sucking on your skin and making you quiver, arousal flashing through you. The woman didn't dig her teeth in to form a hickey but you could almost feel their urge to, their teeth grazing the thin flesh of your throat dangerously.

''H-Haah...'' You shuddered as she silently pulled back, giving no indication of who it was.

Suddenly a hand landed on your crotch, cupping it. Their fingers were slim and their nails audibly sharp; said nails running across your pants with a hiss. Then the person grasped your zipper and pulled it down, struggling only briefly. Their hand tugged your pants open before pushing inside, and you restrained a gasp as they easily managed to unbutton your boxers – the unknown girl grabbing your half-erect shaft and pulling it out into the open, the air cooler than inside your pants.

''Mm, everyone's so excited~'' Gravel called out from somewhere to your right, a giggle following her words. ''My, one's even salivating~''

You shivered at that, but didn't reply. Instead you focused on the girl to your right as she kissed your cheek, her lips warm but her kiss brief. You tilted your head towards her and you felt her breath on your lips – she was close. Then a heartbeat later her lips suddenly meshed against your own, kissing you with rough intensity; making you grunt on reflex. You lean back a bit but she kept up the kiss, forcing her lips against yours in a wild, arousing kiss before finally she broke it off, a quiet gasp escaping her. You couldn't tell who's voice it was however.

Someone shifted in front of you, their breathing soon gracing your exposed cock. Then the fingers around your dick left and another hand grasped your shaft, their hand soft and their fingers lithe. You briefly tried guessing who it was, but your focus was immediately fractured when the unknown person began stroking your dick, sliding their hand up, then down – repeating the motion slowly yet arousingly.

''H-Haah...'' How many people had a hand like that? Dozens? There was no way you could guess.

As if to remedy that a pair of lips touched the tip of your dick, smooching. You bit back the groan that threatened to escape your throat, holding it in your throat – and it soon escaped when another woman bit your right ear, nibbling on your earlobe. Another girl moved onto your left, their tongue wet as it licked around the rim of your ear, each hot exhale tickling your inner ear with their breath. That only encouraged the person on your right to be bolder, their teeth grazing along your outer ear. They had fangs; small as they were. But there was still too many Operators to guess from.

The girl between your legs kissed your dick again, their lips wet with saliva as they smooched your shaft – before you felt their soft, small lips part around the tip of your cock. A stilted gasp fled your lips as they took your cock into their mouth – hot, tingling pleasure teasing your girth as the unknown girl slid her lips down. Saliva dripped from the roof of their mouth and their tongue stroked the underside of your girth, their tongue seemingly longer than a normal tongue. You tried to keep that in mind, but remembering that became twice as hard when the unknown girl gave your dick a slow suck.

''M-Mn...'' You shuddered, swallowing the saliva in your mouth.

Suddenly the two girls teasing your ears pulled back, and a pair of hands grabbed the hem of your shirt from behind. The person paused for a second, and you heard what sounded like a soft 'tch', before they instead gripped the collar of your shirt and pulled. You heard the fabric pop and hiss, and within moments it audibly ripped – sending a shiver up your spine as you were suddenly shirtless. The person was strong then. Likely a Guard, Defender, Vanguard or Specialist.

''How...'' You take a breath when your dick gets sucked again. ''How many are there? Tell me that at least.''

Gravel hummed somewhere to your right, standing back a bit. ''Nine.''

You nodded quickly, twitching when a hand grabbed your jaw from the left, tilting your head in that direction. A pair of lips pressed against yours, their lips smaller and slightly firmer, but no less inviting. You kissed them back and their grip on your jaw tightened, holding you almost roughly as they dragged out the kiss, a second firm hand running over your collarbone. Then without so much as a sound they broke off the kiss and you felt them step away, their breathing becoming inaudible over the chorus of others around you.

Gravel giggled – she was closer this time, somewhere in front of you. With a gulp you look in her direction, ignoring the girl who dragged her tongue over your right cheek and started kissing above your brow. Honing in on Gravel you felt her kneel down in front of you, her distinctly-heavy breathing leaving her slightly in front of you; a bit to the side. Not a second later the girl sucking you off stopped, their lips sliding back up your dick until they popped off with a quiet gasp.

You almost recognised the voice behind the gasp – soft but with a slightly deep undertone. You couldn't quite place it, frustratingly.

''Saria?'' You guessed.

No reply. Wrong answer.

Your dick twitched for attention, the needy ache inside your shaft almost making you groan for attention. Mercifully you didn't have to wait more than a few moments before a pair of lips kissed the left side of your dick, and you groaned when another pair of lips kissed the right side of your lips – a teasing giggle betraying it was Gravel. Together she and the unknown girl began smooching your dick, their lips kissing up one side of your dick before moving back down again.

In unison both girls worked up to the tip, and this time both slipped their tongues out – a shuddery gasp escaping your lips as you intimately felt their tongues touch, with your cock between them. Breathy gasps sent waves of hot breath over your wet dick, their equally-wet tongues wrestling around your dick, the friction driving you insane and tempting you to boldly rock your hips, pushing your cock forwards slightly.

Their tongues retreated, and Gravel giggled. ''So needy~''

Then without missing a beat both girls went back to kissing your dick. The girl on the left kissed the back of your cock whilst Gravel smooched the tip, and you groaned as Gravel's lips parted, allowing your cock to seamlessly slide into her wet mouth. She lovingly slurped your dick, wet slurping sounds escaping her mouth as she bobbed her head lightly, blowing the top-half of your cock. The other girl wasn't idle, her tongue wrapping partially around the base of your cock and teasing it.

At the same time you felt hot breath against your hands, their breathing noticeably heavy and fast; panting. Then the unknown girl suddenly leaned in and took your fingers into her mouth, sucking wetly on them and sending an aroused shiver up your spine. You felt her tongue explore your fingers, wiggling between your digits or around them, tempting you to move your fingers around her mouth. Your touched her teeth and pinched her tongue briefly, making her tongue wriggle between your pinching fingers before she got it free.

However as your fingers touched the roof of her mouth, you felt two sharp, unnaturally-long bits – and it clicked in your mind.


A pause, then the girl behind you pulled back. ''...how'd you guess, Doctor?''

You grinned shakily. ''Your teeth.''

''Tch.'' She tsked. ''I should've predicted that.''

Despite apparently losing the 'game', that did little to stop Warfarin from sticking your fingers back into her mouth, sucking on them. You shivered at the weird feeling, and to both your embarrassment and arousal Warfarin began muttering intermittently to herself, murmuring about how warm your hands felt and how 'delectable' they were, briefly making you worry she was considering eating them.

Any such worries melted away as the two girls in front of you suddenly shifted. You couldn't see their positions but you felt both their lips touch the tip of your cock, giving the impression they were cheek-to-cheek – a prospect reinforced when you felt their breath escape their open mouths, the hot air washing over your tingling cock. Their tongues licked at your dick before they started taking turns sucking your dick, one of them taking your shaft into their hot mouth and sucking for a few seconds, before they stopped and the other took over; fuelling the twitching warmth in your shaft.

''Ahh...'' You exhaled shakily. ''You two... I'm almost there...''

''We know~'' Gravel's teasing retort only made your cheek burn hotter.

In response you tipped your head down, trying and failing to endure the sensation of two girls playing with your dick; their tongues lapping wetly at your throbbing shaft or their mouths engulfing your length repeatedly. Gravel was slow and sucked a lot but the other girl used her longer tongue more, curling it around your throbbing cock or stroking it while she sucked you off. Their differing techniques was equal parts pleasurable and maddening, your cock pulsating between their amazing mouths, until soon the hot need in your cock became too much.

''You two... I... I-I...'' You couldn't form the words; gasping as Gravel took you into her mouth and slowly sucked your dick. ''I...!''

Her lips popped off, and suddenly one of them grabbed your dick and rapidly jerked you off. Pleasure soared up your cock and you buckled, instinctively gasping as burning, uncontrollable pleasure raced up your length – and with a loud groan you came, bucking your hips up and cumming. Twin gasps echoed in front of you but you were too lost in your pleasure to identify them, your hips bucking upwards and thrusting your dick into your captor's soft hand, feeling some of your cum stick to said soft hand.

''Haah, haah...'' You gasped in fresh air to your lungs, shuddering when the unknown girl let go of your dick.

In front of you Gravel and the other girl audibly stood up. Then you heard the unmistakable sound of paper tearing – your red cheeks growing hotter when you realised it was tissue paper. Meaning you had cum on their faces. The mere mental image of cum coating Gravel's face was enough to make your dick throb for more, your good stamina keeping you hard and eager for more touching. At the same time you felt Warfarin take her lips off your fingers, dimly making you remember she had been sucking them. They were wet with her saliva when you wiggled your digits about, shivering at the lewd feeling.

Suddenly you heard a zipper, followed by cloth shifting and then hitting something, the zipper jingling faintly. A few seconds of silence, and then you felt rough hands grab your belt and undo it, all but yanking it apart. Someone pushed your dick back inside your pants before grabbing the waistband of said pants, yanking them down your legs with several rough tugs. It couldn't be Gravel or Warfarin; the latter still behind you, breathing into your ear in a voice teeming with anticipation.

You also felt something wet drip onto your shoulder. She was drooling. Literally drooling with anticipation.

However your focus went fully in front of you as the unknown person managed to get your pants off, yanking them off along with your shoes – pulling you boxers down a second later. The chair beneath you was slightly warm from your own body heat, but you didn't pay it much mind; instead listening intently as bare feet padded against what sounded like hard floor. Then the person was in front of you, warm skin touching your own bare thighs as they straddled your lap.

She laid a hand on your right shoulder, shifting up slightly. Surprise shot through you as you felt her other hand curl around your wet cock, anticipation, excitement and lust shooting through your body as you felt the tip of your dick touch something wet and warm. A quiet breath escaped the girl on your lap, and they purposefully rubbed the tip of your girth against what was undoubtedly her sex, a bit of her arousal smearing into your dick.

''Hah...'' You shuddered, gripping your fists behind your back. ''Don't tease me...''

There was a pause, then you could almost feel the person's smile – before they lowered their hips down. Your dick pushed apart their lower lips and you entered her, a fresh gasp fleeing your throat as their hot, wet insides immediately clenched around your tip from all sides. Despite the penetration the girl made no sound, staying silent as more of your dick became engulfed by her womanhood, her inner walls squeezing your sensitive dick.

You moaned at the feeling, tugging on your restraints as you tried to get your hands free, eager to touch the girl currently on your lap. However you couldn't wrench your arms free and nobody was inclined to free you, leaving you helpless and able to only sit back and let the girl in your lap do all the work. Something the unknown woman did with pleasure, her insides clenching your cock as she lifted her hips up, waiting until only the tip was inside her hot core – before she pushed herself back down, immense tightness squeezing you once more.

''Mn...!'' You tilted your head side-to-side, enduring the good feeling until the unknown girl pushed herself against you – your heart briefly skipping a beat when you felt her nipples poking your chest.

She was completely, utterly naked.

Oh how you wished you weren't blindfolded right now.

Any such disappointment however fled as the girl in your lap began to move. Her wet pussy squeezed your dick as she moved up-and-down, each movement making her roll her hips sensually, her inner-thighs rubbing against you from the movement. Her thighs weren't skinny but were still lithe, and the way she moved was easy and without hesitation. Someone more athletic then; someone used to jumping around and using their body.

''Hah... h-how am I... supposed to guess?'' You groan out.

A pair of hands pressed against your back, and Warfarin spoke into your left ear. ''Maybe if you describe how she feels, I'll give you a hint~''

Your cheeks burned, but as the woman on your lap kept riding your cock, you felt compelled to speak – focusing on the sensations you felt. ''T-Tight, and wet... it feels like she'll strangle me, haah... she's also... Mn, pretty busty...''

Warfarin's teeth ran over your shoulder. ''Mm... here's a hint then. She's very flexible, and uses a sword to fight with.''

That helped a little, but there were still too many female Operators to pick from. Texas wielded a sword, but wasn't super flexible, Lappland also wielded a sword but wasn't too flexible, Projekt Red was flexible but used daggers instead of a sword – the list just went on.

