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Chapter 1: The New Dream

"So can you be a hero, not without a quirk."

Izuku couldn't believe it. He was currently talking to his idol the NO.1 hero, All Might on the rooftop of a building after he saved him from the sludge villain. He was asking him if he could become a hero without a quirk because he was born quirkless. Quirkless people were usually prejudiced on the fact that 80% of the world population has a quirk, and they are just a measly 20%. Because of this Izuku was always bullied, even his "best friend" started to torment him. But he never let it go to him. He always believed he would become a hero, the first quirkless hero. He was just asking All Might if it was possible.

"If you wanna help people there are plenty of ways to do it. You could become a police officer. They get crap because the heroes capture most of the villains, but it's a fine profession." All Might said as he was starting to walk away.

" It's not bad to have a dream young man, but just make sure your dreams are achievable" All Might said as he left the roof and Izuku alone.

Izuku felt crushed. Like some villain but his hand in his chest and exploded it. The only word he could currently think about was why, as tears fell from his eyes. Why was he born quirkless. Why was he the one getting bullied. Why did he have to be the one called worthless or Deku, a nickname his non-friend Katsuki Bakugou gave him.

He never did anything wrong. Did piss off the universe in a different life. A different life. He started to remember the words Kaachan, a nickname he called Bakugo, said " You know there is one way for you to get a quirk. Just take a dive off the roof and pray you will be reborn with a useful one."

Maybe he could … No!. There is no use thinking about that. He should probably get home, his mother might be worried.

As Izuku was walking home, he started to drown out all the sounds around him and started to think about his life. He's always wanted to be a hero, ever since he even knew what a hero was. He always dreamed about swooping in and saving people with a smile, just like All Might. Until the day he was 4 years old. He went to a doctor and got diagnosed quirkless. The doctor didn't believe he could become a hero, he didn't even think his mother believed in him.

And so, after that day, his life became hell. He and Kaachan used to be actual friends, until he figured out that he was quirkless. Then he started to pick on him and abuse him. For some reason, Izuku still had hope that they would go back to being

Then he started to look at all the abuse and bullying that he endured for the last ten years. Slowly chipping away at him, as if he was glass. But he still held hope, hope that he could become a hero.

But All Might broke him. No, shattered is the better word. Shattered his belief that he could become a hero. Shattered his belief that someone out there would believe in him. That a yes would be there out of the hundreds of thousands of no's. Well, if the NO.1 hero, the man who literally said the words "Anyone can become a hero" not believe in him, then what's the point of believing in that dream?

Izuku realised he reached his apartment. 'Must have spaced out' he thought. He opened the door and greeted his mother, Inko.

"Izuku, are you okay. You look tired." Inko said worriedly. She was always overprotective of her son since, well, he was quirkless and quirkless usually doesn't mean strong.

"Huh, yeah, I just want to go to my room. It's been a long day" Izuku said tiredly.

"Oh ok. Get some rest alright" Inko said, a bit saddened, but he looked tired and so she let him go to his room.

When Izuku reached his room, he took a good look at it. Almost the entire room was All Might merch. All Might posters and figurines to All Might pencils. So, he grabbed every last piece of merch, put it in a bag, and threw it out. No point in keeping All MIght merch if he doesn't even look up to him anymore. The only things left were his bed, table, chair, laptop, and his notebooks of heroes.

He wanted to throw out the Hero Analysis notebooks, but something told him to keep it. Maybe it was because he's worked on them for his entire life, or maybe it's the closest thing to 'value' he's made.

So, he laid on his bed, and really started to grasp reality. He's been bullied his entire life for something he couldn't even control, and his favorite idol told him to be more 'realistic', and give up on becoming a hero.

He wasn't sad. He's cried more times than he could count. All he felt was anger. Anger at society and its heroes. Anger at it's beloved symbol of peace. Anger at everyone that did him wrong or pushed him down.

'Why me. Why did I get the short end of the stick, and people like Kaa-No, I won't call him that anymore, like Bakugo get an amazing quirk. Why can't there be just ONE person to believe in me, just one' Izuku thought angrily.

'Of course, its society. It's society that made Bakugou and arrogant asshole and society that believes that quirkless people are useless. It is also society that gave heroes like All-Might a silver platter all because they have an amazing quirk. Nobody looks at the little guy anymore. It's only quirks, money, and fame for the heroes. That's all. Nobody's a hero for being a hero. Well I'll show them, I'll show them all that I'm not useless or weak. That there is something wrong with society and that heroes should be heroes only to save people and not for the money or fame. Yeah, I'll do that. But how, how can I get the message across that the heroes are not all they seem to be, that I'm not useless, how can I change society' Izuku thought to himself, pondering the question.

And then something hit him. Something he's never considered, but was never told he couldn't do.

'They never said I couldn't be a villain' Izuku thought with realization.

'Yes, that's it. I'll be a villain, but not just any villain, one the best villains of all time. If I can't be a hero then I'll be a villain, a villain so great, he changes society itself. No more fake heroes. No more prejudice to the quirkless. And for once I won't be seen as useless.' Izuku thought with a smile on his face.

So Izuku got off his bed and went to his desk. He did the best thing he could do, and that was planning. He planned how he would start off, all villains have a starting point right? He didn't know what he would do, until he remembered his notebooks. They have so much information on heroes that it's not even funny. To the villains, it would probably look like a gold mine.

'I could be an information broker, or better yet, a strategist.; Izuku thought. He could probably help some small-time thugs rob banks or stores. He would also have to learn new skills like mechanics or science, especially quirk science, to better help his skills as a villain.

But the biggest thing on Izuku's mind was what he was going to call himself. He didn't want it to be Cliché or over the top. He wanted his name to have meaning.

'I should probably go to bed, it's getting pretty late' Izuku thought as he read the clock that said 10:15 pm. As he was going to bed he thought of one word. A japanese word that means 'new' or fresh. Like a new him, and a fresh society.

'Arata' was the last thing Izuku thought happily as he went to sleep.

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