It was made even harder to think when the unknown girl was currently riding your cock, your shaft easily sliding into her wet pussy with each roll of her hips. Even from so close you couldn't tell who it was, your breathing heavy and masking her own breathing, no groans or moans escaping the unknown girl. Her inner walls clenched around you but your dick slid in deeper, more of her hotness engulfing you – until finally the tip of your cock bumped against something inside her and her pelvis touched yours; every inch of your dick buried snugly inside her wet sex.

''Mn...'' The girl let out a soft moan, pushing against you – her plump, round tits squishing against her chest arousingly.

Pleasure pulsed up your dick and you groaned, feeling your second orgasm bubbling up inside you. It was only pure willpower that held you back, gritting your teeth as you endured the woman riding your cock, trying desperately to figure out who it was. Wet noises escaped your joined parts, and a stifled groan bubbled from your throat when she pushed her lips against yours, kissing you. It felt familiar. Loving but playful, with a touch of roughness born from passion.

''Hurry up Doctor~'' Warfarin murmured from behind you. ''Or we'll have to punish you~''

In that moment, as you breathed in the sweet scent of the woman kissing you and felt her tighten around your girth, you realised who it was. Someone flexible that wielded a sword, who was good at kissing – but the biggest give away, was the lack of a prior voice.


''Ding~'' The woman on your lap – Gravel – giggled in agreement, her lips touching your own. ''G-Good job, D... Doctor~!''

She audibly swallowed before crashing her lips against yours, and you gasped into her mouth as she slapped her hips down with more vigour than before, her pelvis hitting yours. She took advantage of your open mouth and pushed her tongue inside, sending hot shivers running through you as you felt her tongue slide over your teeth and under your own tongue, lifting it up until you pushed her tongue back with your own. The slippery appendages fought in your mouth but your focus was on your dick, maddening warmth flooding your cock and tempting you to buck your hips up, meeting Gravel's thrusts.

''M-Mm!'' You buckled as she broke off the kiss. ''Gravel, I-!''

Too late. Gravel tightened like a wet vice around your cock and you couldn't take it, spasming in your bindings as your best orgasm yet hit. You bucked your hips up wildly, thrusting into Gravel's slippery folds and shooting ropes of cum inside her. Gravel let out a short gasp of her own, her nails suddenly digging into your shoulders before she roughly shoved herself down your dick, grinding her pelvis against yours as she came too; her honey squirting around your dick and mixing your fluids together, wetting your shaft and letting you thrust up into her hole easier.

As your mad high passed however your stamina suddenly abandoned you, and with a grunt you sat back down, shuddering. Gravel twitched in your lap, moaning hotly and pressing her lips against your forehead, kissing it. Her lips slid over your nose and down to your lips, and you moaned as she kissed you again, smooching you lovingly. She squeezed your dick with her insides as she lifted her hips up, the stimulation simultaneously far too intense yet far too inviting in that moment.

''Ahh...'' You quivered as she finally lifted herself off your dick, the coolness of the air a harsh contrast to the hot wetness of her pussy.

''Good job, Doctor~'' Gravel kissed your cheek, and you blushed when another girl kissed your other cheek.

For a long few seconds you were left panting, your still-hard dick twitching. You could hear Gravel and Warfarin talking in low tones, a hint of amusement in Gravel's tone and envy in Warfarin's. However you soon lost focus of them as a hand suddenly grabbed your dick, eliciting a low grunt from your throat – shivering when the unknown girl slowly stroked your length. Her fingers were slim and her grip tight, allowing her to hold your slippery shaft and slowly jerk you off.

''W-Who...?'' You breathed.

Naturally you didn't get a response, but you could hear their heavy breathing. At the same time another girl started kissing your shoulder and breathing on your neck but you ignored it, fully focused on the girl touching your dick – until suddenly she let your dick go. For a few moments you were left in silence; until finally her bare legs rubbed your thighs as she straddled you. She was naked too.

However unlike Gravel, she didn't just put you inside her. Inside she lowered her lips and pushed her soft folds against the underside of your cock, pushing it up against your pelvis before she began rolling her hips. You bit back a groan; intimately feeling the woman's pussy lips spread slightly around your girth as she started grinding on your dick. Her honey smeared itself against your shaft, the heat of her core almost driving you insane, eager to be inside her.

As if sensing that desire the unknown girl stopped, her pussy leaving your dick and allowing it to spring back out, no longer pinned flush to your pelvis. Then she grasped your cock and pushed the tip against her vagina, and then took you inside her.

''Mn...!'' You tried to hold back your groan but failed; buzzing pleasure shooting down your dick as your dick pushed inside her pussy.

She was tighter than Gravel had been but not uncomfortably so; your cock pushing inside her womanhood as she lowered her hips more and more, until finally two-thirds of it was engulfed by her hot tightness. She was a little wet, her arousal acting like lubricant as she began to slowly lift herself up-and-down your dick, moving her hips slowly. It felt good, and it rapidly became a challenge to hold back your groans of pleasure, your cock pulsating inside her tightness.

Hot breath tickled your lips a split-second before the unknown woman kissed you. It wasn't passionate nor was it messy, but a simple, methodical thing. You hadn't kissed a girl before who did it so... formally, but it was far from a turn-off. Instead it encouraged you to take the lead, grunting as you pushed your lips against hers and kissed the unseen girl back, feeling her lips part faintly as she exhaled.

''Mmph...'' You pulled back from the kiss with a shudder, feeling her tighten around you.

You bucked your hips up, shoving your cock inside her tight hole and making a quiet gasp escape her, the voice maddeningly familiar. The tip of your cock hit her deepest parts and she suddenly squeezed tight, the pleasurable tightness taking your breath away for a few long seconds, both of you still. Then the unknown girl resumed moving, her hips rising and falling a little faster as she began to ride you properly, bouncing on your cock with heavy breaths.

Grunting you decided to be bolder, leaning in and kissing her lips. Her small lips pressed against yours but you pulled back from the kiss quickly, inside ghosting your lips down her jawline until you found her neck, burying your face into it and kissing her smooth skin. She tightened around your shaft but you endured the good feeling, instead inhaling her scent, trying to place it. She smelled like sweat and something almost like perfume, but it was stronger and more like cologne, but not quite. Probably just deodorant, but the fresh scent was familiar.

''Cliffheart?'' You groan. The leopard-girl always preferred such scents.

Silence; wrong answer.

You shuddered, bucking your hips up – hoping to make the unknown woman slip up and make a sound, but she only shuddered in your lap and exhaled. Her pussy somehow felt even tighter than when you started, the entire length of your dick becoming engulfed by her velvety insides as she worked her hips. She leaned against you as you kissed at her neck but you didn't feel her breasts against you; meaning she was on the smaller side.

As her pelvis began to slap against yours, you felt it. Something fluffy that tickled your bare knees, shifting as the unknown girl rode your cock. A tail. That immediately culled many of the possibilities in your head, and you leaned back up and kissed the unknown girl – your lips against her cheek. She tilted her head so her lips touched yours and you kissed them instead, and then pushed your tongue into her mouth; tasting it.


''T-Texas...'' You grunted out, retreating from the kiss.

''Mm.'' Texas hummed affirmatively in your lap, her hips not slowing down even slightly. ''Nice guess.''

You tried to reply but were cut short as hands cupped your cheek, tilting your head to the side and allowing another girl to suddenly kiss you. Texas didn't mind, soft groans fleeing her lips as she bounced on your throbbing dick, a familiar burn creeping up your shaft as your orgasm neared. You couldn't hope to resist, bucking your hips up to meet Texas' falling hips, feeling how her inner walls quivered around your dick. She was close too.

Pleasure pulsed along your length and you bucked your hips more, the movement hard when you were pinned down to a chair with a girl on your lap, but lust egged you on – groaning at good it felt as your shaft slid into her tight hole. Her pelvis bumped against yours and you pulled away from the other girl kissing you, pressing your lips against Texas' instead and devouring the soft groan that escaped her lips.

''Hah...'' You pulled back and breathed against her lips. ''I-I'm nearly there...''

''It's fine.'' Texas breathed back – before kissing you roughly, devouring your low groan.

Your cock throbbed inside her womanhood, every inch of your length becoming wet with her honey as she squeezed your dick with her insides. She slid up-and-down rapidly, her movements becoming quick and jerky as she slammed herself down your dick, the mere sound of your cock slapping inside her making you moan. Texas let out soft groans of her own, her insides quivering around your hard length as she impaled herself on you faster and faster – until finally she buckled, and clenched tight.

''Mn!'' Texas went tight around you – squirting around your burning-hot cock.

The knowledge you had outlasted Texas was enough for you; a hot groan fleeing your throat as you bucked your hips up, and came. Your shaft pumped into her slick entrance with short, quick thrusts, each short thrust spurting another rope of cum into Texas' womanhood. Pleasure buzzed up your cock and enticed you to keep thrusting but your stamina ran dry, making you buckle down onto the chair, gasping.

That marked the second girl you creampied; and the second you probably knocked up.

''Mrn~'' Texas groaned through pursed lips, and you shivered as she kissed your nose. ''Thanks.''

With that Texas lifted herself off your cock, her footsteps quiet as she shifted away – and was almost immediately replaced by another girl. You heard her heavy breathing off to your left, tempting you to look in that direction, but another girl decided she wanted you and grabbed your left cheek; forcing you to look to the right. Their lips connected with yours roughly but with passion filling it, a groan rumbling from your lips when you heard an audible smooch sound.

At the same time the heavy-breathing girl sat down on the floor, her breath hot against your cock – before she put her lips on the tip, and took you inside. Immediately you moaned, fiery pleasure racing down your sensitive length as the unknown girl began to suck you off, her lips sliding down your wet girth easily. Loud sucks escaped her mouth and sent pleasurable vibrations down your shaft, the occasionally slurp joining the sucks as she took you deeper.

''Mn...'' You groaned in a tight voice.

You felt their lips curve up into a smile, their tongue licking the underside of your girth. At the same time the girl you were kissing backed off, instead reaching down and massaging your balls, their fingers slim and palm on the smaller side. You couldn't tell who was sucking you off but the one groping your balls had sharper nails, helping narrow down the search only slightly – but before you could think about going through a mental list she released your balls, leaving it to the other girl to slurp your cock.

Pleasure spiked up your dick as the girl sucked extra hard, a groan rumbling from your throat. She pushed her head deeper and soon you felt the tip hit the back of her throat, shudders of pleasure racing through you when she deep-throated you – allowing you to intimately feel how tight her throat was as it clenched around the tip of your dick. She tilted her head slightly to the side and resumed bobbing her head, her teeth grazing your dick several times, along with a pair of fangs.

''Warfarin...'' You called out breathlessly.

''Wrong, Doctor~'' Warfarin called out somewhere to your left, her voice at least a few feet away.

The lips on your cock slid back, letting your shaft spring free – and making you groan in disappointment. You were enjoying that until you had to open your mouth and make the wrong call.

Mercifully, the unknown woman soon straddled you, their breath hot and heavy as they leaned in. She didn't kiss you but you could feel her lips ghost over your neck, and when you went to kiss her she leaned away. You frowned a bit and shifted in your seat, your cock throbbing with need, and soon the unknown woman attended to it – grabbing your dick and aiming it upwards. With her saliva on it your shaft was wet, and as your dick touched her pussy you realised she was very wet too; her honey dripping down onto your crotch with how absolutely soaked she was.

''Mn...'' The tip of your cock pressed against her folds, and she seamlessly took you inside – before slamming herself down. ''Hah!''

Every inch of your dick became squeezed by her womanhood, the abrupt sensation taking the air from your lungs. You regained your breath a second later and weakly bucked your hips up, moaning when she clenched around you like a vice. She was wet enough that she started moving without even waiting, her hot breath tickling your face as she slid up your dick before pushing herself back down, hissing in a low tone as the tip hit her deepest parts already.

''Mn... who...?'' You groaned.

Her nails were sharp and dagger-like as they grabbed your shoulders, a hot breath escaping the unknown woman as she started working her hips. She didn't ride you like Texas or Gravel did; she instead jerked her hips about roughly, stirring your shaft around her slick pussy. Yet despite how utterly wet she was that didn't stop her from being tight, a fact you were once again reminded of as her womanhood coiled around your cock, squeezing the life out of it.

Your dick throbbed from the pressure, her fleshy insides massaging your hard length as she worked her hips wildly. You could feel her breath as she suddenly shoved her face into your neck, teeth grazing your flesh before she bit you – her teeth sinking into your neck roughly, sucking on it and forming a hickey. The slight pain you felt from it was easily muffled by the buzzing warmth shooting through your dick, the feeling of having a woman ride you far more distracting than any amount of biting.

''Mm...'' The aforementioned woman hummed briefly as her lips popped off your neck, their voice on the deeper side with a slight lilt – and had the woman not been impaling herself on your dick, you might've recognised who it was.

However the combination of her wet insides, her hot breath against your skin and the nails digging into your shoulders was far too distracting. You bucked your hips on reflex and she tightened arousingly, encouraging you to wildly thrust upwards, feeling her fleshy wet insides clench and coil repeatedly. She leaned more against you and you felt a pair of boobs brushed against your chest, her nipples hard. A bit on the bigger side, bigger than Texas, but not as big as Gravel.

Then you felt it; something furry that tickled your thighs, before the woman clearly lifted her tail back up again. You knew that type of tail. A Lupus. It couldn't be Provence, hers was too fluffy and big. Nor could it be Projekt Red; she had bigger fangs that the girl who just sucked on your neck. And Texas already had her turn. That meant...


''Hmhm~'' Lappland giggled in your face, her voice as deep and lilted as ever. ''That's me, Doctor~''

Something wet touched your lips, and you shivered when you realised it was her tongue – said tongue soon pushing inside your lips and prodding your teeth. You parted them with a groan, shuddering when she immediately shoved her tongue inside your mouth without even slowing her hips down, her pussy engulfing your cock repeatedly as Lappland rode you. The knowledge that it was the ever-wild, probably-insane Lappland bouncing on your lap somehow made it even more erotic, and more dangerous.

''Ohh~ Doctor~'' Lappland groaned hotly, pulling back from the french-kiss and shoving her face into your neck, breathing against your jugular. ''You smell so good... I can still taste Texas on you too, aha~''

She dug her nails into your bare shoulders, pain spiking before you felt yourself bleed. In that moment you didn't care, bucking your hips up roughly and slamming your dick up inside Lappland's inviting pussy, eliciting a hot moan from your Lupus lover as she took your cock with audible glee. However she also seemed to take it as a contest, her hips coming down much harder than before, slamming herself down your dick and harshly pushing her pelvis against yours.

''Haah~ I'm nearly there Doctor~'' Lappland groaned into your neck, skin audibly slapping together as she took your dick inside her. ''Make sure you... ahh, f-finish in me too~''

You grunt in agreement, kissing her cheek and trying to get at her lips, wanting to make out with her. However Lappland wasn't the kissing type; her focus instead on your neck. She dragged her tongue over your jugular and raked her sharp teeth over the more sensitive bits of flesh, her fangs teasing your jugular dangerously. Yet the risk made it more exciting, your cock pulsating with lust as Lappland rode you.

''Hah, haah~!'' Lappland slammed her pelvis against yours wildly. ''Yes, yes~! T-That's it~! I- Mm~!''

With a pursed-lipped moan Lappland orgasmed on your cock, her honey squirting out around your throbbing shaft. You still bucked your hips up as she climaxed, feeling a pleasurable burn race up your cock – until with a gasp you came inside her, unloading ropes of cum into her womanhood with each desperate buck of your hips. She squeezed the cum out of you, her fleshy insides like a vice that strangled your cock, only encouraging you to buck your hips more wildly.

Soon however the moment passed and you sat back down, gasping. Lappland's warm body pressed against yours, allowing you to feel her heaving breasts against your chest. She was definitely bigger than Texas, you idly realised – sorely wishing you could grope her. It wasn't often you got the opportunity to grope a woman as wild and unpredictable as Lappland.

''Can I have, a hand free?'' You say through laboured breaths, swallowing the spit in your mouth even as Lappland snuggled herself into your neck, licking you. Her body was warm, you noticed idly.

There was a bit of murmuring, the voices of the others too low for you to decipher the words – until soon Gravel spoke. ''I suppose so. You've earned it~''

Excitement blossomed in your heart as someone moved behind you, and a second later the chain around your right wrist magically disappeared. An Arts user then; you mentally noted that down. However you put that information aside in favour of putting your newly-freed hand to use – namely by reaching up, and groping Lappland's breast.

''Ah, Doctor~'' Lappland mewled into your neck, her breath hot.

You shivered and restrained the grin that threatened to cross your face, hefting Lappland's breast up in your hand. She was on the plumper side, her boob soft as you dug your fingers into her skin and thumbed her nipple, the hard rub perky enough that you could flick it around. To your dismay however Lappland soon lifted herself up, your cock leaving her hot sex and exposing it to the cooler air – and as she stepped away you couldn't touch her breast anymore, leaving your hand idle once more.

Mercifully you didn't have to wait long. Footsteps to your left drew your attention, making you look in that direction even though you couldn't see anything. The person didn't say anything but you could hear how heavy their breathing was, tempting you to reach out with your hand. They didn't back away, and you shivered when you touched smooth skin. You shifted your fingertips around, feeling how firm the skin was – soon finding a little hole. A stomach and belly-button. So they were of average height.

''Mn...'' You twitched as someone moved to your right, their breath tickling your bleeding shoulder before their tongue licked up the blood in a single long lick.

The distraction allowed the unknown woman in front of you to step closer, sliding herself down into your lap. You immediately moved your hand over her side, shivering as you touched her hip and worked your way up. Even if you couldn't see you could map her body out in your mind, feeling up her ribs before touching her armpits, sliding your fingers over her slim arms. She was slim, but not too petite. You took note of that and moved you hand down to her chest, unsurprised to find her naked too, your fingers soon touching her breast.

She was small. Not flat by any means, but definitely smaller than Lappland had been – probably closer to Texas' size. She was soft though; your fingers easily sinking into her flesh as you groped her. The unknown woman didn't groan or moan but you heard her inhale slowly, audibly restraining any such sounds. The thought excited you and tempted you to pinch her nipple, toying with her tit like a boy who had never seen a pair of bare breasts before.

''Ahh...'' You exhaled as the woman licking your shoulder shifted around behind you, her breath washing over your shoulder before she started licking your other shoulder.

Your attention returned to the small-chested girl on your lap as she curled her fingers around your girth, helping aim it up. You knew what was coming but that still didn't diminish how exciting it felt; your stomach twisting with arousal as the tip of your dick pressed against her wet, smooth folds, the tip sliding over her slit several times. It took you a second to realise she was trying to get it in and not just teasing you, struggling a bit – until finally the tip entered her wetness, and she gladly pushed herself down your shaft.

''Nn...'' A grunt rumbled from your throat and you tipped your head back a bit, exhaling as you felt her fleshy insides swallow your dick up.

Two-thirds of your dick became engulfed by her wet, hot insides before she stopped; becoming too tight to take you any deeper. The unknown girl stopped for a few moments, her fleshy insides quivering and clenching around your length, before she started to move. She lifted her hips slightly and then brought them down, moving her hips in small, slow rolls; taking it nice and slow. Compared to Lappland's rough pelvis-smacking pace, this was a nice change.

Despite the fact this was supposed to be a 'game' you didn't immediately try and figure out who was riding you – instead you just took the time to enjoy the feeling of them sliding onto your shaft, honey trickling down your dick and wetting it. The girl on your lap didn't say anything but her breathing was quick and heavy, her soft gasps and audible gulps adding to your arousal; tempting you to idly grope her small boobs and run your hand over her side, soon grabbing her ass and giving it a little shake.

''Mn...'' A soft, lip-biting breath escaped the girl. She sounded familiar.

You were distracted as she leaned in, her lips pressing against yours in a kiss – immediately enticing you to kiss her back. Her lips were soft and springy, meshing against yours with breathy passion, her lips parting whenever she inhaled a quick breath or gasped out said breath a moment later. You liked the sounds she made, prompting you to buck your hips up and make her gasp, the sound distinctly cute-sounding. She had a soft voice, but not necessarily a deep one.

Growing bold you abandoned her ass and ran your one free hand up her back, tracing her spine and feeling her arch her back, as if aroused by your wandering hand. You felt her shoulder blades and tickled your fingers over them, soon sliding your hands up into her hair. It was hard to tell what style it was in so you discarded that clue – a grunt quickly escaping you when she kissed you again, her lips smacking against yours. She was a good kisser, you noted. It wasn't rough but it was honest; gentle but quick.

''Mn...'' You cupped the unknown woman's cheek, pushing your thumb into the corner of her mouth and forcing her back from the kiss.

A hot breath escaped the woman, her tongue tickling your thumb and wetting it. She had a long tongue; she was the one who blew you earlier alongside Gravel. The thought aroused you, hotness burning your cock and making you buck your hips more, thrusting your shaft up into her wet pussy. Her teeth came down and she barely avoided biting your thumb, clearly restraining a sound and only encouraging you to buck your hips more.

''Hah~'' You took your thumb out her mouth, grasping the back of her head instead – pulling her close.

Your lips missed a bit, accidentally kissing the corner of her mouth, but the unknown woman fixed that for you and pushed her lips against yours. You kissed her back, your hand sliding back down to her shapely ass, groping it as she kept impaling herself upon your dick. She had a nice butt; smooth and a little perky, but not big nor toned by any means. Soft enough that it jiggled when you groped it and gave it a shake, encouraging you to fondle her ass more.

Pleasure suddenly sparked down from the tip of your dick and you hissed, renewed pleasure spreading through your shaft when the unknown girl moved her hips faster. She was getting close. The knowledge made you buck your hips up to meet her bounces, creating wet slapping sounds as your pelvis met hers, but you still didn't know who she was – and whether out of pride or fear of what the 'punishment' was, you wanted to know.

So you went with the cheat method. You spanked her.

''Hyah~!'' A girlish cry escaped the girl on your lap – and you recognised her instantly.

''Blue Poison.''

Fingers gripped your cheeks, pinching them harshly whilst she stopped her hips. ''Doctor, that's cheating. You can't do that.''

''Eh...'' Lappland's voice came off from the right. ''I'd be fine getting hit like that. Same for Texas~''

''Shut up.'' Texas added her two cents.

''Mm, I might be into it too, if it's the Doctor~'' Gravel teasingly added.

Even if you couldn't see it, you could almost envision Blue Poison's embarrassed expression. ''Mn... fine. S-Spanking is allowed.''

You grinned lightly in the direction of her voice. ''I'm surprised I didn't realise it was you. I always thought you'd be a good kisser.''

Blue Poison squeaked; her pussy tightening around your dick too. ''A-Ah... then, how about...?''

The Operator trailed off, but soon you felt a pair of hands hold your sore cheeks, her slim thumbs digging into the corners of your mouth. Then she opened your mouth and pushed her long tongue into your mouth, eliciting a low groan from your throat as her long tongue slid over your teeth and curled around your own tongue, sending shudders of arousal through you. Her tongue wasn't unnaturally long but it was definitely a little longer than a regular tongue, allowing her to dominate yours much easier.

As Blue Poison had her way with your mouth she started moving her hips again, rapidly picking up speed until she went back to bouncing on your dick. The wet friction of your shaft sliding into her sex made you groan, the sound muted when she put her lips on yours and devoured the sound; moaning back into your mouth. Wet noises escaped your joined parts, the lewd sound enticing you to resume bucking your hips, a spike of hot pleasure lancing down your dick when she squeezed you in a certain way.

''Ahh... Doctor, Doctor~'' Blue Poison cutely moaned, her breath mixing with yours. ''You feel amazing, my hips won't stop~''

Growing bold you grabbed her ass in a rough grip – and spanked her again. She yelped, her cute voice rising in pitch and tempting you to rub her butt better, feeling her relax and resume moving normally, until you once again spanked her. She tightened nicely around you, her inner walls conforming to the shape of your shaft as she impaled herself on you; the mere thought heightening your arousal and making you thrust up into her dripping pussy, your cock burning with the need for release.

The sound of slapping skin echoed throughout the room around you as her pelvis slapped yours, and your hand smacked her perky ass. Each spank only made Blue Poison tighten up more, her voice becoming deeper and tinged with overflowing lust, her hip movements becoming jerky. Soon you abandoned her ass and curled your fingers into the back of her hair, pulling her head back so your lips hovered only an inch apart from hers. You could feel your orgasm building, your dick throbbing in her wet sex as she slapped herself down, but you didn't kiss her yet. You waited, her breath hot on your face and mixing with your own, feeling more than seeing her eyes stare at you needily, desperate for one more kiss.

And as the buzzing bliss in your shaft shot up towards the tip you yanked her close, crashing your lips against hers – and moaned deeply into her mouth as you creampied her.

''Mmph~!'' Blue Poison cried out into your mouth, your locked lips muffling the sound into a muted whine.

The lithe girl spasmed on your lap, her hips lifting up and down wildly as she rode out her orgasm – riding you even mid-climax. You bucked your hips up to meet her bounces, spurting your cum inside her dripping insides. Squelching noises escaped Blue Poison's pussy as she kept smacking her pelvis down, your cum mixing with her honey and clinging to your shaft, acting almost like extra lubricant.

Finally Blue Poison came to a stop, panting. You loosened your hold on her hair but she soon leaned in and kissed you, her lips meshing with yours for a few intense seconds before she broke it off for air, gasping. Even if you were blindfolded you could almost feel her smile; a prospect reinforced when she leaned in and smooched your cheek, kissing you affectionately.

'Thank you, Doctor. You felt incredible.'' She whispered encouragingly into your ear, lifting herself off your dick.

You shivered at the absence of heat around your dick, a tinge of tiredness echoing in your shaft. However after many training sessions and days in the field your stamina was pretty good; you wouldn't be done yet. Something that the girls seemed to appreciate; a soft coo escaping Gravel as the Specialist reached over and stroked your cock, her giggle coming from your right. Warfarin murmured something like 'delicious' behind you and licked the back of your neck, her breath hot against your nape as she dragged her fangs over your skin.

Then without warning Gravel released your dick, and someone quickly got in front of you. Warmth tickled your thighs as they straddled you, but to your surprise they did it reverse – their smooth butt pressing against your crotch as they used their hand to grab your dick, aiming it up; before they took you inside their pussy. Immediately you groaned, feeling their slippery warmth constrict your dick. Without waiting they began to move right off the bat, sliding up and down your girth with ease.

''Ahh...'' You shuddered, feeling how hot they were as they eased themselves down your dick, their ass soon pressing against your crotch as they took your whole length inside you.

However as the unknown girl became to bounce on you a peculiarity became apparent. One, you felt a fluffy tail tickle your stomach. And two, you felt something leak out of their pussy; something that wasn't just arousal. And as they became rougher, you knew who it was.


A deep groan, and Lappland lifted herself off your dick just as suddenly as she started. ''Ahh... dang, was hoping I could get away with a second round.''

Suddenly Lappland was audibly pushed back a bit, and another woman hissed something inaudible at her – though you caught the words 'was my turn'. Lappland chuckled under her breath and her footsteps went off to your right, and soon you felt another girl straddle you cowgirl properly. Their bare thighs rubbed yours and she got into position without any fanfare, her movements quick but not rough; more hasty than anything else.

The unknown woman's thighs were warm as they pressed against your hips, and you shuddered when your dick rubbed up against her entrance, her folds slightly wet. You leaned back in your chair and waited for the inevitable, idly running your hand up her stomach until you found one of her breasts – groping it. She shifted but made no sound but you didn't mind, focusing instead on her tit. She was big and soft; not huge like Hoshiguma and Ch'en, but bigger than Lappland and Gravel. Plump and a little perky.

''Mn...'' You smiled tightly as the unknown woman finally took the tip inside her, and you exhaled as she eased herself down you.

She felt a little different than the other girls; your cock entering her at a slight angle. It took you a second to run your hand over her side, realising she was leaning backwards – incidentally making the penetration feel oddly exciting, your cock sliding into her sex slowly. She took just over half inside her before she paused, her inner walls clenching and unclenching around the top-half of your shaft as she adjusted to the intrusion, being careful.

Shivering at the feeling you ran your hand back up to her breast, groping it. She tightened around you in response, tempting you to slowly grope her more, enamoured by how soft her breast felt. That was until she leaned forwards instead, easily able to squish her tits against your chest and tempting you to grab her butt instead, admiring her smooth, curvy rear. More curvy than Blue Poison and just as soft, but not as small and perky. As you felt around you noticed the curve of her nice hips and the narrowness of her sides, giving her an almost-hourglass figure.

''Hn...'' You tried focusing on the 'game', feeling around behind her butt and finding a long furry tail – not thick fur like a Lupus' tail, but longer and more muscly and covered in short fur.

A fresh shudder ran through you as the unknown woman leaned over your shoulder, licking your earlobe. Her dexterous tongue traced your outer ear before moving in towards your inner ear, licking it lewdly and letting her breathe her hot breath into it – purposefully blowing air into your ear. You groan and grab her animalistic tail, tugging on it. You knew from experience the tail was a weak point for many Operators.

However the girl on your lap didn't offer any sound, not even a sharp inhale. Instead she bounced on your dick faster, her pussy swallowing your cock up repeatedly until she managed to take your entire length into her vagina, the immensely-good feeling extracting another low groan from your throat. This time the unknown woman didn't stop moving; her hips working in rhythmic rolls as she bounced on your dick, half your shaft sliding out before she dropped back down.

''Ah, haah... y-you're good at this...'' You groan out, feeling more than seeing her smirk. ''Come on, give me more hints...''

A moment of quiet, the air punctuated by the quiet slapping of your pelvises – before she leaned in and kissed you. It was a slow kiss and you gladly deepened it, groping her ass at the same time, but the unknown girl soon prodded your teeth with her tongue. You opened your mouth and fought back with your own tongue, her wet appendage wrestling with yours for only a few seconds before she willingly let her tongue be pushed back into her mouth, allowing you to dominate and explore... and discover the sharp fangs in her mouth.

Then you made the connection. Furry tail, fangs, big breasts and an hourglass figure... and chains around your wrists and ankles.

''Haze.'' You grit out.

''Correct~'' Haze drawled out, her voice sultry against your lips. ''Now that you've figured it out, I can keep going without having to stay quiet, right~?''

You shuddered at her words, but Haze was already following through on them – hot sighs of bliss escaping the cat-girl as she rode your dick, rolling her hips in ways that left you grunting and gasping. Haze knew how to move her body in ways that made her tighten around you in new ways, your cock stirring around her insides as she twisted her hips this way and that or leaned extra far back, any discomfort you felt easily overwhelmed by the bliss of her ministrations.

''Haah~'' She kissed your cheek, speaking right into your ear. ''If I knew you had such a big package, I would've jumped you a lot sooner, Doctor~''

''Really?'' Your dick throbbed excitedly at the thought.

''Mmhm. Maybe in future, I'll drop by your office and tie you up.'' Haze's voice took on a deeper, sultrier edge. ''Then I can give my hips a good workout, and you can sit there and let a pretty girl ride you until your balls are empty. Good deal, right?''

Your mouth hung open slightly with how heavily you were panting, but you didn't care – her lewd suggestions filling your mind. ''I-I'd like to be on top...''

''Hn... that can be arranged.'' Haze breathed, moving her hips more vigorously. ''I'll chain my arms behind my back, you can bend me over that desk of yours, and we can have some fun.''

A grunt escaped you when she gyrated her hips in circles, leaving you able to only breathlessly grunt in agreement. You grabbed Haze's ass with one hand and started roughly bucking your hips up, thrusting your wet cock into her tight sex with fevered excitement. Haze moaned approvingly at your actions, bringing her hips down faster and taking you into her womanhood with quick, jerking hip motions.

Warmth buzzed up your length and you knew what it meant, but you just kept bucking your hips, enjoying the feeling of Haze's womanhood massaging your dick – her inner walls velvety as your girth slid along them. They tightened around your hard length, worsening the needy throb that built up inside it, her insides seeming to grow so tight it was like she was strangling your dick; trying to coax out the cum load she seemed to want so bad.

''Haah, haah...!'' Your thrusts grew quick and jerky, your dick throbbing inside her sex – until you hit your peak. ''Mn!''

Cum erupted from your dick and shot inside her. Haze went stiff, her nails abruptly digging into your still-sore shoulders as you knocked her up. Then she shuddered and honey squirted lightly around your girth, mixing with the cum and leaking back out of her pussy and down your shaft, her own orgasm cutely quiet compared to Blue Poison's own loud orgasm.

Her fleshy insides squeezed and clenched, coaxing out your cum until she wrung you dry – and only then did Haze lift herself off your dick, and give you a peck on the lips.

''Thanks. It felt good.'' Was all she said, the smirk audible in her tone before she sashayed away from your current position, her footsteps becoming faint.

You were left panting, your dick erect and twitching for more. You did a mental count and realised you'd banged five girls so far; there was another four to go. The thought excited you – eager to see how they would feel too; how they would move their hips and how their nude bodies would feel against your own. It wasn't often you essentially had a free pass to touch and grope your female subordinates, after all. And if this turned out to be a one-off thing, then it might be your only chance.

Suddenly the chains binding your left hand loosened, and then faded away – freeing both your hands whilst keeping your ankles chained to the chair. However not a second later a loop of chains materialised around your bare stomach, the ethereal locks digging into your stomach firmly but not uncomfortably; preventing you from standing up, not that you intended on doing that.

However your attention shifted ahead as you heard soft footfalls, and then felt another naked woman slide onto your lap. You hands reached out and you touched smooth skin, rubbing the surrounding area until you realised it was her sides – tempting you to slide your hands south, holding her hips. She didn't have big hips, but she did have some curves even if they were slim. Curious you slid your hands down and touched her thighs, noting how slim they were.

''Mn...'' A twitch shot through your dick as the unknown woman poked it with a finger, her nail short and blunted.

Shifting slightly you felt her position herself above you, her breath slow and methodical against your lips as she guided your dick towards her sex. She was hot as your dick rubbed against her smooth folds, her pussy lips spreading slightly and tempting you to push your tired hips up, groaning when you couldn't put it in – her hips lifting up that little bit more to stop you, forcing you to sit and wait.

Mercifully she didn't make you wait long. After only a little shifting the unknown girl finally brought her hips down with slow precision, her pussy lips spreading around your girth and allowing you to sink inside her hot sex. Wetness smeared against your shaft and you breathed out a tight sigh, enjoying the feeling of her inner walls tightening around your intruding shaft. Unlike other girls however the one on your lap didn't immediately begin to move; instead she took two-thirds of your dick inside before pausing, just waiting.

''Why are-'' You didn't get any more than that out before you felt her soft lips against yours – falling silent and shuddering as she slowly kissed you.

A pair of hands cupped your cheeks, sliding down to your neck and then your shoulders; gripping them for support. Then you felt her fleshy insides squeeze you pleasurably as she lifted herself up, a strained groan rumbling from your throat as she began to ride you – the feeling amplified with how sensitive you were. Yet even if she was the sixth girl who rode you she still felt amazing, her pussy clenching around your girth as she slowly worked her hips.

''Mm...'' You slid your hands around her back and down to her ass, copping a feel. She felt similar to Blue Poison; curvy and soft, but not too big. Someone on the slimmer side most likely.

A twitch shot up your pelvis as the unknown girl suddenly began to pick up speed. It was a slow increment but a noticeable one, a heated sigh escaping your lips as her pussy slid up and down your dick, your tip soon touching her deepest parts. Even with every inch of your cock swallowed up she didn't slow down, maintaining the quickening pace until her pelvis began to slap against yours, the gentle impact making you shudder on reflex.

Swallowing the saliva in your mouth you leaned up, your lips soon touching smooth skin – her cheek. The unknown girl tilted her head and her lips found yours, the kiss light but no less erotic in that moment. She didn't deepen it despite having the chance to; maintaining the light, fleeting kiss as she impaled herself on your shaft, your cock entering her womanhood with each roll of her hips. The pleasure was intoxicating and as you pulled back from the kiss you pushed your face into what you guessed was her shoulder, inhaling her scent. You couldn't place it.

''Ahh...'' One of her hands went to the back of your head, tangling into your hair and holding you against her.

With a grunt you buck your hips up, feeling more than hearing her inhale sharply. With a tight smile you buck your hips up more, eager to know who was on your lap, but she didn't give away any hints. Any sounds she did make were muffled by the sharp slap of her pelvis against yours, the sound becoming distinctly wet-sounding as her honey dribbled down your hard shaft. After weeks and months of hard work, getting your dick wet in a girl was undeniably an amazing feeling.

Pushing the lewd thought from your mind you tried to focus on the 'game', giving her butt one last grope before releasing it, sliding your palms up her ribs. You noticed she had more defined ribs; she wasn't skinny, but definitely slim. You made a note of that and slid your hands further up, soon finding her boobs and cupping them. Smallish but soft, they fitted perfectly into your palms, her nipples equally soft as they poked your palms arousingly.

''Mn...'' You quickly released her tits and held her hips – sliding your hands up to her neck. ''Too tall, to be Vigna...''

Your hands quickly went back to her boobs, fondling them with undeniable lust. ''Who are you...?''

The unknown woman was about to kiss you when you said that; allowing you to feel her lips part, as if she was about to respond before consciously stopping herself. Someone loyal then? Or maybe someone obedient. You tried to note that down but the girl in your lap suddenly decided to move faster, sending hot jolts down your dick as she moved up-and-down more vigorously. The way her wet insides twitched and quivered around your shaft was the only indication she was nearing her limit, her breathing remaining quiet and almost-deliberately slow the whole time.

You gave her right breast one last feel before unhanding it, sliding you hand up her shoulder and up into her hair, holding it. It was long but messy but you didn't pay attention to that, instead pulling her into a messy kiss, pressing your lips against hers roughly. She kissed you back, and despite how messy it was she did it very methodically, making sure her lips were always connected with yours without breaking it off.

And then it hit you. Methodical.

''Ptilopsis.'' You guessed, pulling her head back.

You felt eyes stare into your own blindfolded ones. ''Correct assumption, Doctor. What led to you to ascertain this...?''

Ptilopsis' robotic words didn't match her quickening hip movements, her pussy squeezing your dick as she smacked her pelvis against yours – making it hard to speak. ''Y-You kiss very... directly. You didn't go wild like the others did, Mn...''

''Noted.'' The girl on your lap stated, suddenly moving her hips in small circles – nearly knocking the air from your lungs as your burning cock was stirred around in circles. ''I will attempt to avoid that in future.''

You just nodded, too busy focusing on the bubbling need in your cock, your balls tightening as you held back your swelling orgasm. However Ptilopsis seemed intent on making you cum, her hips going back to moving up-and-down, your shaft pumping up into her wetness. You could feel every inch of your dick be constricted by her fleshy insides, the inviting hotness of her vagina too arousing to resist – and as Ptilopsis leaned in for another kiss, you couldn't hold it in.

''Mn!'' You jerked your hips up with a single forceful thrust, feeling pleasure shoot up your shaft – before with a shaky gasp you came inside the robotic girl.

Ptilopsis inhaled sharply, tightening around you. She went stiff, forcing you to be the one to move, grunting as you breathlessly forced your hips up to keep feeling the friction. Her inner walls spasmed around your invading cock, coaxing out your cum load and leaking honey down your shaft, her own orgasm apparent.

Soon however your stamina ran out and you sat back down with a gasp, your lungs burning for air and leaving you panting. Ptilopsis didn't move from her spot, just over half your dick inside her quivering womanhood – before she exhaled a long breath, and lifted herself up your dick. You twitched at the feeling but her oddly-quiet reaction left you curious, encouraging you to reach out for her. You touched her thigh and held it, stopping her from walking away.

''You alright?'' You breathed out.

''...Mm. I merely endured a brief mental shutdown, Doctor.'' You felt her turn towards you. ''Oddly, I enjoyed it.''

A pair of soft lips touched yours, but Ptilopsis pulled back before you could kiss her again. ''I would like to experience this more in future, Doctor.''

Arousal pooled in your gut and you let out a shaky breath, eagerly envisioning what you could 'teach' Ptilopsis after tonight. ''Sure.''

You heard a soft hum, and then she stepped away from you. Still you could feel two girls behind you, one of them breathing on your neck heavily. You tried to look over your shoulder but they moved away, as if determined not to be caught yet. Then you felt a soft hand cup your left cheek, tempting you to look in that direction. The heavy breathing was there too, their body warm as they moved in front of you.

However both your hands were free now. You reached out and grabbed the unknown girl, your hands ending on what you identified was her sides. She squeaked in surprise, and you gladly pulled her close up to you side – soon pushing your face towards her. Warmth tickled your face as you pushed yourself against her belly, tempting you to kiss her stomach, listening to her exhale shakily. She was definitely aroused.

''Mm...'' You reached down with your right hand, trailing your fingers down her stomach until you found the curve of her pelvis, tracing down the slight curve and soon finding her pussy lips. She was absolutely soaked, your fingers sliding over her slippery entrance.

Growing bold you grabbed her side again and lowered your head. You felt her belly grow taut, undeniably realising what you had planned, but that acknowledgement didn't stop you from pushing your face against her crotch – extending your tongue and licking. Tangy-sweet honey teased your tongue and the unidentified girl gasped, but you couldn't tell who it was. That didn't worry you, and you gladly focused on the pussy in front of you, licking it with lustful strokes of your tongue.

The unknown girl wiggled her hips, whimpering as she stepped back a bit. You pulled her right back and spread her pussy lips with your thumbs, allowing you to awkwardly push your tongue inside her, having to work your way in blind. A sharp-nailed hand grabbed your head and she gasped, her thighs trembling as you pushed your tongue into her wet, quivering hole. The angle made it impossible to push your full tongue inside her but that was fine, distracting yourself by tasting her sex.

Until finally the unknown girl managed to wrestle free from your lustful hands, audibly panting. You withdrew your tongue back into your mouth and tasted her, the sweet-tangy taste of her arousal oddly appealing. Playing along you shot a grin in her general direction, and heard the unknown girl exhale deeply. She sounded familiar, but you couldn't quite place it yet. You needed to know more than just how she tasted.

''Hm?'' A hand tickled your right thigh and you looked in that direction – and promptly got a chaste kiss on the lips.

Gravel giggled against your lips. ''My, how naughty Doctor~ She's all red in the face now~''

You tilt your head to the left; where the other girl is. She said nothing but you could almost feel her embarrassment.

''Any hints?'' You breathe out.

Gravel hummed, poking your ear with a wet finger. ''She's got long legs. I'll let you guess from there~''

That didn't help much, but you didn't complain – your attention shifting as the heavily-breathing girl got on your lap. You hands immediately went to her butt and grabbed it, feeling her up and comparing her to other Operators. Very soft and a bit on the curvier side like Haze, but her skin was much smoother and without a hint of blemish, as if she used a lot of moisturiser. You ran your hands over her hips, noting that she had some slight curves before taking your hands up her belly, feeling the wet spots where you kissed her.

Your hands soon reached her chest. She was a little big, around the same size as Lappland. However before you could feel her nude body up more she got into position, your dick pushing against the soft flesh of her thigh before she roughly grabbed your sensitive dick, guiding you to her entrance. Sopping-wet folds smeared honey against your dick and made you groan, tipping your head back as the unknown woman took aim; and then eased her hips down.

''Ahh...'' The feeling never got old. You could gladly sit there and let the girls ride you all night, even if it meant you'd be sore for the next few days.

After only a few seconds of pause the unknown girl began to ride you. She dug her sharp nails into your shoulders and leaned in close, her breath tickling your lips a split-second before she captured your lips in a kiss, muffling your groan along with her own. More and more of your dick eased inside her velvety pussy, her wetness helping ease you deep inside her until you felt the tip bump against her deepest parts, her pelvis bumping against yours.

''Mrn...'' You prodded her teeth with your tongue and she leaned back a bit, attempting to break off the kiss – tempting you to quickly reach up and grab her jaw, your thumb inserting itself in past her lips, and allowing you to feel a distinct fang near the front of her teeth.


''I only just started!'' Warfarin whined loudly – but didn't stop moving her hips. ''This isn't fair...''

''Maybe if you didn't try kissing him it wouldn't have happened.'' Texas called out from the right.

Warfarin made an irritated sound, and you shuddered when she suddenly mashed her lips against yours this time. You were glad she didn't decide to stop and moved your hands up to her breasts, fondling her plumpish tits as she rode you. Her movements made her boobs bounce a little, her soft nipples poking your palms and tempting you to grope her rougher, listening to her hot grunts and moans.

Then suddenly she pulled back from the kiss, and shoved her face into your neck, her breath hot against your vulnerable flesh. You moved both your hands to her butt and held onto it, tensing up when you felt Warfarin rake her teeth over your skin – your excitement heightening when you felt drool drip onto your neck, the vampiric girl openly salivating as she took your dick into her. Though you were willing to bet she was more aroused by the prospect of biting you than actually riding you.

''Mn!'' As if she read your mind, Warfarin suddenly sunk her fangs into you – her two thin teeth digging into your neck with only a brief prick of pain to show for it.

You felt yourself bleed, but any discomfort you felt was muffled as Warfarin let out a loud, muffled mewl of pure ecstasy, her pussy squeezing you like a fleshy wet vice. She sucked up your leaking blood like a vacuum, making wet slurping sounds as her saliva stuck to your skin, her drool pooling beneath her sucking lips. The erotic feeling added to your pleasure and you grabbed her butt, groping it – before an idea hit you and you daringly raised your hand; and then brought it down.

''Mmph!'' Warfarin buckled as you spanked her. ''Y-Yesh...''

Her muffled, slurred words made you shiver with arousal. You groped her nice ass and then slapped it again, the loud smacking sound echoing throughout the room and making Warfarin moan once more, her hips recklessly bucking down as she rode your dick. There was no grace or sensuality in how she rode you, just slamming herself onto your dick and chasing the friction of your length inserting inside her.

Grunting you hit her again, 'punishing' her with a slap to her ass, feeling her soft butt jiggle beneath your slapping hand. Like a true masochist Warfarin moaned whorishly into your neck, her pussy either quivering wetly around your dick or squeezing the life out of it, your own hips thrusting up to meet hers and sheathing yourself inside her sex – the wet smacking of your skin against hers only adding to your arousal.

Dimly you made a mental note to confront Warfarin in her office after this. Maybe if you offered her another 'drink', she'd let you push her down onto her desk and relieve some stress.

''Mn...!'' You grunted at the arousing thought, grabbing her soft hips. ''Warfarin...!''

Whether because of your back-to-back rounds or just how good she felt, you could already feel your next orgasm bubbling up your cock. Warfarin moaned into your neck and she pulled her fangs out of her neck, and when she leaned in to kiss you on the lips you could taste coppery blood – but in that moment you didn't care, simply moaning into her mouth as she took your cock and moved her hips, hypnotising you with her frantic movements.

Then she broke off the kiss and pushed her face into your shoulder, bringing her fangs down once more. She broke the skin and started to suck immediately, drinking your blood, but you focused on the clenching hotness around your swelling shaft – thrusting up into her womanhood vigorously. Her breasts squished against your chest as she seized against you, her muscles all coiling tight as her own orgasm approached-


-until with a muffled cry, Warfarin came on your dick.

You groaned, thrusting up just as your own orgasm hit, cum erupting from the tip of your dick and spurting inside her. Her fleshy wet insides coaxed it out of you, her lithe body sensually arching towards you as she rode out her powerful orgasm, her mouth sucking your shoulder intensely. She pushed her pelvis down against yours and rolled her hips, stirring you around her insides, and even when your orgasm stuttered to a stop, Warfarin kept moving.

''Doctor, oh Doctor~'' Warfarin moaned into your shoulder, lips sticky with blood as she sucked on your skin. ''Don't stop, keep cumming, keep bleeding... ahh, you drive me so insane~''

You gasp as she started moving her hips again. She jerked them wildly, her own sensitivity clear with how wild her movements were, but she still moved. Her slippery insides worked your hypersensitive cock, massaging it with her inner walls and taking your breath away. You grabbed her hips and wanted her to stop but it felt so good at the same time, the intense burn of friction melting your mind.

Until someone got behind Warfarin, and pulled her up and off your dick. Gravel. ''That's enough now, Warfarin.''

''No~'' The Medic moaned in such a needy, horny voice. ''P-Put me back~''

You shuddered, your dick throbbing in the cool air, and you admittedly wanted her back too. Even if it stung a little due to how sensitive you were, it still felt incredible. However after some more pitiful pleading Warfarin finally accepted she'd have to wait, mumbling petulant nothings to herself as she slunk off out of earshot. And soon you felt another woman approach from behind you, their firm hands landing on your shoulders and giving them a light squeeze, as if telling you where they were.

You fell for the bait and reached back, but touched only air. Tiptoed footsteps circled around from your right, until the unknown woman plopped herself down on your lap, her ass pressing against your crotch – sitting reverse-cowgirl on you for a change. You shivered at that and grabbed her waist, running your hands over her thighs and admiring her taut stomach; your hands exploring her lower half.

''Mm...'' You hummed as you slid one hand between her thighs, touching her wet pussy. She was smooth and slippery, your fingers sliding over her sex and enticing you to press down on it, rubbing her off.

A pleased sigh came from the girl in front of you, her hair tickling your face as she leaned back. She had long hair then. You withdrew your hand from her pussy and groped her thighs more, guessing how slim they were and trying to compare it to other girls – but you didn't keep track of Operator's measurements, nor did you make a habit of eyeing up girls' legs. With that in mind you slid your hands up her sides, feeling her ribs before you found her breasts, cupping them. A bit on the bigger size and a little plump; similar to Haze in size, but with perkier nipples. You flicked them and felt her shiver, something tickling your stomach. A tail.

You reached around and grabbed her tail. It was firm and thin, almost wire-like. You noted that and let it go, instead going back to touching her body, your hands sliding up her collarbone. A soft chuckle escaped the woman, her voice familiar but not quite clicking yet, prompting you to slide your hands up her face, trying to map out who it was. Then you reached the top of her head, and felt it. Horns.

A Sarkaz, then.

You took note of that, but before you could explore further the unknown woman grabbed your wrists, and guided your hands to her chest. You blushed and cupped her tits, eliciting a pleased sigh from the unknown girl – and your focus immediately shifted as she lifted her ass up. One of her hands grabbed your dick and helped aim it up, her smooth folds pushing down against the tip of your dick, before she finally sunk down.

''Nn...'' You twitched. It felt different than the other girls; undoubtedly because she was doing the position in reverse.

The girl in your lap breathed out a pleased sigh, easing herself deeper down. Her inner walls clenched you tightly but she kept pushing herself down, stopping only when your entire length was snugly inside her vagina. She paused for a few moments, shifting her legs a bit to get more comfortable, before she began to bounce – sliding herself up until only the tip was inside before plunging herself back down, exhaling heavily.

You grunt, grabbing her hips and helping her move. You still had the energy to buck your hips but you just sat there and enjoyed it, groaning under your breath as the unknown girl rode you. Her horns felt similar to Ifrit's but she was too tall to be the petite fire-starter, and certainly much bustier. Briefly you thought it might be Shining, but she wasn't tall enough to be; leaving only a scarce few options left.

''Mm, having trouble Doctor~?'' Haze's drawled voice tickled your left ear, her lips touching your cheek in a light kiss.

''A bit.'' You grunted, looking over at her – allowing the cat-girl to kiss you fully on the lips, cupping your cheek to hold you there.

In response you move your left hand, sliding it down her taut belly until you found her pussy, your cum leaking from her folds. With a tight smirk you pushed three fingers into her pussy, extracting a startled gasp from Haze and making her thighs push together around your hand, doing little to stop you from pumping your digits into her wet hole. After a moment she groaned and let you do it, focusing instead on making out with you.

Hot breath teased your right shoulder. Warfarin. ''Me too, Doctor...!''

In response you lifted your right hand, pushing it towards Warfarin. You heard her knees hit the floor and not a second later her wet mouth engulfed your fingers, a pleased moan escaping the vampiric girl as she sucked on your digits. Your fingers were still wet with the honey of the girl in your lap but Warfarin licked it all up without a care, her fangs digging into your skin. You pushed your fingers deeper into her mouth, making her practically deep-throat them, but Warfarin didn't resist for even a moment.

Then her fangs dug into your hand, and she finally got the blood she so madly wanted. ''Mmph~''

You shivered, feeling her suck on the back of your hand even as you fingered Haze's wet pussy – but you refocused on the girl in your lap as she suddenly began moving her hips back-and-forth, stirring your dick around her insides. You grunted into Haze's mouth and broke off the kiss, panting heavily as the unknown Sarkaz nearly made your dick spring out from the way she rolled her hips. You couldn't resist anymore and bucked your hips upwards, sliding your shaft into her tight wet hole, and making the unknown girl moan; her voice deeper and sultrier than most.

Sarkaz. Deepish voice. Playful nature.

Not all Operators who had Sarkaz horns and tail were, in fact, Sarkaz.


''Y-Yep~'' Mostima moaned in reply, her voice trembling lightly as she bounced on your dick more vigorously, the game away. ''Mm... riding you like this, makes you feel like a love chair~''

She tightened around you. ''But far bigger~''

As if to reaffirm that she leaned all the way back, her hair tickling your face as she bounced up and down your shaft, her insides wet around your girth. You groaned right into Mostima's ear, your focus torn between her, Haze's pussy and Warfarin's mouth. Then as if to fix that problem Warfarin popped her fangs out of your hand and instead wrapped her arms around your right arm, pulling it flush between her breasts and causing your hand to end between her legs – tempting you to cup her soaked, slippery pussy.

''Oh god Doctor, oh god~'' Warfarin moaned into your right shoulder, humping your hand. ''I can't take it, I really can't take it~!''

In response you pushed three fingers inside her wet folds, instantly eliciting an aroused mewl from the vampiric girl as she started humping your hand much more vigorously, practically becoming a beast in heat. You found yourself loving this horny, wild side of Warfarin, almost-idly jamming your fingers into Haze's own slippery folds and making the cat-girl pant heavily, her honey dribbling down your digits.

Mostima however was determined to get you to pay attention to her, groaning hotly as she rocked her hips more roughly, her honey seeping down your length. Her own orgasm was clearly approaching but she didn't slow down even slightly, her breathing ragged as she impaled herself on your girth. Her ass bumped against your pelvis each time, the lewd feeling making you buck your hips more roughly, slamming you sore cock up into her dripping sex, loving the resounding smack of skin-on-skin.

''Hah, you nearly there~?'' Mostima breathlessly teased you. ''That's fine... just cum inside me, 'kay~?''

''Y-You sure?'' You grunt out.

''Mm~'' Mostima hummed, and you shivered when you heard her lick her lips. ''I wanna feel it, so don't hold back~''

Your cock throbbed in wordless agreement, and with a groan you bucked your hips up more vigorously. Haze kissed you again and another girl got behind you, her arms looping around your collarbone as she nuzzled your head – Gravel, you realised when she giggled softly. Warfarin kept humping your hand with increasingly-wild bucks of her hips, her sopping pussy squelching around your fingers lewdly. You curled your fingers in response, making Warfarin squeal into your right shoulder and clench around your digits with her fleshy wet insides.

''Ahh...'' You exhaled. ''I'm... Mn...!''

You gritted your teeth – and then bucked your hips, gasping as you came inside Mostima. The Sarkaz-Sankta moaned, her back sharply arching from the feeling of you knocking her up; her inner walls squeezing your hard length as she squirted around it. Hot cum erupted from your dick and you filled her pussy with it, intimately feeling your load mix with her own honey; making a mess inside her pussy.

''Mm...'' Mostima brought her hips down and took you fully inside her, and then came to a stop – sighing in bliss. ''Nice job, Doc.''

You made to respond, breathless – when Warfarin squealed a second time, spasming. Gushing honey squirted around your fingers and soaked your hand, her heaving breasts smothering your arm erotically as she rode out her orgasm. Not a second later Haze buckled and dug her nails into your left forearm, hissing like the cat she was and squirting onto your fingers, her own orgasm hitting her far quieter than Warfarin's.

''Hehe~'' Gravel leaned over from behind and kissed your forehead. ''You must be good with your fingers if you can make Haze so red~''

''...he's decent.'' Haze admitted in a huff, your fingers sliding out of her soaked sex as she pulled your hand away.

''I'd say pretty good.'' Mostima teased, lifting her hips up – audibly sliding her fingers over her pussy. ''Even after like, what, eight rounds he can still cum this much? That's pretty impressive if you ask me~''

''Someone must be pent-up~'' Gravel added her two cents, cooing as she reached over your shoulder and poked your twitching dick. ''Better keep an eye on Warfarin then. She'll probably wring him dry too soon~''

Warfarin made a whining sound, sliding off your arm. Compared to the normally straight-laced Medic that you saw, her petulant, needy side was definitely a turn-on.

You twitch on reflex as a smooth hand suddenly touched your right knee, sliding up your thigh. Another smooth hand touched your other leg and stroked your thigh, and dimly you heard the other girls all back off a bit, chatting a little bit away from you – leaving you at the mercy of the ninth woman in front of you. You reach out and find their forearms, feeling their smooth skin as you slid your hands up their arms until you reached what must be their shoulders.

However you soon felt something hard. You paused, curious, and rubbed the hard bits. Oripathy Lesions. You raked through your memory for who had them on their shoulders but there was admittedly too many to count, so with reluctance you pushed the thought from your mind – just as the unknown woman slid herself onto your lap. She was naked, unsurprisingly, and you greedily ran your hands down to her chest, cupping her breasts. Big and plump but not too perky, and with soft but perky nipples.

''Mn-!'' A shock of pleasure shot through you as the unknown woman grabbed your dick roughly, positioning herself above your shaft.

Your only warning was the sensitive tip of your dick touching her wet slit, before her folds parted and you slid inside her. Fleshy tightness smothered you cock and you groaned on reflex, shivering as you easily sunk into her womanhood – two-thirds of your dick soon fitting inside her sex. She felt good and you had to take a moment to just savour the feeling, your hands releasing her boobs and sliding down to her sides, then going to her hips. Slim but on the wider side, like Texas and Lappland, but more womanly.

Before you could think on it for much longer, the unknown woman began to move. Her pussy clenched your dick as she slid up, the tip nearly slipping out, before she slammed herself back down and forced your dick deeper into her womanhood – the tip soon bumping against her deepest parts. The deep impact made her tighten, a near-inaudible hiss escaping her lips that tickled your cheek, tempting you to tilt your head in that direction.

And not a second too late; her lips soon crashing against yours with rough intensity. ''Nn!''

Despite the roughness you kissed her back with equal vigour, boldly grabbing her ass and groping it. As if in response she bucked her hips forwards, roughly stirring you around her velvety insides and making you groan with pleasure, your shaft tingling with how sensitive you still were – not helped by your back-to-back orgasms. The intense sensation made you buck your hips up, thrusting your length into her sex and making her hiss again, her voice distinctly familiar but you just couldn't quite place it.

So you decided to be bold; bringing your right hand down in a spank. Your palm hit her ass with a loud slap and she coiled tight like a vice, nearly choking your dick with her fleshy insides before she relaxed again – but the unknown woman swiftly punished you by digging her sharp nails into your shoulders, doing it with intent. You flashed a grin in her general direction and spank her again, wincing when she dangerously dug her nails into you. If she wanted to play rough, you were more than willing to do the same.

''Hah, hah...'' Your heavy breathing was clearly audible in your ears, partially muffing her own heavy breaths.

Your ran your hands over her breasts, groping her. ''Blaze?''

Silence. Wrong answer.

You groaned, raking your mind for an Operator – incidentally envisioning each and every 'womanly' female Operator naked and in your lap, trying to guess who fitted best. Gitano, Gavial, Ceylon; you tried to guess who would fit but you could never decide on one. But imagining all those girls in your lap, whilst you were blindfolded and with a woman actively impaling herself on your cock, certainly was an arousing experience.

As if to make you pay attention to her the woman suddenly started gyrating her hip in circles, stirring your twitching dick around her pussy. The pleasurable feeling tempted you to shove your hips up and bottom out in her pussy, groaning deeply from the good feeling – before the woman kissed you roughly, dominating your mouth. Her lips felt soft but unfamiliar, smooching against your own with feverish, fierce intensity. Someone dominative then.

''Gavial...?'' You tried. It definitely wasn't Ch'en; she was bustier.

No reply, but you felt her tighten around you, as if annoyed. You solved that by spanking her ass and making her hiss again, her attention shifting from your incorrect answer and back onto 'punishing' you. Something she did by bouncing on your cock harder, her velvety insides slick as she tightly milked your dick. The mere thought of cumming inside such slick inner walls was immensely arousing and you felt the pressure begin to build, your anxiety over getting the right answer hastening your climax.

Suddenly the unknown woman lifted herself off you cock, leaving your cock wet with her honey and exposed to the cool air – before a hand grabbed your dick and she jerked you off rapidly. You gasped and dug your fingers into her thighs but she kept jerking you off rapidly, and then without warning she lowered her hips and took you back inside her wet vagina, your full length burying inside her once more.

''N-Nn... w-who...?!'' You grit out as she bounced feverishly on your dick.

When she began lifting her hips once more you stopped her, grabbing her hips and yanking her back down. You heard a soft gasp that sounded oddly familiar and felt her try to lift up again, but you just bucked your hips and pulled her down,groaning as you forced her to keep riding you, not wanting to pull out lest you cum outside her. Dimly it occurred to you she might not want you to cum inside but you needed to finish inside her, some primal aspect of you demanding you knock her up like all the other ladies in the room.

''Hah, haah...!'' The pressure mounted and you bucked your hips more, feeling the unknown woman's wet pelvis impact your own pelvis, your orgasm bubbling up to the tip of your dick. ''W-Who...?''

Someone got behind you and you felt them touch the back of your head, undoing the blindfold.

And as you spanked her, the woman on your cock spoke. ''F-Fuck...!''

Her voice was familiar. ''K-Kal'tsit?!''

The blindfold fell, and you got a hypnotic view of a naked Kal'tsit on your lap, her face flush and eyes wide – before you couldn't control the spasming in your pelvis and bucked your hips up, gasping. Pleasure raced up your dick and you gushed ropes of cum into Kal'tsit's bare pussy, thick spurts flooding her womanhood.

''A-AH~!'' Kal'tsit threw her head back and cried out, her uncharacteristic cry heightening your climax – her dripping pussy squeezing the cum out of your shaft, as if begging to pump her full.

For a moment you lost yourself, bucking your hips and focusing only on sheathing yourself balls-deep inside her seizing pussy, her pelvis grinding against yours and milking you dry. Only once you emptied your balls inside her did you loosen your hold on her hips, but by then it was too late to pull out; cum already seeping down your dick and out her folds.

''Haah... haah...'' Kal'tsit's appreciable bust heaved with her deep breaths. ''You, idiot... I didn't want you, to finish inside...''

''Sorry.'' You breathlessly apologised, taking some comfort in how Kal'tsit's hot glare wilted into an annoyed one.

Her glare returned as she looked above you at the person behind you – no doubt the one who took off your blindfold, and spoke to you. ''Speak of this to anyone and I'll have your head.''

Despite the threat and the knowledge Kal'tsit would fully follow through on it if you dared speak of this situation to another soul, your cock still twitched inside her – turned on by her aggressive words. There was something about seeing Kal'tsit blush, her skin coated in a sheen of sweat and her breasts bare to you that drove you wild, your cock still hard despite ten climaxes in a row.

Then again, you couldn't direct your Operators in battle if you didn't have the stamina for it. Having a good constitution was to be expected of you.

And you made full use of that inhumanly high stamina, shooting a look over at Haze. The cat-girl smirked at you before dematerialising her chains, allowing you to grab Kal'tsit's shapely ass and heave the both of you to your feet – eliciting a startled yelp from Kal'tsit, the green-haired woman blushing crimson as she reflexively wrapped her legs around your waist and looped her arms around your neck, holding tightly onto you.

Without missing a beat you reared your hips back, and plunged inside her. Your cock slammed balls-deep in a single clean thrust and Kal'tsit made a choked sound that sounded like a cross between a gasp and a grunt, the arousing sound encouraging you to continue thrusting into your naked companion, your shaft plunging into her womanhood with increasing speed.

''You wanted this.'' You felt confidence swell inside you when you felt her quiver – quiver – in your arms. ''So take it.''

Kal'tsit said nothing, but your sudden dominance had clearly taken her aback. You didn't wait for her to gather her cool; lustfully bucking your hips and pounding the doctor's pussy with wet smacks, your pelvis impacting hers hard enough to jerk her lower half back slightly. After a few rough, experimental thrusts you started to walk, the simple act made infinitely harder when you were balls-deep inside a gasping woman, her nails sinking into your back as she tried to restrain herself.

Within a few steps you approached the nearby grey wall, pushing Kal'tsit against it. Without missing a beat you leaned in and crashed your lips against hers, feeling them part with a gasp and tempting you to shove your tongue into her mouth, taking full advantage of Kal'tsit's sudden demureness – a stark contrast to her usual harsh countenance. You didn't want to miss the chance you had; the mere prospect this might be a one-time-thing only encouraging you to fuck the woman in front of you, your cock reshaping her insides to better fit your shaft.

''Hah, haah!'' You pulled back briefly for air before kissing her roughly again.

A grunt escaped you as Kal'tsit raked her nails harshly over your back, clawing at you as you stuffed her womanhood full with your cock, your shaft bumping against her deepest parts repeatedly. Growing bold you released her right cheek before bringing your hand back down in a spank, slapping her ass and eliciting a hot moan from Kal'tsit, her inner walls clenching like a wet vice around your tender cock.

''Nn...'' You pulled back from the kiss and stared into her half-lidded eyes even as you pounded her. ''How's it feel, Kal'tsit?''

Her eyes sharpened for a brief instant, and it took the doctor a good few seconds to gather her wits. ''Bastard...''

The single swearword was spoken in a deep, breathy rasp brimming with arousal; not an ounce of genuine dislike in her tone, only ravenous desire. You were sure if you pulled out now she'd bend herself over like a beast in heat, such was the burning desire in her eyes. To see the prideful Kal'tsit do such a thing was tempting, but you were a bit too busy pounding said Kal'tsit to think of pulling out.

''That's it.'' You shove your face into her neck, inhaling her scent – her natural smell mixing with sweat enticingly. ''Swear for me.''

It was a heat-of-the-moment thing, but Kal'tsit obeyed you without an ounce of hesitation – her words breathy and laboured as you pounded her quivering pussy. ''Bastard, ass, fucker... you shit... I... will- god fucking-!''

She gritted her teeth and you realised she was close, prompting you to slam yourself into her dripping sex with wild intensity, only then feeling the curling warmth that raced up your dick. With no break from your last orgasm your next climax raced towards you but you couldn't stop, excitement flooding your veins and encouraging you to hammer Kal'tsit into next week. The sheer intensity of your movements made loud slapping sounds echo throughout the room, and whenever you remembered to you spanked her ass again, feeling her tighten around you when you did.

''Shit, I...!'' Kal'tsit threw her head back, banging it on the hard wall without a care. ''FUCK!''

Kal'tsit's loud shout echoed through the room a split-second before her lithe body went into spasms, her inner walls seizing up around your throbbing dick. The feeling was too much, and in an instant you buried your dick inside her up to the hilt – moaning deeply into her neck as you unloaded your balls inside the prideful woman, you seed flooding her deepest parts and almost certainly knocking her up.

''Mn... haah...'' You rock yours hips a little, savouring the fleshy tightness that squeezed your dick.

However the sensation, while pleasurable, was too intense for you in that moment – prompting you to rear your hips back and pull out. Kal'tsit tightened around you as if to not let you out but you pulled out regardless, carefully lowering Kal'tsit down onto her feet. You needn't have bothered, as not a second after you let go of her Kal'tsit slid her back down the wall, panting heavily as she gazed up at you, eyes distinctly lustful.

Out of breath you finally took the chance to look around, only then realising you were in your bedroom – the simple grey-walled room populated by the other eight naked Operators. Texas and Lappland were sitting with their butts on your desk, Texas smoking whilst Lappland was watching you with hungry eyes, neither making any attempt to cover their nude, lithe frames. Haze was stood over in the corner, her cat tail curled around her waist to hide her womanhood just barely, her teasing smirk telling you she intended that. Though the cat-girl made no move to hide her plump breasts, her tits heaving with her breaths.

Blue Poison was one of the few to cover herself out of embarrassment, her face red as she met your gaze, one arm over her breasts and the other over her crotch, her legs closed as she sat in your swivel chair. Mostima was only a few paces away, leaning against your bedside table and rolling a candy ball between her fingers – before popping it into her mouth, deliberately rolling it around with her tongue in plain view. Ptilopsis stood beside her, stone-faced and naked as the day she was born, cum still leaking from her womanhood.

''Hehe... Doctor~''

You turned, and soon found Gravel standing in front of you – your eyes unashamedly looking her from top-to-bottom, soaking in the sight of her round boobs, her lithe body and her glistening sex. She made no move to hide her body from you, her smile becoming sultry as she reached behind her, tugging Warfarin into your line of sight. The Medic was equally nude, her pale skin flush with sweat and her eyes wide, gazing at you either like you were a meal from the gods, or a god yourself.

Dimly, you made note of how your blood affected Warfarin. You'd like to see her like this more often.

You were distracted as Gravel put a finger on your chin, making you look her in the eye. ''Doctor...''

She smiled deviously at you. ''Would you like to continue?''

Your answer was obvious.


''A-Ah~! Yes, D-Doctor~!''

Gravel's sweet cry echoed throughout your bedroom, the loud smacking of skin nearly overshadowing her wailing cry.

You muffled her cry with a kiss, her jaw nearly slack as you pushed her against your bedside table, your cock slamming into her wet sex with equally-wet noises. The erotic sounds fuelled your lust and you kept hammering her pussy, loving the feeling of her slippery insides. Your mixed fluids acted like lubricant and allowed you to move easily, bottoming out with and every thrust.

Gravel's waist hung over the edge of the bedside table and she tried to wrap her legs around you but didn't have the energy to, leaving her limply taking your cock – able to only wail and moan as you slammed into her dripping entrance, her elbows digging into the table. Her breasts bounced about from the ferocity of your thrusts, your pelvis wet with her honey but failing to make you slow down; something that brought a breathy smile to Gravel's lips, adoring affection in her eyes as you fucked her brains out.

''Ah, yes! I-Inside me!'' Gravel gasped out when you hit a certain spot, encouraging you to blindly aim for that one spot, your hips jerking forth more roughly as you felt pleasure worm its way up your shaft.

You grunt, the pleasure rapidly becoming too much – and abruptly Gravel spasmed, throwing her head back with a wailing cry as she climaxed for the second time that night, her honey gushing around your cock. Even as she squirted her inner walls clenched tightly around you, the slippery nature of her insides not diminishing how wonderfully tight she became.

''Hah, M-Mn...!'' With a tight grunt you bottomed out inside her and climaxed, cum erupting from your dick and splattering inside her.

On either side of your waist her lithe legs spasmed, tensing and buckling – before they went limp, and a dumb moan escaped the creampied Gravel, your cum seeping from her folds.


''Mn, ah... ah~''

Texas' quiet moans were music to your ears as you slammed into her tight sex, both your hands on the desk beneath her as you hammered her. She was on her back spread-legged, her toes curling cutely as you pushed her closer to climax. Atop her laid Lappland, the white-haired wolf panting heavily between kissing Texas, the two Lupus making out messily whenever they had the air to. Or at least Lappland was making out with her; Texas looked too busy focusing on your dick to really care what the other Lupus did to her.

At that thought you jerked your hips back, pulling out before fumbling for your dick, pushing it against Lappland's glistening folds. With a quick thrust you buried your cock inside her entrance and earned a startled yip from the Lupus before it melted into a carnal moan. Her inner walls felt warm and wet around your shaft, the pleasurable sensation encouraging you to bottom out inside her pussy and start railing her from behind.

''Mm, ah~!'' Lappland had no shame about vocalising her pleasure. ''Yeah, like that~!''

You grunt in acknowledgement, grabbing her hips and slamming your dick into her, intimately aware of the heat racing up your dick. Your orgasm neared but you didn't stop, pounding Lappland like your life depended on it – when she suddenly buckled in front of you, her cry of orgasmic bliss muffled by Texas' lips. She tightened around you but you pulled out before you could blow your load, instead shoving your dick against Texas' smooth slit and grinding on her for a second before finally penetrating her once more.

Texas buckled and spasmed, her sex tightening around you as you pushed her to her own limit, the throbbing in your cock only heightening her imminent orgasm – and with a muted gasp Texas finally hit her limit. One of her hands darted down and furiously rubbed her clit, amplifying her climax and making her squirt around your dick, her seizing insides pushing you to your limit-

-before you jerked your hips back and pulled out, grabbing your cock and jacking yourself off.

''Nn!'' You bucked your hips forth as you came, shooting thick milky ropes all over Lappland's ass and Texas' pussy, your load hitting their thighs and bellies arousingly.

Of course the two wolves weren't satisfied with just one cum load, and in a heartbeat both untangled themselves from each other and shoved you to the ground, hunger in their eyes.


''Hah, Doctor! Don't- Myn~!''

Another loud slap echoed throughout the bedroom as you spanked Blue Poison's perky butt, her ass red from how many times you hit the kinky minx. Her velvety insides swallowed your cock as she bounced on your lap, and in contrast to when she first rode you now she moved with more desperation, her hips jerking back-and-forth as she chased after the pleasure your dick could give her.

Grunting you grabbed the lithe girl's ass, bucking your hips up off the swivel chair to meet her thrusts. She yelped, lips parting and tempting you to mash your lips on hers, one of your hands darting up and touching her chest. She whimpered into your mouth but you kept doing it, feeling her squeeze you – tightening up from embarrassment. Yet even as she tightly constricted your shaft Blue Poison didn't stop moving her hips, her pelvis rubbing yours from the wild intensity to her movements.

''Doc- Mm!'' She pursed her lips when you spanked her again. Just seeing her make such expressions made slapping her butt all the more exciting.

The Operator tilted her torso backwards, hands holding onto your sore shoulders as she wildly pushed and shoved her pelvis against yours, stirring your pulsating member around her insides. Her plumpish breasts jiggled about from her feverish movements but you didn't grab them, too busy holding her sides and letting her lean back without falling off. The swivel chair beneath you creaked and you had to tug her closer so you both didn't fall, your balls tightening as you held back for a few precious seconds.

Skin smacked skin, your hand swatted her ass – until finally Blue Poison threw her head back, screamed, and you flooded her deepest parts with cum.


''Mrn! Mmph!''

Haze's words were utterly unintelligible as the cat-girl shoved her face into the bed, drool wetting her chin and making a mess on the covers beneath her. Though the honey dripping from her quivering sex made more than enough of a mess.

You grunt, sheathing yourself balls-deep inside her tight asshole and smacking her ass with your pelvis, bottoming out. Haze's cat tail tickled your nose as it swayed wildly about, the Caster head-down-ass-up on the bed in front of you, her big boobs bouncing about under her. You were tempted to grope her doughy tits but your attention was fully on her asshole, gritting your teeth as you slid into her as fast as your aching hips would let you.

''Hah!'' You exhaled a breath, slapping Haze's thigh – eliciting a muffled moan from the twitching cat-girl, her tight hole squeezing your dick far tighter than any of the other girls. Anal was definitely a new thing; and one you quickly found yourself liking.

Getting an idea you reach around and furiously rubbed Haze's dripping pussy, your fingers slipping and sliding over her sex with ease. The cat-girl blunted her nails on the bed and she let out a hoarse screech, her toes curling and her thighs buckling – before Haze went into full-on spasms; thrashing on her knees as you slammed into her asshole, her honey squirting from her pussy as she hit orgasm

Suddenly pleasure in your balls spiked, a hot rush racing upwards – before you came in her ass, thick spurts flooding her rear. You jerked your hips back with a gasp and pushed your dick against her ass, grinding on her and shooting several more ropes onto her back; eliciting a dumb moan from Haze as your cum load dribbled down her arched back, slithering down over her shoulder blades.

And when you rolled her over and went to town on her pussy, you had the pleasure of making Haze screech and scream with bliss.


''Doc... tor... please, apply... m-more... strength...''

With a shudder you complied, your fingers curling around Ptilopsis' throat as you choked her – at her request. The naked woman laid beneath you on the bed, face red both from exertion and lack of oxygen, your fingers leaving visible marks on her neck. Even as you choked the gasping woman out you hammered her womanhood, your cock sheathing itself all the way inside her vagina until you hit her cervix, fucking the life out of the robotic woman.

Whether because of the lack of oxygen, the fact you were literally choking her, or just the intensity of your thrusts, you managed to make Ptilopsis lose her stoic visage – instead gazing up at you with wide gold eyes, her mouth agape as she wheezed in air. You were between her twitching legs missionary, her legs not even bothering to curl around your waist; perhaps trusting you to fill her womb with your load.

''Mn, Ptilopsis...!'' You groan, your thumbs pressing into her throat as you kept pounding her womanhood, her velvety insides strangling your cock. ''I'm... nearly...!''

Ptilopsis couldn't speak; whether from lack of air or how you choked her you didn't know. Instead she nodded raggedly at you, her legs trembling open wider, silently asking you to cum inside. You didn't hesitate to comply, pounding into her sex with burning need, your cock swelling inside her as you neared your limit – until your orgasm hit suddenly and you bucked your hips forth with a gasp, cum shooting inside her.

Beneath you Ptilopsis made no sound, her gold eyes big and wide as she arched her stomach off the bed, her legs flailing – squirts of honey the only sign of her own orgasm, the feeling of you cumming in her too much for the robotic woman to handle. You bucked your hips harder, forcing her pelvis back down onto the bed and filling her completely, your cum seeping out of her pussy.

''...o... o-oxygen... r-r-required...''

Only then did you remember where your hands were, spluttering an apology as you released Ptilopsis' throat, letting her breathe before she passed out.


''O-Oh god for all that's unholy don't stop~!''

Warfarin's borderline screech echoed throughout the bedroom as you buried your cock inside her sex, your pelvis impacting hers as you carried her around the bedroom. Every step was a challenge but you made a point to do it, fucking the vampiric girl as you walked around aimlessly. She felt nice and tight around your dick but your focus was on her teeth, shivering when she shoved her face back into your neck and sunk her fangs in for the fourth time, sucking furiously.

You bucked your hips again, hitting that one sensitive spot near her cervix and making Warfarin screech into your neck, her words diluted down into a muffled sound but not stopping her from madly scratching your back, the pale woman acting like a beast in heat as you jammed your cock inside her dripping sex. You held her ass and occasionally spanked it but just bouncing her up and down your dick was more than enough to get you off, her fleshy insides milking you dry.

Shuddering you slapped her ass, leaning in to her ear. ''My room. Nine o'clock. Next Tuesday. Take your dress off at the door. Two hours together, and I'll let you drink more.''

''Three hours.'' She rasped back, her words muted since her mouth was still on your neck.

Whether she meant how long she got to suck your blood, or how long you got to fuck her into the bed, you neither knew nor cared.

''Mn!'' You slammed your hips up into her sex again, the sudden deep penetration making Warfarin squeal – before she suddenly wrenched her fangs out of your neck and buried her face into your shoulder, gasping as her whole body shuddered.

Fleshy tightness surrounded your shaft and coiled tight, the feeling immeasurably good when your orgasm loomed so close – and with a breathy moan you unloaded inside the vampiric girl, listening to her scream in bliss as you creampied her once more.


''Mm, you like that Doctor~?''

You groan back, thrusting your hips up and grinding your cock on Mostima's shapely ass, the teasing blue-haired girl helpfully rolling her hips and giving you an ass-job. She had already bounced on your dick a bit, getting it nice and wet and sensitive, but the novel feeling of getting what amounted to a lap-dance from such an alluring vixen felt infinitely more erotic.

On either side of you was Texas and Lappland, the two Lupus taking turns making out with you as Mostima rode you, the edge of the bed creaking beneath you. You replied by groping their tits at the same time, hefting Lappland's breast around whilst you groped Texas' slightly smaller tit. They told you how they appreciated it, their hot groans and moans flooding both your ears and encouraging you to be rougher with their boobs.

''Nn...'' Harsh pleasure throbbed up your dick. Mostima's ass felt good but it just wasn't enough; like the pleasure bar was stuck at ninety-nine percent, increasing only by a miniscule amount per second. You were nearly there, you just needed a little longer.

''Mm, you already came inside me, maybe you should cum on me~'' Mostima added fuel to the fire, teasing you with her naughty words. ''Or would you wanna do my stomach? I have a nice belly, dont'cha think~?''

You groan back, the pleasure in your dick burning hotter and hotter, the need for more driving you mad – until you suddenly get an idea, and act on it. Just as Mostima brought her hips up you grab the teasing devil by the waist and push her up a little more, giving you a glimpse of her dripping-wet pussy. You grab your dick and push it against her sex, feeling wetness touch your shaft; before finally you sink inside.

Instantly you came. White-hot pleasure raced up your cock as her fleshy wet insides squeezed you, and your mouth went agape as you moaned – bucking your hips up and cumming plentifully inside Mostima's womanhood. She brought her hips down all the way, moaning as you filled her insides with your seed, but you just held onto her waist and rode out your orgasm, nearly seeing white as you finally got release.

''Haah...'' You exhaled, loosening your hold as your amazing orgasm ended.

Mostima soon lifted her hips up, your glistening cock slipping out of her pussy – before she straddled you cowgirl, smirking down at you.

''I didn't get to finish, Doctor. So let's go another round~''

You had no protests, and within a matter of moments Mostima took you inside her, her pussy sloppy after two creampies, and she moved her hips so good you forgot who was fucking who.


''Haah... haah... I- Nn!''

With a harsh grunt you jerked your hips forth, sheathing yourself balls-deep in the warm tightness, and unloaded spurts of cum into the sweaty woman beneath you. Kal'tsit moaned weakly, her expression tight as she took another creampie, her own orgasm only just fading. You didn't cum as much this time; almost having a dry orgasm as your balls were finally drained, but you enjoyed it all the same and savoured the sight of Kal'tsit's naked frame writhing beneath you.

You couldn't remember how many times you came and who you creampied how many times. Probably somewhere in the twenty rounds range. Maybe low thirties.

With a shudder you stopped your hips, pulling out without wasting a second – too exhausted to stay buried inside Kal'tsit any longer. Her womanhood leaked with cum, her folds slightly red from how roughly you pounded her, but the woman showed no discomfort; only breathless bliss on her face as she gasped in air, her breasts heaving about.

The bed around you was sweaty and littered with naked bodies, Haze off to your right next to Warfarin whilst Texas and Lappland were cuddling by the pillows up ahead, leaving an unconscious Ptilopsis and Blue Poison to cuddle off to your left. Mostima was sat in your swivel chair, naked and dabbing her pussy with some tissues to clean up a bit, whilst Gravel was somewhere behind you drinking from a water bottle.

With a low moan you finally laid down next to Kal'tsit, your body flush with sweat and buzzing with warmth, yet the exhaustion of fucking for literal hours was more than enough to let you ignore the buzzing warmth. The scent of sex and sweat was thick in your room and dimly you realised it would be hard to erase, but at the same time you were sure Kal'tsit would be able to arrange for your room to be deep-cleaned.

''Mm...'' You shift close to Kal'tsit, making her look at you. ''Can we... do this again, in future?''

Kal'tsit stared at you unreadably for a long moment, then sighed. ''Very well. In moderation.''

You grinned and kissed her cheek, and had she not been so utterly exhausted after you fucked her multiple times over, you were willing to bet she'd have blushed.

''Hah~'' Gravel cooed behind you, her warm body pressing against your back. ''Snuggle time~''

''Heh.'' Mostima knelt down onto the bed. ''Make some room.''

Gravel snuggled a little closer and you smiled a bit, tucking your head in close to Kal'tsit's as the two girls behind your back spooned. Kal'tsit merely shut her eyes and you heard her breathing slow, sleep slowly claiming her and tempting you to shut your own weary eyes, darkness once more filling your vision.

And as you drifted off to sleep, surrounded by nine naked women who would later become your harem, you had to wonder why so many of them were insistent on you cumming inside – whether because they liked it, or because they wanted kids.

Then you realised you didn't care; smiling as you spooned Kal'tsit and rubbed her belly, cum still leaking from her pussy as you drifted off into a well-deserved slumber.


A/N: (Now we all know why Kal'tsit wanted the Doctor back; because he's got stamina for days~)